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Doctor Who: Resolution (2019 New Year's Special)

Terrific episode. Best Dalek story of the "modern" era. More like this, please. It's a shame a bunch of political hacks have taken it upon themselves to spam Rotten Tomatoes with negative reviews and ruin the Doctor Who series ratings.The honest criticism gets lost in the rubbish heap.

Doctor Who: Season 11

The good episodes were fantastic, but the poor episodes were boring. I think Jodie is a terrific actor who hasn't been given enough to work with. She clearly can do stunts and action, as we saw in her first episode, so why aren't they letting her? The emotional beats are there. They need to ramp up the peril and the action.

Gracepoint: Season 1

I am enjoying Gracepoint. David Tennant's much-maligned accent is really not bad. A lot of bitter Broadchurch fans jumped the gun with their criticism of the accent and the series. Nine episodes in the accent is completely credible and the story has diverged in very intriguing ways. The pace is a little faster in Gracepoint, likely due to the shorter running time per episode. There is more tension and less banter between the two detectives. With two additional episodes they are taking their time unwinding Det. Carver's secret past. Tennant's Carver is more angry and hostile than his Hardy, whereas Anna Gunn's Miller is more resentful and less humorous than Olivia Colman's. Virginia Kull seems to be channeling Jodie Whittaker, matching her performance scene for scene. Nick Nolte and Jacki Weaver add colorful performances, much less subtle than their British counterparts. Where the music and atmosphere in Broadchurch1 was haunting and poignant, Gracepoint's is terse and foreboding. The photography is every bit as beautiful. The show should be doing better in the ratings than it is. I believe the lack of network promotion, the unfortunate time slot and the unfairly critical reviews that came out before the first episode even aired did a great deal of damage to the show's viability. But the delayed ratings seem to be improving as people discover they have been misled. Hopefully the show will fully recover from the damage.

How to Get Away With Murder: Season 1

I have seen only the first episode so far.. but as a criminal defense lawyer I am having a really hard time suspending disbelief..... Viola Davis is quite good in the role, but the premise of the series is just too ludicrous. Even if someone as unethical as her were permitted to teach law school, the woman would never be a law professor and high profile dense attorney at the same time.... And even if she were, she would never take over a case the day before the evidentiary phase of trial began and she would never interview her client in front of the entire class, tossing all confidentiality out the window ... and she would never expect the students to be able to come up with a legal defense on day two of their first year of law school. And that is before we even get to the silly stuff that occurred during trial.... Also, the students are just really boring so far. I can't even remember a single one of their names... So far I really don't care about any of them... and it is really hard for me to watch. I might stick with it another week and see what happens. I have managed to suspend disbelief in other stories but there needs to be something to hook me if I am going to be expected to do that.