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Three Idiots
Three Idiots (2009)
10 years ago via Flixster

my god!!!! the bestest best movie so much like taare zameen par!!!!!!! once again gongrats to amir and every body!! oooops.......... how i can forget CHETAN BHAGAT who wrote five point some one!!! i loved the movie songs were so awesome!!! give me some sunshine and behti hawa sa tha woh touched my heart!!! kareena was again as awesome as she was in JAB WE MET i loved mona's acting!!!!!!!!1 boman irani was again so totally awesome and funny as he was in munna bhai MBBS. and of course that was long time after which we saw madhwan and sharman. amir khan was as cool as he was in every film from 13 years.......... well, mr. perfectionist again toolk my heart....
one line for the movie
loved this movie!!


Oh my god!! How such movies can be made!! 3 idiots is all about 3 B TECH students: amir (RANCHO.), Madhvan, and RAJU.
They all r here at IIT roorkee? film is based on ?THREE Mistakes of my life? of Chetan bhagat (yeah! Another movie based on his respected novel) book was quite boring in starting but end was awesome but in movie!! I enjoyed every thing!! Each sentence was cool enough!
Movie starts with madhvan getting a pkone call in flight..! Madhvan looked depressed after it? flight took off but it was important to come back for madhvan?. He tricked air hostess by a fake heart attack and when got out of flight he ran to door and took an unknown taxi to raju?s house!! He called saying that he know?s where RANCHO is..!! Raju overwhelmed and got the same taxi without pants!! They reached a water tank near their college where they used to be in college days!! There they meet second most intelligent ( CHEATER COCK) sylencer!! He remind them about the bet of meeting here on 5 sept. THAT DAY!! They said they were there to meet rancho.. Not him!! Then he told he knows where he is!!
Then MADHVAN as a NARRATOR narrated story of their college!! GROUP OF THREE!! How they played pranks, invention, frnd ship along with teachers remark!! The lines I loved were: (translated in English) ?there is knowledge distributed everywhere, take from where ever you want? and of course ?all is well? (pronounced:- aaaall ieeez wey?lll)
I loved scene when three reached raju?s house and her mom said:- ?paneer to kuch din me itni itni thailiyo me sunar ke yaha bikegi? and when raju?s mom scrubed his fathers chest and got hair on roti maker and made roti with his chest hairs!! Yao!!

Scene?s with kareena like that ?chatni? thing and that wrist watch promo was so cool!! Oh boy!! The song ZOOBI DOOBI along with that pics were awesome!! Best lines were:- ?aj mausam saf rahega par agar apko kisi se pyar ho gaya hai to apke upar barish hogi? and many else?. MADHVAN was very good as usual and MR> PERFECTIONIST again Rocked Me!
I felt bad when raju tried suicide and Charlie did it!!

The scene when RAJU wrote ?FARHANITRATE? and ?PRERAJUlisation?? was awesome!! Kareena and BOMAN IRANI were good at their job?s!!

It was summary but believe me? if u?ll watch it!! Ur definitely not gonna be bore!!

And song AAAL IZZ WELL is of great sense and personally I wanna tell you if ur in worry just keep ur hand on heart and say:- Aal IZZ well! BABA RANCHORDAS KI JAI!!

De Dana Dan
De Dana Dan (2009)
10 years ago via Flixster

oh boy!!! i u haven't watch it go now!!! you will be laughing and laughing and laughing all the time!! Two broke best friends and their rich girlfriends desperate to marry them. The girl's respective fathers desperate to marry them off elsewhere. now their blackmail them emotionally to marry them!!
now katreena kaif also lies to his future HUSBAND that she is pregnant and cant marry him!! not just that... de dana dan masti starts when they black mail akshay's cranky boss thinkin that they have her dog!! but dog was intelligent and made a run but hey!! people thought akkshay's being kidnapped!! her boss said not to give him any money but when everyone made a stop going to her mall... she has to..... there come DE DANA DAN!! there came some most awesomest scene after which i laughed and laughed and laughed!! OH GOD !! SONgs like gale lag ja, paisa paisa bamulaiza hotty notty and ofcourse DE DANA DAN wher so so awesome!!

i loved last scene in which hotel was flooded and that clash in water was awesommee!!

yet not watched !!!!!


you will love it and love it like i did!!

and loved priyyadarshan akshay sameera and mostly my frnds sis KATREENA LOL

Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2 (2010)
10 years ago via Flixster

ummm!!! it5 was coo,lll enough to watcyh!!With the world now aware of his dual life as the armored superhero Iron Man, billionaire inventor Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) faces pressure from the government, the press, and the public to share his technology with the military. like HM but not good as that!!

Date Night
Date Night (2010)
10 years ago via Flixster

not intrested!!! cddddduuuhhhh!!!