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Masterminds (2016)
13 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

It could be said that cinema as a whole has been a way for people to delve into what they could turn reality into from films such as "Le Voyage Dans La Lun", A film that at the time opened the world to new perspectives and left in man the impression to truly reach up and touch the moon. To recent films that awaken us to harsh realities we don't know live under our noses such as "Five Feet Apart" a showcase of the intricacies of places where man's thoughts almost never drift. Film as a whole has a way of rooting in individuals beliefs passion and at the same time wonder and amazement of what could be and a simple peeks at what goes on in places even as close to us right now as what our neighbors next door. Masterminds could have been a small peek at the dreary yet intriguing aspects of desperation, hopelessness, and even heartbreak. Yet cheap film simply twists the picture to what they believe will sell and when a Masterminds was produced what sold was a hot girl, a hitman and a cheap laugh. Sadly not even that could save this film from failure