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The Mountain Between Us

This mini-alive is relatively interesting. Being myself a quï¿ 1/2 (C)bï¿ 1/2 (C)cois living in the Rockies, not far from the set btw, many bits did not feel real or possible. I do appreciate the efforts though. The love story did not get hot for me. It felt more like something broke for the two heroes than some glue stick them together. It's the doctor character that did not seem brilliant enough for a brain surgeon.

In This Corner of the World (Kono sekai no katasumi ni)

This happening before and during the wwII, Hiroshima is a near town, they delve into it from different point of view. The story is charming to the point of being idyllic before the war, and during the war before the bombings. The film deals well the bombings times and continues further in the future. Epic tale. Beautiful.

The Lodgers
The Lodgers(2018)

Here is something rare in the haunted/ghost/horror films: almost completely original storyline. Some sort of insanity of evil at work. Unpredictable ending.

Game Night
Game Night(2018)

Did not find it really funny because too forced. Some jokes still do work though. We come out of it smiling at least.

Things to Come

Very ambitious epic futuristic story that goes very far in the future. Even 2036, still the future. Credible with lots of decent effects. However, the whole timeline ressemble a lot the fall of the roman empire and the dark ages with warlords. Then we have a society that becomes advanced enough to overcome the small warlords, followed by a long period of peace. Then people become populists again, reject advances and science and war is about to restart. We have all this in a few years just listening to the news nowaday. This film is nice but too simplistic for our earth.

History of the World---Part I

Somewhat funny sketches of major moments in history. Over the top, silly and even funny at times! Some parts made me cringe.


Very well developed story, credible. Better be since it comes from a real story. We care for the characters. Great stunts.

St. Vincent
St. Vincent(2014)

Very good story, not likely to happen in real life, that does hit home. I totally loved the boy, the old guy Murray, and the other cast in their respective roles. It wraps up nicely. Not super hilarious but very pleasantly amusing all along. My bemol: ending rich by lottery-like life insurance is the solution. Make the film less holy.


From beauty, the film turns into an insane nightmare reminiscent of the english invasion of america, the civil war, the world wars, the sects, and satanism. Only the mother seems to have a heart. It's insane, but it mirrors a lot of the human insanity of psychopaths I would say.


Great epic journey through the stars. the film evolve from a lonely experience in a luxury ship to an love adventure to a life and death situation. Great ship and special affects. A bit annoyed that Jim speaks spanish but no french.


This film is good filler time in the plane maybe. It tries to poke at our fears and racism.


What is great in this is our split hero with the multiple personalities. He is believable. The girls however are not. Their role is to be almost defenseless. The split guy being out for hours at a time, there is no way they could not have escaped ten times.

A Man Called Ove (En man som heter Ove)

Unusual film with many unusual events with a funny twist. Predictably, his life was not going to end too fast. Clever use of flashbacks.


This film is sold as feel-good and all nice but there is so much cheating and lying to reach the feel good that it feels awkward if not bad. Very english american.


In this film, all are flawed and even incompetent. Incompetent polices, incompetent bandits. Strange feeling.


Based on a french novel itself inspired by a true story. This is some sort of study of psychopathy. It can be in an apparently nice person.

Call Me by Your Name

Chalamet is great but I didn't fall for it. I don't see how the boy could go after the girl and the man in the same day. Except if psychopathy is involved. I find the film rather disgusting like shit wrapped in bonbon paper.

Dark Angel
Dark Angel(2017)

Nice production with epoch clothes and location. Not sure about the talking. The story is incredible but apparently true. The reality may have been more ruthless and chilling even though it was in this. We forget how death was routine in these times.

The Passion Of Augustine (La Passion D'augustine)

The beauty and the music in this film is rarely reached. Great music apparently with pianists and actors all in one. A pearl of a film. Adding the transformation of the church with modern times, adds another evolving narrative.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer

It starts creepy and superficial. Then it becomes more creepy and even crazy. The story evolves into some sort of witchcraft nonsense that makes it impossible to seriously keep watching. It turns into a joke.

Ghost in the Shell

Scarlett is fast, great and good looking in this futuristic take on human-robot meld. Good story and production. I have not seen the original animated version.

Justice League

The league of super heroes is there to bring back superman, basically. Good production funny at times and bizarre at times. This is getting crazier and crazier with always more and more power. I miss Star Trek with its themes.

Acts of Violence

This is a shoot them up really bad guys kind of film. The bad guys are bad without redemption much and the good guys are well armed and dangerous. This is war, man. Not sugar coated war.

The Churchills

Very good overview of some history related to the Churchills. However marred by an incredible bias in favor of England and everything english. Louis XIV compared to Hitler? Described as a dictator? The duke of Orange described as a savior of Europe? Only ignorant englishes can possibly swallow such bullshit. John Churchill breaking the rules to desperatly win with massacres and destruction of the population. This was rehearsal for the American invasion and destruction. The englishes stop at nothing to win. They are the rightful owners of the planet after all.


The storyline was a bit better than regular movie disasters. It had disasters, heroes, evil bandits, plosions, evil weather. What's not to like?

The Last Ride

There are some value in the film but I would watch it while doing something else. Which I did.

The Wizard of Lies

The story reveals itself as vignettes that become more and more tight toward the end. How psychopathy has a huge blind spot.

The Insult (L'insulte)

I was expecting funny rivalry, I was served. This film is going much further and higher though. It is practically perfect how the story snowballs and melts. It is the most hilarious, shocking and thoughtful film I have seen in recent years. Passionate!


The film is a joke on Dracula. It has original ideas but it is another Dracula story. Jesus Gris that comes back to life is joke enough. Still watchable.

Alone in Berlin

Story of a couple of quiet rebels against the Nazi regime after the death of their son. This is small in the Nazi story but it is an interesting story of almost delusional rebellion while the mass was pro regime. The peopleabide to the power no matter who or what has it. Remains current.

Early Man
Early Man(2018)

Typical children storyline with more girls nowaday. Plenty of physical comedy.

The Case for Christ

This film of an investigation about Jesus coming back to life for real is holding together nicely. Not too preachy. Recreation of the period is surprisingly accurate, I thought it was an old film for a while.


Epic story spanning decades for some but mere hours for others. The story starts when the dust bowl has returned, just as it was. The relativity calculation for gravity is wrong though. If gravity was so strong to make minutes be years, they would be crushed on the surface. Same with the black hole. It would crush all and the whole universe life would have passed before he could come out. Still good effort for the rest of the physics laws.


Loving couple with the wife not able to conceive. The story follows the coldly logical steps to reproduction in spite of the feelings of the couple. Making do.

Small Town Crime

This apparently small film is bringing the thrills and chills of a murder/crime story to the max. With few known actors, we can't guess what will happen. Great!

The Italian Job

A heist and a double-dare heist that is still holding up today, 15 years later. Charlize is looking fabulous as usual.

Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn

The film is so over the top gory and played ridiculously, it is a laugh. Past the mid point however, I found the joke being a bit too long for my taste. Got more annoying than funny.

Before Night Falls

This film of the reallife of an unabashed homer-sexual is much too crazy. Not a realistic view of Cuba.

The Man Who Never Was

True story that had to be good. Well made and convincing. We feel an urgency. The only flaw is the ending where they shortcut the importance of the trick.

Red Sparrow
Red Sparrow(2018)

Jennifer is a new spy in mission to find a mole. Nice thriller but the convoluted plots are a bit hard to swallow. Too many killed also to be believable in this millenium. The stakes do not appear to be worth one dead. So it comes out more as gratuitous cruelties.

The Swiss Conspiracy

It's a TV movie for sure but still work rather well. The action is more believable in this than most films today. The acting is quite decent. It is also a great time capsule of the 70.

A Monster Calls

I'm like the boy, let her die already! But I don't feel the guilt of wanting her die. She's dead to me already. And so is the boy!

The Orphanage

Good set up that is not going in the direction we think. This is not the pure girl that will be the victim of ghosts or monsters.... or is it?


Rich comedy following a stolen painting of high value. Silly comedy in high society. Amusing would be the word.


Original take on legendary trolls. Filmed à la Blair Witch, we follow a troll hunter that is simply working for the government as troll manager. Silly and funny, seriously.

Stir of Echoes

Came out after the Sixth sense and haven't seen it. 20 years later, this film does work on the theme of seeing dead people. A theme well taken over 5 years later by Ghost Whiperer. Very good film convincingly played.

Captain Fantastic

The story doesn't hold with too many contradictions. The guy living in the forest supposedly level-headed can't possibly exist in this world. The kids would rebel, they would get sick, get hurt, get bored, get tired. And the wide was the bipolar? Living like he does looks like manic of bipolar. Basically, the nonsense and absurdities make the film an essay on impossibility.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Lots of great effects. The story is your typical jungle adventure with some troubles added. Funny to see grown ups talking like kids also. Definitely an undertone of home-sexuality here and there, though. Good thing they had one sexy one to compensate.

Simon and the Oaks

The nazi inspired another story. This one did not need nazi all that much and could have happened in another time in the past. I liked the story that was not all sweet but contained a lot of real life elements.

La journée de la jupe (Skirt Day)

Comedy turning into drama. The teacher confiscate a gun of a student and uses it to get them under control, until things go out of control. Not as bad as USA shootings though.

Maze Runner: The Death Cure

Starts crazy like a western and is a cat and mouse chase all along for great cheeses. Zombie movie with hope of a cure that is in the blood of the hero. But there is a civil war between the in walled city people and the outside the wall people.


The locations are superb, great acting, good story. The whole feels rather real and matter of factly. The accuracy is not all that good, Mary was not a street girl, Clavius did not exist but it is fun adventure.

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Very strange travel in the past of television and the USA during the cold war when the country was crazy and overly strong. The life of still living famous guy with double life as CIA hit man. Well done and produced. Strange and funny.

Thor: Ragnarok

I thought the previous Thors sucked. But this one was not that dumb. Lots of funny bits with all the actors playing it for jokes. The films laughs at itself and beats Black Panther for it. Also glad of the ending!


Not super funny but funny enough. The story is silly with unexpected turns and twists. I can't help but like women in funny movies. They lack humour on average.

Molly's Game
Molly's Game(2018)

This film is great, well cut, makes sense and a true adventure story. Fantastic story and very well played and produced. Wide awake during the whole thing.

Black Panther

Great CGI and decent acting. Beautiful. But the story is a mash up of many bits of wars as old as the greco-roman era, except maybe for the civil war bit. Too much magic powers just isn't making sense at some point. Suit and helmet that appear and disappear? All the rating goes to the beauty. Silly otherwise.


Like Carrie, a religious feeling of guilt makes her do evil. More complex and less violent, Thelma finds freedom and love in the end. Damned be damned.

Mom and Dad
Mom and Dad(2018)

This is just like a zombie movie, but just the premise. There will be more. Actually, fishes might live just like this.

The Sense Of An Ending

Not sure what to say. Feels like an epic TV movie. The past meet the present and the old guy becomes sensible.


Love story between mentally challenged that is practically perfect. The acting is incredibly good and fresh, the story fetching. Simple but effective.

The Factory
The Factory(2011)

Police thriller out of the ordinary although it has the typical stuff. We first think Jack the Ripper but it does not add up. Finally an ending not so predictable. The film is flawed but I liked the originality.


I rented it because Jane Fonda had a good word for it. True, she does good and so are the others actors. All look very real and it is quite a time capsule. The story is going at length and not moving forward much in the middle but I suppose this is quite realistic as well in an investigation. The ending has a good twist. The psychology of the characters seems to hold on and the whole is solid.

The Shape of Water

Funny fable for adults about the unspeakable attraction for fishes. No, wait, a merman, made cute for our ladies.

Qu'Allah bénisse la France

In France, some suburbs are full of migrants. Poor them often follow the wrong path. Here is one story of the right path being followed. Everyone has their bit of happiness, the right ones, only a better piece.


New version of alien invasion. Or non-invasion. Good production. Beautiful. Somewhat creepy. Open ending.

Into the Wild

The film is well done but not sure I liked the non-linear treatment in this case. Chris seems to have been charming, challenging and plenty adventurous, possibly in reaction to his father abuses when he was a child (according to his sister book). Great recreations. Not sure the story would have so much resonnance if he had survived.

My Friend Dahmer

Interesting take on pre-serial killer life. What was it that went wrong, or what was it that was wrong with him? Could he have turned out okay? It's a thriller.

Murder On The Orient Express

This Agatha Christie is redone every generation. Great effects here, beautiful. Well done background story. I liked.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Pretty good slow chase story with heroes and cavalry coming for help. The life of mice. Luckily, some have the force. Great effects, good acting and rather funny at the beginning.


The story and the acting is so good as to be believable. The immigrants trying to make it here are stunted by the crime gang they end up having to deal with. Good thriller with a bloody ending.

In the Heart of the Sea

Very good production with good special effects. Oh if whales had been all that good, they'd be less endangered today.

Suck It Up
Suck It Up(2017)

Nice effort of a canadian film close to where I live. This story feels very familiar and I think I have seen it in an old french film.

The Forgiven
The Forgiven(2018)

An essential film explaining quite a bit of the appartheid and its dissolution. Good and evil fights.

The Iceman
The Iceman(2013)

Bloody biopic of a contract killer. We wonder for some time if he is a psychopath or if he is simply stuck by fear. Seems he is psychopath, like all the mobsters.

The Lure (Córki dancingu)

Musical, bollywoodish even, rosy, horror, mystery, love. The film is changing shape several times and some sections are more epic than logic. Very unusual and original. Bravo for going places. Satisfying effects.

Hochelaga, Land of Souls (Hochelaga terre des âmes)

The message is old but it is implacable, the human race is separating, rejoining over eons and the genes are spreading all over. The anchor linking all is an archeological serendipitous dig in a stadium in Montréal. Great, realistic, ironic.

All the Money in the World

Good thrill. A good story well told. How a very rich and tightwad old man could not spend a ransom money to free his grandson. We follow the mother in this adventure.

Professor Marston & The Wonder Women

It was a different time, full of hope and changes. The unconventional love trio is really something unexpected and refreshing from the States. True, they tried everything, and that story represent a success. With a frenchie bent, to please more.


This film is doing just enough bravery most of the time. It goes over the top more toward the end but as a thriller, does good work.


Nice haunted house but the theme has been done so well already by the great series Ghost whisperer. Will check the real story.


Well done with a complex enough story that wants to make you think. Unfortunately, the story does not feels true, even with psychopathic racists protagonists.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Things happens in this film that would not fly in the real world. It is a comedy of retaliations, with irony, full of the psychopaths of USA. Good laughs!


Not believable but funny exercise of humanity. The evil vs the good kind. The good are silly and the evil are greedy and not bright.


Low brow comedy of a bad Bond definitely too amateurish. More creepy than funny. Incredible what some actors would do. Some good jokes here and there.

Te Ata
Te Ata(2017)

Story of a famous Chickasaw woman that had to be told in film. A nice short epic of a life that was not too ordinary. Very good indigenous bent during assimilating times.

The 9th Life of Louis Drax

It starts as a TV movie that reveals itself straightforwardly until it veers off into uncharted territory. I had given up on the film but when the story veered, I stopped and rewinded 10 minutes to catch the drift. I found the film excellent and the beginning is just lulling the viewer before getting into high gears. Bravo!

Loving Vincent

Vincent end of life is told as a murder mystery inadvertantly put together by the maincharacterof the film. Well put and nice paintings. A great tribute.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

I think this film had many elements from the books that made it very worthy (i owned the books since I am a kid). The storyline of the film is one notch better than the graphic novel had. It is more adult. The film has a pre-story that is original, not from the books. The effects are fanstastic. The bits I have issues with are: a battle near a planet that has nothing to do with the enemies while space is so wide, too many kills without consequence, too english although Rihana was great, going through walls so easily without consequences and the romance between Valerian and Laureline seems at puerile level.

The Forest
The Forest(2016)

Natalie is the perfect bitch for this film. She has to make believable that a girl would be that bitchy, self assured and wrong at the same time. With this kind of bitch, would a guy want to be heroic?

The Assassin
The Assassin(2015)

Definitely slow, enough to take the time to enjoy the view. Simple but good story. Martial art is like Kill Bill, not Bruce Lee.

Alien: Covenant

There is just too many stupid things done pretty early to make it enjoyable. The monster movie of aliens loses by having monsters with too much power and reproducing much too quickly. The humans are mostly dumb in this.

Just a Sigh
Just a Sigh(2014)

The dance between the two protagonist is rather amusing. Well done in a realistic way.

A Perfect Murder

I liked this film with the naive girl getting less so. Beautiful and some intelligence.


Huge feelings of white trash getting stronger and better finally after getting weaker and dumber. The guy seems very ordinary which is okay and realistic.

The Girl With All the Gifts

Another zombie movie. Well, the sameness is running out. Here we have an original story that is more intelligent all around. A bit of invasion of the body snatchers to make the natural history of the disease make sense. Flaws are rare.

The Shack
The Shack(2017)

I like the Jesus stories, I even liked the film «Son of God», but this film I don't like. It cheapens the faith and makes it idiotic. Even for a non-believer.


The story is calque of Alien, only details are different. Good production and effects most of the time. Still, the laws of physics and biology are not obeyed. It's horror more than sci-fi.

Mountains May Depart (Shan he gu ren)

The modernisation was of good effect. The story otherwise did not work for me. Terrible.

The Snowman
The Snowman(2017)

I found this film relatively good, mystery wise. No character is safe. It's main problems are psychological. No way a doctor can go insane this way, even with the rather simple premisse. A revenge of the unborned would have more traction.

Miss Sloane
Miss Sloane(2016)

The reality of USA politics is strange and idiotic and if this film is realistic, boring as well. Fake. The gun lobby is always going to win in the USA. They passed the point of no return over a century ago.

La La Land
La La Land(2016)

The film is very lovely up to the argument of breakup. Then after, it is kick ass and the dream come true does not stop more dreaming. Life can always be better.

Land of Mine (Under Sandet)

History in film is great if accurate. This is the case. Very realistic, we feel the danger. Still, I have no pity for the germans though.


A bit of a standard story of gold treasure à la canadienne. Rather crazy and psychopathic all along, the englishes want to get rich quick and die rich. Cabin fever in the cold.

Kick-Ass 2
Kick-Ass 2(2013)

Totally fake like wrestling but the film is killing characters. Plus many adults moments. Still too comic-book to fly high.


Magic once again, jeez. The production and effects are first grade, the acting superb, the story out of this world. It is a bit much but it is hilarious, ironic and absurd.

Mary and The Witch's Flower

Fun story maybe a bit too full of magic and short cuts. Well imagined though.

Office Christmas Party

Terrible premisse of a story that is too strange and absurd to work. Bad boys and girls with lots of money trash the place. Hard to find the good in it and little humour as well.

The Exception (The Kaiser's Last Kiss)

It is a rare find. The story is like a spy and love story mash up, like there were a few during the war. It is hilarious for a start and morph into spy, war, love. Great story and if people were more like this, the future of the human race would be insured.

Kong: Skull Island

This film is like a mash up of many other films. It is fun to watch and the CGI are great. The films flows well. Silly fun.

Blade Runner 2049

Very well done and well thought. A few twists as to where it was heading give it value. Not lyrical and ground breaking like the first was. Replicants are much too perfect. Their imperfections of bodies and mind made the first much more intriguing and unpredictable.

Wind River
Wind River(2017)

The film has a complex story enough but... there are problems with it. The indigenous don't make too much sense. The blood killing people by drowning in the cold is nonsense. Many people's reactions in the film are too crazy even amongst psychopaths.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Plenty of good ideas and a story that is not too insane but, at some point too much powers just stop making any sense. A flexible suit that is fitted with a supercomputer that knows more than batman? Only the cute factor keep it afloat.


The film is very well produced with lots of great takes with known singers. Delightful except for the story about one of them homer-sexuals that get married to a woman and becomes acceptable. I can't help but feel so much creep, creeping.

Get Christie Love!

The girl is smart and beautiful and brown-skinned. Got to love the ass-kicking. Fashion is not laughable in this old film. Did they just make a remake of it?

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Better effects, more fleshed story. The end is very biblical. Not at all credible though.


The girls were fun to watch and hilarious but the story is a bit off and I don't see this ending with these people the way it was played.

The Lost Tomb of Jesus

It's the tomb of Jesus and family no doubt because they are named on the ossuary boxes. Is it the Jesus family of the bible? The odds are certainly for it. More research of ancient documents, more archeology is needed to uncover the real story. The real story and how it evolved into a powerful church is very important and would be very useful historically. It could also right many wrongs.

The Glass Castle

Sorry to say but I have not stayed on the film. I have unhooked mid stream because of its length. Definitely an epic story but it looked fake to some degree. I just can't feel sorry for englishes that cause their own problems.

13 Minutes (Elser)

Great acting for a story worth knowing. Elser is a true hero that understood early the extreme danger the Nazi was for Germany itself. Effectively, the germans had lost their minds to think they would not have eventually to pay for their murderous rampages. However, historically, if his murder had succeeded, germany could have done better during the war and maybe even won it, since a few bad decisions were later attributed to Hitler himself, like the attack on Russia instead of England.

When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts

We get to see and hear about all what went right but mostly wrong during and after Katrina assault on Nouvelle Orléans. We learn much about the city and the way of life. We learn much about the way the people are not valued by the invading englishes. Vive le français libre.

The Disaster Artist

It is something to think this film is based on a true story and they have the footage to prove it. Hilarious and strange like life itself sometimes.

The Sea of Trees

The story is just not making much sense. Too much absurdities made me unlatch the film and do something else.

Gangster Land (In the Absence of Good Men)

The film is done well enough and the story is compelling. The setups are often theatre and the play as well. It is however a good rendering that is probably more accurate than the hollywood threatment so far.


The story had to be remade. Nice questioning about life and reality. Is there another life form and what would we do with it? Good little film. The end is similar to the russian film of the same name and origin, but more virtual. Are we now in heaven in heaven?

xXx: Return of Xander Cage

Terribly impossible plot but action gallore, fights and shoot them up. It adds up to crazy ride that I watched over two days. It's a bit much.


Pretty good film depicting journalists trying to get dubya down before a second mandate. It backfired against them. True or not, lots of people tried to avoid going to Vietnam and even escaped by thousands to Canada. This could not bring him down.

On Wings of Eagles

Good true story that hurts. Decent acting and believable reenactments. The second world war strikes again.

Love Potion No. 9

If there were potions like this, there would be millions of $ for it and against it, plus lots of lawsuits. The film works though.

Astérix & Obélix: Mission Cléopâtre (Asterix and Obelix Meet Cleopatra)

The Asterix in flesh are filled with surprisingly sexy girls. This well known story was rendered well enough and had some funny additions and spoofs.


Great special effects but not quite real. Oil drillers saving the planet in space in 18 days? This film is sucking up. Lots of funny moments though, like a spoof of the apollo program.

Pay the Ghost

Story is holding up but it is a Halloween movie like there are Christmas movies. I liked the connection with the vilain past of english invasion. Nicolas was acting very well, looking properly ghastly when appropriate.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Humourously written story of the girl journalist covering the war in Afghanistan. Some funny events are probably true. Some dialogs are clearly joking. Serious fun!

Atomic Blonde

This is your typical spy story but the girl is a serial killer of other spies. All the killing action was super good until the french girl gets it. She was much too easy to kill and the killings after that were not combative. I guessed who Satchel was. The dvd extras of Charlize training for fights were great.

Tommy's Honour

Terrible true story of one pioneer of golf. Great film but difficult ending.

Doctor Strange

Sorry to say but this is lots of effects for fluff. It is getting too facile. It is funny enough and fun enough to watch the last half. Watchable.

November Criminals

This film goes with Blue Velvet. A naive teenager going for the truth while not realizing the danger of the criminals. And luck goes his way. Not a superhero, a very flawed hero. Very satisfying film. French spirit film, not english. Great little film

Battle of the Sexes

Fun and good natured story and film of the tennis matches that helped women place.

Green Zone
Green Zone(2010)

The story is adding drama and killings that were a bit much. Otherwise, good acting and realistic scenes.

Miracle at St. Anna

Not sure what is the point of the story. It is strange and complex. Germans are the top bad but few characters are all bad or all good. There are resistants, italian town with a lovely one, boy rescued, and plenty of murders, and one massacre. Some of it rings true but a lot of the story seems off, like a strange dream.

The Loneliest Planet

Foot travel in the mountains of a strange country with a guide. Not your romantic escapade! Great bodies in shape, great panoramas, not much of a story though. Another I watched the second half in accelerate. Good if plenty of time.

The Horse Whisperer

The film is epic and is well done but now it comes out as predictable and outdated. Even worse, Reford get the girl with #metoo moves that are now revolting. Scarlett is acting great and Kristin is stunningly good-looking in this. But at the half point I hit on the accelerate to get to the end faster. Long.

Blue Caprice
Blue Caprice(2013)

Inspired by the events but the authors don't really know how the killers were thinking. It is still the important part. My take is that psychopathy is common in the US. That is why shooters are also common, relatively speaking.

A Ghost Story

The film renders very well the feeling of when I was left at home alone and I was watching the sun move in the sky, through the light it left on the floor. Glad I could accelerate the dvd! The film is about the passage of time, love, reason for the soul to exist. The genius in it is the truthfullness of it. And there are some ironic jokes. Double ghost! I actually was wondering if he would double.

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman(2017)

A bit of gender equalisation doesn't hurt. But this is so the same stuff at a different sauce. Feminine sauce. Yummy!


Film to show off the abilities to make bloody corpses and gruesome props. Like to old Batman entrapped but here, no Batman is trapped. Psychopathic cunundrums, psychopathic revenges, psychopathic psychopath! Good for draculas.

47 Meters Down

The title giving away the drama to come, the whole film seemed predictable. The details were well thought but it felt like girls in trouble was very premeditated. Maybe it could be a mob hit?

The Eye of the Storm

Rather humourous in the first half the whole thing turns dramatic when the mother legs get closer to the tomb. I found this very well played.

Hidden Figures

This film depicts three women that made it with brilliance amongst brilliant people. Intelligence is what beats all the stupid things people do. More of it would help all sides. Great film!


Nothing like a good film to make history alive. This one just tells three views but very well. The actions made more real with real planes, boats, water. The plane part is the best ever made to cinema. They stopped the story when they are to evacuate french soldiers.

American Assassin

Murderous spy story of the cold war kind with a middle east hot bent. Big adventure without super powers but lots of fights and bullets. Watchable.


This film is well threaded and not many flaws are showing. Colourful characters fill the story that goes from a bad idea to worse. Greed and psychopathy do not mix well. Spellbinding! Seen three times over the years.


A historical snapshot of history showing the practical slavery englishes submitted themselves to. Real slavery was just one notch worse it seems. Clothes and all the backdrops of past are well depicted. Cute film. Now vote, bitches! haha!

Home Again
Home Again(2017)

Looks like the perfect feel-good movie for mommy. There is everything mommy can possibly want. In the end, almost everybody is happy! Good enough for me too.

Miracles from Heaven

I'm all for true stories made in films. This one is quite good and believable miracle, correlates well with the true story. The medical stuff is relatively well explained. The acting is decent. I accelerated the annoying bits. Good dvd extras of the real family.

White Material

I found the film sucks. Looks like too many events are cobbled together without preparation. Characters that know each other for long time seems not to care for each other. It's low budget. The story can't work as is. We arrive in strange country , we don't know anyone or anything and it is crumbling fast. It seems revenge racism is at work but it is only thieves and thugs that are profiting. A bit like under Mobutu.


A strange story that exposes the many issues in India, when you are in the lower class. Following the father, we travel and see India from a commoner viewpoint. Difficult but lots of good hearts. In the end, we wonder if the son is really lost or if we saw him preferring his new life. The grandfather seems know something.

DeUsynlige (Troubled Water)

This film is going in dark territory. An incident leading to a boy death is the seed of the story. Will it be redemption, revenge, forgiveness, or understanding? It's a bit of everything in a background of light religiosity and evilness. Captivating. (Tomatometer has the wrong image with Jennifer Beals)

A Case of You

On paper the story might work but in the film it does not. He fakes it until he makes it? That's not making sense. It's a recipe for disaster, likely to end in murder-suicide. Also, not credibly acted, and the is girl much too consistently nice to be real. Fake!


If there were no plot twists, this film would be standard Bourne. Vilains not good enough to be in Bond films in spite of their billions, menace the future of the human race to save it. Nazi thinking... Crazy plot but good acting and predictable ending.

The Great Hypnotist

Some very good shots and plot twist to keep your mind on their toes. Well thought and executed. Probably makes sense psychologically. I was pleasantly surprised.

Bridget Jones's Baby

I did like many gags that were hilarious, some less so. I found the film storyline rather predictable but tagged along for the good jokes. The last third was getting much less funny, more predictable but it needed to wrap up somehow.

Baby Driver
Baby Driver(2017)

Not much is credible in this film. We have to enter the crazy world of the film and ride with them. The chases are all great with almost physically possible stunts, and the actors are actually in the rides most of the times. Sinful fun.

