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George Lopez: Tall, Dark & Chicano

swerved from his usual schtick to some foul, sexual jokes. Disappointing

George Lopez: America's Mexican

Starts out mean spirited and - 11 years on - insular! Luckily he moved on

50 Children: The Rescue Mission of Mr. And Mrs. Kraus

Moving tribute to sung heroes who did what they could

Tiffany Haddish: She Ready! From the Hood to Hollywood

A bit foul, but aware of it. I guess this is the persona that launched her career. Hope she can grow

Killer Reputation

Reasonably ell-acted, but too obvious plot

The Liability

almost a good movie - love Tim Roth, but not quite believable in this role


hard to follow. didn't keep my attention


Lee's best movie in years. Very powerful

Truth or Consequences, N.M.

Could have been written by Tarentino!


unusual portrayal of fund-raising techniques used still used by many advocate groups today, as well as an expose of the national disgrace of racism - thankfully less out in the open today

Breslin and Hamill: Deadline Artists

A fawning review of their careers, pointing out the flaws as well as their concern for the little guys. Perhaps a little too fawning, however, as Breslin appeared to be quite a jerk and in love with his own aura

The Foxes of Harrow

Tired, formulaic version of marital tensions. Well-acted of course


Not believable, but entertaining nonetheless

Jim Norton: Monster Rain

Nothing but penis and related jokes. May be a personal bias, but I think comedians who rely on this stuff are desperate, and not funny

Being John Malkovich

Stupid, art-type film. Donï¿ 1/2 1/2(TM)t waste your time

Brother Orchid

Completely implausible, with cartoonish plot and the same for the acting. Worst Bogie or Robinson movie ever!

New Orleans
New Orleans(1947)

The script and ham acting don't work, but as a simple vehicle for Jazz and Blues, it does

Astronaut: The Last Push (The Last Push)

Entertaining, but a lot of more-or-less blank frames to fill the time

Battle for Skyark

I love sci-fi so ignored the reviews and watched it. Note - it's a movie targeted toward (perhaps pre-) teens, acted by teens. Such films are bound to be a bit - er - rough around the edges and so is this one. The writing was poor, the acting would be about the level you'd expect of the ages of the actors. It tries to set itself up for a sequel, but that won't happen with these people in charge! The storyline was somewhat interesting. All in all, not as bad as most of the existing reviews state, but I could have probably spent my time in a more productive manner!

The Fall of the Roman Empire

a bit fast and loose with the facts, but quite a story and spectacle

Young Tom Edison

Hollywood schlock from that era

8 1/2
8 1/2(1963)

Unwatchable ARTSY-FARTSY tripe! Incredibly BORING!!


Good, but not great because of the confusing details


not Hitchcocks best, but entertaining. Could be great if remade today and the plot holes plugged


Good performances by several cast members adds to an interesting plot. There's a few holes in it which wouldn't pass must er nowadays, but it's still an interesting movie

When in Rome
When in Rome(2010)

Kristen Bell lovely to look at and she plays her part well. Unfortunately, the film is not interesting or funny

Stars in My Crown

Surprisingly, not sappy, or overbearing. In fact, quite believable and inspirational.

Night Must Fall

Implausible script in todays world. Unexplainable actions by the heroine, etc

The Blue Gardenia

only OK, in light of todays more sophisticated audiences

The Spy in Black

good plot, but clumsy ending

Stranger Than Paradise

Arthouse crap. Nothing happens. Don't waste your time

My Daughter's Ransom

Reasonably believable plot and reasonably well acted close to being a good movie

Song of Freedom

Poor script, not very well acted. Trying to decide who exploited who


Not funny - wouldn't have been back then either


tremendously underrated! My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed it

A Slipping-Down Life

Godawful. If you're going to make a movie about disturbed people, how about making them - or at least the story - interesting??

The Young in Heart

Not as good as its modern counterparts. Skip it

Sicario: Day of the Soldado

Might have been shown to Trump?

Bleed Out
Bleed Out(2018)

Well done - a decent balance of insights into issues facing most American families, along with personal effects of how one family was impacted


BORING! Infantile story, drawing, jokes. Couldn't watch it all the way through

Company Town
Company Town(2017)

This film points out how much this community needs an Erin Brockovich of its own

The Leopard
The Leopard(1963)

Boring, boring, boring. Moves as slow as the stereotypical English novel, but without the suspense. Might have been interesting in 1963, but is NOT now, regardless of the visual appeal of the period costumes

Inherent Vice

unwatchable, incoherent - couldn't finish it and certainly doesn't make me want to read the authors novels!

Bill Maher: Live from Oklahoma

Not much fresh material here, but at least he 'attacks' both sides!

Gone Girl
Gone Girl(2014)

Amazing twists and turns. I generally don't think this Afflek is a good actor, but practically no-one could have screwed up this script! An absolutely terrific movie - one of the top 100?

A Killer Among Us

Obvious plot holes, but surprisingly entertaining anyway

Cheerleader Nightmare

Not sure why I didn't care for this movie - the plot was relatively ok and relatively well-acted. Maybe it's the over-used drama of teenaged angst?


