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½ May 13, 2019
Veep ends brilliantly, in a season that sticks to formula yet still offers plenty of surprises. At a time when our real-world politicians seem closer to Veep's characters than ever, the show walks a thin line between satire and reenactment, but it's as funny as ever with its singularly wry delivery. Topical as ever (with #MeToo, gay marriage, and political endorsement all being addressed) the show always has something to say, and even at an abbreviated episode count it wraps it all up nicely come the hilarious and unexpected end. Characterization has always been one of many strong suits for this series, and rest easy, as all of Veep's players are fully utilized throughout these seven episodes, and the acting is at an apex here too. Veep has run its course, but it will also be missed, especially as this is without a doubt the show's best season.
½ May 9, 2019
Disappointing. Jokes already done to death. Same viciousness. Same crude humor.
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