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The Odd Couple (1970 - 1975)

The Odd Couple (1970 - 1975)





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Two divorced New Yorkers---a slob and a fussbudget---try to live together `without driving each other crazy' in this classic sitcom based on Neil Simon's hit play and movie. Both Jack Klugman and Tony Randall won Emmys in the leads, the latter in the final year of a five-season run. `Now if I only had a job,' Randall said at the Emmy gala. The show inspired two remakes, one an animated series portraying the main characters as a cat and a dog, and a 1982-83 version with a mostly black cast.

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1974, ABC, 21 episodes

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1973, ABC, 21 episodes

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1972, ABC, 23 episodes

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1971, ABC, 23 episodes

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1970, ABC, 24 episodes


Tony Randall
as Felix Unger
Jack Klugman
as Oscar Madison
Al Molinaro
as Murray Greshner
Brett Somers
as Blanche Madison
Monica Evans
as Cecily Pigeon
Carol Shelly
as Gwendolyn Pigeon
Janis Hansen
as Gloria Unger
Joan Hotchkis
as Dr. Nancy Cunningham
Penny Marshall
as Myrna Turner
Elinor Donahue
as Miriam Welby
Herbie Faye
as Lambretti
John Wheeler
as Herbert Murphy
Bill Quinn
as Dr. Melnitz
Eddie Garrett
as Oscar's co-worker
Leonard Barr
as Panhandler
Janice Carroll
as Mrs. Grainger
Marlyn Mason
as Barbara
Louis Guss
as Man in Waiting
Peter Hobbs
as Nathaniel Talbot
Bella Bruck
as Aunt Lucille
Jessica Myerson
as Mrs. Ferguson
Leif Garrett
as Leonard
Ogden Talbot
as Messenger
Arthur Batanides
as Pat the Bartender
Ronda Copland
as Mitzi Ferguson
Stanley Adams
as Side Pocket Sol
Janice Lynde
as Phyllis
David W. Duclon
as Messenger
Peter Dawson
as Bartender
Peter Brocco
as Whitehill
Robert Ball
as Brother Lou
Jane Dulo
as Mrs. Madison
Sam Nudell
as Parsley
Dick Stahl
as Minister
Mickey Fox
as Judy Skelton
Jack Collins
as Brother Samuel
Hal Smith
as Clown
Dan Tobin
as Cemetery Salesman
Louise Troy
as Judy Jones
Giorgio Tozzi
as Big Boss
Roy Clark
as Willie Boggs
John Astin
as Bo 'Buff' Buffingham
Frank Corsentino
as Harvey Skolnik
Jack Soo
as Chuk Mai-chin
Vivian Bonnell
as Ms. Ferret
Reta Shaw
as Claire
Jack Carter
as Joey Bernie
Peggy Rea
as Miss Rykof
Elvia Allman
as Mrs. Madison
Bubba Smith
as Football Player
Ed Peck
as Brother Horace
Joshua Shelley
as Accountant
Adam Klugman
as Little Oscar
Beatrice Colen
as Secretary
Georgia Schmidt
as Mrs. Osgood
Jim Boles
as Minister
Harvey Skolnik
as Rubber Ducky
Maggie Peterson
as Flight Attendant
Vern Rowe
as Man #1
Bernie Kopell
as Professor
Wally Cox
as Student
Frank Delfino
as Albertson
William Redfield
as Floyd Unger
Graham Jarvis
as Jim Antrobus
Joy Harmon
as Waitress
Janet Brandt
as Mrs. Miller
Bob Hope
as Himself
Pernell Roberts
as Billy Joe
Willie Aames
as Leonard
Buddy Lester
as Kennel Owner
Allen Ludden
as Himself
Titos Vandis
as Damascus
John Myhers
as Director
Fritz Feld
as Maitre d'
Dub Taylor
as Slim Daniels
Lisa Lu
as Mrs. Lee
Ivor Francis
as Bengstrom
Vaughan Taylor
as Underwood
Bobby Riggs
as Himself
Elisha Cook Jr.
as Eliot Ness
Albert Paulsen
as Impresario
Edward Platt
as Bill Donnelly
Johnny Scott Lee
as Young Felix
Ann Doran
as Loretta
Betty White
as Herself
Jill Jaress
as Beth Olem
Rob Reiner
as Sheldon
Patty Regan
as Chi-chi
Alice James
as Mildred
Fred Beir
as Raymond Cunningham
George O'Hanlon
as The Drunk
H.W. Gim
as Cho San
Elliott Reid
as Ferguson
Teri Garr
as Insurance Agent
Frank Buxton
as T.V. Announcer
Timothy Near
as Loretta
George Wyner
as Art Director
Stephen Liss
as Wilfred Albertson
Lark Geib
as Swan #1
Stan Haze
as Butler
Monty Hall
as Himself
Eve McVeagh
as Mrs. Lachman
John Davey
as Andreas
Fabian Dean
as Feldman
Marj Dusay
as Madelyn
Ellen Corby
as Florence
Ric Carrott
as Steve O'Connor
Joe Alfasa
as Reporter
Malcolm Atterbury
as Pop Abernathy
Sondra Currie
as Girl on Plane
Ronny Hallin
as Verna Turner
Don Diamond
as Man at O.T.B.
Jean Simmons
as Princess
Karl Swenson
as Captain
Sandra Giles
as Roberta Riggs
Hugh Hefner
as Himself
Tony Barro
as Sanchez
Thelma Pelish
as Fat Lady
David Fresco
as Charley
Virginia Ann Lee
as Miss Hong Kong
Wolfman Jack
as Himself
Rona Barrett
as Rona Barnett
Doria Cook
as Christine
Shirley Mitchell
as Receptionist
Carolyn Stellar
as Secretary
Tracy Reed
as Mrs. Flood
Lloyd Gough
as Sergeant
Frank Alesia
as Producer
Ken Sansom
as Mr. Twitchell
Deacon Jones
as Himself, Deacon Jones
Bob Hastings
as Happy Greshler
Lee Duncan
as P.A. Announcer
Jennifer King
as Receptionist
Guy Lee
as Man #2
Paul Gale
as Dr. Arnold
Momo Yashima
as Mrs. Hanogi
John Harmon
as Old Hippie Dancing
Tim Herbert
as Freddie
Ed Fury
as Buffed Patient
Bob Hoffman
as T.V. floor manager
Buddy Lewis
as Bailiff
Sean Manning
as Little Felix
Sid Gould
as Comedian
Howard Morton
as Mr. Larkin
Liv Lindeland
as Beautiful Girl #1
Clarence Landry
as Truck Driver
Noam Pitlik
as O'Herlihy
Allan Kent
as Joe McClusky
Therese Baldwin
as Priscilla
Cindy Eilbacher
as Party Girl
Queenie Smith
as Mrs. Grapney
Wally Taylor
as Repairman
Tom Pedi
as Louie Menninni
Ralph Manza
as Tony Mugucci
Rena Horten
as Beautiful Girl #2
Jack R. Clinton
as Policeman
Lloyd Kino
as Al Fisher
Sadie Delfino
as Mrs. Albertson
Inga Neilsen
as Miss Jenson / Beautiful Woman
Caryn Matchinga
as Myrna's Friend
Anitra Ford
as Jeannie
Mark Russel
as Bailiff
Ben Frommer
as Gonzales
Jerry Jones
as Attendant
Susan Moffat
as Phyllis
Grady Sutton
as Pops Belkon
Tom Scott
as Producer
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Series Details

TV Network: ABC
Premiere Date: Sep 24, 1970
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producers: Garry Marshall, Jerry Belson, Harvey Miller
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