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The Town
The Town (2010)
9 years ago via Flixster

SUMMARY: After a seemingly successful bank robbery, one of the robbers wants to get out of the life of crime and into the more appreciated life. But the task is easier said than done.

POSITIVES: Ben Affleck is one heck of a director! Giving him an intense crime drama to direct was such a good idea, and he was also the main actor. After watching this movie I had more appreciation for Ben Affleck. The cast and their acting as a whole was A+ work! The chemistry between Ben Affleck and Jeremy Renner's character was so good and noticable it raised this movie to much higher standards. Now thats some dang good acting! I loved every bank robber scene. Bank robberies make great crime dramas, just saying. This is all prasing the directing of Mr. Affleck and the crew that set up the scenes sooo well. The storyline was so well put together. Usually movies based off of books have the better storylines.

IMPROVEMENTS: This movie should have had less of those sappy dialouge scenes and replace them with an extra bank robbery.

OVERALL: Well done, Ben Affleck! I give this movie 4 masks outta 5 (Rating: 4/5).

Peep World
Peep World (2011)
9 years ago via Flixster

SUMMARY: Its the 70th birthday to the father of a pretty dysfunctional Jewish family. Every birthday they all celebrate at dinner. The difference between this dinner is that the youngest son wrote a book about how dysfunctional his family actually is.
POSITIVES: I loved the cast! We have my currently favorite actor, Michael C. Hall, playing the oldest bro Jack (his dysfunction is the reason why the book is called Peep World) . Rainn Wilson playing second eldest Joel. His dysfunction is being the family "screw-up". Cheri is the 3rd eldest and only sister. Her role is played by the hilarious Sarah Silverman. Cheri's dysfunction made her want to sue her brother for even writing the book. Which brings us to the final and youngest brother Nathan (the author of this book). Played by Ben Schwartz. His dysfunction is probably the funniest dysfunction out of the 4. Taraji P. Henson is now my favorite actress (Next to Helena Boham Carter). She ALWAYS acts with seriousness with a hint of comedy. Thats why I love her. So the honorable mention goes to her as well as Gullimero Diaz. The acting from all 6 actors i mentioned and Ron Rifkin (The father of these kids) was literally what made the movie so likeable. Also Lewis Black as The Narrator. Honestly, let Lewis Black be the narrator to any comedy. The dude is the definition of sarcastic comedy!
IMPROVEMENTS: The storyline was pretty dull. I loved the characters so much I wish I had the chance to get to know them better. A better storyline could've fulfilled my needs.
OVERALL: Who says the acting couldn't make the movie? They obviously haven't seen this movie. I'd give this movie 3 and a half books outta 5 (Rating: 3.5/5)

Jackass 3
Jackass 3 (2010)
9 years ago via Flixster

SUMMARY: The jackass cast is doin more stupid stuff. This time its in 3D!

POSITIVES: Well I would say the 3D is a positive, but i didnt see this film in 3d :(

IMPROVEMENTS: Well for the film they were trying to make there is no improvement needed.

OVERALL: It was just a long episode of Jackass honestly. I've give this movie 3 dildos for that stupid dildo cannon outta 5 (Rating: 3/5)

Black Swan
Black Swan (2010)
9 years ago via Flixster

SUMMARY: This movie is somewhat a modernized version of the Swan Lake story. A dancer tries her hardest with perfection trying to get the lead role in the Swan Lake production. Meanwhile she has competition for the same role.

POSITIVES: This movie had the best acting I've seen all year, seriously. Natalie Portman did exceptionally well in this film! I loved how she started off acting like a 12 year old then suddenly grew up, all in her acting! Mila Kunis amazed me too. I say those two ladies deserve an Oscar nomination this year, as well as this movie. Overall acting was superb. The storyline was clever. The acting literally made the storyline as well as it ended up to be. This movie was quite suspenceful and I honestly think it was more disturbing than one of the SAW movies. The director clearly knew what he was doing, or else those scenes wouldnt have been so perfect, and I have to mention how well those dance scenes were shot.

IMPROVEMENTS: The psycho scenes were kinda drawn out, which made the entire ending of the movie good, but confusing.

OVERALL: Black Swan blew me away! Great movie, possibly film of the year! I'd rate this movie 4.5 Swan feathers outta 5 (Rating 4.5/5)