Lots of loose ends in the plot, but the acting is well-done, keeping the tension high


A well done hatchet job. Would have been more convincing without the obvious bias

Did I Kill My Mother?

Nice misdirection. Good script, well-acted

Blonde Crazy
Blonde Crazy(1931)

not great by todays standards, but pretty good for just exiting the silent movie era

Godzilla Vs. Monster Zero

Truly awful, even for its time. The only good thing was decent dubbing of the language

Dangerous Matrimony

Extremely disjointed script with little effective acting. The only thing this film has going for it is the presence of 3unusually pretty actresses!

War Arrow
War Arrow(1953)

Pretty bad, even by 1950's standards

The Mule
The Mule(2018)

Another masterpiece by Eastwood, though my daughter complained about its slow pace. This isn't an action movie!


appears to be a rip-off of a movie whose name I cannot come up with but also could not land. Whatever that one was, this one is not done very well and the acting is poor

Lost River
Lost River(2015)

awful. Why didn't he just do a movie about Detroit disintegrating??

A Sister's Secret

Not sure this is really based on real events, but this did keep e interested past the point where the very self-absorbed sisters put themselves in untenable situations.

Before I Fall

Good twist on Groundhogs Day theme, good acting

Lady Psycho Killer

This is a big FAIL, even with the attempt to include several big names. Attempted to be campy, but comes off lame. Bad acting, bad script.

Pacific Rim Uprising

same essential plot as original

The Girl in the Bathtub

Very interesting way in which this was portrayed - essentially the dead girl narrates nearly the entire film. Very good script and acting, and to top it off no hetero man will be able to look away from Ms. Stasey!. Bravos to Lifetime, which had been slipping lately

Rancho Notorious

Dietrich way past her prime, so as a vehicle for her, it doesn't pass the smell test. The main plot is likewise lame

Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel

Less skillfully written and performed, this would have been just a silly patchwork of sketches. This was well thought-out and turned out to be entertaining. Where's the sequel?

Kind Lady
Kind Lady(1935)

Not a bad script and well acted - the lady referred to would have to be very naive and Ms MacMahon is believable.

Night Train To Lisbon

Totally implausable premise but after the Professor leaves for Lisbon, a good tale

Family Vanished

Not sure if this was a case of actors trying to make do with a horrible script, or a script being betrayed by horrible acting. There was a bit of both at times

Super Troopers

Too uneven to give a higher rating, but contains 3-4 scenes that had both my wife and I crying with laughter.

Cloned: The Recreator Chronicles

Typical teen horror flick, but I thought it slightly better conceived than the other reviews did

World Without End

Another of the sic-fi movies of old which don't stand up today. Probably was OK in its time

The Illustrated Man

Not great by todays standards, and probably not considered great by the standards of when it was filmed. However, it has a unique script which is still interesting today. Also, Rod Steiger was one of the most believable bad guys in film history


You should go into this knowing this is meant to be a psychological thriller. From that perspective, it's a very good movie. Otherwise, you'll be quite unsatisfied!

Hymn: Sarah Brightman In Concert

Good, not great voice (or perhaps it was the musical selections). However, the finale - 'Time to Say Goodbye' was excellent

Outside The Bubble: On The Road With Alexandra Pelosi

entertaining if not pursuasive. She has discussions with Trump supporters or others not on the 'left'. Most of the time she allows them to complete their thoughts and doesn't try to argue.

D.L. Hughley: Unapologetic

still funny, though if you tend toward politically incorrect speech you may want to avoid!

La Jetée (The Pier)

If you like 12 Monkeys, then you might like this, maybe. Especially if you're 'artsy fartsy'. If you're like the rest of us, skip it

Eric Clapton: A Life in 12 Bars

Very informative, and pulls no punches

Knock Knock
Knock Knock(2015)

Unusual to see Reaves emote, but it's obvious he's not in practice! The premise is not half-bad: supposedly stranded travelers are given a break by a secluded family man, alone for the weekend. They seduce him and slowly take over. However there are so many points which a normal man would have put a stop to the escalation, I couldn't quite get into the movie. Lorenza Izzo and Ana de Armas lovely to look at and do a good job playing crazy women.


a good premise, as well as a good vs, evil flick, but not very well played out Spoiler alert - as if almost everyone doesn't now - magnets don't interact with plastic, bullets, coins, etc. Hard to suspend belief when such a premise is used

The Story of Dr. Wassell

Inspiring, relatively well-acted and seemingly without the usual - for that time - exaggeration.

