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Zorro (1957 - 1961)

Zorro (1957 - 1961)





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The avenging swordsman of 1820s California defended the citizenry of Fortress de Los Angeles from a tyrannical commandant and made the sign of the Z on any who would cross him. The Disney series was preceded by numerous Hollywood Zorros (Douglas Fairbanks and Tyrone Power, among them), and later versions starred Frank Langella (1974), George Hamilton (the 1981 comedy `Zorro the Gay Blade'), and Anthony Hopkins and Antonio Banderas (1998). Duncan Regehr starred in a 1990-93 cable series.

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1960, ABC, 5 episodes

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1958, ABC, 39 episodes

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1957, ABC, 39 episodes


Guy Williams
as Don Diego de la Vega (Zorro)
Guy Williams
as Don Diego del la Verga"Zorro"
George J. Lewis
as Don Alejandro
Gene Sheldon
as Bernardo
Gene Sheldon
as Bernardo
Britt Lomond
as Capt. Monastario
Britt Lomond
as Capt. Monastario
Henry Calvin
as Sgt. Garcia
Donald Diamond
as Cpl. Reyes
Jan Arvan
as Nacho Torres
Jan Arvan
as Nacho Torres
Eugenia Paul
as Elena Torres
Eugenia Paul
as Elena Torres
Vinton Haworth
as Magistrate Galindo
Donald Diamond
as Cpl. Reyes
Don Diamond
as Cpl. Reyes
Jolene Brand
as Anna Maria Verdugo
Eduard Franz
as Gregorio Verdugo
John Litel
as Governor
Perry Lopez
as Castenada
Barbara Luna
as Theresa
George N. Neise
as Arrellano
Cesar Romero
as Diego's Uncle
Patricia Medina
as Margarita
Joan Evans
as Leonar
Kent Taylor
as Murietta
Jonathan Harris
as Fernandez
Jeff York
as Joe Crane
Myrna Fahey
as Barmaid
Tony Russo
as Martinez
Gilbert Roland
as El Cuchillo
Joe Conway
as Palomares
Rita Moreno
as Barmaid
Tom Pittman
as Romaldo
Mike Forest
as Malarin
Peter Adams
as Toledano
Paul Picerni
as Outlaws
Romney Brent
as Padre Felipe
Madeleine Holmes
as Dona Luisa
Jean Willes
as Carlotta
Jim Bannon
as Carlos Urista
Jack Kruschen
as Mordante
Howard Wendell
as Don Marcos
Peter Damon
as Melendez
Don Haggerty
as Carmelo
John Hoyt
as Yorba
Michael Pate
as Quintana
Paul Richards
as Hernando
John Dehner
as Viceroy
Lisa Gaye
as Constancia
Tony Russoro
as Martinez
Steve Stevens
as Martinez
Lee Van Cleef
as Castillo
Paul Dubov
as Gustavo
Jerry Oddo
as Christin
Robert Vaughn
as Miguel Roverto
Pat Hogan
as Benito
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TV Network: ABC
Premiere Date: Oct 10, 1957
Genre: Action & Adventure
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