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The Dirt
The Dirt (2019)
10 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Ugh! I cannot for the life of me understand why this gets 88%! Must be all the old guys reliving their days of being young and horny...
Listen - I am a child of the eighties and I listened to bands like Motley Crue - so I thought this movie would appeal to me. But Jesus it I s bad. Terrible acting- NO story line - just snippets of the bands utter debauchery and f**cking everything in sight. Seriously - that is all it is. It is not fun at all to watch - just over the top bad. Again - ugh

The Hammer
The Hammer (2007)
18 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Adam Carolla really just makes this movie so charming and believable. It also doesn't hurt that he really can box! I am sick of all the flashy Hollywood movies that are just loud and throw everything at you but an actual story. This movie is all story and heart - and a breath of fresh air. Would definitely recommend!

Arrival (2016)
2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I am completely clueless on how this movie gets such high ratings. Is there something I am missing? It honestly is almost unwatchable.
The movie starts out with a few flashbacks involving this main character and her daughter - no explanation of who she is - what happened to her daughter - why there is no husband(or significant other) - you know the normal things that make you connect with a character.
Then all of a sudden - some government/military guy is coming to whisk her off to talk to aliens based on the fact that she once translated some Farsi for them? Jesus - it's just nonsense. After 40 minutes I turned to my husband and asked - are you getting ANYTHING out of this movie?
Nope - not at all. I can suspend belief fine when I can at least connect with the characters so I care about them - but I could have cared less about anyone in this movie. And the way it is shot is all fuzzy and dark - so you have even less idea what is going on. Anyway - enough said I guess . I continue to be disappointed that filmmakers think packing visual effect into a movie makes it better than bothering to make us care about the characters.

Mr. Church
Mr. Church (2016)
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Please please do not let the critics reviews deter you- there is a reason it scores 80% with audiences - it's wonderful!
If you are starved for wonderful character driven movies that don't bore you to to tears(as I generally am with today's movies) - then this is the film for you!
I was worried that it might have the feel of a "made for tv" movie - but I was completely riveted.
I have never seen Eddie Murphy in this kind of role - and I hope he does more like this ! What this movie does not have is "startling revelations" - anything blowing up - or overacted drama.
It feels real and beautiful. And no - we do not get to figure out all the WHYS of the characters lives - we don't see into the backfground of Mr Church and what his demons are that haunt him. But isn't that life?
Do we always know why people act the way they do?
This movie is about the deep love and connection between people- and that's what comes through.
And shame on the critics for branding this movie as :
"repugnant for its dehumanizing view (however unintentionally so) of a black man"
If you don;t believe the characters - read this article by the author :
Watch and decide for yourself...
Nuff said.