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The White Princess: Season 1

Very good reconstruction of the period and the story is playing like a difficult deadly problem to solve. Still in dark ages, death solved everything.

The White Queen: Season 1

Great reenactments of a turbulent real story in england. Gripping and totally worthy of the series treatment.

The Book of Negroes: Season 1

Nice enough reenactments of stories and adventures that could or have happened in the slave period of the englishes. Very english point of view with no subtitles english or french. Rather disappointing from the CBC. Saw it on dvd.

The Bible: Season 1

The bible is hard to read. I hate it. Plus, it's impossible for us who do not know much about the period to interpret correctly the texts in the bible. This is why this series is so interesting. Give us the stories and put them in context. The series is however, not all that accurate and does not provide the answers I'd wish. There is another TV broadcast about Jesus made by archaeologists explaining very well some the significant aspects of the story. There is a definitive version still to make. The parts before Jesus are fun but the jews don't look good at all in them. The people chosen by god that have all the rights? The germans sure showed them wrong. And now we know the englishes are the ones chosen by god! Haha!

Orphan Black: Season 4

I had never seen an episode before finding season 4 at the library. Confusing at first with all the clones. The story is black and crazy but full of dark humour, amazing and the biology is mostly accurate and possible. Tatiana is incredible, géniale, gifted and good-looking. The other actors hold their own. The serie has a futuristic look with old-fashion bat-cave and stuff. Quite incredible that the story could use so many characters yet hold and be unpredictable at the same time.