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Boy Erased
Boy Erased (2018)
14 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

There is one big problem with this film for me, which ruined everything that came before it and after it for me. There is a climactic scene at the conversion therapy place where Jared (Lucas Hedges) is revolting and wants to leave. Another "patient", the big kid named Cameron comes to defense which allows him to get out. In a real sense, he saves his life. We hear later that Cameron committed suicide, which sounds fishy at best. My immediate thought was, "Oh, I get it. That character was not important so he's dropped." Didn't like that. The character deserved better closure, better resolution. A minor character with that much gravity to the arc of the story deserved a better resolution (even if just brief soul-searching or remembrance by the main character). Good writing demands it. Honestly, the story became fluff for me at that point. It suddenly became claustrophobic - just the interaction between Jared and his father seemed important. As you can probably tell, it disappointed me and I wanted to like the movie - and did - up to that point.

On the other hand, all acting was good - especially Lucas Hedges. No one does creepy acting like Flea. I wish he was in more movies. He is a creepy, threatening presence, and so good at it.

Kate & Leopold
14 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Several somewhat disparate comments about this movie:
1. I think the life crystal in Meg Ryan's hand must have started blinking just as filming began (see Logan's Run for reference);
2. It's Hugh Jackman's movie to steal - Breckin Meyer and Liev Schrieber seemed to have intuited this and play along and fare admirably - Meg Ryan flounders and appears frustrated and impatient in her scenes;
3. There is much more emotional weight in a 15 second scene with Liev Schrieber and a hospital worker (nurse?) where it's clear the worker has a deep crush and identifies with Schrieber's plight (look for it - that 15 seconds is romance);
4. Would have worked better as a buddy film - scenes with Jackman and Meyer clubbing and chatting are adorable and engaging, even the interactions between Jackman and Schrieber are engaging. The actors are working with each other, and for each other - obvious.

I feel cruel now for my earlier comments about Meg Ryan. Timing is everything, and this film was not her time. Maybe Hugh Jackman could have been a little more gracious towards her if he saw her struggling. I doubt it because he is a pleasure to watch in this and worked well with the rest of the cast.

Side note: Acting is a cut-throat business, even on-screen. Watch Robin Williams in "Jack" (scenes with Brian Kerwin) for snide ad-libs by Williams to Kerwin. Also, watch Robin Williams in "Mork &Mindy" for more obvious snide ab-lib put-downs of supporting cast members. Robin Williams was a very talented actor, and extremely sensitive. Maybe it was hard for me to hide his frustration when another actor wasn't keeping up with him....still.......

Igby Goes Down
14 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Finally saw this movie. Avoided for the longest time during a protracted "anti-Culkin" phase. Glad I watched the whole thing. It is good. Well-written, well-directed, well-acted. Ending was moving (especially if you can relate to that type of family dynamic). Kieran Culkin gave a very good performance and carries the story to conclusion, along with a strong supporting cast (especially the charismatic Jeff Goldblum, always reliable Susan Sarandon, and well-used in this movie Bill Pullman). Claire Danes is good in this film - was a good role for her. Good dialogue. Captured the sense of the vulnerable elitist well enough to create empathy and sympathy for the main character.

Dan in Real Life
2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

In my opinion, Dane Cook lucked out here. Emily Blunt was all hot and bubbly here, while Juliette and Steve (Dan) were lame... No spark, no chemistry. Also, this family gave me diabetes. Who has a family like this? This is the only movie that could make john Mahoney and Dianne Wiest unlikeable. They're both very likeable, but here they were secret Nazis - all smiles and giggles - but underneath it's their way or the highway.