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There goes Jordan Peele again, making the wheels turn well after the film is finished.

Only the Brave

Americana, fraternization, and the typical big film lot jokes. Yet, this film brings out some excellent stories that tie everything quite well for an emotional tribute.

Thor: Ragnarok

State of the art effects. Stellar cast($$$). Too many inclusive franchise jokes, made it cheesier than it needed to be.


What an amazing day in a crazy time.

BPM (Beats Per Minute) (120 battements par minute)

Film shows a good story of how the AIDS crisis played out, how drastically it effected many people, and how individuals organized.


Felt like a soap opera. However, the story was really quite fun!

Lady Bird
Lady Bird(2017)

Coming of age movie. Nothing exceptional. Felt a little half-baked.


Amazing visuals. Feel the connection with the animals.


Good story. Informative.

The Florida Project

SPOILER ALERT: Have been able to get over the abrupt ending. Otherwise, typical A24 production which consists of beautiful cinematography and an edgy, real story. Amazing performances throughout from the strong charafters.


Film got worse as he got stronger. Jake didn't nail it. Green went for the mainstream. Littered with Bahstan cliches and some dominant military themes.

Logan Lucky
Logan Lucky(2017)

"Oceans 7/11" is a fun comedy with a very clever heist story.

A Taxi Driver

Unreal depiction of a great story.


Excellent portrayal of a horrific story of survival.

War for the Planet of the Apes

Too many story flaws. Really fell apart. Love a good journey though.

Atomic Blonde

Fun soundtrack...a bit distracting...Charlize Theron as always is feminist feminine leader of the action....not too gory...yet still prevalent...confusing and pointless plot...didn't matter. Overall fun movie!

The Big Sick
The Big Sick(2017)

Funny. Nice American story that is often underrepresented.

Radio Dreams
Radio Dreams(2017)

Strong character development and interesting insight and perspective on this American immigrant experience.

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman(2017)

Better than your average comic book movie. A bit too common of a PG-13 action flick.

Their Finest
Their Finest(2017)

So good! Just a little too tragic.

The Lost City of Z

Some good dialogue which meshed in well with the continuous period piece reminders. Too scattered of a time line with too much. Writing and direction could have used a great deal of work. Glad this story is shared though.

Get Out
Get Out(2017)

Fun thrills! Great social storyline and humor from Jordan Peele.

The Salesman (Forushande)

h/t to Farhadi for another masterpiece that pulls at the audience's emotion without easy visuals. The Tehrani backdrop is alive and the characters are perfect.


Great characters. A structured look at the extraordinary in the ordinary.


Makes me want to see the play. Denzel leads in a spectacular drama that nails it as an informative period piece as well.

Manchester by the Sea

The movie was a big close up of Casey Affleck...and he delivered! Good, emotional story. Script and Chandler were a bit rusty, and movie could drag a bit. But overall, well done. Although, sometimes, I felt like I was watching a New England tourism video, based on the massive amount of scenic stills.


Not entertaining. Too light in what it was hoping to get across and uncommitted.

Don't Think Twice

Insightful look into what we probably already understood of struggling artists. However, it did offer an emotional trip for the audience as we watched the inevitable change in the group's professional and personal friendship. Little too flat.

Hell or High Water

Amazing story! Hits the mark of a great story of brotherhood and a classic tale which leaves the viewer seeing full dimensions of all the characters involved. Mackenzie makes a fun cinematic experience, however, Sheridan's dialogue is a little too contrived and overdone when proving his many social points and time piece points throughout the film.

The Lobster
The Lobster(2016)

Weird. Evolutionary trip of emotions from humor in the shocking behavior to a thought provoking social piece of society. Farell nails it and Yanthimos keeps us squirming in this dark comedy.

Ex Machina
Ex Machina(2015)

Even with leeway of the idea, something didn't click between Gleeson and his character.


Each member of the cast is as good as the next. The twisted real world that is shown is also spliced with the characters that are the products, from all backgrounds of today.

The Martian
The Martian(2015)

Well wrirtten, amazing cast, and the budget of a Ridley Scott movie makes for not only a fun time but an emotional piece about human resilience.

Straight Outta Compton

It looks like since "The Italian Job", Producer F. Gary Gray has been trying to find a way back in. Cue Dr. Dre with his wealth from Beats and some timely material and you got yourself a hit! The NWA cast clearly had years of method training under their belt. With this production value, it makes for a great party and celebration. Exceptional acting through out, Jason Mitchell(Eazy E) was ready for his close up.

The End Of The Tour

The aim of the film appeared to be depressing and boring and it was indeed just that. Awkward and anti-climactic.

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation

As always, the franchise delivers everything and above...including scenes that are just far too "impossible".