Jane Fonda in Five Acts

An interesting look at a very polarizing figure. Regardless of your love/hate relationship with her, you'll appreciate the honesty at this review of her life. Good to hear from her that she regrets the (most egregious of the incidents during the) Vietnam visit. Still wonder why she seems to need the camera on her so much - never visited her mothers grave till this documentary??!! Perhaps not all of the demons have been exorcised

The Promise
The Promise(2017)

The love story manages to keep us watching a little-known true tragedy unfolds. Moving

Shaquille O'Neal Presents All Star Comedy Jam - Live From Atlanta

Amidst some decent comedy, too many references to bodily parts and functions. If you can't be fun without this, it turns me off

City Lights
City Lights(1931)

Why did I rate such a famous movie so low? Because it may have been entertaining in the 30's it is no longer so. The only reason to watch this is to acquaint yourself with Charlie Chaplin

Christmas Everlasting

I don't watch too many Hallmark movies anymore, as most are sheer saccharine. This one was also, but I enjoyed indue to the storyline - sister left in hometown dies, leaving mystery. A good performance by a good cast, mostly African-American

My Dinner with Hervé

Dinklage's attempt to mimic Villechaize's accent rendered the sound quality almost not understandable at times. Other than that, it was entertaining


Can't understand the low ratings. Sure, it shifted from funny to a more straightforward crime show at the end, but my wife and I both found it very entertaining.


Surprisingly entertaining, Presents her as consensus-seeking, not as the blazing liberal, as portrayed in the media

Sinbad: Where U Been?

Nice to hear a comedian with a clean act. Don't think he has much of a future as a musical act though

Christmas at Graceland

Seems like a commercial for Graceland, with hammy/sappy acting and dialogue. Plus - snow in Memphis? In December? and no references to how unusual this would be?!

Goodbye Christopher Robin

The real story behind the phenomenon. A bit sad, but eye-opening at the same time. Much better than another Hollywood smooth-over

The House with a Clock in Its Walls

Entertaining. If you liked Goosebumps, you should like this

13 Rue Madeleine

One of the few war stories from that era that remains entertaining today

A Perfect World

Just watched again after more than 20 years. Still a masterpiece

Fahrenheit 451

disappointing that a film with such an important message was not done better. The lead abandoned his life training much too easy - not believable

You Might Be the Killer

more of a tongue-in-cheek comedy than true horror movie. Lightly entertaining, but not much more

Objective, Burma!

Not bad - avoids the usual over-the-top heroism common in that day

Night Train to Munich (Gestapo)

Lot's of plot holes by todays standards, but still retains some entertainment value

Little Caesar

This may have been interesting in 1931, but almost 90 years on, the lousy acting of a lousy script is incredibly disapointing. Don't waste your time!

The Old Man & the Gun

not a great movie, but very entertaining

Two Sisters From Boston

mostly boring, by todays standards

Strange Days
Strange Days(1995)

If you like Sci-Fi, this has to be on your "must-see before you die" list! Very compelling story-line, which adds in some references to racial tensions still going on today. Well-acted, with a lot of interesting camera work (editing?) by James Cameron

The Stranger
The Stranger(1946)

My favorite Orson Welles movie (with the possible exception of the Third man) - possibly because he was reigned in by the studio

The Choice
The Choice(2016)

Formulaic, though well acted

My Husband's Secret Wife

The story is almost unwatchable - plot points so unbelievable and telegraphed so blatantly! The acting isn't much better, though I'm not sure how much freedom the actors had. The ending 'reveal' is completely unsurprising and doesn't help explain the characters behavior

The River
The River(1959)

Incrediably BORING! For those fans of old English stories
and that, only slowly!


As a movie, it didn't want me to see the stage play. Didn't see what all the fuss was about

The Long Voyage Home

Not terribly interesting by todays standards


I liked this movie - didn't see a comparison to the 6th sense till I read the reviews. Im not really an Adrian Brody fan, but he does a good job here. The plot throws several twists and turns, and I found it entertaining. No, it's not as good as the 6th Sense but not much else is either. Watch this one

Beautiful and Twisted

I like the way this film is narrated (by Rob Lowe). The acting is good, and the story holds your interest, as will Paz vega

House of Darkness: New Blood

Decent performances of a weak script. No real shocks, though a few twists and turns were thrown in. Lousy ending - as if they needed to continue the franchise but didn't have anything substantial

The Gunman
The Gunman(2015)

Not usually a fan of Sean Penn, but found his performance as well as the storyline entertaining,


Good performances by an all-star cast, evan a 'human' performance by Samuel L Jackson! though I agree it was overzealous in it's race-conciousneess

The Shallows
The Shallows(2016)

Not terribly believable, though some parts still can surprise.Well acted by Blake Lively

A Cure For Wellness

Done better in Shutter Island by Dicaprio, et al.Good performance by a young Mia Goth

The Great Lie

Script and acting not able to allow you to set aside your unbelief. Seems like a story of rich people who can't face reality, and not very well, by todays standards

Midnight Lace

A pretty good script. Throws you off the scent continually. Very good acting performances all around

Open Water 2: Adrift

A few couples go for a sail and all end up in the water with no obvious way to get back into the boat. Lots of plot holes here - if you have a knife, why stop someone putting it to good use? Why not cooperate to get someone on board? Why not intervene when someone is behaving badly? You almost root for a shark to swim by and put yourself out of your misery by eating someone!

Too Much, Too Soon

not much to recommend this - a privileged girl acts out and never makes it back (as evidenced by her death shortly after the book and it's movie were released). Reasonably well acted, just not compelling

His Girl Friday

Typical Cary Grant film - witty and frivolous, though not his best


Believable, and script holds up well even today.

