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The Mountain Between Us
2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Not a bad film. However, I think the director lacked the balls to make a more realistic film. For example he'd take us down a disteroud path and pull back all the time. Giving the film and air of unrealistic fantasy. For example at one stage he has idris sliding down the face of a mountain to certain death but he conveniently gets saved by a rock. Why take us down that road then stop. Then he has Kate fall into ice water and almost drown. Again why do that? Then there is athe cougar scene. This was the worst I believe. For example, here the cougar should have eaten the dog and the fact that it didn't completely spoilt it for me. I'm not a dog hater I just think that is very unrealistic, that a cougar would cause very minor injuries to a dog like it did. One swat of its paw should kill that dog. Otherwise, don't have a dog in the film, or don't have the cougar scene. In fact the fact that the dog was well fed is bemusing to say the least and how they kept a fire going wherever they were. As a well as always finding suitable shelter. I could even forgive idris' slide down a mountain and gets saved by a rock scene and even Kate's scene if he had sorted out the dog. Had the dog been eaten by the cougar I would not have had the time to wonder about its diet when everyone else was supposed to be on food rations. The last scene is also quite lame, they should have just talked about it and kissed and walked out together like normal people would. Or go home and call each other or text like normal people would. Yes it's the movies and it's all about getting people going as they say but this is ridiculous. However, for some strange reason, I still liked it. I think it partly because I like both Kate and Idris. They made what I think is a weak script work. Not their best work but they fleeted between some really good acting no and some average stuff. Idris was quite powerful in the last scene and in the hospital and Kate's best scene was probably in the hospital as well.

Free State of Jones
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This is a brilliantly made film. It's the sort of film that only people interested in black history and with a positive view of blacks will enjoy. You couldn't possibly enjoy this film if you are not interested in black history or do not have a positive view of black people. A bit like schindlers list is for Jewish people. This is because it is essentially a history lesson told in a very elegant manner. The acting is breath taking. I always find that the unsung heroes of such films are the little known actors. In this case the black actors working in the fields, the little black kids who are so authentic that they almost look like they are the kids of slavery undergoing the hardships of slavery. And ofcourse the racists etc. In some parts it's harrowing but very well made. Macughtney is good, but once again, one feels maybe a different/better actor would have done a better job. My biggest problem with him was that he sounded like he sounded in the Wolf of Wall Street and in the Dallas Buyers club and sometimes it is off putting listening to him speak like that in this character. Hence I think a different actor would have maybe changed their accent or speech. I'm surprised this wasn't picked up on, because it hit me straight away. Other than that brilliant.

Café Society
Café Society (2016)
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Kind of typical Woody Allen, except this isn't as witty as some of his other films. Rather predictable in large part. Also, I think the casting was a bit off. I know Allen likes to cast Jewish actors in his films, (nothing wrong with that), but sometimes I think there are better actors out there who aren't necessarily Jewish or even other Jewish actors who could possibly do a better job. For example, Eseinburg and Blake lLively are not believable as a couple. At a stretch maybe he could pull Kirsten Stewart, but I still think, she is too attractive for him. I think Allen could have found a better looking Male lead to make this believable, or make him richer or give him some unique quality. Otherwise he is not believable as their love interest. Also, in some ways I found myself thinking, perhaps Lively and Stewart should have swapped roles, but that still wouldn't have worked because of how the plot develops. Similarly, I found myself thinking John Travolta would have played Steve Carrell's character better than him. There is something not quite on the money with Carrell in whatever he does. It's like he is not convincing enough. He is not quite as funny, or, like in that other film with Will Smith as naïve looking, as you want him to be. Something is off with him. Perhaps, he is just not a good actor. Then the plot itself is a bit weak. How Esinburgh does not realise what is going on is a bit far fetched. After all he is not meant to be retarded in this film. Furthermore, the twist is not really a twist and certainly not a very good one. I usually judge a film by whether or not I'd watch it again and this one I'm afraid I will not. Very lightweight.

The Revenant
The Revenant (2015)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This is a very good film only spoilt by the director's insistence on James Bondy type of scenes. Firstly, the bear scene is a brilliant scene in the actual actions and special effects but it goes on far too long for the consequences to be believable. In other words an attack like that would result in the death of the victim either immediately or soon after. Neither happens and instead miraculously Caprio not only survived but goes on to engage in the most brutal of fights and wins. Then at one point he is being chased by one of the most vicious bow and arrow wielding packs of Indians some as close to him as I am to my iPad but all miss. Then in the fight mentioned a above Caprio manages to plant his axe into the ribs of his assailant but that does not seem to bother the assailant much. I'm afraid no amount of adrenaline can overcome even a good punch yo the ribs let alone an axe. Other than that a very fine film indeed. He just needed to shorten the bear scene, reduce the number of Indians chasing, increase the distance between the parties and take away the axe from the fight scene and he's got a near perfect film. I have a feeling as great as Caprio was in it the film itself and its shortcomings might reflect badly on him.