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The Wonder Years (1988 - 1993)

The Wonder Years (1988 - 1993)






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Wistful and whimsical nostalgia about a 12-year-old boy coming of age in the late 1960s and early '70s, this became a viewer favorite subsequent to its premiere following the 1988 Super Bowl. The Emmy-winning series chronicles Kevin Arnold's growing pains in a turbulent period of U.S. history and weighs his relationships with family, friends and especially the winsome Winnie next door. The pensive, witty narration by the adult Kevin is voiced by Daniel Stern.

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1992, ABC, 22 episodes

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1991, ABC, 24 episodes

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1990, ABC, 23 episodes

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1989, ABC, 23 episodes

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1988, ABC, 17 episodes

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1988, ABC, 6 episodes


Fred Savage
as Kevin Arnold
Daniel Stern
as Kevin Arnold (as an adult)
Danica McKellar
as Gwendolyn `Winnie' Cooper
Jason Hervey
as Wayne Arnold
Dan Lauria
as Jack Arnold
Alley Mills
as Norma Arnold
Josh Saviano
as Paul Pfeiffer
Michael Landes
as Kirk McCraig
Raye Birk
as Mr. DiPerna
Olivia d'Abo
as Karen Arnold
Krista Murphy
as Carla Healy
Robert Picardo
as Coach Ed Cutlip
Sean Baca
as Craig Hobson
Ben Stein
as Mr. Cantwell
Crystal McKellar
as Becky Slater
Michael Tricario
as Randy Mitchell
David Huddleston
as Grandpa Arnold
Scott Nemes
as Ricky Halsenbach
Giovanni Ribisi
as Jeff Billings
Daniel Stern
as Kevin Arnold (as an adult)
Wendel Meldrum
as English Teacher
Julie Condra
as Madeline
Steven Gilborn
as Mr. Collins
Linda Hoy
as Mrs. Ritvo
Paul B. Price
as Mr. Katz
Lynn Milgrim
as Mrs. Cooper
Torrey Anne Cook
as Paul's Sister
Seth Green
as Donnelly
John Pleshette
as Charlie Barrett
Julie Payne
as Mrs. Falcinella
Roy Brocksmith
as Weird Mr. Lemkur
Philip Sterling
as Grandpa Pfeiffer
Ben Slack
as Ermin
Justin Whalin
as Kovinski
Richard Fancy
as Dr. Valenti
Pat Crawford Brown
as Mrs. Ruebner
Josh Berman
as Grutner
Eric Dane
as Brett
Liz Torres
as Mrs. Gambino
Cal Gibson
as Caddie Master
Gerrit Graham
as Dr. Tucker
Barney Martin
as Old Kevin
Gary Bayer
as Miller
Bobby Jacoby
as School Bully
Gary Grossman
as Mr. Corey
Andrea Walters
as Miss Haycock
Mary Gillis
as Miss Craw
Josh Peden
as Callio
Gloria Manos
as Mrs. Harris
Candice Azzara
as Mrs. Ermin
AJ Langer
as Mary Jo
Chris Demetral
as McCormick
Janet Wood
as Neighbor
Ellen Albertini Dow
as Mrs. Tambora
Matt Blansett
as Doug Gurney
David Brisbin
as Mr. Atkinson
Marty Belafsky
as Brady Ryland
John O'Leary
as Jeweler
Wesley Mann
as Mr. Lively
Melanie MacQueen
as Young Woman
as Young Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.
Adam Jeffries
as Simeonee
Jennifer Barron
as Dream Girl
John Brandon
as Phillip
Brad Naso
as Winnie's New Boyfriend
Maxine Stuart
as Piano Teacher
Salome Jens
as Miss Stebbins
Cristine Rose
as Dr. Ferleger
Demian Slade
as Spinoza
Kim Robillard
as Mr. Dexter
Jack Corbett
as Karen's Boyfriend
Greg Davis
as Robbie
David Byrd
as Jeweler
Whitney Kershaw
as Dental Hygienist
Travis McKenna
as Joe the Bartender
Tim Stack
as Mr. Plesnitzer
Bob Larkin
as Old Chuck
Sarah Dammann
as Waitress
Paul Gleason
as Arthur Jensen
Jack McGee
as Kaplan
Adam Stradlin
as Pizza Guy
Joseph Whipp
as Mr. Quaranta
Tara Ellison
as Earth Mother
Bryn Erin
as Julie
Brad Hunt
as Billy
Al Ruscio
as Kevin's Boss
Michael Ensign
as Mr. Finora
Bruce Ed Morrow
as Mr. Clemens
Jim Zubiena
as PE Teacher
Don Perry
as Mr. Deeks
Hoke Howell
as Loan Officer
Bette Ford
as Aunt Muriel
Peter Bromilow
as Funeral Director
Eric Poppick
as Maitre d'
Frank Lloyd
as Rainbow
Sean Faro
as Greaser
Mark Boone Jr.
as Repairman
Carla Gugino
as Wayne's Girlfriend
William Blair
as Detective
Ted Hayden
as Mr. Raply
Andrew Shue
as Burnout
D.R. Starr
as Deadhead
Marnie Andrews
as Mrs. Billings
Jim Caviezel
as Bobby Riddle
Tom Wood
as Peter
Brandis Kemp
as Saleslady
Marnie Andrews
as Mrs. Billings
Troy Fromin
as Slovoski
Gerry Bednob
as Maharishi
Rebecca Staab
as Miss Farmer
Pamela Gordon
as Mrs. Ruebner
Jan Eddy
as Bus Driver
Lanei Chapman
as English Teacher
Michael Gregory
as Coach Meecham
Jose Rey
as DMV Clerk
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Series Details

TV Network: ABC
Premiere Date: Jan 31, 1988
Genre: Drama
Executive Producers: Neal Marlens, Carol Black
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