Woman on the Run

Interesting premise for a movie, but the script has more holes than Swiss cheese

Illegal Tender

Too many plot holes to count, unrealistic dialogue, and at times poorly acted. Just seems like an attempt to appeal to Puerto Rican audiences

Shaun of the Dead

Just another zombie movie - maybe a bit more witty than most, but don't waste your time if you're looking for more

King In The Wilderness

A must see, as it has some little-known material, as well of course, as being about one of the most important figures of the 20th century


Was nervous when the first several minutes consisted solely of screen shots, and associated sounds of typing. However, I think they got the right balance between technical details and adding to the story line. Quick overview: Widower is raising his musically-talented daughter - Margot (Michelle La). She disappears and he starts to find out several disturbing facts about her. Clarification of her situation is delayed until finally the police are contacted. The father - David Kim (John Cho) goes through several common techniques to break into his daughters social media. Again, just the right amount of details so you can follow along but not get bored. Each contact or app/website adds to the mystery. There are several great plot twists prior to the last 2, which you'll probably appreciate as much as me. This is so well done, the story believable I'd be surprised if it doesn't at least make the short list for all the awards this year

Dark Passage
Dark Passage(1947)

Not much in the plot believable anymore. Apparently they cashed in on the Bogart-Bacall romance

90 Minutes In Heaven

I found it interesting - person humbled by a tragedy, and has to relearn why he exists.

The Night Visitor

a plot that still works, after all this time!


Still interesting, though the special effects are obviously not up-to-date

The Fifth Estate

A lot of the shows "action" consists official expressions as someone types or reads a computer screen. The controversies (exposure of whistle-blowers, rape allegations) were compressed into the last half hour or so. Dissapointing

They Drive by Night

Dated - the plot especially - but the acting, sets, and everything else

Laurel Canyon

A couple good performances by Bale and McDormand, and not too good by Beckinsale. But I'm no longer thrilled to watch a film about people succumbing to their base instincts

El Greco
El Greco(1966)

I think the film failed to convince me why he is considered by some to be a great painter

Atomic Blonde

a bit hard to follow, but entertaining, if a not totally convincing

The Scarlet Empress

It's apparent this film was made soon after talkies started - the facial expressions and other acting is overdone by modern standards. The filming is rich, but long shots of some random activity is not rewarding today. Skip this - one can understand why it wasn't a hit even when it came out


gripping plot, well acted

Julius Caesar

obviously well-acted, but I'd like to see a remake in modern language

Women in Love

When written, and perhaps when first filmed, this was perhaps considered curling edge. Now, it's just plain uninteresting, boring, drivel.


Well acted, with good special effects and story

The Maltese Falcon

A movie well-deserving of it's reputation as a classic


critics be damned - this is a good sic-fi movie!

True To The Game

Stilted dialogue and hardly a unique script, but was entertaining anyway

A Perfect Getaway

Read 2nd paragraph for why I' recommend you watch this.
Spoiler alert: I agree with the Critics consensus but the twist add the end is rather well hidden and worth waiting for.

True Romance
True Romance(1993)

If you like Tarantino, you'll like this


Good action, even if it doesn't rise to allowing you to suspend disbelief

The Statement

Well-done. By todays standards, it can't compare to the sensory overload common in most movies. However, as a drama, and particularly for those interested in history, it's very good

The Losers
The Losers(2010)

Cute and clever. Would have liked to see sequels. Well acted.

Black Narcissus

I didn't feel the tension the film was trying to - and perhaps 70 years ago did - employ

Extreme Measures

Watched this again after about 20 years. Wish Gene Hackman hadn't retired - Great actor! One of Hugh Grants few decent non-comedies before his career imploded. Plot still holds up well

The Emperor's Club

Superb. A terrific storyline well acted. Yes, it's a bout the 1%, but one hopes they are actually getting this quality of teaching!

I'm Gonna Git You Sucka

mildly amusing, but couldn't achieve the laughs usually associated with the Wayans brothers material.


My gosh - can't believe how bad the script is. Sean Bean and Chris Hemsworth should be embarrassed for agreeing to star (a generous use of the word) in such a vehicle!

Mistress Hunter

again - promising story line but weak acting by the major players

Straight Time

just Ok . Good acting weighed down by the weak storyline

The Conspirators

Dated by todays standards - the plot, acting, special effects, all of it, except Hedy Lamarr's beauty

Niagara, Niagara

Starts off with improbable premises and descends to the depressing! Don't waste your time like I just did!

The Fugitive
The Fugitive(1947)

slow start, then slows down! Not one of Fonda's nor Ford's best

Three Strangers

Completely implausible throughout, and ammeter performances from both Greenstreet and Lorre!

