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The Houses October Built 2
2 years ago via Movies on Android phone

I didn't nearly enjoy it as much as the first one. Comes off as more of a commercial for haunts. The ending is predictable, the acting lost its charm and a higher budget doesn't mean a better movie.

Just rewatch the first one instead.

Little Sister
Little Sister (2016)
3 years ago via Movies on Android phone

What an odd little duck this movie is.

It manages to bite off just enough that it can chew. Dealing with a disfigured war veteran, recreational drugs, alcohol, religion, celibacy without once being preachy.

The acting is the only thing keeping this movie from being great. Though I did love Addison Timlim as the goth-turned-soon-to-be-nun, the characters always felt just on the brink of being believable.

Definitely recommend a watch, but this is far from "this generation's American Beauty" as some have purported.

I Saw the Devil
3 years ago via Movies on Android phone

A must see for any revenge thriller fan. Though predictable, the violence and gore is dished out in bold and unpredictable ways.

Min-Sik Choi delivers an outstanding performance as usual, which is well balanced by Byung-Hun Lee's portrayal of the grief stricken Soo-Hung out for vengeance.

How South Korea can manage to dole out these crazy thrillers all the while keeping them grounded with believable performances continues to amaze.