Certain Women

Independant women like this are a dime a dozen in Canada, especially in the french community. Dependant women are rare! Check french canadian films. So this film was quickly boring after the first segment with Laura Dern. I gave it one more star because the acting was quality.


The film may not be entirely true to the real adventure but in itself does very well. Almost all the scenes and especially in the jungle look real. The wooden raft looks real and seems to really floats on its own. Daniel does a great job throughout. A story of growth through survival.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

At some point, the sorceries are only limited by imagination. They don't seem to take source anywhere sensical. Fun ride nevertheless. Depp can pay his debts.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

The effects were not all that good at the time but even today, it still holds. The story is played a bit easy to understand for us now. No real gap in the storyline. It was fun to watch again, a time capsule.


Intelligent story and film based on a true story. Seth Rogen is Seth Rogen and the comic anchor in the film as well as in the real life story. The story was made more cinematic. Pretty good.

Tulip Fever
Tulip Fever(2017)

The people are almost too good to be true in this film. Well, the good ones anyway, and even the bad ones. Unconventional story that was fun to watch.

The Raid 2
The Raid 2(2014)

Lots of action, fights, pursuits, shootings, a bit like Tarantino. The film has a decent story for the genre but really, I feel the pain and no exhiliration watching people getting beaten to a pulp.

The Innocents (Les innocentes)

Well recreated and acted. Feels real. We get to witness one more event and consequences of the biggest war ever. A convent attack was certainly not something new. Here we have a full fleshed story though.

Darkest Hour
Darkest Hour(2017)

The best way to learn history. Pretty good film with famous moments showed. Everything is still too clean to feel real though, we feel we are in a studio most of the time.

The Hitman's Bodyguard

This film is almost perfect. Rarely a shoot them up, crazy chase film combines comedy, politic, human right and romance as well. Only James Bond did it before. You could almost bring the girlfriend, if she's ass kicking.

Comme un chef (Le Chef)

I was not expecting anything more than smiles, but midway I could not repress my laugh. The story is not following the straight path and is hilarious enough with some bon mots here and there. A TV comedy that holds on 6 years after release.

Table 19
Table 19(2017)

Some good moments but mostly forced and not credible. Still liked the ending where the baby get to live.

The Breadwinner

This is not the first time a girl passes as a boy, even in this story in fact! The animation is beautiful, well done and colorful. It is depicting sexism at the governing level and obviously not supported by all. A bit anti-taliban but not too antiwar, it would be interesting to see a similar story happening during the english occupation.


In a surreal film, Neruda is famous but hounded for his support of the communists. It is a case of top underground chased by imagined hound inspector. The love for Neruda seems real and fueled by the hatred or the facists leaders, abiding by the USA. Lyrical and surreal. Funny at times.

The Mummy
The Mummy(2017)

The back story is obviously not serious and as such a comedy, this film delivers. The many impossible bits are compensated by possible outcomes. I had a good time with the yummy mummy, the effects, special or real, and the ending was more satisfying than the beginning.

The Syrian Bride

Nice story that displays all sorts of problems created by the governments of Israël, Syria, but before ISIS I believe. Things may have changed for the worse.


The story is compelling, scary, historical. It depicts very well the state of mind of the US. Violence is their way. They did not change much. Better than Alien, because true.

Stella Days
Stella Days(2012)

A bit sugary and campy. I admit to snoozing, hence one star lost.


The story must have been tweeked some because it is plain perfection. The film and acting hit the right notes almost every time. The action is completely believable (I'm no wrestler expert though) and looks athletic thoughout. A plainly fabulous story full of challenges and accomplishments. Loved it!


The story really works and the actors are doing it justice. Low budget canadian film that goes a long way. Amusing drama like in real life. Murderous criminals like in real life. Some minor flaws due to budget.

Okami kodomo no ame to yuki (The Wolf Children Ame and Yuki)

Very long and epic story about raising children with animal super powers of wolves. Lyrical tone. Long. About right. Some straying moments. A crazy story that comes out quite good for the family, I think.


Totally Blair witch + Godzilla pumped up. Good acting and effects. Immersed in the crazy action. Not credible enough to be living the fear though. Haha!

The Big Sick
The Big Sick(2017)

When a true story is so stunning it becomes a film. This is not a joke film where they go over the top for laughs. It's a true story and it feels like it. Genuine fun. They tweeked it just a little so that some events are more obvious but they remain true feelings for us. Great story that becomes a great film that can make you think. Intelligent and sensible throughout.

Moms' Night Out

The film is all ages because not much bad is happening. Mildly humourous. Very cute moms though. Cute kids. Very harmless. As if it was made for moms that worry a lot.


Pretty well done adventure with a story that can almost be believed. There are quite a few things that I don't believe are accurate but are holding on because they don't impede the story. A story of survival. The first part with the taking of prisoners reminded me of the Mohawks. They were like that.

Time Regained

The memories of the whole life, out of order. It's like time travel for adult with The Doctor. Complex and intelligent, this film is hard to follow really. More like a series of points made. And travel in the past in France.

Walking With Dinosaurs

Great animation with a story that is totally for kids. A story that is similar to many others. No sure they had the behaviors of the dinos all that right because they acted a lot like elephants, wolves, and so many other mammals we know. Except for the birds.

The Gingerbread Man

This film seems like a good thriller book. The film is not all that bad but many decisions seems unlikely in the film. The guy comes out as quite the sucker for a lawyer. Some bits appear rather fake and rushed toward the end.

We Need to Talk About Kevin

The story is simply not making any sense. Evil does not look like this at all. The relationships do not match anything sensical in real life. Nothing that the kid does would really lead to murder. We need a real story of mass killer but this is not it.

The Lost City of Z

There are numerous issues not with the script but with the execution. Going to the source means going upstream, which they were not. And one horse appeared out of nowhere. Points are made about the englishes though, that resonates true, and the natives, that resonates true. The people seems not to care, but the history proves that people did not care much for life in these days. The englishes more than any others (except the germans).

Black Mass
Black Mass(2015)

The film leaves a lot of blank spaces and concentrates only on the most memorable moments of the crime life of Bulger. It think it is mostly due to length. The film has a limited time. A whole miniserie could be dedicated to the more complete story of Bulger and the mafia take of Boston with more details. It will likely be done because there are lots of lessons in it. For what it is, this film gives plenty.

Beauty and the Beast

Still a great story, same songs, fabulous production more into young adults and adults this time. The most evil that actually also changes in the story is the witch that casts the spell in the first place. She would have killed the whole castle!


I agree with cool, and funny, but also deadly story. Not too believable but quite some fun to follow our crazy heroïne in an adventure à la Bourne.

George Harrison: Living In The Material World

The tidbits about the Beatles are always interesting. Not just because the Beatles were so popular and ground breaking but also because it's unusual lives. Here, Scorsese assembled quite the cast to retell stories about George to fill two films. And still there are some blanks. Fun and enlightening.

Fugitive Pieces

This film has rare qualities. It is pensive, intelligent and looks for truths, not flash. It has depth rarely seen in english films. Mid-film though, I was wondering if it is going somewhere. Then I saw, it is not going it's coming toward us. The story of a boy survivor arriving to normalcy, finally, with what he has, his loving ghosts.

The Violin (El Violin)

Not at all the regular US film about heroes overcoming incredible odds. No superpower there. Only resistants that wishes they had a gun.

Turner and Hooch

Nothing super fantastic but this film holds on its comedic value. Seems also good for an evening easy with the girlfriend. Tom Hanks definitely had the chops and shines even in this romance. Bravo!

Smurfs: The Lost Village

This schtroumpfs storyline is the best I've seen. They recap and reconcile males and females in an incredible story that has a lot of depth! La schtroumpfette takes new sense and is hilarious. Even evil is depicted accurately. Well, so his goodness. Super kudos for the high quality production, even if they are englishes for the most part.

Bon Cop Bad Cop 2

Nice storyline to excuse the brotherly funny exchanges oh so canadian. Pretty good with enough action and situations to keep watching to the end. The dvd has subtitles in either languages for the bilingually challenged.

She's All That

Very nice playful film that is not all rah rah and moralistic. Our heroïne was actually better looking with the glasses. Beside, it's ridiculous to remove the glasses to someone that needs them. Same with eyebrow plucking. That was not a makeover, but a makeunder. Otherwise, the film is somewhat realistic, nothing over the top, all cute, with the cute song of the year, and amusing all along without being hilarious. Fun, smiles. Great cameo by Sarah Michelle Gellar!! My heart almost stopped.

Jackie Brown
Jackie Brown(1997)

A Tarantino that is less comic book and almost romantic. Good acting, good action and a slow burn thrill that does not abate even after the end. Why? Because we know that stealing huge wad of mob money can't be good for long.

The Girl on the Train

As a film, it goes because it's not life. The plot line however does not seem to hold on to the psychological realities of the characters. i.e. not relating to real life. There are still very good bits of events sparsely populating the film. The atmosphere and the drunk world of the heroine works well. Fun to watch.

End of Days
End of Days(1999)

The story is preposterous but funny and the action is great. Plenty of stunts, fire, plosions, mayhem and chases. The devil's reproduction is quite a challenge with complex protocol for the poor animal and only once in a 1000 years.

Crime of the Century

Pas trop mauvais. Bonne re-création de l'histoire de l'enlèvement du bébé de Lindberg et de faire payer un innocent pour le crime. Le crime du siècle est en fait l'histoire du mec qu'on voulait coupable. Les vrais coupables ne sont pas inquiétés, évidemment. On est aux États-Unis!

The King of Comedy

First half funny, second half creepy. Scorcese worst film I've seen.

Galaxy Quest
Galaxy Quest(1999)

I was expecting cheesy, and it was at first, but everything fell into place and special effects became better as the film progressed. Several really smart moves and jokes kept coming. The whole was played very much tongue in cheek by a few actors. Not unpleasant in a comedy.


The story travels a lot but does not go anywhere unusual for the famous. In spite of the beauties, the guys still sounded homer-sexual. Is it possible?

Get Out
Get Out(2017)

Strange film where we can't guess what the hell is going on until it is too late. Original narrative where a group is acting a bit too nice while checking you out a bit too much. Nightmarish vulnerability. We think KKK involvement but no, or maybe?

The Reader
The Reader(2008)

Kate is so damn fabulous every time. This story uses the nazi germans as element of guilt in a sexual love story between a woman and a boy. This is the dream of many boys but frowned upon in these me too days. And Weinstein cie is involved! In any case, sensual, moral, thoughtful are the words for the film.


The devil has too much and not enough power in this film. Star Trek did a few episodes where entities could get in your mind and that was better. Even one x-file episode with the earth mushroom mind bending was better.

Dragon Blade (Tian jiang xiong shi)

The evil Tiberius wants it all and plot murders and betrayals. However, even ennemy armies can love and conquer to end in peace. Amen. Very epically thought and produced. Some flaws in the connection between scenes are confusing but the whole is worth some time.

A United Kingdom

I like history in film. Nice recreation of the love of the prince with an english commoner. The film depicts it very well and makes points of the strenghts and weakenesses/flaws of all participants that contributed toward the good ending. Trade won the war, apparently, for the love.

The Affair of the Necklace

The true story seems to have been cleaned for the film, but it adheres to the historical account somewhat. Jeanne seemed to have been quite a liar in real life while Hilary is scrumptious and hautaine. Good story for the film, comedic at times.


A bit over the top and forced but still fun to see women of this calibre fight like movie guys in a bar. They can fake-fight well enough. The doubles had good shots. I was expecting the end to be both go brain dead for two years in the same room. Unpretentious little film with high homer-sexual rating.

Point Blank
Point Blank(2011)

Great action with a solid story, brilliantly made by people that have the sense of timing. Nice plot twists that reminds of crazy chess games where it can go in any direction, while sticking to the rules of believability.

The Magnificent Seven

This is a nice remake. An equal opportunity shoot them up film, with a battle ending. Lots of little ind... wait, hem, little evils working for Bogue to shoot. Litterally, they replaced the bad indians easy to shoot by bad englishes easy to shoot. Great shooting though, but not enough french to be taken seriously.

Snow Flower And The Secret Fan

The film parallels two friends in the now with the similar pair a century ago linked through a friendship of the bound feet. The bound feet was some sort of sexual fetishism of men during a period in China. It was well regarded for marriage, like girls genital mutilation in Africa. The stories are somewhat superficial otherwise though with little rationale sometimes. Good for the exotism and historical education nevertheless.


Getting old but still works. The future has caught up and went further. Designer babies are not available yet but the rejection of babies is. Lots of the ethical problems are the same as racism. I guess that is also actual.

Smilla's Sense of Snow

Good storyline that goes far and a heroine that is vulnerable and strong at the same time. Lots of courage to forge forward without being well informed. Very female James Bond, with a trail of death, and a precursor to the Girl with the dragon tatoo serie.

Dirty Grandpa

Good shock value, poor story
5 April 2018

The story makes little sense other than create an excuse to expose sexual behaviors and stiff bodies. And know the mob is in control in Florida. Somewhat amusing, somewhat shocking, somewhat excessive.

Red Tails
Red Tails(2012)

This film is not into realism. It doesn't even look like racism was real. I would have given less stars but the flying looked good, and the planes looked like they were flying.


The hero is too annoying for his age. As if he didn't learn before through punches in the face. The light comes when he get in jail. Not credible, unless he's a benign psychopath.

Ouija: Origin of Evil

The makers of this B movie didn't look self-assured in the extras. No worries, we were worried seeing it. The little girl strikes once more. The little girl in horror movie is the lightning rod. There are more girls than the other kind in this. I am still trembling with creepy feelings...

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Encore une super aventure de Harry Potter. Celle-ci prépare le combat final contre Voldemort. Ce monde fantastique est toujours rempli de beauté, de surprises et d'intrigues.

Stories We Tell

Sarah and all her help do something really special here. After finding out she has a dna father from Montréal, she decides to investigate. After the findings, she decides to make this film out of it. It starts like we'll hear the usual story of straying wife but ends with so much more. Touching and hilarious simultaneously. Fabulous film for fabulous story. Most of it 'espiègle'.


This second version of the Capote story as the writer of In cold blood beats the first. Infamous depicts the story much better, and hilariously, rendering Truman more truly I believe. His relationship with the murderers is also much more credible here. If true, this would make the films In cold Blood and Capote rather inaccurate regarding the real nature of the killers, especially Capote's friend.


The film is definitely on the strange side. The english hero is much too nice, feeble and intellectual to be english. Long life span, camera talk, slow moving, the film advance through the ages. Tilda has quite the delightful qualities though.

Mr. Turner
Mr. Turner(2014)

This film goes distance in revealing the master painter Turner, England's best. Nice to discover how the fellow was. Scruff but witty and not francophobe like the common english. Refreshing film!

Shut In
Shut In(2016)

Thriller that works as thriller until.....until I'm not saying the plot. After that it's much too much to be credible but it is still fun for the joke and intriguing how they will end it. I was not feeling sleepy the whole time, which is good this week.


We're in for a shock. A rape from the get go, we expect a rape story. Not at all. It is a psychopathic character story. The woman victim is acquointed to violence, has issue with the police, and is strong. We get it. The guy might have been lucky to get her by surprise. But this is a french film and it is not going to be your regular hero's revenge at all! Hilarious at times, dramatic at times, our bunch of psychopaths keeps us guessing. Excellent!


This is a plane film! It a formulaic film connecting people travelling and the reasons to do so. Not a very deep film.


Jennifer is sooo good looking. She gets to look a bit gritty, determined and kick ass also here. She's like this beautiful, sweet thing we don't take too seriously that then grabs you by surprise. The film is lightly made, hilarious at times, on a dramatic theme that goes up and down more and more until the climax. I loved it in spite of the bubble gum treatment.

While We're Young

Little film somewhat comedic. I think they were off with the characters, quite a bit was forced. It was like caricaturing. Not all that bad in itself. I give it a pass. The young is not more cheating than the old, it's a personality trait.

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

I found the apes much too human-like and even having english writing school after 10 years in the wild. An evil one ready to betray. And the rest a bunch of suckers, including the son of ceasar (joke about the real Jules I suppose). Same old war movie, except with apes.

Despicable Me 3

This one is probably the best so far. The main character looks a lot like a vilain in the old Spirou and the fast submarines also. The animation is getting even better it is smashing. The comedy is quite funny but not super hilarious. Excellent overall with great ideas. Reminds me of the Zorglub series.

The Innocents

Just saw it in dvd. Classic scary film where we wonder if we have ghosts or insanity. Advanced cinematography for the time. Great acting by all.


Typical Disney but with superb animation, comedy, and an exotic story. Lots of songs though, and much too cute, which makes it probably very good for kids. The arts and animations are stunning.

Penthouse North

This is similar to Wait until dark to our millenium. I would say that the story is different but the spirit is the same. Rather well done and good effects.

Our Loved Ones (Les Êtres Chers)

Film de longue haleine avec la mélancolie comme thème. Des gens choyés affectivement semblent avoir des problèmes de mélancolie, d'origine génétique peut-être. Ou est-ce la monotonie qui fait perdre le goût de continuer. À mon avis, ce n'est pas bien démontré et j'ai de la difficulté à croire à cette mélancolie, mais le film tient la route quand même.

Inherent Vice

Crazy bum story in the 70s. Similar to Le Big Lebowski but less sensical and more complex. A bit absurd and a bit comedic at times. I found it long and could not continue to watch at regular speed.


Sorry but I do not believe the story of the pathetic loser doctor that really falls for a naked cutie that is fooling around with her group. The doctor is so not fitting that he would have realised himself that this could not work except as a fling. And even there, it is pushing it. However, the main girl is top notch eye candy worthy of 10+++ rating, so I don't have much to complain except for the story. The joke ending is funny though.

Hail, Caesar!

A bit of a cliff note of the Hollywood heydays. A bit of everything. Big number on homer-sexuality with the navy. Hew! A cowboy cast into a soirée, a kidnapping, commies, etc. Not too bad.

Into The Storm

Almost TV movie. The wrath of goad in the twister dance. Twisters come and come again until there is no footage. Pretty good special effects and a visit to heaven. Silly but satisfies like godzilla.


Film étrange et langoureux, comme la fille. Une âme perdue au coeur brisé incapable de le réparer et qui l'endolorit encore plus pour tuer la douleur. Histoire presque vraie.

Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne(2016)

The story was okay and simple. Sure, not believable but the whole film breaks all the laws, including the laws of physics and of biology. Great action all over with not too much CGI.

Le Chant des Mariées (The Wedding Song)

Film africain bien sympa. Encore les nazis qui font des dégats et des abus, mais pas de massacres ici. Une histoire de copines juive et musulmane qui dévoile beaucoup des coutumes.

What Maisie Knew

Well done and all but I found the story a bit forced after a while. The parents are simply too irresponsible, with oversized egos to be making sense. Although I admit that worse things have happened, with less sense.

The Lucky One

In spite of some amount of predictability, the story was original enough, romantic enough, and the girl sexy enough to watch. I liked that it was a francoamerican the hero too. Refreshing.

The Man Who Wasn't There

Let's say it's a dark comedy. Things that happens in a sociopathic, sometimes psychopathic, society. Frances is more funny than I thought. Now I know why she often looks like shes about to laugh uncontrollably. Billy is hilarious.

Live By Night

Very good story, well done, well played. Better than average. Bandits are not homer-sexual in this. Romantic view far from reality, but good as a film.

I Am Not Your Negro

Great time capsule of James Baldwin who went to Paris to heal his bruised psyche by the USA. He was a writer and argued with passion about the trouble with his co-citizens. The WASP invader still hangs on today.


How Snowden came to be one of the important whistle-blowers of the world. After Manning, which revealed crimes the US military did, Snowden chose to flee and stay free. This film holds a neat and simplified narrative that explains the work and the revelations. The fact that the US has secrets courts to obtain permissions so that no one is aware is a huge trampling of freedom. Frankly, how can they expect us to believe in their democratie if the public is never informed of the actions of their government.


Very good production with some evolutionary moments. But so epic. And definitely insane. Full of special effects and some magical powers. And a surprising fire starter. Totally over the top.

Into the Woods

Oyoyoye, this reminded me of song mashups. With the singing, it was horrible. I felt an aversion right at the beginning. Too bad because the production seems top quality otherwise.


I didn't find this film all that realistic. If a mouse can find its way in, seems that a woman and a boy could have found their way out easily. It just didn't work for me. Escaping from bad parents though, that is hard. They keep bringing you back!


It is much like Roméo and Juliette but so much better. They say the story is true but the film says the events are fictitious at the end. Could be just the end that is true. Nevertheless, the film works with the story and the acting is good, if not delightful at times. Edge of my seat for the finale.


A bit comedic at the start, it goes into serial killer territory relatively quickly. Good new spin about a lethal gir...oh, little girl I mean. Not all that formulaic but it could have been better, and it will surely now that girls are the heroes.

Der Baader Meinhof Komplex (The Baader Meinhof Complex)

And this is what I like. We can read about it later if we want more details. The reconstitution here is just plain great. Great fights, great bombings, great shootings, better than americans. The acting is excellent. We are plunged into a dark past for two hours. And the germans make the best terrorists.

Queen of Katwe

A Disney film that is close to perfection. More satisfying if it matches reality. This is really well done, with real chess moves to make you think, the slum is realistic although maybe too nice to be true, but maybe true, great acting and an incredible beauty for Phiona and her mom, and many others. The acting included the local language, adding another layer of veracity. Great rags to riches story, ideal for Disney. My only bemol: it ends at the riches. Somewhat anticlimactic.

The Birth of a Nation

Great story of rebellion a bit sugar-coated though. Settings, acting, all good. Extras explaining the real story, very good. It seems very bad in the end but today, more people get killed in an hour of madness in the USA than whites in this this rebellion. Africans did pay quadruple. Terrorism was on both sides. Mostly from the whites.

War and Peace: Part I

The tomatometer has the date wrong. It is 2007 and a four part dvd. Anyway:
This story is so epic, it is remade all the time. Even right now! This 2007 version has very good qualities, the most obvious being the sets, the locations and the costumes. The worst was the actors which are mostly very good but sometimes looked like only one take was made. The snow is also often paper. The fights were often not looking real at all. All in all, I liked it enough.

Your Name. (Kimi No Na Wa.)

Great animation, great storyline. The space-time connection works wonderfully. And even the change in the time-line makes sense. The dream state that is and is not, the memory fades,... the whole thing is perfectly executed and works like precise clockwork. Excellent at all levels.

Staying Vertical (Rester vertical)

Sorry for the sad people (aka gay), this is crazy and puky. The joke is on the hero, some sort of spineless animal vaguely interested in wolves. He goes down by laziness, no drug involved! It was bad during all the sad (aka gay) part, but perked up funny again when he bunked with the sheeps. Overall: funny parts and puky parts. Not likely to happen in real life.

By The Sea
By The Sea(2015)

Beuh, lots of cigarettes. The film is slow going. We are left to think what makes these two in such bad mood. I was thinking they killed a kid but it was sort of the contrary. The woman, not too bright, follows her dark path for a solution. Lucky the man stopped her. This film seemed familiar to me, like a remake. I recall a woman getting a married guy easily. Not sure it flies in real life, unless they are psychopaths of course. People were that crazy in the 70s.

Midnight's Children

Beautiful, good idea, but maybe much too long for a single film. Interesting take on the evolution of India but the drama did not take. Some events seems coming out of a magician hat. Something is missing for the film to glue together.

The Proposal
The Proposal(2009)

In very large lines, it is a formula. But all the details are original and it is a Disney movie. Surprisingly hot for Disney in fact. Our heros were very daring. They're are both a catch. Genuine laughter, sweet moments, awkwards moments, adventure, panoramas, realistic in flight shots. This film is a great vehicle for a good time. Better than average.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Tim Burton is certainly peculiar enough. Based on a book that defies all laws of physics. This is a very adventurous story for all ages. A sort of x-kids in groundhog day loop controlled by a bird-lady. It is very good at all levels and fun. It has some depth. Great lessons. It's a sophisticated monster movie as well. I did not see the time pass.


Denis Villeneuve knows how to make them real, tense and smart. Flaws are few but there are some. A SWAT girl not knowing enough about the drug war to not get upset, seems unlikely. Also not listening to their experienced parners seems a big no-no when bullets flies that often. A big boss not having more than 4 body guards, also not likely. As a documentary, no, but as a film, yes. Bravo!


Denis Villeneuve film I saw years ago. Simple story, realism except for little flaws. I think the theme is cruelty, whether willful, accidental, or naive. I like the idea of the double guilt we get to compare. Good work announcing better to come.

Now You See Me 2

Agree with the critics here. Empty film full of magic tricks. The only fun is to guess how or what. The big crowds cheering make no sense at all.

War on Everyone

This film was great. The first ten minutes were a bit rude and outrageous and was expecting it to go down like Sin City. But no, the women add phylosophy and hilarity and from there it's an hilarious ride. The acting is not psychopathic at all like Sin City. The acting is sensitive and real. This film is more like Bad Lieutenant, an hellish ride with crazy-braves and sillyness. Bravo! Encore!

The Hoax
The Hoax(2007)

Good story, good acting, funny, unpredictable. Also shows the gullibility of the 60s and 70s.


Very strong and in depth story but the flavor of theatre remained strong as well. So much that I guessed it was a play at first. In a play, talk is king, and it is what we get. Good film anyway, but I admit I did snooze a few minutes and I did not care to rewind to see, or rather hear, what I missed.

Los Viajes del Viento (The Wind Journeys)

Long film but travelling through fabulous countryside, meeting nice people, having an adventure. This kind of film is enticing to travel further and learn another language. Featuring Columbia.

All Good Things

It's a story of murder mystery but the murders are less mysterious than the murderers. Well done at all levels but I have questions. Nobody seems to see a link to the mafia while it seems obvious it is a big part of the issues. Secondo, the family and the murderers were all likely psychopaths. I suppose this is not so rare in the USA. The film did not have subtitles in english or french available, making it less easy to follow for a non-english. But they had spanish. Strange.

Manchester by the Sea

The negligent drunk dad that starts a fire and go out at night to fetch more bear after a party where he diss the wife was not credible for me. Especially that in previous scenes he was looking in love and the kids were lovely as well. This film is in the dark alley of the writer-director, yes. It's basically the slices of life of psychopaths in hell on earth. Makes sense! The USA!

All About Steve

I completely disagree with the critics here. There is some pity to have but there is nothing wrong about it. Sandra just nails the character in an hilarious way. Most laughs I had in a while even compared with bigger comedy guns. This film is a little gem. The heroine is fun, likable, beautiful, energic, hilarious, skillful but just a little goofy and virgin. No pity to be had. Plus, it's a film. The only bit I didn't like was the moralising at the end. Hilarious!


Les femmes portaient brassières et slips, le texte trop moderne, c'est pas crédible. Quelques bonnes scènes dans le bateau et la course de char. On a l'impression d'être dans un futur éloigné au lieu du passé.

The Count of Monte Cristo

Always a good story and this cinema version is still pretty good today. Great sets, great acting, great views, great battles. This film aged well. It was the second time I saw it.

The Jewish Cardinal

This seems to be a TV movie. It explains his impacts in the 80s but it is not an epic journey. His life however was probably more epic. Lots of arguing but the film seems to lack poise. It is somewhat light like a comedy. Also, too much smoking by the church representants looks like sin nowaday. Although probably accurate, it does not convey the stress but rather a bad habit.

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

With a top cast, the whole thing was charming but oh so formula and goody. I lost interest in the characters mid-way and could not go back. The subject matter seemed so artificially pumping up India for old people. I couldn't imagine any of these people genuinely interested in living in India.

The Brothers Bloom

The first 3/4 of the film runs perfectly but then near the end, the director changed things and makes it less sensical. He shows us the scripted ending that makes more sense but was too complicated for us viewers. Bollocks! Their scripted end had issues, but should have remained. The pedophile bit was not all that creepy, and explained why the younger brother hated him so much (not explained in the film). The film ending with the brother playing not hurt and then dying is worse than the scripted ending. Good thing that was in the extras! Rachael is lovely in this.


Love the special effects! All super good. The story is rather simple, like most of ET movies in fact. Pretty good message but I would have enjoyed to see all the military being crushed. I'll refrain from telling the story because it is worth watching. It is well thought and I liked it. I disagree with many details and agree with many more. Hence, more better stories are to come. I can almost see them already. I know it and I will enjoy them nevertheless.

John Q
John Q(2002)

Well wrapped film about USA hell care, haha! I saw it as a dramatic comedy and it was funny, hilarious at times, and very well played. Excellent storyline that makes enough sense to be almost believable as is. Good message of course with a good ending but the story had me gripped and laughing at the same time, all along.

Look Who's Talking

A light comedy funny enough and special effects in utero that still hold on today. Cute film, kid and Kristie! The boy was Bruce Willis? Oh, just the voice. ouf! Travolta was flying in the film. What's not to like?


