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I Am the Night: Miniseries

interesting premise, as the Black Dahlia is still a well-known case. Something about the roll-out failed to keep my anticipation high. For some reason, the lead characters don't get us emotionally involved. Finally, it could have done more to tie it in to the the various theories surrounding the Dahlia case

Valley of the Boom: Miniseries

well-done documentary showing little-known faces and facts of the start of the internet boom. I like that it can even laugh at itself

Cold Valley: Season 1

An unusual crime documentary, in that there is a prime suspect who cannot be named because of on-going investigation! This lays out an initial disappearance of 1 person, then tentatively linked to another 3, Remains of some are recovered. Years later, a dogged cop and some private citizens link a living person to all the others. They then research this persons past, finding 1-2 other unsolved murders he appeared to have a connection to. Apparently this was made to keep pressure on public officials. Hope we have a follow-up

The Little Drummer Girl: Miniseries

good but could have been great if they made the initial 'seduction' of the heroine more believable

The Bobby Brown Story: Miniseries

I suppose if you're a fan, this might be compelling, but the only interesting points of this 5-hour overweight movie were those relating to Whitney Houston and Bobbi Krinstina. These ultimately didn't add to anything I already knew. Not sure if this self-absorbed jerk has learned anything yet

Finding Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates Jr.: Season 4

I have no (known) black roots, but like many, don't know much about our family origins. This is a very moving show

The Alienist: Season 1

For once, a historical whodunit which doesn't superimpose fantastical/modern technology to solve the mystery. Not to be missed!

2 Dope Queens: Season 1

not very funny - lots of attitude, but mostly the guests are the ones bringing whatever laughs there are

The Hunt for the Zodiac Killer: Miniseries

Seem to have solid info, but obviously string you along to watch the next episode

Mr. Mercedes: Season 1

Suspenseful and just the right amount if creepiness. Well acted

Madiba: Miniseries

movie was well made, which is important to not taint the image of one of great men of 20th Century