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Pokémon Detective Pikachu
12 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

6.3/10 Detective Pikachu
I made fun of this movie all the way up to its release, and predicted it was going to be one of the worst movies of the year. I can admit when I am wrong, and I was wrong about this movie. Sure, this plot was EXTREMELY predictable, I literally knew from the get go what was going to happen and throughout the movie the specifics fell into place (like halfway through the movie). What really makes this movie is the journey between. The CGI is pretty great and really brings a lot of the characters to life. I was extremely impressed with the emotional depth of this movie, and a lot of the credit for that must go to Justice Smith. A young actor as the main character in a beloved franchise movie is a big burden to bear, and he does it quite well. I liked snarky and playful Ryan Reynolds Pikachu, and thought it added some bizarre humor moments that others might not have liked but I thought were hilarious. Most of the supporting cast is pretty forgettable, but the main duo really carry this film. Also, I liked this as someone who has never played any Pokemon games (except that one summer of Pokemon Go) and has no knowledge of that universe so I think if you are a fan it is an even better movie. I had a fun time at this movie, so if you are a Pokemon fan I would definitely go see it, and if you are a "commoner" like me I think both the theater and Redbox are valid options.

The Hustle
The Hustle (2019)
12 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

4.0/10 The Hustle
Honestly, I'm not really sure what made this a "meh" movie. It literally just was. I think that pairing up Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson was a good idea, and there was a lot of attempted zippy comedy... a lot of it just fell flat. I think the script really lets the movie down. There were definitely moments that were really funny but they were spaced far throughout the movie. The supporting cast was not very good in this film. Anne Hathaway was better than her disastrous performance in Serenity, and Rebel Wilson takes a step back from her last performance in Isn't It Romantic. While an intriguing concept, I think this is one you can wait for until it hits a streaming service... because you shouldn't have to wait too long ;)

Long Shot
Long Shot (2019)
12 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

7.8/10 Long Shot
I went into this movie expecting comedy, but instead the best part of this movie is the deep, emotional connection between Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen's characters. Yes, there are some really funny moments in it, but they are scattered a bit more throughout the film then I would've liked. I also believe this movie made the right choice by selectively choosing the times it was engaged in politics and it was conducive to the movie as a whole. I think that especially with comedy movies really struggling to make their mark so far this year Long Shot is the first "successful" comedy, and, more accurately, romantic comedy. Personally, this movie was too raunchy for my taste. It somehow didn't compute with my brain that this was a Seth Rogen movie and that is what happens. If I had known some of the movie's content in advance I probably wouldn't have gone; however, if that is not a problem for you then you will be fine. I think this movie is definitely worth your money if you would like to see it in theaters!

Avengers: Endgame
13 months ago via Flixster

Avengers: Endgame 7.4/10

I will say this movie definitely gets the ending correct and brings a deeply satisfying conclusion to this saga. I will also say this movie was never going to meet expectations because they were already sky-high. I will additionally say that if you haven't seen most of the movies in this universe don't watch this movie, it is geared toward the fans not casual observers. I have to say though... this is not a top echelon Marvel movie. The first 2/3s of this movie is littered with missed opportunities. It is more of a weird nostalgic field trip through the previous 21 films than what could have been a deeper remembrance and deeper connection to the characters and their past (aside from Iron-Man and Cap). What overrides that is that the last 30 minutes is absolutely epic and brings it to a smashing conclusion! This movie is Iron-Man and Captain America's movie, no doubt. Nearly all of the best moments throughout the film are theirs, and their characters are brought to wonderful conclusions. I love Cap and this movie makes up for how little he was used in Infinity War. Thor is brought to an okay conclusion. The rest of the Avengers characters are wrapped up well. If you lower your expectations from sky-high to more realistic you will enjoy it. Overall, despite a lot of missed opportunities this movie still brings this 21 movie saga to a conclusion that is worthy of the universe it has built, go see it!
P.S. Infinity War was better.

Breakthrough (2019)
13 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Breakthrough 6.9/10
This is a good Christian movie that provides a mostly realistic story with some good performances. First of all, there's a crazy scene with the kid at the hospital, and when he needs help the nurse is busy playing cards... I'M JOKING, it was too good of a joke not to do. The nurse was very attentive! I think aside from some messy theology and writing in the middle of this movie provides a very uplifting, realistic and theologically balanced story. When the story and writing is weaker, the cast always brought it back to good form. For a Christian movie, this is a pretty stacked cast. Chrissy Metz (This is Us) does a good job in the main role here, and it is nice to see Mike Colter (Luke Cage) in a nice supporting role. I think the scene-stealer here was Topher Grace, who plays a hip millennial pastor, and while getting some of the biggest laughs also presents a well-rounded pastoral character. Having last seen him as David Duke in BlackKklansmen, this was obviously much different, but his quality of acting is very good lately. The soundtrack was also fairly balanced and supported the movie. Overall, I think this is a good Christian movie; however, I don't think it is critical to see in theaters because the theater adds nothing to the quality of the movie. Get it on Redbox!