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Wonder Park
Wonder Park (2019)
15 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Although the movie was a somewhat lacking in its plot and well-made characters at least it did well in handling its main heroine.

The movie reminded a lot of Inside Out, but if decided to handle things in a different way. The park in a way was a mirror of the mind of June, the protagonist. Here June doesn't struggle with the hardship of growing up, but actually uses growing up as a defense mechanism against her emotional hardships which force her to lose her motivation and childhood imagination. In this movie instead of having things fixed by some colorful little characters, here the heroine finds herself in a world where she takes matters in her own hands without realizing it at first.

Some kind of Big Bad has spread over the Park, hope seems to fade away, until June picks herself up and learns how the spark of her imagination is strong inside her no matter how lonely and helpless she feels not only in that particular moment but as whole when she was outside the park. Fighting against the Big Bad in the Park she also stands up against the trauma inside of her and this way the Park turns into an absolute metaphor of her feelings.

I like how in the end the Big Bad is not entirely gone from the Park but it symbolizes a hardship that she will never be able to forgot, but it will remind her why it's good to never let the bad things go rampant inside of us.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
16 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Stunning, beautiful, emotional, but... kind of disappointing for a grand finale.
The movie bombarded me with amazing visuals and flurry of emotions, yet it felt lacking. It was overall really entertaining but everything felt rushed and the last part of the movie was to me inferior to its beginning.
It's far from a bad movie but I personally expected much more, the final clash didn't have enough grandeur.

Captain Marvel
17 months ago via Flixster

I personally wasn't charmed after seeing the trailer but it turned out that it didn't show at all what the movie actually offers. I was pleasantly surprised and I would say that contrary to popular assumptions the message of the movie isn't shoved down our throat. The actress did a better job then I expected. I was ready to compromise with a bland one-sided character but honestly you could really feel the passion radiating through different aspects of the heroine. The action was top notch and it was more than just sci-fi fist fights. The story was above average thanks to its unexpected turn of events. The soundtrack was amazingly fitting and did well in supporting the setting. The comedy was abundant but thankfully not as much as in Thor Ragnarok. Of course it wasn't all laughs, it did have its fair share of teary moments and inspirational ones too. It actually did really well inspiring its viewers, definitely one of its strong points. Definitely a must watch for MCU fans since it gives an interesting look into an important part of the overall story.