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The Void
The Void (2017)
3 years ago via Movies on Android phone

Admiration should be paid to the film makers of The Void. Yes, its narrative and script are not coherent or distinctive enough for them to linger in the mind, but what does work well is the tone and design. Harking back to the days of Romero and Carpenter, one has tip the proverbial hat to the use physical effects as to CGI, along with the sense of foreboding evil that lurks on the horizon. This type of horror film is refreshing and needs to be more prevalent in the world of cinema.

Paterson (2016)
3 years ago via Movies on Android phone

Art inspires work, work inspires art. Jim Jarmusch's latest low-key character study has a small voice but a loud heart. The languid focus on a week in the life of bus driver with a poetic touch, might not be to everyone's taste. However, for those who are drawn into the steady, methodical pace, will be rewarded with a deeply rich, engaging and charming insight into a slice of Americana life. Possibly, the director's best work yet.

Split (2017)
3 years ago via Movies on Android phone

Just when one might think that director, M Night Shyamalan, had ran-out of steam, he manages to pull off a rather tightly-constructed thriller. The unusual construct of multifaceted personas is a refreshing approach to the held-captive genre, and is effectively portrayed by McAvoy. It may not be as tense-ridden as it could have been, considering the subject matter, however, the denouement is one of the most surprising and rewarding for some time.

I, Daniel Blake
3 years ago via Movies on Android phone

The British social service system is given the Ken Loach treatment in this hugely affecting and powerful tale. The social realist premise of injustice amongst the less-piveledged and unfortunate is captured and delivered with stark awakening and passion. With an excellent cast and assured direction of interplay, I, Daniel Blake is not only poignant and emotional, it is necessary in its reflection of a fractured modern society.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe
3 years ago via Movies on Android phone

From the director of the inventive Troll Hunter, comes a supernatural tale of a night in a family-run morgue. The excellent premise and surroundings instil freshness and atmosphere that can often be missing in modern horror.
It is just a shame that the initial two thirds of the film that are tightly-woven and engrossing, are undone by a less inventive and a unsatisfying denouement of events.