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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990 - 1996)

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990 - 1996)




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Teenage Will moves from the tough streets of West Philadelphia to a posh mansion in Bel-Air, California.

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1995, NBC, 24 episodes

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1994, NBC, 25 episodes

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1993, NBC, 28 episodes

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1992, NBC, 24 episodes

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1991, NBC, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: Now this is the story of how Will Smith's career got flipped -- turned upside down -- from Top 40 rapper with bankable flair to a transcendent star in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

1990, NBC, 25 episodes


Will Smith
as Will Smith
James Avery
as Philip Banks
Janet Hubert
as Vivian Banks
Daphne Maxwell Reid
as Vivian Banks
Alfonso Ribeiro
as Carlton Banks
Karyn Parsons
as Hilary Banks
Tatyana Ali
as Ashley Banks
Tatyana M. Ali
as Ashley Banks
Ross Bagley
as Nicky Banks
Ross Elliot Bagley
as Nicky Banks
Tyra Banks
as Jackie Ames
Nia Long
as Claudia
as Jackie
Jenifer Lewis
as Aunt Helen, Helen
Rene Jones
as Miss Sharpe
Virginia Capers
as Grandma Banks, Hattie Banks
Darryl Sivad
as Paramedic
Jonathan Emerson
as Edward Fellows III, Ned
Sherman Hemsley
as Judge Carl Robertson, Judge Robertson
John Petlock
as Henry Furth
Matt Moore
as Large Guy
Paris Vaughn
as Melinda
Tim Haldeman
as Bailiff
Anastasia N. Ali
as Trick or Treater
David Bowe
as Director
Ricky Bell
as Himself
Sandy Frank
as Leonard
Lee Cole
as Psycho on Train
Charlayne Woodard
as Aunt Janice
Dick Clark
as Himself
Michael Landes
as Chadney, Chadney Hunt
Ian Williams
as Johnny Soccio
Max Maven
as The Great Mentos
Stephen King
as Steppers
Norman Fell
as Mr. Weisman
Bill Cort
as Thorvald
Howard Mann
as Gorodetsky
Tom Henschel
as Greenspan
Kathy Griffin
as Ms. Klein, Susan Klein
Tembe Locke
as Valerie
Obba Babatundé
as Gordy Berry
Karen Malina White
as Jewel, Jewel Robertson
Don Lake
as Dr. Whitehorn
Margaret Nagle
as Miss Jansen
Pam Grier
as Janice
Armelia McQueen
as Judge Reynolds
Isabel Sanford
as Louise Jefferson
Edward Edwards
as Armstrong
Jeri Gray
as Elderly Lady #1
Anastasia Ali
as Little Ashley
Paige Carter
as Receptionist
Kim Fields
as Monique
Rusty Schwimmer
as Big Bertha
Jack Tate
as Mitchell
Dominique Jennings
as Physical Therapist
Dominic Hoffman
as Dr. Kevarkian
Mark Arnott
as Prof. Kemp
Amy Hunter
as Samantha
Jay Leno
as Himself
Loretta Jean
as Elderly Lady #2
David Sterry
as Hollenbeck
Harriet Medin
as Elderly Woman
Jim Fyfe
as Agent Moore
Nicole Black
as Reporter
Chris Carroll
as Mr. Wilmore
Lance Reed
as Ranger Franklin
John Ridley
as Himself
Enya Flack
as Carlotta
Pat Morita
as Mr. Yoshi
Earl Carroll
as Bailiff
Mushond Lee
as Orlando
Renée Jones
as Ms. Sharpe
Cheryl Maxfield
as Bikini Hostess
Terry Kiser
as Mr. Hosek
Ben Vereen
as Lou Smith
Brad Garrett
as O'Neill
Narcissa Marte
as Stephanie
Cleto Augusto
as Director
James Tolkan
as Dr. B. Langford Oates, Dr. Oates
Victoria Rowell
as Mimi Mumford
Hank Azaria
as Jerry, Policeman
Bette Ford
as Madame Chatchka
Keith Bogart
as Jonathan
Glenn Shadix
as Scorpius
Nita Whitaker
as Nurse Upton
Donald Trump
as Himself
as Big Ethel
Hugh Hefner
as Himself
Aaron Lustig
as Dr. Hangarter
Lora Temple
as Nurse Sigman
Matt Moore
as Large Guy
Thomas Bellin
as Rude Old Guy
Cady Cantrell
as Playmate #3
Jeff Doucette
as Coach Kelly
Adam Drucker
as Frenchman
Marla Maples
as Herself
Jack Kruschen
as Melville
John Witherspoon
as Augusteus Adams
Ross Gottstein
as Male Nurse
Isaac Hayes
as Minister
David Wasson
as `Derek'
Charlie Mack
as Charlie
Debra Mooney
as Nurse Petty
Jonathan Kennedy
as Carlton Jr.
Susan Isaacs
as Casting Director
Laurel Moglen
as Elizabeth
Tom O'Rourke
as Jameson
Gilbert Lewis
as Grandpa Banks, Joe Banks
Dan Desmond
as Sergeant
Ron Perkins
as O'Donnell
Sullivan Walker
as Rev. Boyd
Rick Fitts
as Prof. Milligan
Robert Hooks
as Dean Morgan
Phil Proctor
