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In the conclusion of the series' two-part Season Five opener, up-and-coming singer Ashley (Tatyana M. Ali) has put her future in the hands of famous record promoter Gordy Berry (Obba Babatunde)--leaving her original manager Will (Will Smith) out in the cold--and, briefly, out of the Banks house. Predictably, Ashley's ego swells to gargantuan dimensions...and equally predictably, the girl is riding for a very painful fall. Former Three's Company regular Norman Fell shows up in his customary role as a grouchy landlord in this episode, which also features guest appearances by Quincy Jones and Little Richard.


Will Smith
as Will Smith
James Avery
as Philip Banks
Daphne Maxwell Reid
as Vivian Banks
Jim Fyfe
as Agent Moore
Alfonso Ribeiro
as Carlton Banks
Tatyana Ali
as Ashley Banks
Karyn Parsons
as Hilary Banks
Tatyana M. Ali
as Ashley Banks
Tony Pierce
as Lucille
Rusty Schwimmer
as Big Bertha
Brad Garrett
as O'Neill
Norman Fell
as Landlord
Anastasia Ali
as Little Ashley
Paige Carter
as Receptionist
Marquita Terry
as Laqueesha
Obba Babatundé
as Gordy Berry
Anastasia N. Ali
as Little Ashley
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