Englishes with a good sense of entitlement get in trouble but are still entitled to everything they find, and the people they find as well. This reminds me Le petit Prince, when the fox asked to be apprivoisé. Here, Mud and the two boy apprivoisent each other in the most natural way. The film is really holding water up to the end. However, relationships holding water since long time are them starting to sink. Add to this some mysteries, love, non-love, and a murderous vengeful gang and there is the recipe for the evening watch. Good evening.

The Lone Ranger

The story is very Bande dessinée and was told in different versions humpteen times. But it is a good story worth retelling. Much of it have happened in real life all over the world. Lots of humour and acrobatics, all impossible, but it is a story told to a young boy, so it is of the film. Boys should like it. Great production, B-movie like Indiana Jones.


Very well done film. This is probably the best recreation of an accident I have ever seen and with the best outcome. Plane accidents rarely end up well at all and recreating them would be a downer. Alive comes to mind but it was survival story after the crash and does not end up well for most of them. Sully is basically the story of what can happen when the best of them comes together and are in the right place to do so. A great occasion to be bright and heroic. In the dvd extras, they mention the contrast with the market crash and the greed normally prevalent in NY city, causing it. There are people that do not just want to get filthy rich quickly or screw up other people or use the system.

King of California

Light comedy about a manic guys out to lunch for a getting rich quick scheme of a treasure hunt with half-insane daughter. None of them very smart. It's a movie with an over the top good ending for a nutcase. Must have been written by rich people for rich people. Good for TV. Our nutcase here is incredibly full of skills for a crazy guy. The daughter is also a pearl. The treasure thing might be fun but it is also rather depressing to think how the spaniards stole fortunes in gold and destroyed a civilisation for their personal gains. Manically depressing I suppose.

30 Minutes or Less

The film is kind of mocking lazy, dumb and criminals. Homer-sexual jokes at the beginning. That feels like puke. The whole thing was impossible of course but kind of intriguing enough to stick with it. I had at least three lol moments in the film. Good enough for TV at least.

Frozen River
Frozen River(2008)

The story is crazy from the start. Small injustices leading to more crimes with a pair of very silly women. Not much of it can be true. The mohawks are known for their traffic of cigarettes and other drugs, sold tax-free. Bad enough as is. River crossing is not believable when the icy road is full or water. It's not cold enough south of Québec. Could work as a comedy but did not work for me.

The Constant Gardener

A bit annoyingly white washy but the story actually made a lot of sense. It holds together well. Because something similar actually happened in the USA, on the natives, which is the object of another film I've seen. The film get its stride after they catch up with the start event. It continues until the end. Good cinema not too Hollywoodian. Very credible story that John Le Carré cooked up is less outrageous than the truth, according to him, and I believe it.


This film is reminiscent of the old Star Trek if the captain was a bit melancholic and targetted by alien intelligence. The theme of the film is as if the planet's intelligence reaches the men on the station to keep them there. It uses love, the rematerialization of loved ones to entrap finally our hero. It's a B movie for us but was an A movie at the time for the Russian empire. Some pretty good effects for the time, looking quite cheap by today's standards. The story moves at snail pace possibly to keep us guessing and show us special effects.


Reese impersonates and acts so well, I was transported to her character psyche. This point of view of the evolution of the woman worked very well for me. The flashbacks were very real as well. Cheryl Strayed was very involved personally and it makes this film even more real than the usual reenactment. The film wasn't too shy about the real story and more force to it. Great film about a great adventure that a real woman had the courage to take. Need more of them!

Hector And The Search For Happiness

This film came out to me as forced and formulaic. The lessons accumulates a bit too well and quickly to work out except for a couple of them that still sounded real, expecially the bit with the ex-girlfriend. It's strange that a psychiatrist would not know better about happiness, with all the studies about it. This film is more of a mid-life crisis needing a resolve. It's a bit overacted with the actual girlfriend that acts like a little girl but Rosamund is so damn cute and fun. Passable with good bits and not so good bits.

The Boy
The Boy(2016)

I liked the idea that the ghost boy could be a real person with a genius bent and a strange disposition. In this, he is also a creep and a killer though. I have not seen many films that shrink the ghost into reality but there should be more. This makes it more credible. Liked it enough.

10 Cloverfield Lane

Excellent acting and a story line that keeps us guessing about the true nature of the film. That fact was a little obvious after the second turn in the story, but it had more turns in store. Is this inspired by Silence of the lambs, zombies or The mist (S.King) all at once? It is less strange and more strange at the same time. It has lots of nice touches from horror classics (solubilizing victims, the Alien), to bits of lovely french references (which could be horror for the englishes). The story evolves and we are kept in the dark long enough to long for an answer, damn the consequences, like our heroine. Super good special effects with the aliens invadors. Flaws though: how can the generator be working so long; how can the air be so well filtered; how can she throw up so high; how can alcohol be right there when you need it. Details that don't distract too much from the action, humoristic at times. Excellent film!

A Man Escaped (Un condamné à mort s'est échappé ou Le vent souffle où il veut)

Simple story with little artifice of a man prisoner of the Nazis and condemned to the firesquad prepares an escape. For the 50s and with little means, this film works. The acting is mostly believable. It is still watchable but the escape from jail has been done and redone with many others, possibly betterly since.

The Vessel
The Vessel(2016)

The small budget would have made this film proper for TV only, but the acting, the setting, the story and the effects were all there to make this lift off. The story is very contrary to expected. We'd think some magic would happen with some special power but the magic is only in what people believes, which could be dark, even black, or could be light and hopeful. That the film got itself so good while being so ordinary is as if it had a bit of god in it. Yes, it's believable. Kudos to all for making this.

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives

The effects were good enough. The film is moving along very slowly though. I'm not sure I got the end of the film. Two of them duplicated. Not making sense with the ghosts or anything. The past lives are a bit strange and not all that well marked. Unless his past life was one of the blind fishes in the pond in the cave. It was strange and supernatural but lacked sense.


There was a time when the Dracula movies were the rage. Now we are in a zombie movie period. This zombie one reminds the 70s film Invasion of the body snatchers. Today, we don't waste time on details in movies, we go right to the gruesome. In any case, this was a not so new take. Too psychopathic and a bit ridiculous in how cruel zombies and anti-zombies are. Felt like english vs indians. Good last line though: "we're going to Canada". But please, don't come here!

My Way
My Way(2011)

Epic story of a pair of rival soldiers making it through world war two, slaving for several armies. Stupendous recreations of war combat, sometimes surreal. This film is catering to the boy in us that has no fear and wants all sorts of adventures. Many events of the film seems exagerated a notch but I can't hold it against it because the truth is often incredible. We do feel the passion and adventure and I applaud the film makers for this different view point. Great film.


That is a pure cinématic film, not too connected to reality but with realistic bents and ironic bits. It's a bit crazy in its psychopathy and funny at the same time. Of course most of the story here would not hold in real life but this film is for the joy ride, the enigma, the pain, and the escape from reality. That worked for me.

Miss Hokusai (Sarusuberi: Miss Hokusai)

Day to day life of a historical figure in Japan. The family was creating great paintings so the animators took special care to create scenes of rare beauty. Not much adventures but lots of thoughts and details make the film very alive. The film leaves our subjects a bit early and the epilogue is brushed over quickly it seems. But we witnessed a passage of time.

Baby Mama
Baby Mama(2008)

I'm a bit partial with girls in comedy, I admit I like it. It is not top material hilariously because it is full length film and the story has to move along but some bits are definitely laugh out loud stuff. Some bits qualify more as drama than comedy though. Overall, it brings goody feelings of goodness all over speckeled with hilarious chunk. Good for the belly.

Odd Thomas
Odd Thomas(2014)

Not quite the ghost whisperer, our hero fights some odd vilains with fist and bullets. I think ghost whisperer (TV series) had a much better sensitivity and intelligence. Here they created another kind of evil that is too distracting and does not seem to be useful at anything other than a plot enhancer. The new evil does not make sense. Once again, the TV series was much more sensible. Still the film can keep us occupied. A bit sad that our hero died so young. Wondering if there is a link with this murderous film.

About Schmidt

The film has a decent amount of hilarity but it is a bit superficial. The acting is good but the story seems rather ordinary and the events have predictability. Jack is certainly good acting in this because I don't think the character is anything like him. I think the tomatometer is over-rating this one.


Evil is there in the church, in the reverend. Great acting and no hiding violence and sex much, the story is very well casted. Great acting. Great images. Great story line, epic, spanning some decades. The reverend is a psychopath akin of the Terminator 2 model liquid metal. He kills easily and efficiently but is hard to kill. His daughter goes to great length to escape. The film is a good representation of psychopathy, to which the reverend is a typical extreme example. He can't know love, only abuse. His life is hell no matter what. The Reverend: People think it's the flames that make Hell unbearable. It's not. It is the absence of love.
This film is haunting and only a few bits are pushed too much to the point of ridicule. The gun to shoot pigs is reported as goof. The wife hanging in the church is over the top and reminiscent of Clockwork Orange. The grandfather killing is too easy and noiseless to be believed.

The Legend of Hercules

Effects not perfect but still a lot of effort was put into the film. I don't want to bash the little guys. This was somewhat watchable and some of the action was impressive gymnastically. Looks like a kid film or cable TV film for educating us. In any case the half-god Hercules is not your sissy half-god Jesus. Jesus made god more sissy and less killy I suppose, but now man does more killing than Him. Fun to watch with low expectations.


Life in paradise is not always a dream come true. A promised girl get lured by the unkown attraction of money and adventure with a working boy just long enough to get screwed. The mistake is not easily solved and more dramatic the situation becomes, until we make it full circle. Not before many hearts get broken. Beauty all over the place in the film. Excellent acting, felt like it was reenacted by the very people that the story was about. Very glad to see a glimpse of the world, unkown so far as well.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

Another shoot them up/get shot at fugitive/crime fighter movie. The formula is not all that monotonous. A bit predictable maybe though. It's the details of the fights and escapes that are entertaining. Some good values. Bunch of killers worthy of being killed. Two good-looking girls, one also ass-kicking. I liked!

Why Him?
Why Him?(2016)

I didn't expect a Christmas movie. All styles have been made and it's a challenge to make something different I guess. Once again here, James Franco is ambiguously gay. The lair of Laird is a magical world (Elon Musk cameo, btw) and it's very strange how we feel after the family returns home. But then Laird shows up by helicopter, and two surviving members of Kiss. It get strange again. Funny to have Kiss lead play the triangle while they sign a plain song. Conclusion: if you can stand Homer-sexual references, potty jokes and potty mouthing in a film, you can make it through mildly amused, but mostly intrigued by what's next.


This film is like the saturday night live version of a true story that is a bit funny to start with. The dvd extras had the true story told by the thief and the FBI. The whole film is uniformly crazy acted with total lack of serious. The film makers mostly exagerated what happened in real life but they continued the story differently than reality at the point where the thief was to be killed by the mastermind. It was the second biggest heist of the USA history. The red head thief actually sounds and looks a lot like a friend of mine. Funny.

Asterix and the Vikings

Animation très bonne, histoire changée pas mal mais quand même qui tient bien et une partie d'envol qui me touche (c'est trop même). Le film est un peu court et il me semble que l'histoire aurait pu être encore plus étoffée. Un peu trop d'anglais dans le film, avec des chansons anglaises. Certains bouts du films semblaient un peu à côté dans la temporalité, manque de "timing". Le tout reste très bon et on rigole bien.


This film kills time. The desert did not feel hot. I thought the acting sufficient and the girl was above the rest. We don't care too much about the characters but it is precisely a good point to make us in the skin of witnesses. A witness does not usually know who the bandits or the victims are. Without caring personally, we get to care, especially for the bad guy to get down of course. How to get away form a guy with a gun and an attack dog is the riddle. The pursuit turns comedic toward the end. The film is not too serious. The gun is not quite real and I think it is purposefully done so that people with guns don't think the killer to be smart.

In a Valley of Violence

It is kind of a joke but not all that funny. It's more like a kid version of the far west.The guys in this are all a bit sissy. Several reactions are litterally not natural. It makes us think though that in real life, the far west might have been more like this than tough guys films we usually see. This film has violence and blood but not over the top à la Tarantino. Girls have funny roles. The whole what somewhat enjoyable. It was not as offbeat as I would have liked, in fact.

The Dog Who Stopped the War (La Guerre des Tuques)

Very good story and very child-oriented. Cute and intelligent. The acting is pretty good. The effects are okay. I rewatched it just now and in spite of the age of the film, I still found it fetching. No one has a mobile phone in this though. And in the film, one house has a black and white TV (showing war news, btw). It is full of lessons. In the film, the kids have a lot of freedom. It would not be the same in real life. The fort is much too big and well done for a few kids. And making a big fort in snow can be a hazard, as the end shows.

Asterix and Obelix: Mansion of the Gods (Astérix: Le domaine des dieux)

Very excellent animation of the characters and the story is faithful to the book with a few additions and modifications. Hilarious, silly and difficult problem to solve for the village gaulois. Uderzo was in the dvd extras with much seriousity. I definitely loved this animated version of Asterix and hope to see many more.

The Little Prince

I watched the french version of course. Super excellent for the animations, the story inside the story and the way the director depicts that the film is only one way of interpreting the sourced book. It is funny to see that the french company making the film is owned by an english company. This is about true of the narrative, the french book is owned by the english story telling it or about it. There is quite a bit of ironies. The school in the film wants to make essential adults, while the main point of the book is to make us realise that the essential is invisible. It is a sort of recuperation by the english. As to what is the essential, it is wisely left to our own ideas. The book is all very slow and ponderous. Very philosophical. This film is more grounded and adventurous although some of it is imaginary.
Enfant, je n'aimais pas beaucoup l'idée de ma mort, surtout que je devais me battre pour garder ma vie, et plusieurs fois contre des serpents. Je trouvais que ma mère se servait de ce livre pour voir si elle pouvait jouer le rôle du serpent. J'ai tué la plupart des serpents qui ont essayé de me manger.

Ma vie de Courgette

Belle animation d'une histoire pas tellement enfantine. Les enfants orphelins ou quasi-orphelins le sont par des situations plutôt dramatiques. Les enfants sont ici tous bien intelligents malgré tout. Petite histoire bien simple, directe, avec dénouement bien plaisant.

Lauf Junge Lauf

True stories make the best films, when the film is well done. Pretty good work here. Incredible adventure where the boy avoided death in many ways and often, barely. The acting was great, the germans properly terrifying and psychopatic.


energetic popcorn - check, witty - check, absurd - check, over the top -check. I'd add that the laws of physics are broken and rebroken all over the film. Little of what we see is actually possible. The film can't give ideas on how to kill! Good idea.

Girl With a Pearl Earring

Good production and full of beauty until the story derails into jealousies and inappropriate desires. It gets ugly after. A bit too english for my taste though.

Nobody Walks
Nobody Walks(2012)

This was so much like a french film. Sexy, edgy, but with an english ending. Quite funny all the rather obvious cases of divorce going all at once. Many breakups. I liked the whole thing and the acting was very fetching.


The film is quite efficient. Beautiful takes, characters developed with few crucial scenes. A nice and somewhat funny narrative. We can see the country just about to develop and move toward modernity. If only wars could be eliminated, it would be all right.

Girls Lost (Pojkarna)

Too much contrast between the girls and their boys versions. The idea is good and could be redone but here it was audience lost mid film.

Sasame-yuki (Fine Snow)(Hosone yuki)(The Makioka Sisters)

I agree with the epicness of the story. The film happens a bit too much inside though. I guess that is where women are mostly found normally. There is a lack of action and a lot of talking about events that would normally make good scenes. The film is long still and found myself snoozing mid-way. Had to rewind. There are good scenes and beautiful scenes that are worth it. It comes out as a romantic film for girls to me. I think this would make a nice teleserie like there are so many in french and english.

The Whole Truth

A bit cerebral. It is a bit of a who done it. I could tell there was a shocker coming at the end but could not tell what it was. We knew the boy was obviously not guilty. The mother was most likely the guilty one. It was strange how everyone was lying but impossible to figure out why exactly. The son was taking a gamble by accusing himself. It was decently good and probably a notch above TV movie quality.

Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas

The story is complexified a lot to make the time. There is a backstory of bullying by the mayor who wants the girl. The film gets a bit tiresome, the cuts are a bit long. The make up are great, the effects as well. It is funny often though. Sometimes bitter. The TV cartoon works well and seemslessly. The film is a bit more work and the grinch is not as evil as lonely. Cute moments but very different feel.

Chicken Run
Chicken Run(2000)

I like this film. Seen it three times now over the years. Good story, very funny. Silly animation. Flying to escape is my cup of tea.


That DVD was found in a dvd player I bought used. Crude mockumentary for sure with a lot of known people either playing along or getting had by Sacha. We get to see a lot of reactions to homer-sexual like behavior or innuendoes. It's incredible how some people can put up with lots of outrageous things. The cherry in this, and we see quickly why the ring was surrounded by high barbed wired fence, is the phoney fight that turns almost homer-sexual porno. The hetero crowd was in shock, and rightly so! Haha! Surprising no one was punching him in the face. Must be the cameras... The film is sometimes hilarious and sometimes pukative and I can hardly imagine how the pukative bits could actually be turns on for some people. No wonder that was illegal!

Mountain Men
Mountain Men(2016)

Cute TV movie. Slow moving story as this happens in the mountain and is supposed to be opposite of New-York. Kind of realistic for two goofy brothers, a bit child like. I liked the simple but serious story line once the two got in real trouble. It worked. The acting was on a good level. Filmed relatively close to home, in Revelstoke, BC, Canada. 99% of the snow was real.


Good story, good subject, well done. The comedic quality of this incredible story is well played, especially in the last half. We see the qualities of a good writer can be useful every day! The guy was a genius. What the englishes do... they can't live without enemies and they'll make you one if they are in lack of.


Narrative cohésion? The tomatometer is erring. In only one short film, there is only so much that can be shown. The film does go through quite a bit of material and there are still secrets regarding this assassination. So, the film could not go into details it did not know. I think we get a different viewpoint. There are still a lot of questions unanswered. The biggest being, who killed JFK? His brother thinks he did, and is maybe even proud of it (according to footage not seen in the film), but in the film he supposedly is not aware he was a spy (failed maybe, but still, still... useful to take the blame for the real killer(s)). He said he did not know his brother after they met in jail. Lots of other things want to suggest the official version is accurate. However, and that is funny and/or telling, at the end there is the usual statement that this is fiction and any ressemblance with actual events or persons is unintentional. Sounds like spin of spin. Or spin to the square.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Pretty good. I found the first half typical to the point of tv movie but then the action got really different. After the truck plunge, I was rooting for the film. Better and more believable than James Bond, very good action with over the top ideas but not too over the top, hence more realistic. Sexual bits not looking sexual at all, but cute. Alicia looks cold as ice but normal for a spy. Our two guys acting a bit too brotherly at times, probably winking at homer-sexuals, like most spies are. Ending involving the army, making it a notch above James Bond again. The story of course is just an excuse for action, like James Bond, but it was not all that vapid. The villain was evil enough. Humour is light and sparse but sufficient. The film is a little beauty, like Alicia. Great production. I give three stars for the regular entertainment that holds water. This film deserves an extra half star.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2

Very epic and a great narrative that steals bits from the bible. Rowling knows how to concoct a complex story that unwraps beautifully. Some things strike me as over the top, children story though. For one, why Voldemort would be so much an personal enemy of Potter and totally evil at the same time? That seems so mad and megalomaniac that few wizards would support him. Then, the fighting is so extensive and murderous, it seems too much, bordering on WWII. It seems that the forces at play are difficult to equalize. With so much power on each side, the outcome cannot possibly even out because it's practically impossible to stop either side from causing major casualties.
Rowling nevertheless is thinking very intelligently. Her stories are always satisfying an complex.
I found the epilogue very charming. Excessively charming, with all our heroes having a mini-me or two sent to the school of wizards. And the significance of the frog? Is it another reference to french, which are all over the place throughout? A french from Québec this time?

The Edge of Seventeen

Funny and awkward enough. Why spoiled girls are such bitches? This film offers an explanation. It's all about ego. Acting is good enough. There is not much special effects though. Good recreation of the period (high school). Lots of worries and crybabying.


Pretty good at all levels. The guys don't look like they freeze all that much most of the times but it was filmed near location and on location. It looked filmed in studio a few scenes though. A true story remains solid with this very good reenactment. Now think, there is more air, more moisture (obviously) and more heat on top of mount Everest than on Mars. The Martian should have looked like these guys.


That is a great reenactment of a true story. That is how history should be taught. It has the best impact. The attention to details is fabulous. Nothing much to say against it. Maybe, rarely, the actors were not completely into it but not enough to substract half a star. Fantastic. The actors had proper accents. The period was recreated very well. I wish we had canadian history brought in film like this.

The Legend of Tarzan

There is good stuff in there but yeah, the plot is generic modernized. Some bits are quite déjà vu. Other are new. The africans and black have a nice proéminent place but still second bananas. CGI is better at some places than other. That is starting to be a lot of remakes of classics. Very movie industry. Tarzan is very spidermanly in this.

People Of A Feather

This film is a great study of the problematic. It takes the time to go around the whole problem of why the birds sometimes get culled by the thousands in the winter. It goes through the story of the people living in the area. It is not a straightforward documentary in the telling as the situation is still in flux. The problem is a dill of a pickle. Is really fresh water causing the issue? What will happen with the global warming? We can't help but think life on earth is changing fast and evolution will accelerate, or species will die. Our own adaptations is causing unforeseen problems. What a beautiful planet we are messing with.

The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser (Jeder für sich und Gott gegen alle)(Every Man for Himself and God Against All)

I could not sit through it, the acting seemingly off. The subject was not all that enigmatic. I flew through the dvd. The stories of children found from the forests, are more enticing.

Dracula Untold

Three stars is a like it for me. The film is well done and the story holds until almost the end. I definitely like the historical side of it. I loved the acting by Sarah and Luke. It's when things go a bit(e) out of hand that it degrades, which is dracula's goal all along. Dracula movies tend to be B-movies in general anyway. Now with the super heroes, Dracula has better powers to match.

400 Days
400 Days(2016)

I liked it enough to not have suffered watching it. But it is a bit too much on the low budget for when the crew comes out. Before was more or less okay but nothing intellectual that would make us think they are real astronauts, unless we have a cheap space enterprise, with cheap astronauts. When they come out it struggles more with lack of psychological sense. Is it getting zombie? Criminal? Desperate and eating Soilent green? Too many questions and an open ending on top of it. But the idea is good and could be revisited. Not zombie though, enough of these already. - Rethinking about it, lots of it is strange in a funny way. All the nonsense makes more sense if you think the film is actually not serious but a joke. Look at all these people doing these things so strange, kind of way. I think this should be the theme of the film. There is a let down at every turn, kind of joke. Until we are the ones let down at the end, hahahaha!
I must say that the moon smashed when they are secluded could make a good film. I wrote something like that when at Cégep: astronauts survived when the whole planet died of radioactivity. Over time all the astronauts died except one with her son, that survived long enough to be able to return on earth.

The Necessities of Life

Histoire vraisemblable du traitement d'un Inuk tuberculeux au Québec dans les années 50. Très beau, assez réaliste. Une histoire pleine de coeur qui se déroule lentement. Un délice à voir.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

I had seen it but could not recall much of it. Pretty good storyline, nice effects and cute mutants. Apart from all the excess of powers and all the nonsense, I have nothing bad to say. Up and atom! The glasses do nothing.

Black Girl (La noire de...)

Short film by the first african film maker. The film is an exercise based on an article in the newspaper, and tries to explain a suicide. It fails though. There is not enough feeling of abuse or loneliness and even if I imagine it, I do not see a suicide coming out of it. The reality of the real suicided person must have been much somber. The film was made quickly. The DVD has lots of goodies though. I liked better everything else in it. The shorter film, Borom Sarret (to which I would give 4 stars), packs a much better punch and is more realistic while being made years earlier. Ousmane is no doubt a genius but he tends to fight racism with racism. This is causing a lot of grief in africa in many other countries. There are many races of black people... Ousmane has a good eye for beauty and the other film I have seen from him is more advanced (was made recently). I hope to see them all now.

The Hateful Eight

Really beautiful and well done. But it is over the top violence that is excessive and not all that sensical. Tarantino does that. It seems that he could transcend his brand toward more meaningful stories.

The Iron Lady

Totally a TV movie. Decent production but there seems to be holes in the film, hidden by the flashbacks cuts. Watching this film, politics seems to be run by bloated worms. She's not looking as tough as the men are sexist wimps. Not impressed. The bits of real footage were good though and a documentary would probably render her better justice.

Battle Royale

This is a B movie. The idea is a bit far fetched. The youth are an alien race manipulated into killing each other. They should do that with the mob! There may be some good ideas but I could not endure the cheesy acting and other B movies things. I must say that I found the Hunger Games first film a bit out. Rare are the societies that eliminate their youth, for obvious reasons.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2

Woah, what an ending! I did not see any flaw in the film. Well done at all levels. Only low are the mutts that seems a bit too willing to die to kill. No animal does that. But they could be under some influence I guess. I liked the style, the story line not too predictable, the ending even if I guessed the shocker, or maybe more because they allowed us to guess it. And the very bucolic epilogue. I am impressed that a young author could have thought of all this, although I haven't read the books. There is an ending that is not a low point!

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

Wow, on a batch of 5 films rented, this was the one I was expecting to be bad and it was the best. Realistically made all along, I was gripped by the story and the slide toward hell. This film has a religious spirit though and the slide turns into an arc that bounces a couple of times. Pretty good acting that kept us mostly believing and the events that get so outrageous it cavorts with comedy, makes for a surprisingly enjoyable spooky ride. Kudos to Herzog. Very good work, bordering on excellent.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

This movie is incredible. Very good beginning with the POV of Batman seeing the fight between Superman and Zod that did loads of damages. But psychologically the film becomes progressively more dumb. It becomes bad dumb Batman v. not so smart Superman. Lex luthor is also not so smart. Smallville was much better with all the characters. After the nuclear explosion, the film turns unbearably dumb and lost me completely. Poor Wonderwoman shows up after that.

The Dark Knight

I did see it and did not recall much of it. It was forgettable then. It is some saga but one that I would rather forget I suppose. Like when I was bullied, when I was attacked, when I almost died, etc. I'm not sure the film depicts psychopathy very well either. The joker is much too despicable to be able to have so many henchmen working for him. I don't know many henchmen that would stand up for someone that keep killing his henchmen so casually. So, they are way off in spite of very good effects.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Monster truck fest mixed with Wells Fargo coach of the far west. Lots of pursuits, lots of indians left on the road. Plenty of shootings and plosions. Very long desertic road. A few supermodels. The whole thing is a stylised spectacle well choreographed with a story that would make sense if any of this had any sense to start with. It's a dance with lots of mechanics and spilt blood.

Being 17 (Quand on a 17 ans)

TV movie about homersexuals. Rather well done and probably very good at testing your own desires. The narrative is nicely intricate and I was not seeing right away it was blatantly going homersexual. After their first fight though, I exclaimed that they would suck their noodles at the end, but it happened before the end, which is when my puking reflexes made me quit that. Blech! I'll have to watch lesbian movies for a while to recover from this. Smart film though, if you can tolerate it. No wonder such things were illegal.

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi

Great reenactment up to the broken limbs. But the right thing involved killing a lot of Lybians, which are like so many worthless indians good for targets. No consideration whatsoever, only the USA guys are worthy of the romantic and heroic music. Getting Ghaddafi out maybe was not the right thing either. Removing the top predator, smaller predators started to gain weight and poise. Beside, when they attacked Lybia, it was allowing killing as a solution. The right example? The beginning seems to show the country was suddenly in a desperate financial situation, all the more to fuel a resentment toward the USA and motivating an attack.

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

In spite of the many qualities of the film, it doesn't work for me. The creatures may be all mean but a good punch in the face would get them knocked out. They are less scary than a pack of hungry wolves in the forest. Even metaphorically, it does not work. The one point that makes sense is the child fear not acknowledged. The rest has too much nonsense. One film I would recommend for the fear and metaphorical value is the Babadook. That's one that is well thought.

Edwin Boyd (Citizen Gangster)

Canadian film about canadian story. This is usually TV movie quality, but pretty good feel of the epoch. Good acting. Good locations. Feel of reality. A good story full of lessons. The biggest suckers are the gangsters.

Flash of Genius

This feels a lot like a TV movie, but a pretty good one. It's a bit of a family movie for the inventive and the inventors that are often in marge of society and abused by the very companies they help. The invention itself is not that much of a big deal but the company still stiffed the guy out of a sizeable amount of money and used his invention to further themselves and make extra money. The film works as a lesson to inventors and companies who both loses. And with this film in circulation, Ford sure will lose some more clients. Way to go, Ford.
Kinnear did a very good job, the acting overall is excellent, the pace is good, and even though I knew about the case and the outcome, I wanted to know the details of this story. It is a true epic story.