Phantom Thread

Starts off slow, as a typical English period piece. Then it gets SLOWER! Cannot fathom why Mr Lewis thought this was a vehicle for him to retire on! For that matter, I can't agree with the ratings form the Critics nor general audience. This was dull, dull, dull. I won't reveal the only bit of suspense, but Mr Lewis's reaction when he finds out is not believable. This will not be remembered as one of his best films

Deadly Delusion

Good premise for a story line, but the acting was a bit stiff, especially the real-estate agent and (spoiler alert!) the person who arranges the assassinations

Meet Boston Blackie

Dated and Chester Morris not believable

Killer Ending

tips its hand too early and often. Not sure if the acting is clunky or if it just was a clunky script (which wasn't addressed), which otherwise had a good storyline. Could have been entertaining - came close

The Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress

Propaganda of course, but still moving to see a large piece of our history

Answers to Nothing

Showcasing a pretty wide range of human virtues/vice, with a decent soundtrack. Not a classic by any means, and I'm not implying its a great movie, but better than the ratings here

Sergeant Rutledge

decades ahead of its time, recognizing skin color sometimes makes people come to the wrong conclusions

Lady Macbeth
Lady Macbeth(2017)

Unemotional/stoic performance - not good. Storyline was ok

Anzio (Lo sbarco di Anzio)

Mitchum phones it in. Almost an interesting picture, but not quite

The Devil-Doll

Obviously the special effects look lame today, but were well-done in its day. Besides that, it's a good story line

Winslow Boy
Winslow Boy(1949)

still an interesting story, though I admit maybe half a star or so of my rating is due to the superb cast, some of whom would reappear in moe mainstream classics, such as My Fair Lady (for instance Stanley Holloway, and Mona Washbourne, at least)


Only scene my wife and I found funny was when they were trying on the dresses. Otherwise, just not funny

The Swimmer
The Swimmer(1968)

good performance by Lancaster, in a dressing movie

Soul Plane
Soul Plane(2004)

not funny unusual in my opinion, nor Kevin Hart

Mechanic: Resurrection

though it never was able to suspend my disbelief, it had lots of entertaining action

Caesar and Cleopatra

Storyline was only OK, by todays standards. Vivien Leigh was shockingly poor - playing a (very) immature teem Cleopatra

On Dangerous Ground

Sorry, not believable today!

Ouija: Origin of Evil

So many plot holes and obvious set-up, I can't understand why it entertained anyone

So Evil My Love

Couldn't keep my interest - couldn't suspend disbelief

Auto Focus
Auto Focus(2002)

did a good job of showing - without the usual Hollywood sympathy - of a person caught in a downward moral spiral

Righteous Kill

Ignore the critics - the great ending is worth the price of admission!

Quo Vadis?
Quo Vadis?(1951)

doesn't quite age well - a script of today would be much better and historically accurate. However, for one of Hollywoods' historical spectacles, and Patricia Laffan's performance, you should watch

Hamlet 2
Hamlet 2(2008)

Not funny nor controversial, not even a good try

Planet Terror (Grindhouse Presents: Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror)

don't waste your time! All the gore of a quentin Tarrantino film without any redeeming qualities

Luis Bunuel's Robinson Crusoe

Only OK, considering the time that has passed and improvements in moviemaking since


Can't figure out why anyone likes this - horrible animation (what passed for special effects then), poor acting, etc

Melinda and Melinda

Same neurotic Woody Allen banter. If you've seen any of his other movies you've seen this

Searching for Augusta: The Forgotten Angel of Bastogne

Very well done. Interesting insights into the people who search for forgotten heroes and of course the hero herself

Alien: Covenant

Nothing (new) to see her, though it was well done

Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert

Entertaining, but not the vocal fireworks of the original unfortunately


Surprisingly good for LMN


kept my attention till the (seeming) 20 alternate endings confused me

The 9th Life of Louis Drax

very close to a great film. The unraveling of the mystery was worth sticking around for

King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword

A good try at a different take on the legend, but not quite interesting

Home Invasion

Not quite competent burglars couldn't make me suspend my disbelief. Could have been a good movie if just a few holes were plugged

The Hunted
The Hunted(2003)

Essentially a remake of Rambo - First Blood. Though, why anyone besides a Hollywood-tyoe would think an old Tommy Lee Jones could compete with, much less defeat a Del Toro at the peak of his manhood is beyond me. Exciting, but not cannot even tempt us to suspend our disbelief, which would have made this much better

Chris Gethard: Career Suicide

not sure why anyone thought him funny. One of the unfunniest shows I've seen!

The Darjeeling Limited

Not funny or entertaining. You have to be a real fan to sit through the entire movie

Caught in the Crossfire

Slow-going in the beginning, but glad I stuck this out - the ending was worth it

A United Kingdom

moving story. Why hasn't this been produced before??

The Hoodlum Priest

Inspiring story but the script falls short

The Post
The Post(2018)

If Profile In Courage were written today, Katherine Graham would be in it! A good rendition of a great story


Hard to keep your eyes off Kinski, but after all these years, that's about all this movie has going for it

A Wrinkle in Time

dissapointingly incoherent


Not memorable, except for nostalgic view of Mr Chaplin

Forbidden Planet

aMong the First and still the best sci-fi films.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

probably won't stand te test of time, but it is entertaining

Blood Father
Blood Father(2016)

Don't miss this, regardless of what you think of Mel!

