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The Evil Dead
The Evil Dead (1981)
3 years ago via Movies on iPhone

Ash: You bastards, why are you torturing me like this? Why?!

Sam Raimi's directorial debut The Evil Dead was a revolutionary film for the horror genre. It showed not only how far out a movie can go with a ridiculous premise, but it also proved how shocking a movie can be with such a small budget.

It's your ordinary "cabin-in-the-woods" story. Three college students over spring break visit an old eerie cabin deep in the woods only to find a book and read it, unknowingly releasing flesh possessing demons to try to torture and kill them all.

From a raw perspective it may sound very generic, but in 1981 the idea of combining elements of the cabin-in-the-woods plot with supernatural elements, was pure gold.

Possessed Linda: [singing] We're going to get you. We're going to get you. Not another peep. Time to go to sleep.
Ash: Shut up! Shut up!

I have seen footage of this movie being made on the Special Edition DVD and I must say, the true inspiration exported from this movie is how it was made and still considered a cult classic today. The entire film uses little to none computer effects. Despite one scene at the end, EVERY prop is some kind of cheap merchandise, yet while watching the movie published, it still makes my skin crawl. This only goes to show the magic of movies cannot be bought and that anyone can make a great movie if they just put their imagination to it.

That being said, this is a cheaply made film and not everything, however, is totally superb. The acting is not very good, the dialogue is laughable, and the editing is 'all over the place'. Although if you think about it, the fact that it is so cheap shows us that the movie is trying to do that on purpose. People these days still cannot decide weather The Evil Dead was trying to establish a serious or sarcastic tone, and that is why. The movie is self aware, over the top, crazy, and is meant to generate laughs for those who watch it 30-40 years later, and scare the living shit out of people who saw it when it came out in '81. That is genius right there.

Scotty: We have to bury her.
Ash: We can't bury Shelly, she's a friend of ours.