The Divergent Series: Allegiant

Definitely better than the previous ones. Revealing more of the world and a world that kind of make sense worked out for me. All great special effects. Good action. Not at all boring. The only thing snagging for me is that David has so much power and did not use the memory wipe out in a selective manner to keep the peace. Of course, this might have made the story too complicated or boring for real. Plus, the end with David watching it all and remaining calm suggests there might be explanations coming in the next installment. I think the whole is well imagined although I recall bits of stories from the dark ages.

The Shallows
The Shallows(2016)

Well, Jaws version 10,05 has arrived and shark philosophy has not improved much. There are some good ideas but so many un-good ones as well. They lost me progressively more and more until the shark started to eat through metal (rusted but still) when the lost was complete. When the shark had his first bite, the injury did not look sharky. It got worse after that. Blake herself is quite the goody-looking though and that was eye candy enough to see it through the end. The seagull was a nice touch. The shark was visually great but its behaviors were more akin to the Alien than shark. Or maybe, ex-boyfriend stalker... I think it works well if you understand the psychology of the super-cutie girl. Of course, every male animal want a piece of their ass one way or another. Then of course, the shark wants it too. They just need to invent a reason for it to go after it. In reality, I would think the shark would fill his belly with the whale and left all else alone. There would be other sharks coming though, and that is missing in the film. So, there is a better film about sharks still waiting to be made, where the hero (girl or boy) would use smarts to outwit them and come out alive. The extras in the DVD tend to agree with my analysis.

The Adventures of Tintin

The film story starts very well with a great nod to Hergé but it goes into Spielberg territory and off Hergé's intelligently crafted stories. The animation was not as good as now, although excellent for the time, Milou does not come up well and the eyes of the people is a bit stiffy. The book story has been edited but that did not at all improved it, quite the contrary, it turned it into a series of chases, attacks, where violence is ridiculously treated as common and ordinary. Tintin the film does not have the good spirit, the depth, the fun, the irony, the intelligence of the books. It is very disapointing and I hope a francophone production will eventually take Hergé's flambeau to the quality of the books at least. It can go into newly crafted stories, like some of the Tintin films.


The film is well done and the rendering of the boredom, frustrations and absurdities seems accurate. Reminds me when I went to a camp of "Cadets de l'air" as a teen. Never was I bummed and bored so much with so many people. The whole army and war things are such a waste of time and ressources on all sides! War only solves problem by tiring one or both sides. It is not really solving problem. Except maybe putting psychopaths together and against other psychopaths.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Girls are kicking asses in the old england and also zombies. The high society are so right to bash them brain pickers... oh wait, they are brain eaters. Dumb zombies have not a chance against these cuties. And also one or two guys zombies-killers. This explains a lot about why the englishes were so prone to killings. More than the french!

Central Intelligence

Silly premise of course. The whole film is rather silly but impossible to not laugh at a few places, when these guys are acting silly. Some of that was added at the end. The story was hard to predict, most of it was fresh.

True Grit
True Grit(2010)

Not too bad as film but not too likely to be true either. It however has many qualities. The psychopaths seems less dangerous at first. Not full of anger, only coldly calculating. Seems like the frenchie and the indians are treated as out of character, not surprising in an english film. The film is still about a chase of bad guys by good guys. Nothing about indians in the indian territory, which seems excessively unlikely. Although, since it was in the 1870, it's possible the indians were all decimated already.

Jane Got a Gun

The film makes sense up to a point. Very good acting for sure. The story has heart. It is not epic, though. It is a small personal story of murderous people in a lawless country. Many flaws making it unlikely. I like the girl being of french descent. I liked the plot twists and the story changing with the viewpoints. And the ending being too good. I liked it too. It could be a murderous Disney western.

Gods Of Egypt

Crazy story but good cgi. Boy, are old gods all that stupid? No, of course not. But this is a wanna be more than superhero film and they did not tap into the Egypt gods yet. Although I remember a french film with two egyptians gods that was working very well (Immortal, 2004). Check it out. In gods of egypt, we have a big adventure forced upon by one villainous god. The good gods are a bit silly but with superpowers and a smart thief as friend. The whole is fun enough to forgive all the crazyness, but no wonder the critics slams it down. I liked the idea of the egypt gods to be depicted but so much better movies can be made with these, like the one I already mentioned.


This recent installment is full of good special effects, of course. Maybe too much. Other than that, not too many flaws. The story holds on, the winks on the previous ghost busters were all nice, Kristen was very funny, the most funny I'd say. I definitely like the funny girls and when the serious girl get funny.


Very very beautiful area, beautiful boy, mother and father. A slice of life in the mountain. Very psychological. Well thought. The only issue I have is that the father, obviously rather smart, can't think of a safer way to climb to hives. So it seems obviously not true. The beauty of the film can't be ignored though.

Kon Tiki
Kon Tiki(2013)

Refreshing true story. No superpowers, no superdrama, only a straight story with some adventure and risk. Makes me want to see the original film of the adventure to compare. DNA studies showed that Polynesians are mostly of asian origin but have American ancestry as well.

The Intern
The Intern(2015)

Funny enough, and not too many expected things happens. But I grew a bit tired by the end.

Jurassic World

Fabulous action, good script, great effects, great acting. Little to complain about in this more futuristic follow up. Maybe Brice high heel shoes were not believable. Very good!


This film's story is one of the best constructed I have seen in the genre (sci-fi/horror). The lab is very credible, the biology not too far off except maybe impossible, and the psychology completely understandable. I think the film went very far and made the spliced girl a bit too monstrous in the end. Maybe they had to for an horror film, but maybe there is a more terrible ending that does not make the monster a killer. Then again, they tried to kill the monster first, so it is monsters against monster in this case. Very good progression and I give it a 5 stars until when Dren change sex.

Kill Your Darlings

Famed guy and another famed guy turn out to be coke soaking buddies. The only good thing about the beat generation is that they were more dissolute and did not stick to the rules. They helped break the molds. This film may show them more annoying and idiotic than they were.

Money Monster

The premise is too silly for me to hang on. People investing in an investing company? Manipulation of the market with buys and sells? Who would create such a system in the first place?

The Dukes of Hazzard

The film is so silly but I liked it. Lots of car effects, no cgi, a real car, or cars. Loved how obviously sexy Jessica is in this. It's in the male dna, it goes right to the brain pleasure area. It works similarly for lesbians I think. And it has a Disney ending! What's not to like?


Quite a bit violent for a kid film, but edgy with some good ideas. There are major flaws that would be overlooked by kids. Like saying Edison and Tesla were friends enough. Or using the Eiffel tower as launch tower, although that was all rather strangely plaisant. Some issue with the fact that the earth was predicted to destroy due to people being told, but no one knew about it. The end was all sugar but what can you expect from a Disney movie? The effects were all great if not spectacular. Although, the laws of physics were not respected with the rocket suit, and with the travel in another dimension. Moreover, in the end they have a portal for easy travel while it took a super expensive rocket contraption to go there first. Flaws like this mean kid movie. Because you know, kids see absurdities like that every days and adults act as if it's normal all the same. The kids actors do great jobs in this.

My Trip to Al-Qaeda

Very good overview of some evils that keep stoking the world. Not all muslims. Many details exposed in an analytic kind of way. What are intelligent people to do now?

Avengers: Age of Ultron

The action is intense in this one, even if in slow-motion. I like the idea that they created the perfect enemy themselves. So vilain that the vilains turned against it to become heroes. The earth destruction is also original this time, kind of funny, and rather not obvious to stop. I liked less how some drama bits seemed fake, superficial, and the resolution using another ultra-ultron with even more ultra power to combat it. It looks more and more like there is always a better soap to come. Plus, the ultron was a bit silly to not leave himself out of the disaster since he could duplicate himself so much. Great action and story, so so drama.

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (Kaze no tani no Naushika)

Nice and imaginative. The story bound and rebound and keep twisting. Inspired by big wars, an after earth disaster and some whiff of Avatar and doctor Doolittle. The heroine is supergood and flies super well, so that is certainly attractive to me. This is similar to captain America, adventure-wise. The film holds well with time, I just saw it and was super surprised it was out in 1985! I saw the 2005 release in DVD.


A rare film where the story is true and the film looks true. Here we have an african that held the USA highly only to fully realise how phony they are. They are so phony that they will not accept the truth to be told and the population seems to be all accepting that like suckers. Clearly, the englishes will only go for something that pays and the more they make money or can milk it, the more they will hide whatever kills. This film is unamerican! Kudos to the ones making it and making it possible.

Oz the Great and Powerful

Funny remake or prequel. It's beautiful and all. The story holds. But really, the USA are squeezing all the juices they can out of the stories they have. Sounds like fracking, more and more.

The Peanuts Movie

I watched the french version of course, and I loved it! The story is sweet and fabulous. Snoopy is a fonz and his aerial adventures are pure genius. The animations are well respectful, with some licence, of the laws of physics, including the flying. The flying is actually betterly done here than in some serious films about flying. All the characters are well characterized and rendered in rich colours and enough 3d depth. It is full of good jokes, irony, cuteness, adventures and charm. The whole is so fabulous, I wish it was longer. The film is rather short at just over an hour but it is pure gold from beginning to end.

The Secret Life of Pets

Humanizing animals, the concept is always popular. Lots of pet ideas extended to the limit. Maybe to excess with the bunny driving the bus, and we get the wink to a jurassic park minivan drop. Good story overall and not too Disneyesque. Hard to be completely original with the subject matter though. The animation is incredibly good with too-rich-to-be-true colours, to please the eye more than usual. Nice extras in the dvd with one mini in french, oui! Big animation team in Paris.

The Glenn Miller Story

Interesting take on the musical guy. His music is certainly enchanting and I often surprise myself whisling his tunes without knowing where it was from. Now I know. I also recently started with saxophone and Moonlight Serenade is one of my favorites. The DVD has great sound and images. Louis Armstrong is in it! The film has an obvious anti-racism bent in spite of so many white faces. It is very preppy clean and very lovely, not what you would see now as a biopic. But the bits where they get stuck in mud and snow seems to have real mud and snow. More believable than some of today's effects.

An Honest Liar

Tribute about that guy that I've heard about and was busting charlatans in the 60s and maybe 70s. These were fascinating times full of magic and extraterrestrials (none of the latter busted in the film). Turns out, the guy is homer-sexual and married an illegal alien. Quite a busting in itself. Fascinating time, fascinating film. Well done. Also, bravo to the one he kept busting and kept finding new "scams". Like he said, people go to church and believe, you can't deny that. There is something profund in this statement. All is not what is seems, and maybe this film's story as well...

The End Of Time

Hypnotic film about time and the relativity of it. Space-time and the uncertainty principle shows time is part of the fabric of what we are. Time is experienced differently according to what you do or where you are. This film is so not chatty that I saw it with the commentary and there still were long silences. It does make you think.

Elstree 1976
Elstree 1976(2016)

Strange little gossip film about people that were in the original stars wars film and kind of cash in with it. Things that fans adore and know all about. No big star in this this, only figurative actors, some did not talk and some had helmets and costumes on.

Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress

A quietly epic story during Mao's revolution. It sow's slowly under our skin. Bitter, sweet, bitter. Only cinematographic flaw is the abrupt transition to the current situation, 20 years later, very much a change of pace and of world that could have been handled better. Maybe even be a subject of a sequel. The mystery of what happens to the Seamstress could be a whole other adventure, like Zola used to do from book to book. This is the feeling. More of a Zola type of drama.


Super cgi production and great acting but much over the top super-power story that grows tiresome. The world is much too anachronistic to hold us. The part in the orphanage was good and there is a story to be told there. The fantasy world did not fly even as an escape world. It looked like a cheap answer to Avatar at some point.

I Am Alive: Surviving the Andes Plane Crash

This is an excellent documentary with reenactments, real photos, and personal comments by some survivors about the incredible survivors of the plane crash that wa the subject of an hollywood film years ago. Here we learn exactly what happened, how, and it is very real. It's a real life drama that is continuous for several months. They were forced to eat soylent green, as we know. One of the survivors had the fortitude to lead and ultimately find help. But this could have ended worse. Had they been prepared for such eventuality, they might have done better, but considering their ignorance and unpreparedness, they did their best. Similar to the series "I should not be alive" in treatment.

Lorna's Silence

the mob tries always to find plot and trickeries to make money "not working" but the work they do is so dark, stupid, and demanding that often they will have people defect in spite of the risk for their own lives. Here, the whore gets the guy they were using for easy profit and tries to save his life. But she is obvious and does not realise right away what kind of evils she is working for. A bit of a Soprano serie with a less positive view of the stupid mobsters and a naive participant that grows a little less so. Yep, they don't bring you in the woods to show you the birds.

The Father of My Children (Le pere de mes enfants)

Guy has great life, great wife, love, happiness but then he doesn't reveal the financial troubles plaguing his company. He makes the ultimate choice and the film continues. I'm not exactly sure what the point of this film is. It's a story.

Declaration of War

Very unexpected epic story of the life of the couple that falls quickly for each other and has a kid with a health problem. The film is not about disease, it is about the life of the couple that is so fresh. Good feeling of adventure throughout.

Little Jerusalem

The girl living with her very religious jewish family falls for a muslim guy working in the same place. Both sides are forbidding but her desire entice her to go forward with evil exploration. Only, the guy has issues with his family that he does not want to leave. Hence a break up. Great exploration of characters. It was going Roméo and Juliette for a long while, slowly picking up pace. So the end was a break. However, it is open ended.

Mulholland Drive

Second time I watch this. It seems this time the story does make sense. The dvd version has a cut that makes more sense. It is simpler. It is still strange and dreamy. Now that I have heard more about lesbians, it makes sense that the blonde was lesbian from the start. The first part is off. Is it dream? It's not memory. Memory is the ending. What is the cube? Who is the old couple laughing at Diane/Betty? Many unanswered questions. My take is that, the poor Diane became insane after the contract killing, and that is the first part. Dreaming insanity from a guilty person. Guilty of contracting the killing of her love. Her egotistical love didn't die though.

Red Cliff (Chi Bi)

I saw the short version (this) but it seems the long two-part version is better. Epic story and battles but so much looked so advanced that I checked for accuracy. It is not appart from the costumes, see
Very good film but we are not learning much facts about the era with this film.

The Power of One

The film wants to be epic and mostly is. The story itself not being true, shows the viewpoint of an english boy raised amongst black in South-Africa. The english boy represents the good english while the africaners are the evil ones, even though the english instaured appartheid and invented the concentration camps, where tens of thousands aficaners and black africans died. The story is not as simplistic as some reviewers say but it is much simplist once the boy get into boxing. (See for more about the context.) I saw a film that captures the appartheid (Catch a fire) toward the end and it was very much like Nazi or East Germany with gestapo-like squads. Here the film follows a invented character that could not have too much influence on the country, because it just represents a humanist side of the white african. It provides evidence of the extent of the evil white side. It is true that some white were playing target shooting with Zoulous. One famous english bought a machine gun and pissed off the zulus to the point they would attack him. He mowed them down with the machine gun and declared himself a genius.

Stations of the Cross

Thought-provoking, okay, but depth, I'm less sure. Well made german film showing the abusive mother and idiot father pushing the poor little girl into hating herself for being normal. She deprives herself to fit the mold of the supposedly catholic christian. These germans, one century they go crazy about Hitler, the next it's something else. Still crazy. I do believe a young girl (or boy) could be manipulated like this though and end up in jeopardy. It probably still happens today. But in the film, it continues after the girl is rescued by a doctor. It would have been easy to tell her that not eating is a sin. There are priests that know this. So, it comes out as catholic-bashing to me. Not credible.


A very bondish story with Craig as non-bond and not good with guns and fights. The prof is sleuthing it with the daughter of the ex-guard murdered and a journalist. They follow the leads and end up in Archangel, a small northern town where the son of Stalin lives with mother and father in the woods. That is where the story loses its grip and becomes not credible. Stalin's son would not bring the return of the dictator of course. The russians would not fall for the "make Russia great again" routine known from Trump. They currently have the best leader they ever had with Poutine. The film is hence great until the last 10 minutes. I guess it is hard to find a credible reason to go about killing innocent people. Film was formatted for TV. I saw the DVD version, not the TV mini-serie.

Eye In The Sky

Rivetting take on the drone and mini-drone spying machines that could allow murder at distance. Well, drones already do this but the film goes one step further. Nice base of discussion between friends without referring to actual murders by drone. Here, most everyone is rather well-intentioned. The reality might be something else. I don't think you can justify murder, war or not. If they have so much power and reach, they could as well act non-murderously and that would advance peace on earth. This is just fuelling resentment for the all powerful murderers from the sky and create more bombers. In short, short-sighted.


Good work following a family and boy during his youth. In spite of the length, the film still depicts with broad strokes leaving blanc years. Nice effect though. Not too much happening in the film other than slightly out of standard normal family and an episode of bad step daddy. A TV serie can and several did show youth growth, the fresh prince of Bel-Air comes to mind for me. The boy here is the hero and is all you want in a good boy, except being a jokester. Intelligent, sensitive, strong. Pleasant film.

The Last Sentence

Very unusual film based on true character that was demeaning to Hitler during the war. Sweden trying to avoid fighting was bugged by the man and his articles. Luckily, Hitler decided to attack Russia instead of taking the whole europe and England. The film is interesting but it is not so much about an anti-Hitler as much as about the man himself, which was far from perfect. Still another take and point of view of the war.


Ouch! Dirty and painful jokes aplenty. Rare good ones. These bitchin jokes did not work for me, sorry. Although the exercise felt good for a guy, glad that it was a girl-made film because a guy would have gotten a lot of flak for depicting women like this. Way to go girls! Dismantle the myths surrounding the feminine gender. It needs it. Hehehe.

The Skeleton Twins

I didn't get all the hoopla about this film. The whole thing comes out so phoney all along. It starts with a stupid suicide. The guy says he loves his fish but have no issue ditching it. Despite the obvious friendliness of the actors, they were phoney all over. Nothing rang true at any time. Fake, fake, fake. All so fake. Only englishes with all their psychopathies can possibly think this was looking real. It was not funny either. Sad. Sad film. I was expecting much better with Kristen Wiig. Sorry for the low rating but this film is homersexual shafting. Very sad.

The Witch
The Witch(2016)

Scary movie apparently based on a folktale that was certainly based on the natives and the necessity to remain with the group. With stories like this, I would also be scared stiff and endure the other englishes requests. Anguish and terror well depicted. Also insanity.

The Transporter Refueled

A bit over the top thieveries and fights from high society of mobsters. The police is there to provide more car chases. Pretty good car chases and fights but nothing believable in real life. Serious acting. Almost giving it 3 stars.

Thor: The Dark World

I don't know about you, but me, high stakes action here is not very high stake. Great cgi for something so ridiculously out of this world ans nonsensical that it's a joke. As a joke, it works enough though! That mix of phoney techno and phoney gods from the dark ages... It needed very good actors, haha! It is stunning how they can remain serious playing this. They must cgi their smiles and laughs away... hehe. J'ai pas thor, n'est-ce pas?

Maggie's Plan

This film was fun, quiet time. Unusual, but reminiscent of Woody Allen. Strange film. I don't know how to describe it otherwise. A comedy satirical of family life, somewhat family life. Not sure Maggie had a plan. Oh yeah, matching her husband with his ex, toward the end. Her plan to get a baby at the beginning worked, somewhat.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

Oh, ah, this was another zombie movie. They should have told in the first. I found this one half star better. More sensical but many bits so anachronistic. Lots of this stuff is so psychopathic. Playing with the zombies while knowing you could become one? You can tell that the writers are after cool, entertaining stuff rather than thoughtful stuff. The main actor is excellent most of the times but at several occasions was holding back laughs. Well done in spite of the flaws. Next part could be anything. I wonder what genre it will be.

The Innkeepers

Low budget with a story that holds together though. The acting starts kind of fake but we warm up to it, since it is rather funny and ridiculous. Minimal effects. Claire looks yummy, in spite of her blondiness and goofy demeanors. Too much left to the imagination at the end. I would think someone feared to death. The film would have worked as a murder plot. This is much like a mini Shining. With a comic bend.

The Maze Runner

Good acting but strong premise? I don't think so. Good thing they added a girl because this was smelling homersexual a lot. Refreshing? The story reminded something coming from ancient Greece, with all the boys fighting monsters to get out of a bind. Not making much sense any way you look at it.

Against The Sun

Real story made to film, realistically. Very good reenactment with excellent effects, make-up, and decent acting. We can feel the time passing. But they had it easy, with a dingy that floated and two episodes of rain and fishes to eat.

The Night Before

I must admit, I found this film extraordinarily good. That is for a Christmas story with strange winks to many other Christmas stories but all updated and surprises all over, like so many gifts. Only downside was the homersexual bents, especially with Franco, and Seth, again. I'm watching some extras right now and I still laugh. It is so non-stop magic à la "Bart's soul" episode of The Simpsons. Even more crazy good stuff in teh DVD extras. This time, I am really impressed. Kudos to the writers that kicked ass solid in this. To take the old expression, not a bit quétaine, all the quétaine of Christmas is given a punch in the face, or an hallucination, or banana peel (or black ice), etc. Very good acting, natural. I was completely immersed in the film. Big thumbs up to the girls in the film, finally girls kicking ass and still girls. Okay, I'm stopping this rave review now. à +.


East Germany gestapo keeps an eye open for a doctor, moved out of Berlin to a small town, and with spying behavior. It is a story of characters that develops well, and that develops as I would have guessed. No shockers here, except maybe to learn that germans might have feelings. Then again, the main characters are physicians. We hope that at least some of them have them, feelings.

After Earth
After Earth(2013)

Very simple story that needed not be sci-fi. Nice takes, lots of special effects, beautiful landscapes but this is a crashed plane in wild territory while father-son connect and bond after a cruel loss. It's a teenager story. The alien that is blind and want to kill you but detects only the fear is too silly. It's so obviously a creation to test the courage of the boy.

The Big Short

Excellent story wanting to inform us about some events related to the mortgage crash. We follow first the guy that saw the mortgage bubble was due for a correction, then a couple of guys and we learn along the way how the banks were feeding the bubble to artificially keep it growing until it had to pop. The snag with the system was that it was not motivated to correct itself because everyone was gaining as long as the bubble grew, except for the few people that saw it and wanted to cash in the crash to come, that came so late the government of the people had to reinflate the banks with solid value. The size of the bubble was 20 times the value of the houses under mortgages! Only the englishes could keep such lies fly for so long. The film is a real thriller eventhough I had read quite a bit on the subject.

Jeff Who Lives at Home

This film works, is funny, is quirky, is believable, and has some uncomfortable moments. It is the story of three mysteries to solve: 1- who is Kevin and why being obsessed. 2- is the wife about to ask for divorce. 3- who is the secret admirer. A cozy feeling transpire even in the worst moments of the film. Definitely intriguing, with gay moments that make me wonder about the ulterior motives of the film. French film feeling also.

The Fall
The Fall(2006)

Visually elaborate at times, I tended to not like these bits. Although it made us visit quite a bit of planet. I prefered the real story in the story. The little girl comes out as realistically naive, not the regular heroic film girl, which was very unusual in a good way. She still had plenty of guts. Silent films did show extraordinary shots that were dangerous to do sometimes.


For a first film, this is an extraordinary overview of the events that gutted the Rwandan nation. It is a bit too english as if the Kenyan version of the story though. It is restrained and does not depict the violence to anger the viewer but is rather an after the fact analysis like many films about the 2nd world war. This film is a series of shorts, interrelated, that expose the problematics and hilariously mocks it in one of the segments. It is so incredible that the devil could have managed to kill so many in short order without enough resistance from the start. Don't get mad, Anakin. Let's hope this will be a lesson for all africans. A continent still grasping with unending wars that lead nowhere but down in waste. Could be a problem related with the temperature. Higher temperature are correlating with more anger. If this is it, we better find durable solutions because it is getting warmer faster on the planet. Let this be a lesson for us all. The englishes are the real enemies, people, the englishes!

Mars Attacks!

This is creep territory with an absurd comedic bent. The martians are a funny, devious playful bunch coming to harvest the half-breeds they implanted on earth 100000 years ago. Funny, this storyline reminds me a more serious recent marvel movie. They were on Saturn though. Anyway, here we have a bunch of too smart martians that act like englishes coming to eat soylent green not without first playing with their food. Unfortunately, an unexpected flaw in their evolutionary design saves the earthians. Very creepy and a lot happens in Las Vegas, but I would mark this as must see, like all Tim Burton's films.

White Oleander

Tough film with tough bitches, some psychopathic. Pretty good acting although sometimes the girls seemed to go one notch too far. Maybe it was the story. The girl was drawing much too well to be credible. The murder did not make sense. The first bitch was too mean to be Christian and adopting. Renée character was too happy and easy to suicide. Still, it was refreshing to depict women like this. Beware the bitches!

What Dreams May Come

This film is a straightforward exposé of the paradise as imagined by popes, and the writer of the book. It is over the top but soo beautiful. The story is a bit lacking and some bits are ridiculous, like how the doctor was killed. Most stories of the tv show Ghost Whisperer were much better and smart. Here I must say that Rolling Stone was so wrong to call it the worse tv show just because the main actress is not their preconceived idea of a gifted regarding ghosts.

Side Effects
Side Effects(2013)

Beware of the bitches. Psychopaths are a dime a dozen in anglala of the south aka the USA. The film started as a sleeper about a sleepwalker case of killing. Rooney being not that well known helped fool us into it. Then clues do not escape the psychiatrist but is he losing his mind as well? Only an experiment can clear this puzzle. Very well done, very well thought. We are kept in the dark just enough to be able to guess what comes next. Good plot twists and an ending that gives more chills. Beware of the pychopathic bitches people, beware! Especially the lesbians...


Well wrapped story almost believable. Actually, it may have been based on true events of the 70s, at least in part. The story line is still very sensible and this may have convinced a few governments to take it easy with cannabis. Very contemporary with asiatics and africans-looking people declaring themselves french! Possibly more french than french. And next week Canada will make public their plan to legalize it next year. Strange, the québecoise routarde is called néerlandaise in the credits. She must have went to Canada for some time and learn french there, tabarn...!

28 Days Later

Interesting take on the zombies. This film may have preceded the TV series. Pretty well done for what seems a small budget. The story kind of make sense. The rage virus would have been worked on and is a bit fast acting, so, zombies.

Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid

I saw the latest 2005 cut. The film is very 70s. Good acting by James Coburn. The story is a bit strange, Billy the kid being loved so much, there is a huge grey area all over the film. It's as if everyone is a psychopath. Which could be exatly that. So much killing by all sides, dead body left where they fall. It is borderline insane. The music by Bob Dylan, which has a small retard role, is much too nice for such a story. It passes as popcorn movie. Will have to check how far off this is from the real Billy the kid.


Truth is hard to believe. The film renders well enough the situation although it seems too much to be possible. Then again, cults have done a lot of insane things in the 60s and 70s. This camp would be like what the concentration camps would be if they were filled with germans instead of jews. Less crematoriums but just the same bent. Emma is a joy to watch. Daniel plays the character vey well and all the others as well. I found the story gripping and the end is a narrow escape not without hurt. It is very romantic, but not a romantic comedy, a romance to fight adversity. Will have to check how truthful the film is.It appears that the truth is worse:

The Pirates! Band of Misfits

Hilarious over the top story with adventures that subtly and less subtly refers to real life story and characters. Very good animations with beautiful graphics. Silly and smart. Funny extras.


The problem with this film is that the adolescent is one notch too crazy without a real explanation for it. I don't believe his ADHD is enough to explain his behavior. Normally there should be some abuse behind it. And, although all deserves love or likes, I did not like the film.

Swim Little Fish Swim

I'm not sure I should rate it. It's a french film made in english and I could not go through it. Maybe I'll revisit when I have more time to kill. It looked like an absurd comedy.

Saving Mr. Wu

Very well done kidnapping film. Miscreants specialized in kidnapping do one too many. Realistic, a non-linear story development for the first 3/4 then linear for the finale. Smart film, good cut, good action, well thought, good acting. Very few flaws and a wink to a very well known chinese actor (Jackie Chan). The villain is credible or are credible all along. This is an actual true story and stunningly, the real abductee is playing a cop in the film. The film had to respect the real story and it did. Excellent work! Best chinese cinema I have ever seen so far. More:

Alice Through the Looking Glass

This is the time machine, and the three ghosts of Christmas mixed up with Alice in wonderland. Interesting but somewhat crazy. Surprising that the end was so solid after the time-shaking story. Ultra-stylised.

Cold Weather
Cold Weather(2011)

Film is very ordinary life. It is comical, slow comedy of every day, and reminding my teenage years. Then his ex disappears, they find her, and then I lost track because I started watching something else at the same time. The ending is strange, as if they got back at the bad guys. Stole the luggage. I don't think we know what is inside by the end. I hope to find out more from the reviews so that I don't need to watch the last parts, where I got distracted. I have more seuthing happening in my real life. Stupid mobsters...

