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2 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Counselor

The Counselor(2013)

Who wants to spend time with these ugly people? The sexist racist tripe that comes out of their mouths is bad enough but they're murderous drug dealers too. Ridley Scott is either a poor judge of audience tastes or he simply wanted to make people feel awkward and unpleasant. Really, a six minute dirty talking sex scene to open the film? Great. If there was any way to identify with Michael Fassbender's titular character, to feel the moral dilemma that resulted from his decision to engage in a high stakes drug deal, then maybe just maybe the film would have held some interest. But instead, it's a mess - and every once in a while it stops absolutely cold and characters utter the most ridiculous heavy-handed, scripted, and literary lines provided by Cormac McCarthy. Really I was incredulous. Bad judgment on everybody's part - you feel sordid afterwards. Good times.