Cartel Land
Cartel Land(2015)

Brilliant! Matthew Heineman is as fearless as he is talented. This is not only top notch unbiased journalism, but an unbelievable glimpse of what is going on in this turbulent part of the world. Heineman is literally on the front lines delivering a story that will blow your mind and keep you thinking about this spiraling crisis.


Thought-provoking piece that dives deep into the mind of an iconic voice for this world to behold. Surrounding cast are all given their shot, Kapadia is clear of too much bias, and let's the audience conclude the culprit of the fall.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Bizarre and weird characaters as to be expected. The same 80s explosions and action, with today's special effects make for a fun adventure with some meaningful themes. The impact comes up a little short.


The concept completely worked. Linklater is a dialogue genius and the cast pulled it off big time!


Gyllenhaal's best! Interesting LA movie that can almost be described as a hipper American Psycho.


J.K. Simmons shines in a cinematic spectacle. The themes are fun as the story unravels and leaves you wanting more drums!

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

Absolutely amazing! The effects, story, intelligently relevant, a true film of not for this summer...the year! You just have to deal with Gary Oldman though...:p


Super weird, kinda fun, especially violent, but a little too thrown together.

Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow

Fun story and tempo throughout the movie! Turns out the casting of Cruise was a good idea. His contract most likely requires at least one scene where he cruises on a motorcycle which the movie covers! Climax is a little too sci-fi incredibly Hollywood impossible, but that is another aspect which makes it a fun popcorn blockbuster!


Marvelous photography! All directors need to aspire the beauty that this film encapsulates. The story is extremely deep and complex yet comes across as simple and somehow understandable in this troubling setting.

We Are the Best!

Super fun coming of age film! Does a great job of showing the time as well. Story is a little too light to get a better score.

The Immigrant

James Gray knocks it out of the park!Amazing story in a well done period piece. Could not have been a better performance by all of the actors!

X-Men: Days of Future Past

The old cast has still got it and the new cast is certainly qualified! Entertainment value is high yet still is a bit thought provoking for a comic-book blockbuster.


Tom Hardy did it! Nothing more than a brilliant thought-provoking script that manages to hold for a fun ride!

Bad Words
Bad Words(2014)

Bateman came out flopping!

Nymphomaniac: Volume I

Excellent art house film that goes wherever it damn well pleases! The story is as complex as it is simple.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The always quirky Wes Anderson manages to keep us cackling throughout. Full of old and new faces, this couldn't be labeled a black comedy, but also couldn't be labeled anything other than a fun piece.


Quite easy to write this off as a bizarre, trip, but Spike Jonze challenges us to take in the setting he has created. The setting is marvelous and the fun story is another solid piece for Joaquin Phoenix.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Many laughs in this high energy film that has amazing chemistry among the cast. Hill and DiCaprio work so well off each other, although this movie tends to be a majority of what Belfort set out for since day one, all about me, me, me. Scorsese obviously didn't leave anything on the cutting room floor and left the film lacking a sense of getting its feet on the ground.

American Hustle

The entire cast delivered in their slowly evolving comfort zone, for O Russell's carefully crafted story that is as fun as it is engaging. However, the crime drama was a little light on the violence that left the film therefore a little innocent.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Aside from a little too much "Brick", McKay had nearly a decade to pinpoint what the audience likes and built! The writing wasn't all bathroom humor though.

Inside Llewyn Davis

Typical Coen brother journey with the right amount of not-over done quirks. The dark setting doesn't pull on anything with too much depth, but coasts.

All Is Lost
All Is Lost(2013)

A cool Robert Redford is a on a boat. Things get bad. This should only be played in a sailing class.

Dallas Buyers Club

The group of producers for this important story owe everything to the outstanding performances of McConaughey (albeit, in his regional comfort zone) and the amazing well-rounded Jared Leto.

Captain Phillips

Tom Hanks continues to out do himself! A high budget blockbuster that managed to keep its America-centricity low enough (still quite Top Gun at times) to make for a fun and suspenseful film.

Short Term 12

Some of the strongest character development I have seen in a movie in a long time. A an emotional ride of a film that brings the viewer into a truly amazing world of care for the troubled and how it is therapeutic for all involved.


While visually exciting, and cutting edge special effects/cinematography prevail, the Cuarón brothers were a little too simple as they worked to crank out their George Clooney and Sandra Bullock feature.

12 Years a Slave

Pitt certainly put his money in the right place on this one and gave himself quite the minor role in this historical wonder of a movie. McQueen, Fassbender, and the show-stealing great Chiwetel Ejiofor are key players in an amazing piece that will receive as much classroom time as it does academy time.


Magnolia Pictures comes out with another great film! Good conscious film that covers the material for argumentative purposes. However, Cowperthwaite leaves the audience with minimal solutions.

The Attack
The Attack(2013)

Amazing location shots! Cinematic glimpse into a real situation that achieves its equalizing and simple explanation.