Son of a Gun
Son of a Gun(2015)

Another gun heist for gold in film. This time they go at the source, the gold mine. I worked in a gold mine and it is not so easy. Purifying and melting the gold bars takes quite a bit of time, they have to get cold. Security is usually tight. Someone showing up at the last minute on a gold melting day would not get in. Helicopter pilots being highjacked to escape is far fetched also. Hails of bullets are hard to go through. But the whole story is certainly all rather impossible like this. Still fun to watch I suppose. The boy outwitting his mobster and ending with the stash is far fetched also, I don't believe it, and not really a good ending. For englishes, no matter what you do and how you do it, getting rich quick with some scheme is the solution. Psychopaths.

Cast Away
Cast Away(2000)

What a ride! Great story line, with enough realism to be immersed in it. There were a few things, at the beginning on the island especially, that seemed a bit too dumb for an adult to do. But still kind of believable. Writing HELP did not make sense, SOS should have been written. Getting stuck four years seems also pushing it. There is so much traffic all over that someone should have showed up. It does make a lot of comedic sense though. The film has a lot of heart. Good work!

The Wipers Times

This is a true story and that what makes it a great film. It recounts well enough the time spent in the trenches in french areas fighting the germans (the huns) by our hero and his group. A group that knew and understood the futility, the ironies, the absurdities of the whole venture. The tone of the film is exceptionally well atuned to the story. The story itself is definitely someting to know. The horrors of war are not graphically exposed but are hinted with period photos and films.

I Am Number Four

This film is much too much like a remake of Superman. Alien with superpowers coming to him at teen age while being chased by other aliens. The same guys were behind Smallville and it shows. Smallville was well done and might as well watch that. The number four has good effects of course and at the beginning it looked like it was going to be original. The superpowers ruined the tension. It was not going to be subtil and smart.

Nanny McPhee Returns

This is a super-power film. Nanny McPhee is a witch with superpowers that could ensure worldwide peace but her assignment given to her is the raising of a group of kids living with a single mother on a farm. The brother of the mother is the villain, Clouseau-type. Emma (McPhee) looks like these stop-motion animated english characters, you know, which is rather funny. That was a good time with all acting well, good special effects and funny and sillyness spread all over. The flying pigs and car were over the top but, what the heck, super powers are so common nowaday. I think a "Nanny McPhee brings world peace" could be quite the hilarious film. She has the power. Superman, Captain America, etc. has got nothing on her.


This is once rare time that I disagree negatively with both critics and audience. I didn't like the music and it was a large part of it. The story is slim but realistic and also a downer. Because the music was not so good and the people rather ordinary, we feel stuck in the doldrums.

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

I rented it and realized after a few minutes that I had seen it before. I let it run while doing some other things and found it good enough. Excellent acting of course. Interesting take on several levels even if the boy gets annoying after an hour. With the internet though, searching who is supposed to have the key should be more a piece of cake. No need to walk all over the place. I don't see a boy staying that determined and annoying so long. I would have put the key in the to do list. Well, there had to be a 9-11 film of some sort made.

Talk to Her
Talk to Her(2002)

The film goes from one relationship to the next. There is a progression that feels like destiny, or the inescapable rather. The actors are excellent, conveying all feelings very accurately. The women are incredibly beautiful, as usual with Aldomovar. This is a somewhat dramatic story but I found it equally hilarious many times. It is a tragi-comedy with a beautifully curved body. Impeccable work.

The Revenant
The Revenant(2015)

I appreciate the big efforts of the production but the story is dramatically lacking. So many things are plain wrong, it is incredible. People were not as foolish as depicted, except for the english, in the film. I can't enumerate all. Almost every thing people do in there is out of character for the type and the period. The french were friends with the natives and were with them against the english. The coureur des bois were not abusers. The pelts were mostly collected by natives that were bringing it to exchange outposts. Although it seems that the truth in some southerly areas (Texas) was stranger and bloodier than the film. See the true story of Hugh Glass, which would make a gruesome enough mini-serie
However, this so-called true story is certainly "embellished" as well in order to make civilisation look better. You'll find other versions of the story online, for example:

Particle Fever

Pretty good with footage inside the machine. One explosion. Danger on life with helium. Women physicists! Cutes! Touching hero particle. Nice graphics. It lacks mathematics and a real explanation of the standard model but otherwise, we could sympatise. They should have had a full explanation in DVD extras at least. Jeez, the guys were right there. Full disclosure: I have a physics B.Sc.

Captain America: The First Avenger

Wooh! The nerdy boy turning into super strong hero is a staple of comic books and well rendered here, hahaha! Sooo nerdy at first. The A on his forehead is his grade average. Chris Evans really nails the character. Tough and smarty and then growing into chick magnet. But he is ass kicking super. There were lots of references to french in the film. I think the film was quite a bit franco-american at heart. Very cheery and pleasant throughout. I saw winter soldier before and I was pleasantly surprised there also. Here, the downers are the sophistication of the arms for 1943, and so many anachronistic eletronics and mechanical things. Not past millenium at all. Very comic-book. I must give it 1/2 star more than The Avengers though.

The 5th Wave
The 5th Wave(2016)

Not super fantastic, but watchable. An alien invader race, invades america, kill locals, give them diseases, put them in reserves, kill their parents and use their kids to kill the survivors. This is the english invasion people! In the film, they are body-snatched, so no alien make-up of any kind. The story ends about liking your differences. You can overcome your body-snatcher inside of you, just like in real life, englishes can learn french, making them tolerable invaders. We're all having a little body-snatcher inside telling us to get them before they get us. Lesson: love your body-snatched enemy. It's a very Christian film! My little teenager inside say very good. Lovely acting. Cute actors.

The Martian
The Martian(2015)

Good effort at making it look real... but many things in there contradict the data. The mars atmosphere is only 1% earth's and that is huge. The wind over there could not move objects of any significant mass. Plastic sheet could not keep the pressure in. Same with duc(t/k) tape. Good adventure though, with a nice story. I liked the spinning ship giving gravity. I wonder if it would be possible. Same with the hole in the glove in space. The hole would have to be tiny. Great props and good work otherwise.

The True Story of Puss'N Boots (La veritable histoire du Chat Botte)

ouch, the animation was quite passable but the story was terribly lacking. The actors had to make lots of sparages to fill time. Terrible film. This would have passed as a 30 minutes short maybe. I wouldn't show it to kids. It could mark them for life! Beuh.

Song One
Song One(2015)

Charming and a bit comedic and sad and romantic at times. With Anne as the lead, I was quite sold already. The music and songs are nice on lovely tones. It's like a real life short story. Remember when...
I enjoyed the film very much. In spite of the lack of bombing, shooting, and superpower.

Marvel's The Avengers

Fabulous production of a mishmash of heroes where the villain has to be top, otherwise why call all of them? Superman, spiderman, batman are missing. Probably because they work for another government, or franchise. I thought that was a bit much in comic book form and I agree with myself in film form. It's already a stretch to live in one superhero world, mixing them make it so preposterous. It's like drinking wine and milk at the same time and that is for two. Add cognac, cranberry juice and tea and I feel like puking. A marvel of special effects though. Much too much.

The Jungle Book

Quite epic with stunning cgi animation. An evil tiger makes enemy with little Mowgli, so nice and sweet. I think it is a mafia story with just one real devil. Oh, maybe king Louie also. Well, the little human is still the top animal of the jungle. I didn't find the story very good but still give three stars for the rest.

The Wind Rises

Really great animation, with technical bent, beautiful at times. Interesting take of the aeronautical engineer that conceives the Zero plane, famous for its attack of the USA. We have here the viewpoint of the nice guy not thinking too much of the consequences. Being too strong can tempt to use the strenght and bring more trouble than affordable. The story stays on the nice side of things throughout and much of it is populated by dreams. This is a bit like whitewashing the war makers and bombers. That would be the lesson.

Jane Wants a Boyfriend

Oyoyoy, this film has flaws. The main one is that it ressembles so much some cheap churchy movie I saw last year. The tone of the acting is not right at several occasions. Maybe the budget or the director is to blame. At some other times, it is quite passable. The scenes with the asperger woman are the best of the film. She does look strange but understandable.

La tête en friche (My Afternoons with Margueritte)

Film pour la télé et pour les gens agés, pas de doute. Amusant parallèle de la vie d'enfant du héro avec sa vie courante et comment il déconstruit la manière gênante de son élevage, si je puis dire. C'est assez comique par occasion même si on devine ce qui va se produire ou dire. Deviner juste est en fait un amusement en soi.

October Sky
October Sky(1999)

The film is nice, but the extras shows that the film is significantly different from the true story. The town and the mine really helped the kids all along. As a kid, I tried myself to make rockets and they were not flying high at all. I did not make a good batch of black powder, after my good batch went in flame... The footages they have of their rockets are quite impressive. The film added some drama to keep interest, otherwise, it would have been the documentary in extras. The documentary is great and depicts a lot of things in the film happened as shown. The film is a pass if you watch the extra documentary.

Heaven's Gate

I saw the 2012 restored version. The film wants to be epic and it somewhat is. Somewhat inspired by a real premeditated mass murder by the englishes in power (again!) against new migrants (tenderfoots?). This was filmed near Kalispell in the USA rockies. Great view, but not making that much sense for cattle. The story has a good first half but it degenerates when the mass murder prepares and is put into effect. We don't see why some are murdered. The mass murderees learn of the situation and attack the killing party in a way that seems hasted and rather unlikely. The end is genre Bunny and Clide. Lots of things do however feel more real than most other westerns. The dirt, the half-hasard ways people act and talk are some. Isabelle, the local madame, was another. The way the cavalry arrives and lie to people in order to save the killers. The buildings, the trains. Animals mistreatments. The english invaders mass killings does make a lot of sense. They did that all the time, starting with the natives. It's how england became england after all. The englishes going for the killing were called, appropriately enough, "The invaders" THe real story would make a compelling mini-serie (was also referred to in a Lucky Luke), see

Tricked: The Documentary

Fascinating visit of the subject as seen from eyes belonging to all sides. I saw a 75 minutes version in dvd with extras. It seems that all sides are delusional in fact. There is a lot of generalisations but we can see it is not true for everyone. Delusions: prostitutes that thinks get love, pimps that thinks provide love and reason to live, Johns that can't get romantic and would go for a quick fix, police that thinks they are always right to the point that one declares he would kill. This world seems as slimy and muddy as possible and the film shows it. Looking at it, it's still not as bad as war and I don't see the USA fighting that at all. Would the policeman kill to reduce wars? The fact that the police method to stop an enslaving is taking three weeks because "if they stop it right away, she will go back to him right away" speaks of the complexity. Still, when the enslaved is minor, it seems like a no-brainer to me. Some prostitutes seems very willing to do the trade, their complaints appears to be that the clients are always too bad and it's like getting paid to be raped. Not the first time I hear this. But is it the same at the higher echelon? One, in extra, is in S&M and does not complain, for she takes on the torturing role. The major problem seems to be that this world is muddied by excessive profits, drug, violence, lies, delusion and confusion. Society is also not fighting it properly.


Hero anti-hero film. Boy, the laws of physics, chemistry, biology are trampled on flat. Meh, too profane, murderous, criminal and psychopathic for me. There are good qualities but the super-hero-mutant vein is getting overused. Morena was great as the girlfriend and she seems so much fun in real life, as seen in extras. She seems to be a fantastic one to have as buddy.

Victor Frankenstein

The drama goes up and down. Many gaps in the logic of the story and the lavish production makes the whole separates itself from the possible much too much to follow. It's another superpower film, in short. The actors had difficulty doing their job. It all looks like a teenage project on a multimillions dollars budget. Flop.

The Man Who Knew Too Little

This is a kind of spoof that was done before but always fun. This one is well done enough. I think it's the best of Bill Murray I've seen in the past 14 months. The action is going quickly and the way they set Murray to come out unscathed and victorious all the time is unexpected often and hilarious often enough. Joanne is pretty funny also. Some predictable moments, dull moments, and too dumb bandits moments were not enough to yawn and give up, the film tended to bounce right back into it.

The Conjuring 2

At first, I thought, yeah, scary ghost looks like easy going. But it improved along the way. It turns into an exorcist film with lots of parallel with the true story. The film is well grounded with numerous references to the true story (which was surely a make-believe) with arguments for it being a fake being counterargumented at several occasions. The film of course diverge and becomes more supernatural with many unexpected things happening. Great special effects. Great acting. The girl often looks like she's having fun being scary, just like in the real story, which makes us and the exorcisors doubt of the possession. Even a video would put doubt just as there was in real life. The film is hence rather intelligent and I really enjoyed it. My frissons of fear were often mixed with frissons of pleasure. So strange and unusual. I also had fun comparing this to Ghost Whisperer, the famously good TV show. (You're stone, Rolling Stone.)

To Life (À la vie)

Three survivors of Auswitz death camp finally find each other and meet at a beach town in France. Knowing the horrors of wwII, at many times in the beginning, which was supposedly shortly after the war, the acting was less than cheery. Maybe it was supposed to be lame after the war, with so may death. But usually, it is played like great joy. This is based on a true story of survivors that we get to hear in dvd extras. There we see out trio very smart, very passionate in their recollection, which contrast a little with the daily routine rendering of the film. The film was like a somewhat good time with friends lazying at the beach, but in the extras, I was edge of my seat each time they were describing their camp stories. All counted, nice film good for tv. The extras would have been so extraordinary if there was more of the war stories but even the little bits were fascinating.

Enemy Territory (Septembers Of Shiraz)

Kind of well done and realistic. It certainly kind of put us in the skin of the people stuck. And it was well rendered enough to feel like killing the one that put one drop too many of abuse in the glass. The story is quite biased on the side of the americanos and anti-Iran, if this is Iran. But it is just a composite of things that can and/or did happen in a revolution. A crappy revolution in this case.

The Last Witch Hunter

Terrible story. Boy all these superheroes and magic films go way over the top. At some point, it doesn't have anything in common with normal life and yet the buddies and bandits are clichés to the max. So this like a western with fantasy clothings. The fantasy seems cooked up randomly without solid roots, like the tree in the film, it comes and goes. Good acting and special effects keep two stars for the film. Dismally epic.

Inside the Court of Henry VIII

TV recap of the infamous king of england. Explains many motivations and consequences but the authors pretend that some consequences were good for democratie and freedom, which is rather delusional. Protestantism rising because of english bibles... First time of hiring people for their qualities... totally ridiculous! The roman empire was talking vernacular (latin) and was extremely adept at employing great artists, builders, etc. The romans were so good that after their fall, the quality of all workmanship dropped to dismal levels for several hundreds of years, until renaissance. They even go as far as taking credit for the USA! The USA, a country that had no qualms destroying all native tribes, taking their lands and riches, putting them in reserves and giving them deadly diseases! This english film shows once again the extent of the english delusion. History is just so full of shameful stories, only the devil can take pride in them. So are these englishes. I am sure there are some good englishes somewhere, that were not massacred by their own powers that be, I mean.

The Architecture of Doom

Pretty good with a lots of tidbits of original footage. This film goes over quite a bit but still only brushes over so many things. Nice review and tv watchable.


Excellently done. Funny characters all. Really fabulous but not as good as Coraline, storywise. There are some school overused clichés though. Here I noticed a lot of good humour with one other snag, the pilgrims are contrite. It makes it look like they whitewash their murder of past, and the witch is like evil but easily turned around. But it is a child film and there is humour in these facts as well.

Search for the Real Mt. Sinai

Just boring and cheaply made. Basically, tv film that could have gone through the arguments in 30 minutes. Here are arguments contrary, just for fun:

Drowning by Numbers

Some sort of strange fiction film, instead of science fiction. Being english, this is of course killings, done by psychopaths that don't care about the other psychopaths that they all are. The english way has always been psychopathic, it was simply not called that before. At least there was Joelly, the so goody-looking one, in bathing suit and half off a couple of times. The film also reminded me of some female version of sketches by the Monty Pythons.

The King's Speech

Not too bad for a tv movie. Good acting. If this wasn't some sort of important person, not sure there would be any interest in it. It goes well with the lost prince or the forgotten prince, the story of his brother afflicted with epilepsy. Meh, inbreeding. The royals solved that problem in the last two generations.

Marshland (La isla mínima)

Excellent storyline of a police investigation where the police is not all so outsmarting the bandits, quite the contrary. The whole town has a mean streak, but it wants the killer(s) done with. The mother helps the investigation tremendously from the start, then the local mob and others in exchange of favours. In the end, the cops and others rally heroically to a not typical resolution. It beats all murder mysteries I've seen to date. Very well done. Gripping. Intriguing.

Miss Evers' Boys

Just saw this old film about a so-called experiment where the doctors would forbid treatments to patients because they were african-americans and to prove they would die the same way that white people would die. This would be absolutely unethical today. It was at the time but being unethical is what the english invasion was all about. The invasion was not possible any other way. Just think about it. Now that the large majority is assimilated, they can relax a notch. Well,pretty good film. Good tv film, well acted. True story. In the synopsis, they say that some were injected with syphillis but in the film, it was not clear that they were injected with it. It is rather inferred that they all had it already. I find it hard to believe that they would infect people a deadly disease without consent and without treatment in the 1930s, although the englishes are known to have done much worse to the natives before. Mmmh, it's possible. And a look online shows that it did happen. It makes sense now that so many people believe 9-11 was a government plot from the start.

The Looking Glass

This felt a lot like a tv movie. All nice, all sweet, dramas, so so acting. The film stays even all along though, pacing itself and we just need to let ourselves floating down the river until we make it to the ocean. Faking was good enough. The grandma was doing pretty good though. It was good to see a very old one with a sharp mind to the end.

He's Just Not That Into You

Flip phones and reference to myspace sounds so past millenium but this was just 7 years ago. I'm not sure if I have seen this before or if the old jokes are my type, but this film looked very familiar. In any case, I found it hilarious often enough. But boy, did this sounded outdated many times. As romantic story, it is null, but as comedy, it works great for me. Hahaha!


Very slow burning film. The whole film is about the acting. A guy see a doubleganger that wants to use the ressemblance to be a doublebanger of his girlfriend. What to do but then be the doublebanger of the other guy wife? In real life, twins that never knew each other don't act like this. They become family. This film, it is explained a little, is about one guy with some insane double personality, one being killed. But the film does not give clues to that effect. It confuses us first into showing these are two different guys. I'm not sure I understand the spider thing. Looks like wives are spiders catching their male counterparts in their webs and in the end, she got recognized as she is. With all the insanity related to life in couple, I'm happy to be single. I make conversation to my walls and that is enough relationship... hahaha!

Kubo and the Two Strings

This fim is definitely extraordinary in many ways. It's made by englishes but captures the spirit of Japan, according to many japanese people and experts, some working for the film, as we see in the extras. The story is quite original, although contains some déjà vu elements of epic proportion. The end is on par with the rest of the work, intelligent, humourous, original and beautiful, with lots of sense. The extraordinary production is stop motion with cgi additions. Really well done, surpassing what I have seen before. I am writing this while listening to the commentary. The commentary is super-licked, it looks like it was written with an incredible amount of details. It sounds like a sport match description with references to who does or did what. I watched the french version of course. Sorry to the english voices. The french did very well thank you. The whole is overwhelming with high quality work.

Rock the Kasbah

Sorry to say but comedy in Kabul, where we see the devastation and the real tensions did not work well. There was some effort made but the subject did not go well. Plus, the english trying to show the locals was just one more level of insulting or demeaning. It just could not be very funny. It was however somehow informative of the local places. We could feel there, although I can't be sure where it was filmed.

Without a Clue

I was expecting something dumb but it was not. Pleasantly surprised that the film had many clues we could understand and play along. Of course it was a bit like Batman, but not all that impossible to guess. Many ironic jokes that were the most obvious at the beginning and then got smarter as we went along. Rather light and funny. Well put together. Scenes with shooting and fire were looking very realistic. Bravo, old chaps!

My Blue Heaven

This film is getting outdated but is still standing. It is pre-Soprano, when mobsters were still viewed as the cool guys, while the reality is so different. Basically, the cops here don't have any smarts and especially not street smarts, while the mobsters have all and can show them in a very friendly manner. The cop in Sopranos suicided after he realised he was informing a mobster and the house with the nice free-spirited women were just a whorehouse all on the mobster tab! Lovely mobsters don't exists, they are rather dangerous psychopaths and their loveliness is their smokescreen. Some scenes are stealing the show though, like the dancing lesson that finishes with a shooting. That is why the film is still standing and get one half star more than it would otherwise.


Overrated film about the super powers of insanity. Not making much sense that a guy with superpowers or thinks he does, would be out of money and still want to produce a theatre show. The production is very good but they lost me with their nonsense.

Closer To The Moon

The group of jews could not live peacefully after the war. They were heroes of the country but still jews, hence easily expendable. When several of the group just got that, they brew a plot to disparage the government at the risk of their lives. They got everything they wanted including.... but I'll leave that out of my comment, the film is worth watching. I still can't help thinking though that psychopathy is the annoying robotisation keeping the world a hellish place. Viva la revolutione!

Zero Dark Thirty

Self -righteous and a bit psychopathic film about the motivations to kill. Make a point killing, revenge killing, army killing. Don't say the englishes don't know how to find a target and do a proper assassination after this. We better not mention anything about Iraq. Film very mechanical, this murder, that plosion, more murders. The story is very cinematic but leave off so much. Hail the englishes! The best invader ever. With the freedom to kill. At will. Wherever you are....

Sin Nombre
Sin Nombre(2009)

Gangsters and immigration mix up in this dramatic tale that reminds me other stories, maybe even classic stories. I don't think this is very real. The critics are over rating it probably because it makes the englishes look good. It sure makes the bandits look bad though, as it should. Stupid mafia.

The Lost Prince

Somewhat touching story of the prince that lived a short life. Epilepsy kept him out of the family business and he had trouble learning and following. Meh, we play with the cards we are given (although inbreeding spoils the hand) and prince or not, it can be difficult. However, the prince was certainly as spoiled as can possibly be. The film epoch is very well recreated and we can witness the historic events unfolding related to the royal family. This in itself is worth the watch.

Ma ma
Ma ma(2016)

Very dramatic. Overly dramatic dramas that compound each other in a too nicely imbricated story. Very well put together though. Well acted. It's more a state of mind of a film than a story telling film. Toward the end though, it looked progressively more and more homer-sexual.

Jupiter Ascending

This is a superhero tale again. Or it could the One and oner (instead of dumb and dumber). Mila's got the comedic streak in this film. Not a serious venture but an over the top alien invader or rather alien owner and harvester of us all. I guessed right away that we were eating soylent green in this. Well the rich aliens are. Plenty of special effects and a story out of this world that does not grip. It amuses. Too many species. By Jove!, Jupiter is not livable, even with their techno, not one thing makes sense! Not enough hilarity to compensate. Does not compare to The matrix.

The Master
The Master(2012)

There's an original story. Not too sure where it was going and not too sure where it went exactly. Some sort of hypnotic tale of life into adulthood maybe. At first, I thought this was going to explain the creation of the Scientology. But no, it diverged into trying to find some solution to mental issues. Or to make money trying and winging it. Excellent acting and reenacting of the epoch.


Not quite Unforgiven, Forsaken has some things going for it. The hero is small size and having remorses. The evil guys are land grabbers and murderers, like Americans are. There are some good shootings. The story has a footing in history. The story is intelligent and stands. The acting is great. The most unlikely thing is at the end when the hero comes to kill the bad guys. One would think the bad guys would be more ready for him and plain kill him. But of course this would be a downer compared to the satisfying ending we get. The whole film hence feels small and cute like the hero. It was probably much small and cute in small town real life though.

God's Not Dead 2

Low budget church tv film! Hey I didn't know the englishes could bring up catholic arguments in defense of Jesus existence. With the discoveries of the gospels of Judah and of Mary-Magdalene, it is a certain fact now, no doubt about it. In the film, the poor teacher is being bashed badly for mentioning Jesus words in class, as honest answer to a faithful question. I sure hope the englishes are not that bad in real life! I found the whole thing strange from people that rejected religion in the first place. Strange but interesting, in a strange kind of way.

45 Years
45 Years(2015)

Strange film. A french film in english, in england even. All talk and psychological. Not a single bombing or murder in this. One dog wailled a bit at one point.


Revenge story. Some evil rich boy loses cherish girl because of what someone said and set a complex plot of revenge. Complex and long-term since it took 15 years to set it up correctly. Pretty good acting. Outlandish à la Quentin Tarantino. Real-looking blood. Not likely to happen in real life, although similarly themed revenges are probably common.

River of Grass

A psychopathic mother of two can't stand home life anymore and hookup with a lazy imbecile that found a gun on the side of the road. The gun was actually lost by the policeman that happens to be the dad of the psychopath mom. The pair is awfully inept at being bad as much as they were at being good. Funnily, all the african-americans in the film are more intelligent and law abiding than the whities. Digitally enhanced make the film's colours look normal.


This film is not quite about Bobby as about a snapshot of an idyllic view of the USA in the 60s, a time of transformation. All the subplots are the film and maybe an inspiration to make the TV series Mad Men that ran for about 8 years. The film's feeling is very mad men but maybe a bit too idyllic. Good thing the mood changes right at the end! Haha! The film has much subplots but nothing about the several CIA operatives present. Were they there to make sure the assassination would occur as prepared? I'm also a bit surprised that no one in the Kennedy's camp thought that could happen, after his brother assassination and the many assassinations of the time. Great cast, great acting, good reenactment with some actual footage of the time.

The Fifth Estate

The critics are a bit harsh. I found this film very absorbing and could not stop it for the whole two hours. Not a dull moment. Excellent acting. The light seemed well put on Wikileaks and reveals the issues and tensions between the ideas and the people. The film ends with Wikileaks being squarely betrayed by Daniel Berg and the french guy in charge of the servers. Wikileaks was very important to reveal how much of assholes the powerful people really are. From the soldier to the chief in command and all in between. Assholes doing crimes all the time and only a few aware and able to leak i.e. inform the world. National security is always in danger when the people in charge keep jeopardizing it while pretending they provide security. If they were providing security without relying so much on power and violence, there would probably be much less dangers to security around the world. I am not just talking about the governments, but all forms of power. It seems there was unfortunately a grave lack of information about what happened with ISIS, leading to such misery over there. It feels a lot like the situation was allowed to rot to the point where the military was given carte blanche to extirpate ISIS. I think the military victory is not a convincing argument in itself. It's simply the most powerful one(s) making the rules.

The Odd Way Home

Odd film. A sort of road movie for the odds. It's a road movie where a couple forms unwittingly, and kind of reluctantly discovers they are much better together than when they were not. Intelligence is somewhat redefined by our two characters. Both have strength and weaknesses that very much complete the other. I don't know autism, but this film seems to depict one autistic guy relatively well. I don't know beaten bi... heu, girl, well, but this film seems to depict one beaten one relatively well. I think the acting was pretty good and the story was making enough sense. Some beating were good for the english karma and there was a gun, for it is in the USA. This was very interesting. Like a film about aliens trying to adapt instead of invading. Like ET! And they found a home. Aaaaawh.

The Way Back
The Way Back(2011)

Tough very realistically made story of Siberian prisoners that escaped through a very long trek in beautiful and unforgiving landscapes of incredible variety. Heartbreaking but visually extraordinary. Definitely worth seeing a second time.

V for Vendetta

Comic book story of a super Guy Fawkes giving hell to the power that be, which happens to be a sort of dictatorial funny guy preying on the population, in a futuristic england. The story is too much fantasy but Natalie is so good in it, she ankors it very well. Considering how Guy Fawkes was hated by englishes, it is surprising that a Catholic rebel could inspire so much.

The English Teacher

Very funny right from the start but the story is a bit strange. This is not your regular love story, not linear at all. It is actually getting quite difficult mid-film. You can throw romantism through the window. The english teacher still ends up a bit selfless and delusional in a nice kind of way, with some sexual appetite rather unfulfilled.

3 Blind Saints

TV comedy movie for kids. Much too fake and implausible. The saints seemed a bit too homersexual for my taste though. There were some good bits at times. I watched it in accelerate, I could not otherwise. Felt a lot like a 1970s comedy, very outdated, except for the "black" (african-americans) presence.


Pretty good effort at putting light into abuses by USA's autorities over the small farmers. The film also brings light on both sides of the issues. Some farmers wanted nothing to do with licences and were overly abused in return. The FDA then sporadically made all out swat teams assaults on health food stores to confiscate their produce. Very good arguments put forward toward small efficient farms, intelligent farming, compared to mass production. Some farmers have it quite right. Joel Salatin in particular makes perfect sense and his arguments win on all aspects. It is now getting obvious that monoculture is weakening food safety and health in many ways. Long term sustainability and efficiency without artificial additives are the goals for the future. I'm not saying GMO are to be banned, they could be useful, but...
Added note: DVD extras contain a commentary by Sarma MelnGailis which was the subject of a Vanity Fair article this month, for stealing millions from her business and investors with her husband and going on the lam. We can see now what a psychopath looks like at about the time she met her husband. There was something not quite right with her already.

The Masked Saint

Low budget tv film for kids. The story kind of hold together. Looks a lot like batman without a computer and a bat cave. Plus he's poor and does phoney wrestling, which is mentioned in the film, so they don't take us for complete suckers. Still not very religious to have a priest fighting to make money to help the church so they are stretching the faith very thin, even for englishes. Definitely a saturday morning tv film for kids that watch WWF phoney wrestling. Light hearted film though.

