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Logan (2017)
12 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Logan is the most heart-breaking, emotional, and gritty violent movie in all of the right ways. Jackman's last film as the Vibranium Clawed hero shows all the dedication pay off in a bloody, satisfying way to send the veteran actor out of the franchise.

Pokémon Detective Pikachu
12 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

You can tell this movie spent all of their budget on their CGI, but man is it amazing. While the story struggles from being different from other detective movies, it runs directly with the game its based off of. Ryan Reynolds and Justice Smith work in harmony as they bring the most anticipated video game franchise to the silver screen and eliver a very comedic and suprisingly emotional film that both people and Poke-Maniacs will both enjoy!

Deadpool 2
Deadpool 2 (2018)
12 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

While not as bright or downright intriguing as the previous film, Deadpool 2 brings more of Reynolds comedy in a more family approach. Not a actually family film however. New actors and celebrities brighten up the somewhat dull plot, and the after credit scenes are a delight to behold.

Deadpool (2016)
12 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Deadpool brings comedy, gore, and a sense of heroic justice all bundled up into a Ryan Reynolds fan service film that again shows that Marvel should continue to make rated R filcks.