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The Children's Hour
10 years ago via Flixster

One of the most fearless films I've ever seen. Going into this I assumed that the lesbian themes would be watered down, but they just go at it head-on without any hesitation. I can't imagine how this must have shocked people back in the day. The acting is phenomenal and I loved seeing my beloved Audrey in an honest-to-goodness dramatic role. No ribbons, bows, or Tiffany's here, this is gritty and human and genuine.Shirley MacLaine, another one of my favorites, is remarkable as a silently tortured woman. You can see the pain in her eyes during the most downplayed moments. I recommend this film to anyone looking for a solid, timeless drama. I really feel it hasn't aged a bit.

Happenstance (2000)
10 years ago via Flixster

The movie can be summed up in one sentence "Life is coincidence". While this is a premise which fascinates us all, it really doesn't fascinate as the premise of an entire movie. What most bothered me about the movie were the random moments in which the characters seemed to tell us the movie's themes in glaringly direct and clunky dialogue. The plot would be churning along and then somebody would say, "Isn't it funny how everything in life can depend on the most minor and random of events?". Duh, people, we get it. All the same, it was filled with fun characters, interesting situations and an intelligent framework.

Drag Me to Hell
10 years ago via Flixster

As a comedy, this film is stellar. What is most important is that I think the filmmakers were actually trying to make a humorous movie, which is refreshing coming from the horror genre. It was so absurd at moments (old lady gumming anyone?) that I became a little sad that the ending didn't live up to the whole. Probably a movie best appreciated by horror-nerds, but fun for a bit of trashy amusement.

A Matter of Taste
10 years ago via Flixster

This movie sucked so bad. It fails on the level of shock, technique (the cinematography sucks) and narrative (total snooze fest). It's like someone took the premise of Vertigo and watered it down with a bunch of soy sauce and homoeroticism. Gah, it made me angry just watching it.