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Ultraviolet (2006)
18 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Ultraviolet is a prime example of how computer effects will never trump good old narrative storytelling no matter how sophisticated they come to be. One problem with this film is it tries to be pretentious and yet does nothing but dazzle us(read: hit hard over the head) with style. The tone of the movie is one of high art, but it stinks like a landfill. It doesn't matter that the acting is wooden, the storyline is incomprehensible, and the action sequences are plodding. All the filmmakers care about is that there's a dash of panache to the proceedings. It's hard to argue that Ultraviolet has a unique look. The live actors appear as computer generated as the backgrounds. Considering the lack of humor and emotion displayed by the performers, one might assume that their only participation was to allow their three-dimensional images to be programmed into a computer and reproduced. MillaJovovich- never a strong actress- is at home here but even she can't salvage much. Ultraviolet is a waste of time.