No Blade of Grass

good message, but awful script. No chance of you being able to suspend disbelief so you can be entertained

The Fate of the Furious

unless you're a fan, don't bother - you'll be unable to suspend your disbelief


Object lesson in truth-telling - and it seems those of most political stripes nowadays - to avoid doing so at any cost


If you like Ahnold, you'll like this


This is described as 'the best Hitchcock film Hitchcock never made'. After watching it I have to agree!

A Father's Secret

a promising premise/plot, but stilted acting and dialog drew away from it

The Art of the Steal

formulaic, could have been good

Fiddler on the Roof

One of the all-time great movies

Hold Back the Dawn

Gigolo with the (in the end) proverbial heart of gold? I don't think so.

Blade Runner 2049

I had such high hopes! Poor production quality, in the sense that the music drowns the dialogue, You literally can't make out what people are saying. Besides that, it's VERY hard to follow.

A Room With a View

Overrated - just another VERY slow-moving English film. Didn't even show the Duomo and Baptistry in Florence!

Rear Window
Rear Window(1954)

Hitchcocks best? They don't get better than this!

Le Divorce
Le Divorce(2003)

Holmes's character distracts from the otherwise entertaining movie

Hidden Truth
Hidden Truth(2017)

Good premise, not quite up-to-the-task acting (or do we blame the writer or director?). The sheriff could have said, we'll look into it more. Spoiler alert: at the end the killer spots his prey and still walks up and gets kneecaps?!

The Invisible Boy

A father reacts to his son being invisible by essentially saying he'll grow out of it? Really? Terrible lines and acting

Cyber Case
Cyber Case(2015)

somewhat stiff dialogue, but a good story idea


Can't believe this is only rated #35 of the all-time list! Wonderful, even if you don't romances

The Sign
The Sign(2017)

Hopefully there are still Christians out there who still take the Bibles' prohibition about vanity to heart. A lot of interesting coincidences, but they ignore any such that don't agree with their predetermined conclusions. This doesn't make me proud nor more well-informed.


Terrific movie but ending was concocted and it shows

Sunshine State

interesting film, well acted

The Petrified Forest

Dated acting, and not even a whiff of the Petrified Forest!

Maternal Instinct

Not a bad plot and very well acted.


aimless, and there's no ending! Pointless film - Blair Witch has already been done!

A Gray State
A Gray State(2017)

decent job showing how paranoia can get seriously out of hand. Spoiler alert: The man was clearly tormented. Don't buy the hype about anyone else killing him

A Foreign Affair

not sure why the fascination with Dietrich, and the script is pure corn.

It Came from Outer Space

If you can ignore the 1953 special effects, the script is still entertaining!

Lost After Dark

worst role ever for Robert Patrick?

32 Pills: My Sister's Suicide

Haven't figure out if the director/stars problems are real, but since it's advertising itself as an honest look I have to wonder shy so many people enabled her own descent and would caution people away from watching!


danny trejo as a serious actor. Not bad!

Frost Giant (Arctic Predator)

The story is OK, but poor special effects


Would it really take the 4th person (at least - it might have been more) getting bit in front of you before you figured out that your friends will undergo the same fate?? Poor script

New York Prison Break: The Seduction of Joyce Mitchell

Entertaining, but what a loser she is painted as! And her husband wants her back? You can't make this stuff up!!

Wild Seed
Wild Seed(1965)

gritty coming-of-age story from the 60's. A little too pat for today's sensibilities, but well acted

Roger Corman's Death Race 2050

Unwatchable low-budget, childish attempt to rip-off the Mad Max movies. Campy, poor script, acting, you name it

Why Him?
Why Him?(2016)

Not great, but did offer the occasional chuckle, so worthwhile if you like Franco and/or Cranston. OK, KISS singing Christmas Carols was a dud!

Roman J. Israel, Esq.

unusual to see Denzel in a roles so unflattering


Cary Grant in a non-comedic role is superb. Still suspenseful and the script and acting good, even after 70 years

I Know Where Lizzie Is

entertaining despite some flaws. The writer failed to to fully suspend your disbelief, and seemed to be searching for a way out at the end where the villain was dispatched off-screen!


A great twist. Suspenseful still, even after 70 years

The Whole Ten Yards

the only reason to watch this is if you're a Bruce Willis fan. Even then it's not his best

The Lost Wife of Robert Durst

If it wasn't true you wouldn't believe it. Thanks to LMN for keeping this story alive.

John Dies at the End

if you're a sci-fi fan, see it.

The Lady Vanishes

The story still holds up after all this time, though the acting and some details don't Still entertaining

Truth or Dare

if you like horrors movies where there's "no way out", this would be for you. For us others, not so much

A Monster Calls

Riveting coming-of-age movie. One of the best I've seen

Quick Change
Quick Change(1990)

Typical Bill Murray film

The Haunting
The Haunting(1963)

Not very good, even for its time. One wonders why an evident psycho is being included in and experiment, and why it wasn't stopped. The movie doesn't answer even the most basic objections - can't suspend disbelief, so don't bother with this

Fright Night
Fright Night(1985)

Poor script, over the top acting, poor special effects - even for its time. Don't waste your time. This is no classic

The Darkness
The Darkness(2016)

Fans of Kevin Bacon will like this - most of them anyway!