The Sugarland Express

Rented this one on Spielberg's and and Goldie Hawn. Now I realise that I've seen it a long time ago on tv. Or bits of it. Definitely crazy story of young delusional couple, especially the girl, searching an escape... It seems far fetched for something of a true story. And the film embellished the story, added events, to be able to make a full length film. The chase of hundreds of vehicles is true though. The killing also. They were not going for a child but other relatives. They clearly were too naive to realise that their own kind was much more blood thirsty than they were themselves. Reminded the OJ chase for a while.

Crossing Over

This is like a cliff notes of what can happen in the USA related to immigration. You know, all these desperate people that suck up to the english invador. Well they better suck up anyway or else. The film had a nice balance of the evil on every side. USA is the perfect place for that. Why want so much to be in the USA? To be out of garbage country and have the opportunity to be anything of course. Don't mind the shootings!


Crazy story of an english in africa that lives with lions, tigers, cougars, pumas, elephants. Family comes visit and are scared until they find that all these killers are sweet. Cute ending. Does not look dangerous to live with these animals in the end, in spite of what the guy that made the film said on the radio. Very simple film. Incredible shots. Filmed in California at the Shambala reserve. Dvd extras about the making of the film answer many questions about the film. Many people bit, scratched, and otherwise hurt during the filming, including the alpha male Mr Marshal (human playing the dad). There were several hospital stay, stitches, and some operations. This was the end of the naive 70s.

American Sniper

Very well done. The wife goes so far as praising Bradley in uncertain terms. He eerily impersonates the sniper. Good story, not too USA, savior of the world. Clint Eastwood does a great job to avoid any political or moral argument except for a few hints that all is not so great in this war. We only see the tip of the iceberg of Chris's story. The great bits, the strifes, the family. It's not too surprising that the USA make what is in fact a glorified assassin into a war hero. "He saved so many lives", well yeah, by killing even more! Only the USA lives count of course. When wecompare the lives of the people on the terrain to the US soldiers, these have it hard. The US never had to fight a better armed and better organised army at home. They no doubt fear this so much, that they have no scrupules imposing it on others. Hey, war is never at home this way.

1,000 Times Good Night

Wife and mother photographer goes where no one wants to go to record awful events, war time events. Hubby is all against it and it becomes a case of divorce.Hubby does not have much love, frankly. Maybe even a bit psychopathic himself. Juliette contributed significantly to the film story as well. Well done, excellently acted. I'm still all peeved at this story. Grrrr.

Paper Towns
Paper Towns(2015)

The film is not all that bad. Adventurous cute girl a bit insane and psychopath get the love of a standard nerdy neighbour. In your sight, in your mind. Interesting follow up though when she disappears while leaving clues. It unfortunately reminds me of all the aboriginal women that get killed going away from home. And that is like Psycho, come to think of it. Back to the film, the story becomes more believable as a teenage adventure toward the ending. I also found the dvd extras and the commentaries fun to watch and listen, as well as informative.

2 Fast 2 Furious

So fake and dangerous. Girls are plenty cute though but we mostly see guys. Cars are a bit silly. The blue light under? It did not look like blue fire. I had something to do and stopped watching in the middle of it. Not sure if I will watch the end for the races.

50 to 1
50 to 1(2014)

Boy the tomatometer is harsh on this one. The film is not a super production, rather a bit underdog like the lucky guys who got the miracle horse. Of course, the best horse race had to be made into film. This one is a tv movie, not all that sticking to the true story. I didn't find it full of clichés.

The Aviator
The Aviator(2004)

Nice production of an icon of the usa. Hughes was huge. Great reenactments of the crashes. His life was certainly more complex than the film depicts. Leonardo does great but I see the guy much differently, much more down to earth. They do not show us how he was flying, really. His sickness is well explained in the dvd extras but I'm not sure I believe it all that much. I think this is a case of the mob, just like Elvis and Orson Welles. They get spoiled and manipulated by the mob and slowly sink into crappiness. Whatever is their own crappiness.

Playing for Time

We follow a group of female death camp prisoners making it through in a rag tag musical band. This is not quite realistic except for some details. We see them a bit diseased but still too well off and not half as worried as should be. The film is a bit of cinema about it. Maybe a bit of moquery with a lesbian temptation. The germans do not look very dangerous but they had bit of footage of the time to help us imagine the way it was.

The Times of Harvey Milk

Very good round up of the life of H. Milk surrounding his rise to the city of San Francisco council in support of the homosexual life style. He was the most outgoing and outspoken of them all, making humourous and compelling arguments in defense of homos. It was a fight and the conservative side did not like losing the battle at the mayoral offices, forcing Dan White to go back in position. DW was refused and HM actively pressured the mayor to refuse his reinstatement. DW somehow lost it and killed the ennemies, the mayor and HM. Good extras in the DVD that brings more light to the situation at the time and many other supporting characters.

Pitch Perfect

Kind of watchable post-high school film very cutesy and sometimes creepy about some a-capella comps. Girls vs boys group. The boy group was so superior. Sexy girls but mostly lesbians. Light story but with a funny beat that was hanging on. Of course the girls underdog had to make a good comeback. Funny extras on the DVD.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Hellboy 2)

Surprisingly good funny action. Selma, girl, cute, was a nice touch. The action is all good, good efffects and a story that held together. It's a bit strange and creepy at times but all in good fun. Many good ideas.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1

The hunger games series improves with the sequels. There are a few lame bits much too standard to have been placed in there. The return for the cat was one, although the last line of it made it work out. Lame but so human. I love how the heroin is more heart than brains and seems manipulatable sometimes. This to compare with Peeta, apparently manipulated at the other end. It's a bit, female warrior vs male warrior. The male having the upper hand and the female wanting to fight more. The futuristic war is very well thought and played. We are not too sure how it will develop in the next installment. Will they have the Panem (male) be a fuller evil vs the female side, the good side (the dress is so important!). So far, we see the point of choosing to endure Panem and peace rather than war and much more bloody murder. The bitc... hem female side chooses to fight in consideration that Panem is too killy already. Well done and kudos to all involved and Jennifer that is so yummy looking. I would never want to wage war against her.

A Prophet (Un prophete)

Certainly well done gangster film. But jeez, gansters are stupid idiots. I don't know about the title, probably ironic and referring to a lucky encounter with deers maybe. I guess, good to learn about gangsters without having to suffer first hand. Boy, would I have this bunch of morons arrested! Oh wait, they were already in jail most of the time. Psychopathy at its best.

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

I must be becoming blasé. It was fun but still not as much as the second of the series. It looks like a reboot rather than something original. The fresh blood is good but too obvious at times. Certainly good for children though. The old characters are looking awfully tired. They seemed like a last-minute add-on. It was rather sad to see. Luke was only flying a jet. The whole thing was a bit empty of meaning. Like a new iphone that does simply a tiny bit more of the same. I think the prequels were more sharp. I guess they had to make this one to pass on the torch.

Flowers in the Attic

This film is too much. The effort is dramatically funny like a dark comedy. It's a cruel joke. An Ann Frank adventures in attics. We can imagine that story possible but the rendering is not convincing enough to fall for it. Kiernan was hitting the right notes though. The little kids were not too bad. It's kind of crazy but the actors and the text was not quite crazy enough. Not creepy enough either. This would have worked better played like Psycho, but how much can you ask kids to play that way... definitely challenging.

Irrational Man

Well done, well put together. The attraction of the beautiful student toward the old prof seems a bit outlandish. Maybe comical even. Joaquin nails the role though and we see the psychopath being revealed. Funny psychopath not all that good at being evil. This is some sort of comedy of course. Plenty enjoyable.

Monsters University

The university movies are a dime a dozen. A bit formulaic. The monsters have to prove themselves to be scare worthy. It's a prequel so the monsters had not yet found that laughter was paying more. Whatever... it's watchable and the animations are really getting great. Textures and all.

Rhymes For Young Ghouls

The story is about how relentless abuses and ignorance is fertile terrain for more abuse and ignorance while creating a drive for a mafia style mob enterprise. This is how the mafia started probably in sicily. Well, it is not brilliance for sure. Stupid mafia and stupid police go so well together. Well made film with stunted characters and/or probably psychopathic. A bit hypnotic.

Dazed and Confused

Somewhat realistic depiction of teen ages in the mid-70s. A bunch of now well-known actors play in this confusing film about nothing. Carrie would almost fit in there. Kids seems quite decent with the usual ones endulging their excessive desires of violence and that get come-upenced. The actors look almost all young enough to be in high school and most of the actions and reactions are very typical of the age. A real flash from the past filmed in 93. DVD included real flashed from the past: crying indian, anti-marihuanna and VD ads that gives the creeps and make you laugh. Ads were not very subtil at the time, and did not involve much thinking most of the time. The anti pot ad was particularly inefficient, must have been made by pot-heads!


Nice creation, a bit crazy. The minions would the perfect suck-ups since they always doom the most despicable masters, and they seek just that kind of master. It has a flavour of descendants of french royals escapee in england after the french revolution. It is kid-silly most of the time, so surly a good time for them. I admit I slept through a bit of it but woke up early enough to not miss any of the the London-damaging ending.

Shaun the Sheep Movie

Excellent film with great animation almost fully bilingual. Great work! Good story a bit reminiscent of some french and pink panther comedies of the 70s. A smart group of sheep and friends want to save their owner after an accident they provoked by being a bit overly smart. What's not to love? First class animation and rendering. Intelligent story.

Cemetery of Splendor

Strange film not without charm. The film displays the strangeness of the human animal. It tends to think things as immuable, immortal. It built here a palace that a flood took away. Some souls can feel the past objects, some souls have never left this place. Strange animals inhabit this place.

Your Highness

Good production and effects but bad teenage jokes made me feel creeped out quite a bit in this film. I still give it a three for the entertainement and Nathalie and Zoé that are a bit dirty though. But so beautiful. I don't know why, but this seems to have homersexuality plastered all over, adding the creepiness. Bleh.

Patrick's Day

This film is very well done. It starts annoying and moves into sappiness but don't get fooled, it is top drama in a personal scale. The same mentality dictatorships employs is applied in this familial misadventure. There are parallels with horror movies. The fight for revolution. The liberation. The climax and anticlimax of freedom. All elements are well put together to follow a terrible arc. Love is not what we think, hate is not what we think. Stupidity is everywhere and not always only where it is obvious. Insanity and psychopathy float and affect all the protagonists. Our hero is the one stamped retard but he is the one with the heart in perfect order. Terrible story and our hero must overcome the most omnipresent and ominous evil of all: his mother. He will be damaged before she outgrows her own insane stupidity. The film would gain if it had subtitles.

About Time
About Time(2013)

This film is almost the TV series in Canada about a girl opening doors to change her past. Here we have a guy where all the family men get to travel in the past whenever they want after they reach 21 years old (I think). The nerd gets to cheat all he wants in life but he still get to learn valuable lessons, and us too. It is a nice comedy, well done, and the authors thought well of almost all of the situations we would think of. Very well thought and thoughtful. Of course this is still cheating to get the girl(s) or learning why not to get some. Nice music. Must work well for date film.

Princess Mononoke (Mononoke-hime)

This is an older animation from the studio and now I am spoiled with much better stories in the recent ones. This film still demonstrates they are very capable animators and the story is still good enough. But starting midway, it get a bit tiresome and too fighty.


It is a cheap TV movie but the acting, the story, the settings in particular, are all incredibly realistic. We feel the tensions very well. Romero was killed in 1980, the DVD and film mentioned 1989, but the civil war continued unti 1992. The film may have contributed to end the hostilities. It is depicting how harsh the conditions were and how violence begat more violence. Wikipedia says the issue now is gang wars. I wish them to find peace some day.

The Words
The Words(2012)

The film is tolerable but its construction is not helping. Is it a story inside a story or not? There are some good points and some bad points. We see many errors by many characters. Nice exercise but not a top film. Very nice bits in France, filmed in Canada! Beautiful girls. Totally watchable but also annoying.

Norwegian Wood

Slow paced film following a guy that feels rather country hanging with one girl feeling rather down and rock and roll once and another girl hanging with him feeling up and rather rock and roll all the time. The film is a bit trippy with pleasant music. Seems to be about the angst of growing adult. And the temptation of rock and roll. Rock and roll being a relief from the angst of growing adult and closer to death I suppose. The film is some sort of beauty, a beautiful pain that wants to linger and take some away. The survivors are into rock and roll. Some sign of psychopathy amongst the characters that would explain much..


As much as like to watch Christina, this film went a bit too low. Jokes a bit too cruel sometimes. There were some good moments but so many creepy and crappy ones. Christina was definitely doing the best.

Apostle Peter and the Last Supper

It looks like a tv movie. Not looking very real. More like a religious comic book, it might follow the official story but not sure it is knowing of all the data about the story. Son of god worked out much better I think.

Human Capital

Nice story presented from three viewpoints. It has been done before but not sure in europe. Very well produced and acted. People here are complex but still choose what is best for themselves and have not too many scrupules. Except maybe the one that provokes the accident, but then again, he provoked an accident that was grave.

Accidental Love

This comedy is not serious at all. Maybe too playful. I still wasn't bored and liked all that crazy stuff worthy of Saturday Night Live. Jessica is so beautiful and delightful in this.

Just Henry
Just Henry(2011)

This was starting like the pro-english film an I was finding it suckish. It veers sharply into drama, with soapy intrigue, but rendered in a realistic way. Nice work.

Gomorrah (Gomorra)

The mob at work. This film is incredibly realistic. We simply follow the mob's work in a city. We learn a lot. I didn't know the mob had welfare. Good luck delivering it though. It's like normal society, except more murderous, more rotten, more back-stabbing, more lying. Same but more worse. Just imagine society run by idiots and psychopaths. That is this film.

Age of Heroes

War film a bit short in people. It has a very realistic and unrehearsed tone that is best during the shooting sequences. We feel right there with the bullets flying around. Otherwise, it feels like a tv movie at times. The music is annoying and distracting as if the drama was not obvious enough. The insane things done at war do not amount to much heroism though, when you think about it.


Jennifer was really quite a cutie. It a crazy muppet film, filled with crazy characters. Never seen it before. Quite ridiculus at the beginning and many other times thoughout, which could be a quality for a comedic film. Great set and animations.

Inside Llewyn Davis

Crazy film. The Coen brothers choose to follow a city rat that is not a bloody murderer but one that can handle a guitar. Still bad decisions after bad decisions the rat makes it through the film alive and keeps friends all along, even after biting them. A beautiful pet rat.

5 Broken Cameras

Very powerful real life depiction of the abuses and the constant oppression the Palestinians have to endure in their own land. Who thought the arabs could be so much more Christian than the jews? Here we see the jews at their worst. They are stealing, destroying, beating, killing, emprisoning and they have no real reason to do so. I don't know many people that could endure this without fighting back in the most violent ways. Palestinians are not free and deserve so much more. It is now known that Zionism is simply Nazism with jew flavor. These jews are not religious at all, they are psychopaths with the licence to kill and abuse as they wish. All jewish "settlers" should be removed from the land and their houses either dismantled, destroyed or recycled as Palestinians homes. It makes me think of the invasion of America by englishes but without smallpox available. Bloodily outrageous!

Dormant Beauty

Certainly complex and realistic. Apparently bits are taken from a real case. Some bits of stories seemed to come from a futuristic film, a bit dystopian. All the people looked a bit too sure of their own views.

Tokio Fiancée

Amélie Nothomb remise à l'écran. Une autre aventure extra, ordinaire et fabuleuse d'Amélie au Japon. Très plaisante fille pleine de beauté arrive au Japon pour s'y établir et rencontre immédiatement un garçon qui prend ses cours de français particuliers. Le garçon est très aimable et attentionné mais notre héroïne, toujours en mal d'aventure, hésite alors que le tremblement de terre suivi du tsunami frappe sans vergogne. Elle est renvoyée comme une intruse et elle ne peut s'incruster davantage. J'attend avec impatience le retour d'Amélie dans une prochaine aventure niponne. ;-)


Definitely a kid film. Easy plot to follow, with nice enough everyone and most of the bad guys. Not sure about the nun thing but the plot used her powers of communication to get the bandits. The whole is rather light and sometimes comedic, with a nice heart. And some nicely placed french points. I wasn't bored and I didn't even roll my eyes at the simplicity. I rather found it cute and lovely and was never sure of the ending exactly.

When Marnie Was There

Rather sweet and sad story well drawn. Glad they had a french version this time, which is the one I saw. I thought it was going toward lesbianism, which it might in fact, with all the girls in it, but it is about imagining a ghost from memory. Very nice mystery, not too complicated and making some sense of Anna's strange behaviors.

Better Off Dead

A high school comedy that goes higher than some of its outdated effects. Very high school minded and jokes that high schoolers would think of. The story has a nice progression. Funny how the top girl at the beginning feels so cheap in the end. Great effects with the french girl that sounds like a real french girl, and an incredible charm. That spiked the film with extra octane. The film is overall pushing the absurd fun enough to keep interest.

A Few Hours of Spring

This comes out to me as a simple theme TV movie. People with rather boring lives have some issues they have a hard time resolving. The mother is about to pass to the other side and chooses her time rather early, I found. Most people would spend fortunes to stay alive a few months. Well done though since I felt like a voyeur the whole time.

From Up On Poppy Hill

Definitely a nice old story like we would like to have lived. Plenty of nice characters. A natural connection. The whole is quite sensible and on an hopeful note. Talking note, the music is plain great and the great japanese song of the time that was so popular the world over (in many languages) comes up. No super powers!

Young Mr. Lincoln

Still totally watchable, the story starts slowly and develops into a murder trial. Huge surprise during the trial when the real killer admits to the killing. However, I see a cruel downside to this: the police trying to outsmart people they think are guilty by having them confess. Now we know that so many confessions are not real, we can only wonder if this would apply to the trial mr. Lincoln won... but in reality the witness did not kill his friend and the murderers simply were released because the witness lied about being able to see with the moonlight that night.

Sand Dollars (Dolares de Arena)

Not sure why the critics liked it so much. The film is interesting just by the beauty of the girl. Very good looking. The story is rather simple. Just a question of feeling the pain. Oh the pain of it all...

The Pianist
The Pianist(2002)

It must be the most perfect reenactment of a second world war story. The sets, the actors the effects were all so well played, so complete, it is quite an achievement. Polanski outdid himself. The film itself was of a quality that added to the realism of an old story. The color were reminiscent of old stock films as well. The explosions, the bullets, the dead, the fear, the desperation, all with the feel of real. Very few, the times when we could see a glimpse where the film looked like a construction. This film is a masterpiece that honours our hero, a well known pianist.


How to live when the memory is gone? Write down notes that you follow practically blindly. The story runs backward to reveal itself. Like a maize, bits are revealed and the thread holds and turns and twist until we arrive at an explanation. Strange film but it works!

Tito and Me
Tito and Me(1993)

This comedy made a lot of sense to me. Very well done and believable story of the boy somewhat rebel of his family and of the group he went with for the love he had. Well, he ends up winning and leading the whole group except his lovely ex-girlfriend. And gets a personalised invitation by Tito himself with his group, the Tito marchgoers.

Terminator Genisys

Okay visuals with lots of computer generation. I agree with the critics though, the concept was not holding together anymore. And the villains were not making sense much. The time-loops thing was done better in another film I saw in the past months. Some good moments and the non-stop action made the time go by nevertheless.

The Painted Veil

Very romantic story in an ironic kind of way. Love developping in a background of war and disease, with the selfless doctor in an exotic country. Aaaah. Great acting, beautiful shots, nice french spicing. I have some slight issues with the depiction of locals sometimes resisting an idea they could have had themselves. Otherwise the whole thing is well thought and intelligent.

The Thin Red Line

Very good action. The philosophical musing however didn't work for me. I already thought enough about the silliness of them shootings, the effects of daily murders and mayhem. Clearly, war is for psychopaths. It should probably be a prerequisite to be a soldier. No conscience.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Very good story, very well executed. The film is fun if not delightful at times. The film is long even though many periods were just brushed over. I found it epic in length but not all that epic in story. Many of the things happening are a bit ordinary save the fact of the juvenation of Benjamin.

One for the Money

The very sweet and beautiful Katherine plays a bit goofy a chasseur de prime in need of help and of a guy. The film is not serious and not all that funny either. I would classify it a tv movie. Some good moments though.

North Country

Nice reenactment but the abuses seemed a bit over the top at times. I did not believe them all. The girls were incredibly unsupportive also to the class lawsuit. The daddy though was a good moment in front of the group. Shame on them all! Shame on them. Very nice and unusual side story with the boy.

The Great Beauty

Dazzling film making yes, but the story is rather thin. We follow a 65 years old and his musings for over two hours. Plenty of extraordinary events still leaves the story minimal. Too idle rich for me. Also seems very old age oriented.

The Duchess
The Duchess(2008)

The film is like a cliff note of her life. Really, there seems to be much more material to it, and not all that feminist. The duke is played in a sensitive way, but not sure it was so in real life. To me, this film hide psychopathy of many characters. Funny to learn in this tomato page that the future english royals will be her direct descendants.


I was overdue to see this. Pretty good animation. Irreverent story. Felt like I knew the characters from another movie or time.

The Rape of Europa

Very excellent documentary about the plundering of the arts of europe by the Nazis, and the return of most of it. Well documented with videos and photos of the time. Excellent narrative that brings us back. Must see.


Very well done and intelligent but this is a story of flaming liars and thieves. When thieves are rich, they don't have any redeeming value to me. I just wish they burn. Well the film has a bit of that so I was hooked enough until the end. The twists were not too numerous to me and I saw them coming in fact, except for the daddy and the girlfriend being a watch snatcher. A better end would be the thieves to lose all their stolen money. Sorry but I don't root for evil psychopaths of any kind.

The Summer Of Sangaile

I like flying and beauty and this film has both. It is a very charming story of growth into her own self, with wings! And with the help of some love. The film reminds me Dark side of the moon, in style and sound. A slow pleasure like a summer day.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Pretty good super heroic anti-hero film. Many original ideas. Kick ass story worthy of the Doctor, hehe. Very pro inter-racial and even inter-species relationships... Anti planet destruction. Pro union of criminal forces against evil. Very, good guys of the mafia meet up and make a team, kind of film. A sort of coming of age film, what.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas)

Good film for children. An introduction to the holocauste that is on the charming side, with the proper ending. I think it want us to feel naive like the world was before knowing about the ultimate solution. And then present us the efficient technique the germans developped to make jew soap. Use some pre-soap jews to calm and egg the future soap into the "showers". Must have been quite the anticlimax in real life as well.

Bart Got a Room

Teen age film not too awkward and much too jewish. Lots of bits rehashed from past millenium films. Still quite a bit of funny moments, although some much obviously staged. Amusing enough to make it to the end. Too sweet. See the old Carrie instead!

Lost In Translation

Sorry but, I did not like this too much. It felt a bit too forced from the beginning and even as jokes it felt flat for me. After that, the film seemed to rehash some 70s ideas about liberty, women lib theme. The right to fool around with anyone they meet. In another country, the choice being limited... I wasn't moved. I still think Sofia is cool though. Good effort. A french film.

Here Comes Mr. Jordan

Old classic I might have seen on tv once before. Man's soul stuck without a body is given one about to die to be able to continue with life prematurely interrupted. Some very good points made in this film that even now we have not seen often. The most crushing one is the original name of the soul would be forever forgotten while he would continue the fame of another man. The saxophone being carried in heaven and back on earth is the one clue that stand out well. Some ideas may have inspired Ghost Whisperer, the excellent tv series of a few years back.

The 11th Hour

Strange film. Strange people. Rather experimental film about a woman, a bit insane but rich and in high position, wanting a baby. She tries in different ways and it all fails. Only a miracle could do it and that is what happens. Maybe it is some sort of fairy tale for post-menopausal women. Some events in the film may have happen in real life, and that is sure sad.


Interesting reenactment. I would have thought it was a flop film but I was not bored at all. Very nice strange twist when Nixon actually motivates Frost during a private phone call. Probably his conscience, under the influence of alcohol, made him do it. It changed the resulting interview.

The Good Lie
The Good Lie(2014)

Very good film, not overly dramatic, about very dramatic events in Soudan and some that found refuge in the USA. The tone of the actors and the film appears spot on. It has the feel of reality, harsh or nice. Not at all a hollywood rendering. Sober and convincing. Well, maybe the english bible carried in Africa was a bit unreal.


Nice little film with Bergman always so fabulous. She plays a beauty a bit easy to fool and weak in the mind. She made another thriller of the kind where her husband tries to make her crazy. Very good acting. It passes the test of time.

Promised Land

Looks and feels like a tv movie. The plot is too easy and even the twist was predictable at the end. Makes me feel like punching them all in the face, them english liars. Could work as tv film for kids I guess.

Patema Inverted

Is it a sin to fall into the sky? I'd don't know how to say it but this film was the top anime I saw in a long while. Very original and science fiction. Lovely heroes. Something simple and disturbing. Something earth shattering that robs the ground under your feet in more than one way, haha! Almost flawless, only some questions remain. It is a whole world that could revisited.

Dear White People

I did not get all the jokes and some parts seemed unfinished but the whole thing was charming beyond belief. I found most if not all characters so lovely, charming, intelligent and intellectual. I adored their intelligent fights. If the world was like this, all wars would end in record time. This film scrutinize the preconceived ideas we have about other cultures and about ourselves, and other cultures about their own selves. Lots of well-thought argumentations.

Don Jon
Don Jon(2013)

A small film well wrapped in a nice package. Joseph nails the character of the sexually overactive shapely guy that eats girls easily but never get one to stick... until he meets one that uses him and another more liberating. Lots of hilarious situations in the first parts in particular.

Tuesday, After Christmas

Not much happening but the actors are incredibly good. Really feel like spying on a break up slowly unraveling. Or is it a change of wife. It's a turtle changing house, for a smaller one, mind you. No blood, no murder suicide, just a change of house. Married people, I'm telling you...

To The Ends of the Earth

Very english travel travails in a sail ship of old. The low down and the lower down of ship voyage, a hellish time that englishes mastered more than any others. The ship reenactments are very realistic and that gives the series most of its poise. We really feel like we see people at sea on a ship thrown on all sides. A bit of light with a cutie met mid-ocean provides something to look forward to, the main character, anyway. We see now why they were so desperate to displace the native and take away their land. The sea is hell that even the englishes can't live on all the time.


Excellent introduction to the evils done during the cold war in america. Engaging, lively cut. Believable killings with blood spatters. Good torture. Crazy messes. Pregnant woman in jail. Bloody film that seems to demonstrate that the evils were not pure and could in fact limit their insanity. Tough story for sure.


I am partial to epic stories of ancient times. It brings to life legendary characters. It is sad that the works of Hypatia were mostly lost. The film depicts all religions and religious people as easily manipulated into murder by their fanatics. Not sure how accurate this can be. The early christians had a woman disciple of Jesus and a version of her gospels was discovered not too long ago. This might have been known in Hypatia times so their anti-female rhetoric may not be that accurate. Hypatia seems to have been better than depicted in the film as well.

Saving Mr. Banks

There is an explanation for the reluctance of Mrs Travers and it had to do with her family. The film parallels her youth and the works of Disney to get her approval. Very well done, especially the Mrs Travers real life youth stories. It really got to me when the real Poppins came as the aunt of the author. It also explains very well the unavoidable attraction of the Disney films. One film did get to me through and through as a kid and I still remembers its touching bit. It was about a golden retriever, similar to the one I escaped in the woods once. The one I was with had a very beautiful rusty coloured coat. I starved before he did!


Many unusual bits in the story makes it worthy. Good french version. Very children oriented of course, with cruel adult elements. We're not sure Kit deserved Cinderella though, and the love at first sight is not all that working. It looks like Cindy was a prisoner in her mind and her only exit was by being taken out by the king. We blame her mother for asking her to be always brave and kind, including her abusers. Punches in the face would have been well advised! Cindy is certainly lucky and if they were all like her, all the others would have been out of luck!

One Love
One Love(2004)

Not quite what the tomato says and some images are are inaccurate. It's all coloured people and please drop the Romeo and Juliette comparison. It is a religious antagonism that is only too universal. Luckily, the antagonism is not hatred and ennemity. The whole thing is happening in Jamaica. Of course, nice ending.


Quite funny and Amy was the sexy work, mmmmh sexual rather. More naked guys than girls though. The falling in love didn't look all that real but the effort was good.

Fantastic Four

Very nerdy film. Tough plot to explain their powers. A villain with all powers get beaten too easily. I don't know why the comic book of the serie was popular. The whole thing is much too forced. Works as comic noir though. hehehe.

The Dove's Lost Necklace (Le Collier perdu de la colombe)

Exotic, beautiful. Old film that got me lost midway. Not sure the tomatometer movie info here is quite accurate. I found that the film might be about homer-sexuality, with the girl looking like a boy, and mostly acted with men and boys. There are films like that.

