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This emotionally challenging portrait is brave on every level - a furious essay, written with depth and compassion in oil-black splatters of ink.

Before Sunset

Magnificent in its emotion and epic for its faith in the human heart, Before Sunset gives us hope where we've forgotten hope exists.

Before Sunrise

This film is life and love, propelled by a heart that truly beats. When sunrise fell upon the characters I was at a loss for words - love was real. How rare it is for a film to be so beautifully alive.

The Midnight Meat Train

What could have been a chilling dive into truly interesting subject matter has been gutted in exchange for an incoherent, disillusioned disaster of a film - sorely disappointing for the fact that it could have been great. The story suffers from plot hole after plot hole, stupid-character-syndrome, and an excess of needless CGI effects. I have one question for the "filmmakers" - is it really that hard to put some tangible fake blood on a sledgehammer? I think not.

The Abyss
The Abyss(1989)

Remember when big Hollywood films had complex characters, interesting ideas, and cared enough to invest time in small details? "The Abyss" contains potent drama, genuine thrills, poignant beauty, and ultimately, and ending which forces us to examine ourselves as a species.


Charlotte Rampling is the icing on the cake in this strangely twisted journey, which just happens to feature the most awkwardly menacing dinner scene in film history.

Searching for Debra Winger

Listening to these women speak is like feasting on intelligence in your best friend's cozy dining room. I might just have some extra lines on my face from smiling so much.

Qui a tué Bambi? (Who Killed Bambi?)

An interesting journey which, unfortunately, ends on an unconvincing note. Perhaps it should have ended in that mysterious forest pit? I think yes.

Inside (À l'intérieur)

The kind of horror that pries your mouth into a gape....beneath its gore-drenched exterior lies a rustle-in-the-wind creepiness. Its a minor disappointment that the second half concentrates mostly on blood and guts, although the "i can't believe they did that!" ending makes up for time wasted on sticky red fluid, and succeeds in bringing the story back to its original dread-soaked eeriness. Beatrice Dalle is probably owed much of the credit in the fear department...her presence alone succeeds in raising hair on the back of the neck.

Into the Wild

A transcendental, stirring experience; comparable to being lifted...I will not deny that this film affected me intimately - as if it saw directly into my soul. Transformative...

Hysterical Blindness

At the center of this film is a heart that throbs with electric passion. To criticize the characters' apparent desperation is to criticize the nature of human sorrow and longing.


This is cinematic ecstasy - pure untainted drama, clearly told and directly human. The story's truth flows like a pristine river from a hidden spring - with force and clarity.

The Clearing
The Clearing(2004)

An elegantly staged exploration of its characters, complete with a realistically satisfying conclusion and terrific performances from all.


The heroine's final solution to her woes made my jaw shoot to the floor like a pile of bricks, and considering what came before, that's quite an accomplishment.

The Piano Teacher (La Pianiste)

Prepare yourself for an intense and challenging experience, during much of which you'll be screaming NO! NO! NO! through the pillow which is being used to shield your eyes.

Six Feet Under - The Complete First Season

As a whole, I consider Six Feet Under to be the greatest work of art there has ever been in dealing with humanity, mortality, and emotion. Nothing comes close to capturing the complexity, simplicity, and beauty of life on earth for human beings.

They Came Back

Forces your imagination to work overtime by flexing its "what if" muscle. A strangely emotional experience.


A sprawling mosaic of human emotion.


These characters and their stories touched my was a rare and incredible cinematic experience; a gift really, which succeeded in letting us know we aren't alone.


The center of this film is a beautifully realized dance scene involving two couples, which flows in both directions from its simple core.


This film is a horrifying explosion of frenetic energy, impossible to harness - it also contains some of the most brilliant performances of the past few years, thanks to Ashley Judd and company.


A thought-provoking, subtly masterful execution of the material.

Open Water
Open Water(2004)

One of the most visceral, intense moviegoing experiences I've had in a darkened theater. Complete with an inspired and authentic ending.

Black Water
Black Water(2008)

Its rare to find a horror film which draws so much of its drama from the contemplation of its characters.. A tense thriller which received an unfortunate straight-to-DVD release in the US, sporting cover-art so uninspired I'd be surprised if this movie found its true fans. One major bonus is the lack of CGI in "Black Water" - real crocodiles take the place of computer generated cartoons, making the creature scenes all the more real.


Worth owning for every brilliant performance....although the ending is somewhat disappointing. This film deserved a brave closing statement.

Cassandra's Dream

No need to care for these characters...its almost too fascinating just observing them...


Best watched with a glass of wine and a fresh pack of cigarettes (if you partake). Triumphant cinema.

Bad Blood
Bad Blood(2006)

Chilling portrayal of a family's descent into horror, which culminates in a quietly devastating finale.

Flesh And Bone

Haunting...a stunning excavation into the space between good and evil, past and present. Paltrow delivers a mesmerizing performance.

Time to Leave

"Time to Leave" is a somber, yet beautiful portrait of a man's journey into the depths of mortality. Eloquently asks and explores the question "Is it selfish to die alone?"