Trick 'r Treat

A hodgepodge that occasionally entertains

The 39 Steps
The 39 Steps(1935)

one of the few movies from the 30's that still holds up well! Could be better done today but nonetheless is entertaining and suspenseful


Not sure why the high score from others. Perhaps it was on a par with Hitchcock in its time, but certainly not now

Van Helsing
Van Helsing(2004)

Too much pyrotechnics, and the fish-mash of monsters takes away from a potentially entertaining movie

Side Street
Side Street(1950)

would like to see a remake done today, as this hasn't aged well, though this is a worthy plot


Started a lot too slow, but somehow manages by the end to show Arnold with some acting chops!

ISIS: Rise of Terror

excellent - does a good job of listing the good and bad steps we took

The Grandmother

pointless. Don't waste your time


unwatchable tripe! How can anyone watch this, or think it's worth watching??

Orpheus Descending

Uninteresting. Tennessee Williams may have been great for his time, but I find this story vastly overrated

All I Desire
All I Desire(1953)

Stanwyck a force of nature, as usual. Not an interesting story to me.


entertaining and nice to see Julie Andrews before her voice was lost

A Majority of One

If you can ignore the miscasting, it's a charming movie.

War for the Planet of the Apes

very good continuation of this franchise

The Wizard of Lies

bland recreation of a horrible man/event. Maybe they didn't get much personal info?

The Ring
The Ring(2002)

incoherent plot, but powerful anyway


decent picture but why Redgrave won an Oscar is bewildering - she has so few scenes and none strike me as, well, striking! Must have been a dearth of Supporting Actress roles that year

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

could have been so much more powerful if it would have followed the book and told us more of the contributions of her cells instead of the bizzare ramblings of her deranged daughter

Shadow of a Doubt

a few holes in this hitchcock plot, but entertaining. May have been his favorite, but doesn't stand the test of time


Good premise hampered by poorly-sketched characters

Two Weeks in Another Town

not a very good story, nor any good performances by.. anyone!

The Wrong Neighbor

Horrible acting, or maybe it's the script

The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone

not very believable by todays standards

The Birth of a Nation

gripping, must-see. Good thing that 'way of life' that so many unreconstructed southerners defend was overthrown. It was unsustainable without slavery

Gidget Goes to Rome

might have been of interest to teens way back when, but not likely to anyone now, unless you're strictly looking for the scenery

Paris When It Sizzles

ridiculous storyline, but good scenery

The Grim Sleeper

Very entertaining docudrama. Will keep you guessing till the end. Didn't realize it was based on a true story.

T.J. Miller: Meticulously Ridiculous

The most UN-funny HBO special ever. He won't get a second one

A Little Romance

not much action in Venice, though this is about the best view of the Bridge of Sighs you will see outside of Venice. An OK coming-of-age movie

From Paris with Love

good-to-great performance by all 3 lead actors/actress. Very entertaining

Royal Wedding

dancing on the ceiling is a must-watch, even if you eon't like musicals!

Mommy Dead and Dearest

would have liked to hear more bout the medical syndrome, but gripping story!

Resident Evil: Afterlife

this is getting tedious - sure Mila's easy to look at, but the repetitious plots are not

Resident Evil: Extinction

same ol same ol. If you've seen any in this series, there's nothing new here

Term Life
Term Life(2016)

Hate his haircut, but a good change of pace for Vaughn. Hope to see him in more such 'tough guy' roles

A Walk in the Sun

Doesn't hold up as a realistic war movie after all this time

Black like Me

Powerful message dropped by a poor makeup job! Would have been much more enjoyable and had a stronger effect if they would have used a black actor or at least spent some time on realistic makeup

Death in Venice

Who wants to watch a movie about a latent pedophile?? Unmitigated borefest

Portrait of Jason

Rot. Why did she waste film on this. Just go watch the film about Capote if you want to see an interesting homosexual

King Charles III

Interesting attempt, though not sure why they made Charles out to be a new demagogue. Hated the old English - really not necessary is it?

Chasing Madoff

A bit repetitive in order to reach it's length, but a powerful indictment of our watchdog agencies.

The Wrong Bed: Naked Pursuit

Lifetime Women Network seems to be offering a lot of new, original movies nowadays. Despite a few logic holes in the script, I'd like to complement this effort - an interesting take on a common theme.

Love in the Afternoon

Besides Gary Cooper not being a romantic lead-type, the age difference is completely implausible. Rubbish

Bridge to Terabithia

well done coming-of-age story

The Boss
The Boss(2016)

Not one of McCarthy's best. A few sight gags but not worthy of her talent

Going in Style

great script - not just a paycheck for these 3 old-timers. Very funny

To Hell and Back

Excellent script - pious but not preachy.