The Imitation Game

Excellent reenactment of the story of Turing, the homer-sexual and probably a bit autistic genius that invented the thinking calculator. It's hard to imagine now that homer-sexuals were hounded so much that a spy could blackmail one during war time! In any case, we really feel for the guy and the film get us to understand the hero enough to root for him. Plus they say he won the war two years earlier than otherwise. Not sure their claim can stand scrutiny though. It feels a lot like the englishes claims the win once more, when we know things turned around when Hitler chose to fight Russia. Meh, same mistake Napoleon did. Great film at the cusp of the digital age.

If I Stay
If I Stay(2014)

This is actually a remake of a french film idea of the 60s. A guy is slow mowing into a car crash and review all his life in a second. This is more slow and ghost-whispery but same idea. I found it nice and lovely exercise of a film. Could not guess where it was going, which was nowhere in particular!

Carnal Knowledge

Little film showing the progression of sexual desire over decades following two sad guys. Beautiful girls, but the film mostly sucks except for hilarious bouts. That film is so past millenium. meh.

The Man From Earth

Rather bad film for such a good rating. I was intrigued at first but when the guy declares having lived longer than anyone without being a vampire, it lost me. The discussions were not smart and I lost interest to the point of skimming through. It sounded like a cheap bible-oriented story and the spoilers revealed it was. If Jesus was alive, he surely would find ways to communicate to the world and not act like a bum.

Clear History

Silly and somewhat funny adventures of the guy that passes up millions and love because he is too opinionated, psychopathic, and criminal on occasion. Uneven acting. Some bits are a bit predictable.

Mrs. Henderson Presents

Very good story of beauty, moving the convention, war, and relationships. A nice and beautiful package that seems probable even though this is in england. The girls are so lovely on top of it.

13 Tzameti
13 Tzameti(2005)

Strong story, intelligent story, and apparently somehow based on truth. I had seen bits of this in other war films and did not believe people would agree to do this, but the extras had one player explaining it. Definitely nail biter although I suspected the hero would survive. Definitely a film noir not for the faint hearted. French film in black and white with english subtitles. Thumbs up for the film and down for the players and gamblers.

The Theory of Everything

Good subject and me being physicist originally, I was interested in this brilliant man. The story is great and the fact that he had such a good life and wife in spite of the crippling disability generate much hope for the world. Good sense of humour, appreciation for beauty, praising life where it counts are all qualities he has. His wife is just as worthy. I'm okay with englishes when they are good.

The Fault In Our Stars

Ado film. I did not like the narration by our heroine throughout the film. Story is good to follow though and knowing you'll die soon is always dramatic. Very annoying that it happens to children.

Layer Cake
Layer Cake(2005)

Mob story that holds water and sounds real. Well done. Even the bits that seemed not to make sense, did make sense in the end.

Son Of God
Son Of God(2014)

This is one of the best reenactement that sticks as much to the bible as possible and still delivers something believable. Even some miracles are believable. The acting was okay. People were all a bit too white but some were colored enough. I find the bible much too hard to read and this version of it was thoroughly enjoyable. The TV series is probably fine, then.

Return to Sender

Finally some girls takes control. Maybe a bit too much though. Control freak! haha! This is a fun little inexpensive TV film about the pleasure of the revenge. I think women in particular like it cold. Guys tend to fight back right away. It feels better. Maybe girls should learn to break the necks of their attackers instead of keeping it inside. Rosamund comes out very nicely and sexy as usual. Yummy!

Die Hard: With a Vengeance

I had seen this film when it came out and didn't recall. This film stands out the test of time very well. Over the top effects, unlikely story, a great thriller that grips enough to the end. Great villain. S.L. Jackson is sympa in this.

The Interview

Crazy story hilarious at times, and gross at times, silly all the time. The story somewhat does make sense and is not too North-Corea bashy. It was maybe a bit too lovey-dovey even.

Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian

A bit lame and so not accurate, I think. But Amy is such a beauty, and Hank Azaria is so hilarious. I still liked it enough.

Body of Lies
Body of Lies(2008)

The film seemed like a patch up job. The story not all that modern, actually felt like I've known it. Nice twist and nice ending but still felt déjà vu.

Gone Girl
Gone Girl(2014)

Excellent take on psychopaths, which are everywhere in engleland. The film plays in two parts. One is the murder mystery where we ponder the guilt. Two is the hilarious follow up of the murder set up and the risks associated with it. The finale is almost more chilling, when psychopaths find love. There could be a sequel: married with child.


Probably well acted but jeez the film is dark and creepy. It just sucked so much for me that even at double speed, I could not take it. Low sport, brutes. Not my type.

Kidnapping Mr. Heineken

Down on their luck normal psychopaths want to make a big criminal coup. They pull it off for a long while but not without unnerving goofs at the start. Can't think of everything! A good thrill ride with them psychopaths. Better than superheroes, that is for sure. Being based on a true story, I would not be certain on how the story would unfold. Great filming on location. I see there is an original dutch version that could be better.

Sophie's Choice

Holocaust story well done. Reenactments in europe worked up to a point. I get Sophie's guilt but she was sticking with the crazy guy because she lost her sanity herself at some point. The story had to end somewhere I suppose so the author chose death but I do not believe a survivor would give up life. Reality shows that they had a tendency to overaccomplish instead. As far as I know.


adapted Shakespeare (i.e. Oxford) keeping the language feels much too odd. It is more an explanation of the play than a film on its own. Pretty good explanation though. Shakespeare (Oxford) wasn't all that subtil and his story were crazy. Probably like the people in the english court.

Hoshi o ou kodomo (Journey to Agartha) (Children Who Chase Lost Voices)

Great animation. The story has some gaps of logic but it is an adventure worth seeing. A difficult film on the themes of death and separation. Very difficult. It shows some absurdities and abuses people do to reach goals or to obey the powers. Definitely a film to make you think. Good work.

Cas & Dylan
Cas & Dylan(2015)

Not too bad tv film. The actors are great of course and the story tries to avoid clichés and is almost believable. I think it was an old guy film but may be also little girl movie.

Star Trek Into Darkness

Decent story, characters, and production. Long film but could have been longer, some scenes jumping forward to the next with no padding. Some very good ideas, some remade from known stories. The helicopter killing of high rise is pretty much a remake of the true event of a mafia boss killing all the others the same way. It was also in some mafia films. Khan had it perfectly. Done well enough to watch it again in a few months or years.

The A-Team
The A-Team(2010)

Lots of action for sure, but not all respecting the laws of physics and probabilities rules. Nice team of characters. Story over-the-top improbable and impossible. I didn't know this was a TV series. Still good fun with some bits I have thought about as kid. I didn't know I was spied on for ideas at the time. Now I do!

The Girl on The Train

A bit of a tv movie. This film is strange noir, as the girl has the brains and the guys are in love and not too smart. The girl is smart enough to be believable though. The story ain't too bad either.

That Awkward Moment

Lots of awkward moments in the film, not just one. Very few good moments. I found the film strange. Like phoney guy date film and real girly film. The guys have an homersexual feel to them. And they still score bitches like nothing. Didn't work for me.

'Breaker' Morant

A bit old style but the story is harsh and well told. The englishes still comes up on top after the war so all is well for the owners of the planet! I would never call soldiers hero unless they never killed and saved some lives. When does that ever happens? Two on trials were certainly villains. War is villains against villains. Except maybe in America, where the villains were the englishes and the Iroquois.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1

This looks like the end is coming. Nobody is hurrying to the end. We have the time to enjoy the characters before the last adieu. With its fast and slow paces, it's length, this one feels epic. Only maybe a few clichés nags, like the nazi-like transformation of the magic world by Voldemort and his killers. This one feels more young adult overall.


This film has a good youth beat. The story seems familiar though, like an old french film. It spiral badly and quickly mid-stream. A bit too easy evil in the end and we're back at being buddy with the devil. bah.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

This one was irking me all along. Evil nerds. Estranged girlfriend. Creepy spiderman. Silly phoney good moments. No scientific value. Impossible return to normal with master switch (this was good as joke though). I am generous with the rating because I played along and they killed the girl. Good for her. Bad girlfriend, bad. Ha!

AVP - Alien Vs. Predator

Crazy story to get the Alien on earth and their natural enemies to fight them. The whole premise is too out of this world, and the whole thing plays like a super hero film. This may explain the renaissance of the superhero films.

American Hustle

Real englishes have a great way to lie and screw people up. This film is good at creating the story to follow them and try to screw up screwers. Only one unpredictable thing put a snag. Well, otherwise the film would have been predictable. One half star more for the extra, above the entertainment value.

My Week with Marilyn

Well done and Michelle is herself quite the beauty. Unfortunately, and maybe it's impossible, Michelle doesn't have the je ne sais quoi that made Marilyn so fetching. Michelle does her impression well enough in the drama queen side of Marilyn, since we don't have much of an idea there. Eddie does come up as smitten and his bits work. Kenneth as Laurence Olivier grabs the film and gives it a good spin, which helps tremendously. Sweet and sour story.

The Spy Next Door

The tomato critics are harsh, ths film was plenty funny for kids of all ages. Definitely a kid film, but the kids were nailing it! The villains were funny and the whole thing was reminiscent of the original Batman series... with kids! The physical comedy was hilarious at times... with kids! The little girl in particular seemed to have too much fun. The whole was well constructed, hilarious and I had a good time all along. Three solid stars and I am being tough.

Uncertain Terms

Very realistic depiction of teenage love with pregnant ones, I think. I can't say know anything about this but it seems outrageous, whimsical and real. The man of the story seems to have taken to the crazy bitches states of mind though. Not romantic much.


It is a thing of beauty and unfortunately, the beauty is soiled by evil. The evil is calling itself god's follower. The locals that stayed in spite of the invasion, endure and adapt as much as possible but their temper is aroused and snaps only to their own detriment. Any invaded people may well feel this film in their guts.

La Siciliana Ribelle (The Sicilian Girl)

Comes out a bit as tv movie, but the flaws makes it even more realistic in the depiction of mafia life and the rebellion of the girl. This is not the story of a mob girl not obeying to Omerta. It is the story of a girl that didn't know she was born in the mafia and despised everything about them for good reasons! In Italy, there was manifestations anti-mafia. Frankly, I wonder why the mafia is not fought better and harder by everyone. People, and the police, don't care about all the evil that come from them. That is of course because of the bribes and the profits, and their own psychopathy.

Oranges And Sunshine

Quite boring. We knew already that the english empire was not above all kinds of abuses. So learning that children were used and abused to help its invasions was not too surprising. Maybe a bit shocking that they declared parents dead and children were sold, to further their invasions. But really, do the englishes have it so hard? If they do, they sure make everybody else pay real good. As it should. It's the english way.

Black Sea
Black Sea(2015)

This all male and psychopathic adventure under the sea left me cold, except for the one good twist. The story makes sense, is well done but I have so much difficulty understanding this kind of greed. I wished them all dead and the gold lost forever. Unfortunately, some greedy bastards make it alive. Sad ending!

The Age of Adaline

The idea is good. Like the vampires without the inconvenience of blood sucking. The film is definitely very beautiful and Blake as well. However, the story is bent on sparse love. Adaline seems to be the ultimate snob. She seems to suffer her situation, which is actually the dream of every girl in particular. Top for beauty, not so much for adventure and intelligence.

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

This and Lincoln vampire hunter makes no sense. Super heroes with a kit better than James Bond in centuries past? One star more than it should because the effects were great and girls, beauties.

The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them

They lost me right at the suicide. It did not make sense. They said in the film it was not making sense. Just learned that the them is not any better than the her version of the film. The film seemed like the story of someone dead already and living dreams of the past life or what could have been. The whole is strange and not making much sense, and so long. Bleh.

High Crimes
High Crimes(2002)

Nicely packaged thriller that has some ring of truth. See In the valley of Elijah or Elah for one based on true story. The military do crimes all the time but sometimes the soldiers do more than asked, psychopaths as they are, and that makes them at odds with higher placed murderers. And also open for retaliation by victims. Well done film a bit standardly made with some flaws. Ashley is great as the naive/not naive lawyer and wife doing everything she can. I loved the other characters, making the film rich in possibilities. Based on a book, and the author participated and liked the film.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Surprisingly good plotline for a franchise. I even liked the message. Fabulous special effects of course. Well developped characters that make sense. Numerous good ideas. Very pleasantly surprised all around.


Very good reenactment of a couple in a slow spiral down the sink hole. Steal tricks for dope. Love of adventure. Slave to each other. Comes out as very realistic. Nothing too grand, nothing too low. We get their state of mind. We kind of understand their attraction. However, I am not sure a couple can be so much in sync in a downward spiral. I would imagine one would drop the other off before they get separated. Beautiful damage, beau dommage!

Along Came a Spider

Decent storyline, complex enough to keep us guessing. The first half is a bit too easy though and it becomes more interesting when the film tries to lose us. Many things in this film, I liked a lot. Bullet wounds looking real and bloody. The little girl not being so easy to keep, and being inventive. Cute girls being cold blooded. Real life, what. Haha! Funny but so true.

Stray Dogs
Stray Dogs(2014)

The film is too slow. Even in accelerate, I found it slow. This should have been a short film.

The Immigrant

Difficult situations leads to opportunity for abuses, more so if the honest gives the cold shoulder. A woman is led into prostitution life to avoid deportation, or is it a setup by authorities to add prostitutes? Morality takes a beating in this film but still ends up on top. Crossing one line too many makes some want to redeem themselves. Realistic and believable.

Force Majeure

Great fun with the battle of the sexes. A little incident provokes big intellectual infighting between couples that spreads through the ski resort. The poor guys have a mountain or two to climb to reclaim their alpha position. One regains the wife appealing to her mommy instinct. The film is hilarious at times and tickles our gender politics muscles, or intelligence. Great avalanche filmed in Canada.

Where the Wild Things Are

I don't know about this one. I somehow understand the boy's anger at the beginning but found the wild things rather imbeciles and creepy from the start. plus the lies were just too big and silly to have me hang on the film. Probably too english psychopathic for me. Not sure it would be good for kids either.

If You Don't, I Will

Comedy rather hilarious at first that get serious mid-stream. We first think the film is about a bad couple in love nevertheless but it turns into a case of divorce by lack of love or maybe psychopathy. Could be another one of these subtil male-bashing film under a cover of female liberation. It is nevertheless interesting by its strangeness superimposed over the familiarity. Plus the comedic value.


Great biopic about someone not english and very worldly. Salma is doing a superb job. The visuals are very colorful, imaginative and convey a feel of grandeur. Great portrait.

Girl Most Likely

Slow moving story probably for child or adolescent. Kind of well done, but half-heartedly. The characters are kind of well defined but a bit too superficially to grab as real.

Five Star
Five Star(2015)

Kind of well done but the whole thing is like hanging out with ordinary drug dealers. Not something I would do in real life or in movies. No shoot them up, just very sensitive film.

Dumb and Dumber To

My expectations were low, so I was not disappointed, haha! An abundance of jokes at low level, some stinky even, made the good ones better. Rachel is very sexy and her jokes worked well. Mmmh, what else... the story is pretty good but at the end it went overboard but then it was in a bigger container that catched the overboard. That was smart.

The Heart Machine

Little film full of realism, about... well the cut doesn't allow us to know until much later in the film. The film sucker us into wondering who is crazy. Which seems to be the guy at first. It does make a few points relevant to this millenium. The guy ends up being the caring brilliant one conned by yet another dumb bitch that can't feel nor find out a passion... other than being demeaning to guys. This is why I think lesbianism should be encouraged. Get these out of our legs.


To me action is not all shoot-them-up. So too much of it in this. Also, the premise of having time machines only used by criminals is silly. Also, the criminals using time machines only to kill people they want dead is ridiculous. Mentally retard even. Once you accept that the film makers are making entertainment with it, the rest of the film is kind of okay. Some of the sentimentality is a bit off-reality also. It gets better when the boy and the woman enters. Emily is just so damn beautiful. She's a time-machine herself, time stops (or did I hit pause?). And the story gets more logical and sensical. Except a detail still eludes me. It would have made sense in a way in the end if the hero killer was the boy, but their eye color don't match and they don't have his power. Maybe an idea to use to throw us a loop in another film. 12 monkeys had the boy though. Yeah. Well. Great acting, effects, and make-up. Good logical thinking with the memory paradox. A notch better than Back to the future in this respect. Otherwise BTTF is still top.


Stupid is as stupid does. This is I believe the true nature of psychopaths, the not so smart kind. Thugish kids do not so smart things. A dad lost his son and spiral up, then down, then up, then down again. The director mentions men spiralling down. This is stupid. The film is not about men spiralling down, it's about moronic psychopaths that don't care because they can't. That part makes it realistic and more likely in engle land.


Greatly made bit of history. I like this in films. Here we see the beauty and the ugly of the story that made the north vote against slavery. Since north and south were already at war and the north was winning, it was making history by reneging slavery and would further empoverish the southern scumbags by having them lose their getting rich quick scheme. Lincoln really wanted it and was willing to cheat for it.

Runner Runner

Ben Affleck makes a good psychopath. The film takes the view point of a new hire, not too smart, so we get the superficiality of it. It goes well, then less so, then more criminaly. The film has its values, but it appears all rather fake.

The Living
The Living(2015)

Low life people have honour too. Englishes having rebelled against the church, invade america in particular, have a tendancy to be psychopathic. Here is another example, very realistic, and probably based on a true story (unknown but surely true). The story is fairly simple. Wife get punched in the face and body, gains lots of karma. Enough to put hubby in the dog house for a week or so. Hubby makes amends, so our psychopathic couple get back together. However, her psychopathic mother and psychopathic brother have some family honour and make hubby pay as much as they can. A psychopathic killer get hired and brings us to the hilarious (and predictable) ending. The dead don't suffer. The living do. And the englishes are the best sufferers ever.

War Horse
War Horse(2011)

Obviously very well done. Since based on a child book, the story is disneyesque at times. The war reenactments and locations are positively stunning of realism. The story is also too excellent to be true, although we feel the danger and see much killings. The fights in France were just killing fields for able men. In reality, most war horses were used for meat at the end of the war.

Life as We Know It

Very cute and well done. Excellent acting in all its awkward moments. Not all that formulaic, except the ending was predictable of course. Lots of fraîche moments. The babies were great actors as well. Basically explains how so many people can have such similar lives with similar children. What else can you do?

Liar Liar
Liar Liar(1997)

I can't believe I had not seen it. I missed a few Jim Carrey I guess. Still a riot in spite of the 20 years aged. I'm sur I would have given it one more star years ago. I am pretty sure there is at least one french or french canadian film that was more intellectually funny with the premise that one's liar could not lie anymore.

52 Tuesdays
52 Tuesdays(2015)

Really good script and cut of a story that appears spontaneous. Like the slice of life of a family of a trans in transformation during a year. The story is edgy in a few aspects and the telling of it is fetching and interesting. We can never guess what is coming. Very well done in a very realistic way. And I like how brave people are in this.


Nicely crafted story of the girl that get into hell without asking for it and get a break. A break that increases her brain powers until reaching 100%, compared to the measly 10% of normal people. Scarlett nails the role. This film is not serious but it is seriously fun and comical plus an excuse for more shoot them up bad guys and collateral damages in car races in Paris. Out of the way, frenchies! Pretty good nevertheless.


It starts nicely. It makes sense somehow, except quite a bit of science is very pseudo. Good acting, good effects. The girl that follows the other is excellent, love her looks for the film, but when we lose track of her, the film becomes more Godzilla-trash vs Mothra. The last half is less intriguing and more destructive. Funny to trigger a bomb only to have to disable it later. Popcorn cinema.

Miss Julie
Miss Julie(1999)

This film was just in english with no subtitles. Didn't get squat of what they said. Looks and sounds like theatre. The whole thing does not seem to make much sense and watched in accelerate in case something happens. Nothing did.

Blood Work
Blood Work(2002)

The story holds up, logically. Clint is set up to be the hero once again, that makes the film a bit standard. As tv film, it is fine. We get to play crime solver a little. This is not a thriller, it is a crime mystery and a real film.

Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine

Very good recounting of a short life, terminated by two regular english psychopaths. They used to shoot indians, hang negroes, close french schools. Now it will be hard to beat up homos. What are englishes to kill after this? Wait there is hope with Trump card.

The Road (La Strada)

Fellini was a master from the beginning. This film is inventive, complex and strikes many chords amongst humans. The film sound track is all dubbed in two versions, italian and english. I watched the italian with subtitles. This is the kind of film that shows us lessons that are much better learned in cinema than in real life. The poor girl is sold for cheap to a macho public entertainer that treats her like a bitch and she still clings to him in spite of several occasions to flea. Old, the guy misses her of course. The montage and the dubbing is very well done. Looks like Fellini was making films like walking in the park. So easy.

Four Adventures of Reinette and Mirabelle

I had seen this film years ago and now again. Nice contrast between the girls. Ordinary adventures somewhat funny, somewhat thoughtful. This time I watched it at 2,5 times the normal speed and it was okay. The whole thing didn't drag. This must be a child film. I would think Rainette is lesbian and the other curious, but nothing is shown in this department.

The Guest
The Guest(2014)

Much better and more realistic than the Bourne serie! This film studies in a noir comedic way, more apparent as the film progresses, the psychopath soldier theme. What better than a perfect psychopath to be soldier and kill with never any remorse while at the same time wanting to do good. Killing for good, what. We can see that if you add self-preservation, things can go out of hand... Boy, this film reminds me my dad like you wouldn't believe. Except that he didn't even need guns. In any case, even though the end seems comedically outrageous, people like this do exist still today. You are warned.


I though Annabelle was a stunning beauty. The actress of course. The doll is really creepy and in need of a good exorcism. The idea of the film is not too bad. A satanist couple or group calls the devil and almost got him to incarnate. For some reason, that devil is not happy and takes it out on whoever has Annabelle (the doll) and drives Annabelle (the belle actress) crazy. Some bits borrowed from The Exorcist, which is not necessarily bad. But here it makes the film a bit formulaic. Strong ghost whisperer influence as well, and boy that show was good. You have to be strong and tell the ghost to go into the light. Well, I guess the light would not take the devil though. Scary enough for kids, I think. The end is a bit horrible litterally, though.

The Book Thief

Tomatometer says rotten but it is still a nice film. A bit too nice. This is whitewashing the germans with a nice story. There are still plenty in the film to ponder about though. I would say that it makes the film child-safe. The girl is fabulous, the boy not too bad. I think this film is targetting a child audience and as such, it goes far enough.

The Drop
The Drop(2014)

The story is perfectly developped and hard to predict. The characters were fine tuned. A little love story develops with crime intrigues. We can't possibly guess what is coming. Anything could happen. This film passed the sweat test without looking like it. I didn't see it coming. Very realistic. It's a dog's life...

Horrible Bosses 2

I haven't seen the original. So I don't know if it was original compared to the first one. I know that I was surprised and laughing more than usual though. The story was not too original but had definitely some funny twists I could not have guessed. All actors are playing well different levels of psychopathy, the richest being the most psychopathic. This made it look like real life a bit. It is full of silliness that holds up. Some silliness could be errors but I wonder if it was not purposedly put there for fun. For example, the beautiful sex addict is thrown in the washroom and the door blocked by a chair, but the door opens to the inside. Other example, the dad is shot in the back but a whole pops up on the front side, making me wonder if it was a joke in the film. But no, he was dead. A hoot to see Jennifer like this. I should probably see the first one.

Exodus: Gods and Kings

I like the bible stories in film if they are accurate. Just checked online and it follows well enough the story and improves it with more realistic events, although many still made by god. Btw, god is a hellish SOB in this exodus and he is even worse in the bible! This changes my view of Christ. Clearly, Jesus was not coming to clean the original sin of man but rather quiet down this stupid SOB of god. Way to go Jesus! Since the bible is the telling of jews, I'm pretty sure that the whole thing villify the poor egyptians. The truth may very well be that the jews were paid workers and bankrupted the coffers of Ramses to finish his pyramid (jews were given Egypt gold before leaving) and then left the country with the riches. If the Alexandria library had not burned down, maybe we'd have transcript of the court battles or the equivalent. I give the film a half-star more than plain entertainment for the improvement over the source material. Good job!

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

Very well done. I found the film was going a bit too slow for my taste and doubled the speed without missing anything. The theme of the prince or princess living amongst ordinary people was done multiple times before, so this story is less original than the other I've seen from this studio. It is different though because it is a japanese rendering. So it is certainly great for kids. I give it 4 stars for kids.

The Haunting
The Haunting(1963)

This old film starts a lot like a dark comedy. Black and white and just on the edge of the peace and love revolution, a foot in the grave and the other twitching to party. There is a mental weakness of the heroin girl, wanting to be there and never happy to. A desire to leave... The film is not much, the actors are fighting laughter many times, but it is well made and reason intelligently throughout. There is also the horror of one woman being lesbian and trying to take the other. An undertone of homersexuality that freezes our blood. Haaa, creepy! The scientific reasoning of the organizer of the paranormal study is very well placed and of great taste. It is also a psychological drama for our weekling so starved for love, hetero love. She had no hope. Very well done at mini budget.


This one is excellent. The story is rich and great with traps and riddle, a fantasmagoric tale. Temptations, curiosity, courage, leads to a disturbing world where our heroes must fight with smarts to come out of. Fantastic film, litterally.

The Boxtrolls

Coraline was smashingly good, this one as well. They got hold of a strange and original story again and masterfully executed it. The stop-motion is extraordinary and their inventiveness boundless. Here the villain is cruel but has self-defeating flaws. Not all his henchmen are evil. And we have the boy-girl pair. The girl is brave, boy I like that! The adventure is masculine by comparison of Coraline, that was rather feminine. This kind of animation is so tedious, work-intensive, these guys must always have a darn good story to tell to make it. Plain delight all over.


The film follows the blooming of a starving psychopath that finds an opening to fortune. It is the perfect job for someone with no scrupules, no morals, and a bloodlust. With a bit of luck, and then some he arranged, he takes videos of bloody events at night, sometimes arriving on the scene before the police. The film is very well done and looks real throughout. We cannot be sure of what will happen, except one murder toward the end that was predictable enough that the character should have seen it coming. The film director described it as a success story. Makes a lot of sense coming from an english invader! That is the greatest psychopathic story of all times so far. I'm really happy there is no smallpox anymore, only guns...

The Last Of Robin Hood

I'm a sucker for love stories. This little film is like a good reenactment of the two years adventure Errol with underaged Bev. It is very TV movie. Frankly, this movie was due to be made if only to repay Bev and her mom some respect. The epoch recreation was fine although probably limited by the budget. I think the film rendered the story well enough and since it was based mostly on the mom book, it went as far as it could. Bev spent the rest of her life far from hollywood and the limelight. Possibly hating it.


Another old classic remade by Disney. I feel quite a bit old for this but I had to see it after all the nice reviews and now the references people make to it. The animation is top notch, the faces very expressive and accurate, maybe only the surfaces are left to improve in texture. The snow is incredibly real for an animation. The artistry and the beauty is undeniable. The story was fun and not your run of the mill Disney stuff. I found original the unraveling and did not guess much of it. The litterature classics are really worthy. I watched the french version and the songs in french were fun and rhymy and rhytmy. Great and not smarmy too much.

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

Kid film that is fun enough at times. It's like it is having a life extension.

Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor(2001)

The flying reenactments are not bad at all and the actual attack is well done. Still, several times the planes are lower than realistic, so we get to see them better I suppose. I find most actors not credible in their roles. They are always too relax in the face of the horrors or the downturns. We don't feel the drama through them. They're all very cute though. The music is overbearing to the point of hilarity. It does not convey the right feelings either. It has a lot the feel of a cheap tv movie. The romance seems possible but then again, the feelings are off of reality. It is a stingy romance, more than a lovely one, and they sugar coat it like icing on a salmon fish. Strange taste! The political bits are a bit off also. The USA president wanted war but the people resisted. This attack provided him the reason he needed to start the killing machine that they are now. All counted, the film is great for the reenactment and I'm glad they did it. Now, please excuse me, I have the Pearl Harbour documentaries to watch...


Japanese film mocking war once again. They are kind of good at it. If the englishes were losing wars, they would do this. A different take on the soldier coming back with no members. This one still has stubbles and a face, contrary to our canadian equivalent that came back only with a torso and his brain and could communicate only in morse. So here, our hero is in much better shape, has a wife and is refered to as war god. He is also plunged into the vulnerable position, even though he is still abusive. This pushes him to reconsider his own previous abuses as well as becoming easily abused. A funny turn of event. Very nice photography with the beautiful sepia tone. We get to see some japanese way of life and thinking.

The Debt
The Debt(2011)

Film about the mossad, so rightly named (maussade). The mossad was an israelian murder squad to avenge victims of the second world war, I believe. This film is about a flawed operation and uses some of the psychology from both sides. Not all that credible but the film gives us a spy-style ride at times. Not to be taken too seriously. Bloody fun ending. No Bruce Willis?