A Hijacking
A Hijacking(2013)

Brilliant! The characters are strong and every turn in this well thought out film is crafted with precision. A realistic international piece that has fun with the business world along with that of the pirate world.

Fast & Furious 6

Managed to keep the franchise as ridiculous and unbelievable as possible. Lin went for the American culture jugular as he kept the cheese quite thick throughout. Managed to not exceed expectations and not omit the silliest of bravado for this shallow cast.

American Psycho

More than a slasher and a horror. Harron shows some greedy classicism intertwined with shameless murder. Bale delivers in this thought provoking and fun movie.


Nichols gives an excellent peak into the life on the remote river of Arkansas with the theme of love in all stages, friendship, family, and taps many other themes and emotions. A bit too misogynistic, albeit that may be the point in this southern tale. The dialogue is fun and character development shines along with superb acting by the young protagonists. However, the slow style of the film with a dud as a climax along with McConaughey's short acting range keep the movie from being a great.


Shot on a 1970's home video camera, this film can get a bit too amateur looking at times. However, the lasting impression comes from the character's banter which makes real the political situation and the intersection with the advertising world.

The Sapphires

Shines light on a serious problem not publicized too much and emotionally pulls at some strings with its excellent cast!

Side Effects
Side Effects(2013)

Excellent, thought provoking mystery that skillfully unravels for the audience. The story is current in its content and fresh in its cast! As soon as it starts to get a little too slow, it comes back to life! However, no parallel at all to the action packed Contagion!

Chasing Mavericks

Acting and script were off, but the story and cultural accuracy accounted for a awe inspiring sport theme that delivers more.


Spielberg keeps the drama at full throttle in a monotone, dim lit movie that never raises its voice.

Silver Linings Playbook

The confusing writing is saved by the talented cast, and Bradley Cooper has finally arrived.

Django Unchained

Quentin Tarantino continues showboat and outdo himself! With an all-star cast that performed an hour after hour thespian duel from scene after scene in this historically justified picture. The picture that is painted is splatted across the scene in a sharp-shooting, gruesome film that will draw as many laughs as uncomfortable moments of graphic violence in this fun 60's remake.

Life of Pi
Life of Pi(2012)

The dogmatic overtone which pull at the story in sometimes random directions is circumvented by an outstanding performance by young Suraj Sharma and an overall visual masterpiece that was made for 3D! Justification for Martel's excellent novel.

Killing Them Softly

Proves that with creative directing and up-to-date post, a film's violence can progress and at times become almost unbearable. KTS is gripping is as intense as it can be comical and thought provoking in its slowed-down almost Tarantino-esque dialogue. However, the "heartfelt" chatter wanes on and drags the movie down a bit with it.


Home Alone meets the James Bond series! However, Craig is no fun. Overall misses the mark at being an action thriller that can compete today.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Roller coaster ride of emotions as Chbosky takes you on a ride of far more than a typical growing pains high school movie.

End of Watch
End of Watch(2012)

I hope Ayer did his homework, because AGAIN he paints an unfortunately believable picture of the LA underworld that the privileged don't need to see and live. The story of brotherhood and pure friendship of these heroic characters come to life in a dramatic film with some experimental cinematography that works!


Joseph Gordon-Levitt does it again (except for the make-up artist)! Gordon-Levitt proves even more dimensions along with this trippy scenario on an all too realistic futuristic setting.

Horrible Bosses

Definitely works! If you can tune out Day's voice, you'll definitely have a good time with the silly dialogue and brilliant casting!


Way too slow and drags on far too long which makes for an odd attempt of trying to be shocking and mainstream at the same time. MacFarlane proves that his humor can only translate well on television

Premium Rush
Premium Rush(2012)

Sweet little story which somehow gels together. But the bicycle maneuvering and pro-hipster fixieism makes it quite fun!

The Dark Knight Rises

Outstanding performance by the whole cast! Nolan creates a hit that is truly amazing!


Jack Black gives his best performance! Able to keep his silly demeanor yet bring new dimensions to this character.

Moonrise Kingdom

Still wondering what exactly happened in this film that is as fast as it is slow! Another example of Anderson's neat directing style and ability to add dimensions, sometimes more than you may think necessary!

Get the Gringo

Gibson manages to keep the macho character as ridiculous as ever, with his added flirtatious charm that he still can't shake. The turn-by-turn story is a bit fun, but not interesting enough to make up for the dry cinematography and over-dramatized setting.

Men in Black III

Extremely fun throughout! Great casting, superb special effects, and clever innocent banter.

The Hunger Games

Odd sober love tried to find place in a creepy, sadistic event of a movie. However, the future Roman Colosseum with all of its gore truly keeps the movie entertaining and suspenseful! Great performance by the senior cast and the young protagonist.


Nick Nolte scenes are moving! Great acting overall! Story and action scenes are way too cheesy to take this movie seriously.