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What's Will Got to Do with It?


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Season Five of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air begins with the series' 100th episode--actually the first half of a two part story (originally telecast on the same evening). When Ashley (Tatyana M. Ali) begins to build up local popularity as a singer, Will (Will Smith) appoints himself his cousin's manager--relegating Carlton (Alfonso Ribeiro) to the position of his sister's toady. It isn't long before success goes to Ashley's head and Will is fired, as the aspiring vocalist is taken under the wing of famous R&B promoter Gordy Berry (Obba Babatumbe). Ross Bagley makes his first appearance as little Nicky Banks, who in true sitcom fashion has aged several years since the previous season; and as bonus, the inimitable Jazz (Jeff Townes) makes several pointed comments indicating that he knows he's merely a character on a comedy show.


Will Smith
as Will Smith
James Avery
as Philip Banks
Daphne Maxwell Reid
as Vivian Banks
Alfonso Ribeiro
as Carlton Banks
Tembe Locke
as Valerie
Anastasia N. Ali
as Little Ashley
Karyn Parsons
as Hilary Banks
Tatyana M. Ali
as Ashley Banks
Tatyana Ali
as Ashley Banks
Paige Carter
as Receptionist
Anastasia Ali
as Little Ashley
Obba Babatundé
as Gordy Berry
Tembi Locke
as Valerie
Quincy Jones
as Himself
Norman Fell
as Mr. Weisman
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