Samson and Delilah

Well, the film may make some points but they are not at the advantage of the natives. The story is just plain stupid. The two main characters are simply much too stupid to even exist even amongst the native population. Or, let me phrase it another way, they are too stupid to do some of the intelligent stuff later and vice versa. The whole thing is an ode to the english, for which the natives should be grateful of the invasion. Without englishes, natives are nothing but fainéants, lazy bones. And then they dare in the extras, pretend they are on the side of the natives. Shame on them. Even if the director had native blood. Shame. Beautiful place and actors though. Lots of potential, if we could eliminate the englishes...

March Or Die
March Or Die(1977)

Small film with pretentions way above its head. It is rather bashy of french and of arabs. Probably another english propagandist film. The story is rather ridiculous and may be alluring for westerns viewers with a change of decor. I don't think there is much truth in the film, to add insult to injury.


Very well rendered story of depressed single dad letting things slide. We follow the kids in white trash country sliding as well. The story kind of hold water but the writing is basic. The parts with Juliette are good. The dad seems to lack intelligence, as in below average. The boys view point story seems to make some sense, a bit lacking in intelligence as well though. As if they were all a bit lead-poisoned like in the past millenium. It is a bit of a tough time at the movie. When I saw the gun, I was expecting a shoot ou finale but it did not go that far.

Johnny English Reborn

Much better than the first one with barely a scatological joke. This one is mostly fun with few bad moments. I definitely had fun and even laughed out loud a couple of times toward the end, which surprised me! Well, a couple of jokes I didn't see coming. Loved the real James Bondish bits near the end as well. English reborn, redeems himself. I liked Gillian and Rosamund. Rosamund is expressive contrary to her usual botox-face and incredibly cute a few times. Enjoyable time for all ages.

The Captive
The Captive(2014)

Atom Egoyan film. All his films have some sort of polished eye. They have some creep factor. They have some flaws. True for this film as well, but they also have some interesting points of view and some originality. This is the story of a father that get her daughter abducted, the new policeman get a bit too suspicious and the whole culminate with a great punch in the face. There is also a secondary story of the abductor being a bit manipulated by the abductee, and another about the abductors being smarter than police, but less important. Haha! kidding... or am i?... In any case, there are many good points in the films and maybe the flaws are there purposedly. Maybe they could not have the girl adbuction be too real. The smart pedophile ring did not look smart enough to outdo the police or even keep the captive captive, but these are minor details. The film passes the sweat test. In fact, these were barely pedophiles, they were more cruel voyeurs. The story was original enough to keep me guessing, which is also harder when some things are unrealistic. The daddy part was realistic. The punch was just perfect. Best climax!

Beneath The Harvest Sky

Pretty effing good story about milking purple potatoes for chips. Two brothers with frenchie names living in the border town in the maritimes, played by englishes, wish they were living in a more english place named Boston. The whole thing smells too much like potatoes and one brother breaks free of the regular mold to get into drug deal mold. The film is down-to-earth good like potatoes well chipped, which I wish I had. We kind of see that the rot is so prevalent, drugs getting bought from old guys and exchanged for cash, etc. The film holds its own, english-wise. The end is frenchie. It has a small town feel. The dramatic end was to come. No way this film, with this tone, could have ended well. Great time all around! haha!

The Barber
The Barber(2015)

I think Scott has the character well enough but the story has lots of flaws. It has pace, I did sweat a little at guessing. The film has value as a way to present issues we don't think of otherwise. How easy is it to believe psychopaths when the truth is so unbelievable. Who should we be scared of and how to detect danger. People are like black boxes and some poking is necessary to know what's in it. Sometimes more than poking is needed to reveal monsters. In this film, many psychopaths do crazy stuff that few psychopaths do. And the polices are psychopaths. Some bits are like reality then. Some killers are so lovely!

The Way Way Back

Wow, a summer movie for teens that just feels like reality. Nothing in the film seems made up almost. The acting is plain spot on. The boy in particular. Oh no, everybody was just great. The arc of the story was also plain perfect. In the extras of the dvd, there might be subtil smell of homersexuality that might have been in the film. Btw, one author is like the twin of a well know Québec actor. Many characters were like stolen from Québec. If this occurs in Florida, it makes a lot of sense. Really fun, touching and dramatic film. I was pleasantly surprised.

A Beautiful Mind

Great production, great acting, great special effects, great story. I think Russell was overplaying the nerdiness of Nash a notch, especially at the beginning. The film get us fooled for a long time until he get 'arrested'. I thought the g-men were insane and the film was bizarre with the radioactive marking on the skin. Once committed in institution, the wife becomes the hero of the story, if not of the film. Jennifer really shines in the wife's role. The film is nice but reality is a bit different. In the dvd extras we get to see the real Nash and he does not sound like Russell at the end. He's more cool and relax. We don't feel like he had an insane period. The modern medication does seems to work.


A tadpole of a film and I get the allusion to frogs. Seems a bit racist but usual from the englishes. Well, I am shocked that the englishes allowed this film to be made. The boy's age is not even legal in Canada anymore, imagine in the USA! OMG, pedophiles! Also such a fantasy to kiss Sigourney.... mmmmmhhh. Oh pardon, I was daydreaming for a minute. The film production is quite low to the point of thinking it was a student project. Mmmmh, maybe the student project of our main actor to get some kissing with Sigourney fantasy job... Well in that case it is perfectly understandable and I would totally lend my hand to such venture and please make it a film I can see so that I get some fantasy time with SW. Mmmmmh...

The Lady
The Lady(2012)

Very nice reenactment of Aung San stuck in Burma to combat the miltary junta. She was the catalyst, acting slowly but relentlessly toward democratie. Ironically, the junta motivated her to start the fight. The film was made before Burma arrived there so may have contributed some help. The people in the film are unusually good-looking, maybe it is common in these countries. Even the bad guys here seems sensitive to beauty. Bad guys that probably belong more to the mafia than a dictatorship.


Very well acted little road film. Father moves to California with three kids in tow while dealing with serious issues. It starts all joyous while the truths are slowly unwound during the travel. The whole thing is so well acted and truly made, it feels like we are there and maybe lived some bits of it. Love pervades it and we feel every bit of heart breaks. But everyone gets to grow up from these. (Still not a reason to litter your stuffed animals. Be modern.)

The Broken Circle Breakdown

Guy meet girl, sparks, and make baby girl. The whole is a passionate time where mid-stream, bad luck strikes and their little heaven dissolve. It dissolve or breaks down with a passion as well. A beautiful film that reminds us why so many believe in something... maybe even the ones that loudly claims they don't.

Even the Rain (Meme La Pluie)

This is a rare find. A film that overlaps very well the beginning of a spanish abusive invasion with modern abuse by a multinational. And of course the utter carelessness of the government in between. Very good reenactments of some past abusive events by the empire and the current (or recent) riots. The human questions and relations are not simplistic in this film and renders the complex reality. People expressing niceties before trouble comes are not necessarily the ones able to fight or resist abuses. A lot is conveyed in an incredible short time. Great film.

Night at the Museum

Very well done of course. The story seems a bit forced though. Like mismatched bricks, the bits of story lead to the end result wanted. Definitely a film for children. A couple of funny moments. Overall enjoyable but left me wanting more and more accurate depictions of the characters. Everybody was too joky, especially the dinosaur! Not serious. ;-)

The Young Victoria

The film is nice. It's always fun to see a reproduction of the epoch. We then can better imagine how it was when we read historical accounts. The film shows the personal side and don't explain much of what is going on though. Wikipedia helped clarify things. The assassination attemp was shown to have hit Albert, him protecting her, but it is not real. She was actually shot at at least four times, hit on the head once. Lucky firearms were not all that good at the time. The film is nice but a true story of her life might be a bit different and more adventurous. She was benevolent and bitchy enough to make it worthy, apparently.

Starship Troopers

This is a strange futuristic world. Some sort of anti-star-trek. Campy and comedic. Women are equals, get to command, be open, and have access to guys showers. No, wait, the showers are unisex. Still a lot of this stuff feels like the roman empire army transposed in the future. Great effects. Superficial. A bit like having the point of vue of the english/roman invaders i suppose. And they will not change after they win. Like a bitter-sweet dish, fun and despicable.

Before I Disappear

Interesting little film. Amusing ironies of the guy wanting to die being interrupted a few times. In a low life honest life surrounded by probable mobsters, the story moves with the pair. Many amusing bits, many touching bits, many horrible bits. Looks like a bollywood film at times, especially with the dance bit. I was borderline bored and entertained during the film but the overall thread is silvery and fetching. Liked!

El artista y la modelo (The Artist and the Model)

Believe it or not, the story happens during the second world war. The germans are not much present, but their influence is felt. Beautiful and intriguing story about beauty and life. God is proven in this film. I wonder if the story is true because the end seems a bit of non-sense, even though it probably means he accomplished what he wanted. It seems bizarre and out of character.

Wyatt Earp
Wyatt Earp(1994)

Maybe epic but not epic enough to get his whole life, something that would surely enlighten the era. well done with many life lessons. Like ennemies with guns may kill you or your brothers. I enjoyed englishes shooting at each others. Only one indian shot in the whole movie!

The Grand Budapest Hotel

I was expecting stories related to an extravagant hotel. This is more like one adventurous story. A bit of a James Bond malgré lui, or a Tintin, our hero or heros go about pushing the enveloppe of what is acceptable in an old world about to be changed by the worst war ever. The whole thing is light and humourous. Dangers are everywhere and everyone is rather courageous, maybe to the point of insanity. And maybe it is the point. Great time to be had! La version française est excellente.

Grown Ups
Grown Ups(2010)

Decent horny family summer movie. Some jokes more cringy and creepy than others but the whole stands up. It's a film that looks like so many I saw as kid though. They just go a bit further nowaday.


This film was suprisingly well done and sensical. It was before the romans, so they did not show excess military brilliance, which was good. It got surprised wondering if any of it could be the true story behind the myth.

Taken 3
Taken 3(2015)

Hey, a taken that is more of a fast paced fugitive-offensive. The storyline is fine. Guy get loved ex-wife killed, go on rampage to find and kill the killer(s). Very good rampaging from beginning to end. A couple of plot twists, more or less predictable, keep us guessing. Well, after this, I would try to stay away from CIA agents. Dangerous psychopaths! Funny how he gets away with so much destruction in the USA this time, not even in France or eastern Europe, where everything is permitted... What? Where is the Queen that gave this guy the licence to kill like this? Otherwise, fine film, better than Taken 2. Bloodily satisfying. I won't feel like killing for a few...

Winter's Tale

The film is entertaining enough for three stars. I agree with the critics about the story. There was some lack of sense, and that was a line in the film, actually. The book, said to contain 10 times the amount of material, is probably much more complete. The film retains enough of a string and enough originality to be worthy, while predictable a few times. And the girls are so cute! Love is mandatory.

Je Fais Le Mort

Comédie infiltrates the reenacted double or triple murder in the small mountain town. Clues abound for the out-of-work actor hired to reenact the murdered parts pointing to anyone but the accused. It is rather funny and gets more and more hilarious as it goes along and the investigation by the actor proceeds. The judge is half miffed, half confused but so sweet and the local police inspector is suspect. A good time throughout trying to figure out who is the killer and why so many hide things.

Bicycling with Moliere

A classic Molière play is rehearsed in a small island of France. Alceste, the blasé character of the play, is the part Serge wants. Rightly so, since he identifies with it personnally. In a typical french way, we are following the characters revealing their characters. They seem all a bit narcissistic, like a bit isolated from each other even though they interact rather intimately at times. Therefore proving Molière right. Intellectually satisfying, morally frustrating. Love does not blossom.

Johnny English

Some good and original ideas. But why scatological jokes again? Only englishes can find it funny. Possibly it is homer-sexual jokes because it has the same effect as two guys kissing. Blech! Otherwise, the whole thing made a lot of sense. The villain, Pascal Sauvage, had a great plan that could probably work in real life: make an island a prison. The englishes did it many times, notably with Australia. So, I was rather disappointed when Sauvage lost it in the end. And like a big crybaby, as if kings were like that. The chase scene was original. The girl is really beautiful. Malkovitch was great with a good accent, except at the very end. Really, the film would have been better if the french had won. Then a rematch would have been obligated, etc.

In the Valley of Elah

Army guy say: we did it for you! Yeah right, this line is comic relief. The army is forming psychopaths to become killing machines. Whether they do any good is dubious, especially in Iraq, and other countries. Cruel killing machines is what they become for the group of buddies back from Iraq. The chasm between the war narrative and what they go through and actually do is eating their entrails. Rightfully so, I would say. Excellent performances by all. Hopefully, englishes will stop thinking they are the hero police of the world. Their solutions are worse than the disease.
The true story that the film is inspired by, is much more complex. It is still psychopaths killing but would be motivated more. The whole life story of the victim and his dad could be put to screen in a TV serie. The dad went to vietnam and married an asiatic woman, so his story could be rich. His son was bullied in school and in the army. He probably witnessed several war crimes his fellow soldiers did, and maybe he did himself.

The Little Bedroom

A little film that looks like nothing but gnaw very well into life and death. No psychopath, no bomb, no shooting. Just plain life where the events connect very well to make a consistent narrative. Life is hard sometimes and decent people like to make it better. Sometimes we get attached, there are reasons for it. Beautiful little film full of little adventures and big hearts.


Technically very well done. Ted is looking very real all the way through. Very hilarious at times. The story was a bit too low-life for my taste. Scatological jokes are not my forte and there is a big one right in the middle of the living room, while the prostitutes do not react much. The whole thing is more bromance than romance. That kind of things makes me wonder if the film, and maybe the Wahlberg character is not actually homer-sexual. Mila seemed to have a good time making the film nevertheless, which is always endearing for a girl.

Big Sur
Big Sur(2013)

The film is organized like a book. Jack Kerouac, now a beatnick hero after On the road, is fed up and go to California, and narrates the film. This may be based on Jack's writing but it pokes holes at the icon. Certainly Kerouac wanted to deflate his own icon, but the film starts like Mad men to only placate Kerouac to a cardboard character on the ground. Okay, we get his sense of adventure and the sudden freedom of the time. But we don't get his jadedness and his panic attacks. We don't understand his drive to get drunk. Was he just a spineless animal, not understanding people, nor himself? Was he an homer-sexual unknown to himself? The film itself seems to disconnect to reality and his subject, midway. It's like a rocket to the moon that despises itself because everyone keeps cheering for it after it's back. Still two stars for some recreation of the period and the two fabulously good looking girls. Otherwise, a spanking for subject spoilage.

Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt?

I saw the DVD about a part III of science fiction thing I haven't heard about. Took it to see. Strange from start to finish. I agree with the critics on this one. The effects are good. The Rockies look good. Everything else is terrible. The whole group leaving the real world to create their own mountainous centre reminded me of the villains in almost all of the James Bond films. Very rich and powerfull, connected and inventive, bend on undermining the goverment. Only thing missing was the obvious evil project. The film was not very nice to the regular people. As if, apart for a few geniuses, everyone was mentally retard. Remove 10 geniuses, the world crumble? If it had been set in the past, it would have been making more sense. E.g. remove Newton, Maxwell, Faraday, Einstein, and the world would not be as advanced today. Still, other people would have found the same answers eventually.

Boy Meets Girl

Surprisingly well put together film roaming around the subject of sexuality, with young horn dogs and bitches. The main character is trans, but not all that much girl, physically. Can you say, uncanny valley? The storyline is a nice wrap around the subject, litterally and figuratively. We get to cheer for the creep. *shudders* But love is disarming, and this film emasculates very well, haha! And I thought ennuchs had it real bad! I must reconsider some historical facts. Well well, another point made by the boys playing for the girls. Or is it the contrary?

The Day After Peace

Tolerable film about the creation of one worldwide day of peace. I can't get rid of the feeling that it allows war on the other days. Well, if it get one guaranteed day of peace in war-torn countries, okay. Otherwise, it's very feeble. But, it is very english after all. Big kudos to Angelina and Jude for going along with it so nicely. Let me propose a worldwide no war from englishes. Any in? I thought so...

Captain Phillips

Excellent reenactment of the incident off the Somalie coast. Small time pirates got engrossed by the size of the catch and didn't want to let go. They obviously had it easy before, but this one was big and they were few, badly prepared, not equipped and made dumb mistakes. Englishes know how to kill better than anyone. No, really. Poor pirates. I think all of Africa should try to keep the peace for their own sake. I'm not saying this for the englishes, the englishes have their own hell and evils embedded to deal with and may never get rid of. Serious film!

Big Bad Wolves

Obviously, Tarantino finds this film a marvel. Totally his style. The paedophile subject is really getting popular in films. Here again. It's a bit too easy. In this film, we don't have a shred of evidence that the prime suspect is guilty. He does not look the part of gruesome killer at all. Even I that have encounters many killers of many types, I could not imagine this one guilty. So, the whole thing really was insane when a cop and a father's victim decided they had found their murderer. I was annoyed, I was creeped out, but then it turned out a bit funny. Enough to be watchable and wonder how it was going to finish. What was going to be the jokes? Some were predictable, obvious even. The guilt about the victims was ironic. I even admit, I had a sweaty smell by the end. This explains the three stars instead of two. Unfortunately, the end was disappointing, for children are not that much of suckers. I am still waiting for a film that makes the abducted child, the winner. Abductors don't really expect the child to be able to outwit and overcome them. I'm not talking home alone, I'm talking reversal of situation for adults.

God's Horses
God's Horses(2014)

The story is about the life in shanty town of a few kids that grow up with more harshness than love. They end up accepting the guidance of shady people with an ulterior motive that they embraced. They did not convinced me. I found that our "heroes" were mostly motivated by desperation than anything else and were simply ripe to harvest by more nefarious agents of evil. Maybe a simple catholic church in the shanty town could have resulted in a more happy ending... like in so many films I have seen. When the devil runs the church, what else than greater evil could come out of it? Allah is greater than this.

The Confession

Aclassic of french cinema that holds the test of time. The story is rather simple and the film is more about how the hell can you or them make perfectly reasonable and intelligent men become puppets of the powers to the point of accepting their deaths. Great work by Yves Montant that did not hesitate to lose considerable weight for the credibility of the film. It may have been a first in cinema. This film arrived only two years after Prague was taken and the Vietnam war was raging. An important marker pole of the epochs, both of the film story and the 70s with the accompanying dvd extras.

Jimmy P.
Jimmy P.(2014)

This film was a real adventure of discovery. No flashy romances, no bombings, just something really close to reality. Like a walk in unknown woods. A curve here reveals a rock, a crevasse, a brook, a bear... I found the whole very pleasant, touching at times, hurtful. I was interested at what could be revealed and the pace was very pleasant. The filming was very quick relatively and reminds us the method of Clint Eastwood. All the characters were well rendered. I loved that they were all doing the best they could, where prejudices were few and understanding was their goal. The dvd extras were delightful as well. A native story well rendered that is not about cruelty, bashing or anything too despicable to hate one group or another, just the contrary.


French films are always wonders. The intellectual equivalents of action films. This one has a story with twists and turns hard to believe. It is highly improbable, even if the protagonists were all somewhat psychopathic. Which might explain the title. But of course I Iiked with, Dussolier in good shape, Bouquet stunning, Venice, what is not to like? The characters are all very frank and honest, intelligent, daring, with a touch of psychopathy for the cinema. Except for the psychopathy, they come out as great to hang out with. Great time.

A Good Day To Die Hard

A few things I liked in this installment of the die hard: bombings, chases, girl, smart alecking, plosions, etc. The story could have flown better but the rendering was a bit formulaic, even awkward at times. I don't like the russians being portrayed as villains by americanos anymore. It looks like the villains are the americanos, including the CIA. The story, of course, made little sense and the laws of physics were not respected. Btw, whoever invents a gas that eliminates radioactivity should be billionaire selling it instead of stealing uranium. Overall, the film is tolerable with some good action.

Dr. Cabbie
Dr. Cabbie(2014)

Nice effort from english Canada with a surprising number of french canadians involved for a film with no french version. It should be called a TV movie, really. A light diversion from daily life but with many honest moments. Very canadian this way. I liked the excess of having the doctor adapting the cad to his practice. The love story between the main characters seemed less likely than the other couples, which was funnily strange. I thought the immediate supporting cast was more into the film and having much more fun than our top couple. Enough laughs to be worth it any otherwise slow time.


Lots of good effects but so much nonsense in the organisation of the society. Only five types of people? Once a camp is chosen, you can't change? No wonder there are suicides and groups that want to take over. Mmmmh, maybe the author was on to something, haha! Lots of people want to impose their views as group and as individuals. This often leads to disasters, as the history of the world demonstrates over and over again. Pretty good acting. Shailene really does look stiff, like her nickname. A bit too much like life in time of war and upheaval. The advanced sciences makes the society look as if composed of rich retards. Worse than hunger games in the genre. But I will see the other films nevertheless, as cinephile and science fiction amateur.

The Double
The Double(2014)

Based on a story by a famous russian author, this is a strange story of identity. The double is the cheating incompetent psychopath that uses you to advance much faster than you. The double is a bit psychpathic and is successful because of it. He looks like he's helping everyone. Why can't the original be more like this and have some success at least with the apparent lovely girl he spies on. The psychology is interesting when the original starts feeling bitter and messes for himself and his double, and others. We feel the life in the cube with the hamster wheel. Freedom so limited by our feelings, and our feelings limited by our limited freedom. This theme has been done before and I felt in familiarly strange territory. I think the strangeness comes from a preponderance of psychopathic characters in an alternate universe. It is like mice living in a microcosm, and studying their behavior when a new mouse is added. I never felt attached to any character.

Olympus Has Fallen

Looks a lot like Bruce Willis film without the Bruce. Our hero was in 400 and is not as sympathetic, which could be good overall. The premise is not realistic, so much that I've seen it two days ago and I can't recall what they tried to accomplish/explode after they took the White house. They sweetly mentioned the war of 1812 when Canada had the White House burned, haha! USA showed then that they were a meaner kind of englishes and needed their asses whipped, with help from the frenchies of Canada.


Tough to act sometimes. The girl is very good as the 14 years old that get fooled. The dad good but some bits may be a little too much and was too hard to be believable. The story line was okay and we were not sure what the direction it was going until late. The story was straight after all. I was expecting a more unusual outcome but I guess, in the USA, it was not going to happen already. I liked that the "creep" was not your regular suspect, but a parent like the paedophiles are mostly in real life. Well, the ones that didn't take a vow of chastity I mean. Haha!

A Royal Affair

Wow, nothing beats a good true story well told. Fabulous acting, the era recreated perfectly. This film is a perfect jewel reminiscent of the war in the stars. You know, with the force. Or was it part of its inspiration? This historical account for fewer death than your usual european revolution, counter-revolution and coups d'états. It comes out as more intelligent and as compelling as any other. It is full of humour, drama and mostly, ironies. The end is brushed quickly after the queen demise. I could have sit through more of this little marvel.

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

This must be the best mission impossible so far. Excellent story line full of almost possible impossible tasks. The pace is rapid, the story, logical, the heroes, real and error-prone with luck to compensate. I love that they get hurt when they should, sometimes. The finale is well done and I liked the relaxed bit to recover the adventures.


Forget the critics, this is a very human tale, well developped and well acted. It has a surprisingly fresh and real feel. Teenagers grow quickly from naive to assertive. I really like the progression and the realism of the film. I am surprised there was no french version since it is a canadian film very suitable for the francophile. Very good work.

Whale Warrior: The Pirate for the Sea

Excellent portrait of the guy. The hero of the sea creatures. We understand the logic and can only praise efforts to reduce the destruction of the planet. Soylent green is not that far away.


Strange story of a couple with one adolescent boy not well liked. Is it because he his homo or a goof causing death? His mother is harrassed by some low life mobster right after her husband death. She does not stand very firmly until too late, for the cows in particular. End of story. This is not a gay story but a sad sack story. An annoying story that might actually be possible. God help us all.

The Calling
The Calling(2014)

It's decent enough. No french version of a canadian film was a sign that something was going to be lacking. Slow moving story à la Fargo but Fargo norther. Real snow. The puzzle of the story fit well together already mid-way into the film and there was only the plots twists to guess. I don't know why the english always refer to the catholics when excessive religiosity is applied. Oh yeah right, Henry VIII. It's funny at times and now I think it is funny how the thrills were slow going and geriatric! Well, it is a genuine fear to think death is approaching slowly but surely for you. I guess.

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

The story based on an exceptional story, is nicely put in cinema. It has the feel of a cliff notes though by keeping the pace a bit too rapid and superficial. This is an epic adventure of humanity. I must underline that both the whites and the blacks had one trump card to avert disaster and they both kept it alive by luck and by will. This card was Mandela, of course. We get to understand the silliness and insanity of racism. And I mean white/black, white/white, or black/black racisms. This may extend to nationalism, religiousisms, or other isms that separate groups.

The Woman in Black 2 Angel of Death

Not too bad, but not as good as the first one. Still, it is a decent horror franchise for the englishes. The story jumps 40 years every time, so next one will be in 1980, then 2020, then 2060... It is very fitting that our heroes are fighting a murderous woman ghost. The best murderers get away with it. You can't outdo a ghost. Murder is a very popular theme in angle land. I wonder why?...


Very nicely done, and disghosting! Very beautiful people again show how mentally feeble they are when having to grapple with the evils they are! No, wait, it's the evil mirror. The insanity is well rendered, I was myself starting to lose it and break some mirrors. I narrowly escaped 7 years of bad luck. The Babadook is doing in the same vain but much more realistically.


I'm not sure how to classify this one. Hilarious moments. Boring moments. Shocking moments. Sexy moments. Depressing moments. The film seems to be a moquerie of films and cinephiles. The hero girl is like a lazy bum, psychopathic and lucked out by having a revered dad. But she doesn't care for much. It works as a comedy, a bit insane on the edge. Philosophically, the film does not hold water. It is materialism that doesn't care. It is psychopathy imitating passion to soil it. It is the very nature of the english invasion.

Obvious Child

Well done drama-comedy with a beauty gone pregnant and somewhat not wanting the baby. Solution? Kill it when you can, legally and with the support of family, friends and even the father potential. This film is located in the uncanny valley of love. It looks a lot like it but you realise at some point that it is a robot! It is an obvious attempt at white washing the serial killings of abortion. Well, if it's between englishes, who am I to stop it? *Shudder*

3 Days To Kill

Very well done but the story is strange. Kind of homme Nikita, americano hero, sharp shooting and full of shit. So many unlikely things. I took it as a tv movie with humour, murder, and family times. The french bits were all good.

The Babadook
The Babadook(2014)

Woah, this is one special film. I watched the french version on dvd. I was expecting some child scare film, but very soon, the story turned into a parent's nightmare. But as the film progresses, it turns into a child's nightmare that does not go away! The story really resonated with me, not the least because my dear mother had insane moments that turned deadly. I often say, nothing is worse than having bad parents, especially if they are insane, criminal, or both! The film captures the feelings, of anything could happen. The psychologie holds water, the acting is great and on the spot. There is an undeniable beauty throughout. The story has a morale. It is rich, lovely and terrifying. Not for children. The best film I have seen this year.


The whole premise is so absurd, even metaphorically it reeks. A train going through the world for 18 years without anyone maintaining the tracks, going through ice jams as if. If the world was frozen, a train would not be the last refuge of human race. As a teen, I wrote a doom story where the survivors were on a space station. That made sense. Strangely, the very ending of this movie is very similar to my story. One good thing about this film's story is the involvement of the top boss with the rebellions. But the whole thing is just too psychopathic and not abiding with the laws of physics.


Ouch, what a terrible film. Okay, there was some funny bits but I found it mostly bizarre in an english way. Bad neighbours is a recurring theme. This one with a frat and a couple fighting with all sorts of cheats and crimes, really, looked a lot homer-sexual. The whole cast should get a punch in the face, except the baby.

The Motel Life

Talented cast for sure. Great graphics for sure. The story, less sure. I see it as a modern remake of Of mice and men with more reallistic characters. It is infinitely better than the original but it is still too similar. Dakota looks very much the part of a low life in this. Quite amazing.

Bad Boy Bubby

The film being old makes quite a bit of it more understandable. The whole is quite not believable, so the story appears gratuitous although somewhat fun at times. Disgusting other times. Found one touching scene near the end.

Now You See Me

Kind of fun and over the top magic-related flic. Much more logical than that other one with Hugh Jackman. Full of surprises. Some magic is cinematic in there but we can get along easily.

Moonrise Kingdom

Nice story line where the nerd and the love find their ways. Strange characters, in a campy, funny, lovely kind of way. The hero couple moves and is on the move like love in time of war. Some effects are less than top notch but we like anyway.

Lone Survivor

The story is likely mostly true but the talibans are such bad shots and easy targets, one can't help but think the story is tweaked in favour of the english view. Still many moments where the english nearly screws it even more, a credit to some real aspects of war. Wishing peace in Afghanistan...

Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow

Bloody take on the groundhod day theme. The time loop is always very fetching. Brilliant acting and very well constructed, the film keeps the pace and accelerates until the most predictable result is outdone.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars