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This movie was just dumb. Ignoring the flawed scientific premise of the film, just the things the characters said and did were silly. If you don't think about it too hard, yeah, some of the photography was pretty impressive, Scarlet Johansson looked good and did the silly action sequences well and so I gave it stars for that. But the wildlife intercuts were laughable, the plot was nonsensical and the resolution unsatisfying. Such a waste of a potentially good idea.... again....

Nativity 2
Nativity 2(2013)

I don't think most people realize this was an unscripted, improvised film. For that alone it deserves some credit and explains the sparse dialogue (to an extent). I think they should have given David Tennant more free rein to exercise his stellar comedic chops. Allowing Marc Wootton to be the main focus dragged the film down. I expected far more witty repartee. Still, it was enjoyable enough Christmas fun for the kiddoes. Sure, it was corny and implausible and had a few too many fart and poo jokes, but consider the targeted audience. The children were delightful and the singing and dancing were fun and entertaining. I think the critics have been too harsh.


Ant-Man was better than I expected, not being a fan of Paul Rudd's. For me, this is probably his most enjoyable character to date. The story was meh, but the dialogue was clever, I suspect due in large part to Joe Cornish's influence. The effects were mostly great. I don't usually like 3D, but it was my only option at the time I chose to go see it. I found it was not too cheesy or in-your-face, as so many are. The visual effects were quite beautiful in some places. The flashback with Michael Douglas was very disconcerting... I rather enjoyed Evangaline Lilly and am looking forward to the inevitable spin-off/sequel with her super-character (The Red Queen?) Michael Pena's character was a bit too cliche for me... but overall it was a nice way to pass an afternoon.

American Meth

It was sort of a rambling mess, but it did expose some really stark truths that this country has long been ignoring. We have a serious drug problem that the criminal justice system seems only to be making worse.


I knew going in that the film would be grandiose, as it was directed by Kenneth Branagh. While the film did nothing to add or alter the Disney animated classic story, other than to add a scene where Cinderella influenced the Prince to consider that just because he can (or is expected to) do something doesn't mean he should, I enjoyed it. It was visually sumptuous, the costumes were beautiful, and the acting was sincere. It was a joy to see Derek Jacobi as a King (again).


I didn't really enjoy the movie, ultimately, but James McAvoy's performance was astonishingly good.


Hated every minute of it.

Guardians of the Galaxy

The real star of this show was whoever put together the awesome mix (volume 1) tape. The soundtrack was used to good effect. Sadly, a lot of the witty dialogue seemed to be merely delivered... as if the actor were reading it in post-production audio, rather than living it. The more seasoned actors in their small roles showed so much more depth than the lead characters, that it made me wince a bit. I don't know when it happened that producers and casting directors put more emphasis on looks than on actual acting ability, but this is rampant these days. I will admit that Chris Pratt had a bit of charm, but he is no James Garner, or even Bruce Willis, Nathan Fillion or Harrison Ford who are known for their ability to deliver wisecracks with gravitas. Take away Zoe Saldanas' pretty face and she has to deliver through her voice.... she failed here. The confrontation between her character and Karen Gillan's was a lost opportunity. There were some good special effects, but overall the action and the story line was a bit of a muddled mess. Characters who weren't sufficiently developed began to blend into one another. Still, it had a rocking good soundtrack and a few great lines of dialogue were delivered well, so I enjoyed myself and would recommend it to others.

The Other Woman

I saw this only because the film I went to see was canceled and they showed us this for free. Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed it. Leslie Mann was hilarious and her chemistry with Cameron Diaz was a thing to behold. Sure the story was silly, as was much of the dialogue, but I found myself laughing out loud along with a few other audience members who opted to stay for the show.

Royal Shakespeare Company: Richard II

Spectacular. I saw this in the movie theater. Filmed live, it was thrilling to feel as if you are a part of the audience sitting in Stratford-upon-Avon watching from the edge of the stage. The entire cast is fantastic, but when David Tennant is on screen you can't take your eyes off him. He is entrancing and manages subtly to turn our sympathies midway through. Nigel Lindsay and Jane Lapotaire stand out. Michael Pennington and Oliver Ford Davies are as good as ever. The music, featuring three sopranos, is haunting. The lighting and set drapings are beautiful. The pacing is a little off and I wish there had been a bit more care for the phrasing of the verse, which cost it a half-star.

Night Of The Living Dead: Resurrection

I hated just about everything about this movie-- the frenetic photography and music, bland characters, virtually non-existent plot, white contact lenses, and the abrupt ending...


I was really looking forward to this... and wound up disappointed. The plot was so convoluted and the time line so confusing .. and some plot lines so nonsensical that I found myself aggravated rather than intrigued. I understand what they are saying happened, but when you put it all together, it seems like it doesn't work. I left unsatisfied. I enjoyed the actors and the visuals and the music... just the story didn't work.