The Case for Christ

Very well done with much more sophisticated arguments pro/con than your typical 'faith' film

The Man Who Knew Too Much

Starts slow for a Hitchcock Film, but the plot is solid

Sullivan's Travels

Veronica Lake lovely, but the acting and script doesn't hold up well at all

The Wings of Eagles

Wayne's over-the-top acting fits this film, about a true character

Trees Lounge
Trees Lounge(1996)

Not sure why this was rated so high. Acting was good, but script is basically about scummy people. I'm supposed to be interested in these folks?


wartime propoganda - definitely not one of Hitch's best.Stilted dialog and acting

Love Crazy
Love Crazy(1941)

rip-off of the Thin-Man series.


rip-off of the omen, and its ilk

Set It Off
Set It Off(1996)

blacksploitation crap, not well done


would have like it better if Karl Urban wouldn't have scowled ala Stallone

A Thousand Clowns

What crap! Completely non-entertaining! Must have been a really bad year for actors if Martin Balsam won an Oscar for such an uninteresting role.Boring! Who would be interested in this?


Is Nicolas Cage 'back'? Good performance, with a good story


the premise of the movie was entertaining, but the movie was badly acted, even for a teen movie

The Cowboy Way

too campy, even for their early work

Stage Fright
Stage Fright(2017)

promising subject for LMN, but not very well acted/executed


boring by todays standards. You'd have to be a nut for musicals to be interested

Roman Holiday

great scenery. lousy movie

Vacation From Marriage

99% boring with a really stupid ending

Killing Them Softly

surprisingly entertaining - but not a movie for the squeamish

The Music Never Stopped

New-found respect for JK Simmons. He's great in role of typical 60's dad trying to recover what he can of the relationship with his son after a 20-year estrangement

The Lady Eve
The Lady Eve(1941)

as with many older movies - the script just doesn't hold up well over time


Not bad for a LMN movie - decent twist on an old plot. Entertaining - not Oscar-worthy, but definitely watchable

Britney Ever After

few-holds barred look into the singer.

Look for the Silver Lining

worth it just to see Ray Bolger in his prime! Introduced me to a now little-known star who died too early during the depression

Pocketful of Miracles

A poor-mans "My Fair Lady" - just doesn't hold up well over time


Don't understand the low ratings. This is a fine move and the various endings will satisfy most fans of thriller movies. Well done

Blue Sky
Blue Sky(1994)

lange deserved her Oscar, in an otherwise sub-par film

Hacksaw Ridge

hope Mel Gibsons ruined reputation doesn't stop anyone from seeing this. Not sure what - if any - Oscars this is up for, but wouldn't be surprised if it won best picture. It is EXCELLENT

Hangmen Also Die

Donlevy stiff. Obvious propaganda film doesn't hold up well, as sympathetic to the cause as I am!

About Time
About Time(2013)

Could not finish this. The film appears to be some weird homage to a troubled (at least at one time) man. That this man happened to pen some songs that were popular and influential seems tangential to the story - the filmmaker and actors involved seem to have a weird (that word again) fascination with posing for posing sake. This is one of the films that fans the stereotype of artists as hopelessly self-involved! The jumbled flashbacks, actors in extremely out-of-context roles and the other 'artsy' touches were just awful also. What a pile of crap!!


great performance

Stephen King's A Good Marriage

surprisingly good twist for an LMN movie, then I noticed Steven King's credit and realized why. Bring on more!!

Foreign Correspondent

I can see the factors that went into making it a popular movie then - some classic Hitchcock scenes (like the assassin on the tower), the patriotic ending, shooting a realistic ocean rescue scene - but none of that holds up well over the years,

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Doesn't hold up over the years. Dissapointingly dull

Beware the Slenderman

Incredibly boring. Not insightful at al


but for the ending I would have rated it higher

A Serious Man

Not sure how anyone can like this movie -it is a caricature of Judaism,
with enough angst to make Woody Allen appear absolutely stable! This is
just an exercise in self-indulgence by the Coen brothers and whatever
other 'artist' felt we had to be subjected to this drivel. To
paraphrase another reviewer - it has no action, no suspense, no plot,
no ending... Don't waste your time

Bend of the River

story holds up well over the years, and a good performance by Stewart

Rome Adventure

other than the scenery, very dull


VERY entertaining film. A few things you have to suspend belief for, but well-done.

Cop Car
Cop Car(2015)

surprisingly good

While the City Sleeps

Don't know this director Lang, but reading his praises in the other reviews, if this is his finest, I don't want to see any others! Formulaic, stilted acting, unbelievable plot


Wish it would have portrayed how he thought about the pieces of evidence as they arrived, instead of the ending court scene, but otherwise not a bad film

The Saint Strikes Back

not a bad 'spy' thriller for it's time. The role George Sanders was born for!

If Looks Could Kill

formulaic script, but the actors were good


Great performance by all the actors - perhaps award-worthy. However, the story wasn't nearly as gripping as most other coming-to-grips-with-aging movies.

The Girl on the Train

a fine psychological thriller, though, yes, a bit plodding. May be an award-winning performance by Ms Blunt

The Red Dress

not a bad film - have to pay close attention till the flashbacks become obvious. A psychological thriller with an end I didn't see coming