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Hotel Mumbai
Hotel Mumbai (2019)
10 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The production of this film is so good and there are so many elements that are both relevant and compelling that it really should be receiving more attention. It also has a lot going against it. For one, the film was made two years ago, but then shelved due to the Weinstein Film company imploding over Harvey Weinstein's Sexual Harassment incidents coming to light. Then it was pushed back this year because there were recent terrorist events in India that were too similar to the ones in this film. Related to that fact, movies about terrorism never do well (ie Flight 93). They are hard to market and they can be hard to watch. But they are also important movies that examine the violence and how it affects the people involved. Not only does Hotel Mumbai captures the feeling of confusion and helplessness of the victims, but it also offers a nuanced portrayal of the young men who carried out these attacks. This was a major event in the recent history of India; it's sometimes called the 9/11 of India, yet most westerners are not familiar with the impact this had on the country. Dev Patel, Nazanin Boniadi and Armie Hammer do a great job of conveying the panic and urgency of the situation. This film is very violent, but not without purpose. It shows just how inhuman these terrorist's actions were (are). The rollout of this film has been limited and unsupported with advertising, so not many people will see it. However, a film like this could be instrumental in understanding kinds of terror that go on in the world currently.