as Auctioneer
Stacey Dash
as Michelle Michaels
Marquita Terry
as Laqueesha
Maxine Waters
as Backup Singer
Macon McCalman
as Dr. Bayler
Will Sasso
as Classmate
David Drew Gallagher
as Nerdy Frat Guy #1
Tyler David
as Timid Guy
Samantha Dorman
as Playmate #4
Richard McKenzie
as Judge Wilson
Ken Ober
as Howard
Kym Newberry
as Beautician
Greg Travis
as Comedian
Don Cheadle
as Ice Tray
A.J. Johnson
as Christina
J.D. Hall
as Charlie the Mack
Eddie Gorodetsky
as Donor, Mr. Considine
Robert Guillaume
as Pete, Pete Flecher
Tembi Locke
as Valerie
Susan Powter
as Herself
Julia Waters
as Backup Singer
Monalisa Young
as Backup Singer
Jim Jansen
as Dobson
Tony Pierce
as Lucille
Julie Lloyd
as Registrar
Ryan Holihan
as Nerdy Frat Guy #2
Pia Reyes
as Playmate #5
Tim Russ
as Eugene
Marge Kotlisky
as Mrs. De Wynter
Tamra Meskimen
as Spokeswoman
Richardson Morse
as Dr. Finkleman
John Wesley
as Dr. Hoover
Eda Reiss Merin
as Mrs. Sweeting
Parley Baer
as Woodrow
Donald Welch
as Det. Simms
Cal Gibson
as Choirmaster Hawkins
Michael Whaley
as Young Philip
Jack Heller
as Philippe
Rob Moore
as Nerdy Frat Guy #3
Tom Virtue
as Forest Ranger
Jay Bell
as Sandford
Docter Dre
as Himself
Bever-Leigh Banfield
as Prof. Robinson
Dell Yount
as Dr. Kramer
Don Amendolia
as Cummings
B.J. Jefferson
as Ms. Rinkoff
Tom Jones
as Angel
Carl Gilliard
as Defense Attorney
Tom Devanney
as Karaoke Singer
Gregory White
as Minister
Chi McBride
as Ed, Ed Barker
DeVaughn Nixon
as Shaquille
Mark Phelan
as Lt. Hendricks
Monica Guy
as Danielle
Cynthia Szigeti
as Mrs. Griffin
Sunday Theodore
as Sperm-Bank Clerk
Joan Van Ark
as Jewel Pemberton
Tina Lifford
as Mrs. Hoover
Marc Epstein
as Marshal
Gregory Fleming
as Preppy Frat Guy #1
Diedrich Bader
as Frank Schaeffer
Denyn Pysz
as Young Republican
Rosa Nevin
as Francesca
Eyde Byrde
as Nurse Irene
as Leslie
June Christopher
as Luther's Lawyer
Wayne Newton
as Casino Manager
Mimi Cozzens
as Mrs. Pullman
John Beradino
as Dr. Harding, Dr. Hardman
Shawn Murray
as Veronica
Steve Minsky
as Preppy Frat Guy #2
Scott Michael Morgan
as Preppy Frat Guy #3
David Downing
as Master of Ceremonies
Mary Watson
as Monique
Ramon Choyce
as Barkley
Anna Maria Horsford
as Karen Caruthers
Melvin Jones
as Tough Guy
Paige Pengra
as Tiffany
Vanessa L. Williams
as Dani Mitchell
Nancy Saenz
as Teacher
Ralph Manza
as Bellman, Bob Doomie
David Nelson
as Boyfriend
B.B. King
as Pappy
Marla Gibbs
as Florence Johston
Jasmine Guy
as Kayla Samuels
Conrad Bain
as Philip Drummond
Kathleen McClellan
as Nurse Bonnie
Maxine Waters
as Backup Singer
Al Fann
as Herman Clifford, Mr. Clifford
Chris Rock
as Maurice Perry, Maurice/Jasmine
Kevin Brief
as Mr. Bradley
Al B. Sure!
as Himself
Maxine Waters Willard
as Backup Singer
Joel Madison
as Mr. Stimple
Sherrie Krenn
as Lady Penelope
William Glover
as Lord Fowler
Rosalind Cash
as Mrs. Bassin, Ms. Bassin
Jake Price
as Randolph
Tamala Jones
as Tiffany
Bobby Hosea
as Dr. Alec Hudson
William Cort
as Headmaster Thorvald
Spankee Rogers
as Student #1
John Towey
as Country Club Rep
Kelly Connell
as Gadgets Salesperson
Patricia Clipper
as Pen Salesperson
LaRita Shelby
as Young Vivian
Boyz II Men
as Themselves
Farrell Mayer
as Dealer #2
John David Conti
as Joe Winters
Judy Gillett
as Beautiful Woman
Davida Williams
as Blue Bird #1
Patty Holley
as Security Guard
Kyausha Simpson
as Cheerleader #2
Jaclyn Bernstein
as Girl at Party
Zaid Farid
as Workman
Dale Jones
as Sheriff
Ronnie DeVoe
as Himself
Jeremiah Kennedy
as Carlton Jr.
William Hubbard Knight
as Funeral Official
Stephanie Sawyer
as Little Girl
Bruce Fine
as Announcer
Mike Devey
as Dealer #3
Galyn Gorg
as Helena
Tim Silva
as Jury Foreman
Teresa Cook
as Flight Attendant
Lynn A. Henderson
as Stage Manager
Marlon Archey
as Hygienist
Anthony Auer
as Newscaster
William Corl
as Headmaster Thorvald
Gregory Alan Williams
as Security Guard
Nancy Saentz
as Teacher
Dr. Dre
as Himself
Tim Jones
as Stage Manager
Gary Leroi Gray
as Young Carlton
Lou Felder
as Howard Marshall
General James
as Audience Member
Greg Kovan
as Croupier
Pancho Demmings
as Handsome Man
Rolondas Herdricks
as Security Guard
Justin Moran Shenkarow
as Kevin Driscoll
Shaun Baker
as Bystander
Marj Dusay
as Sarah Carnegie
Kathleen McClennan
as Nurse Bonnie
Edye Byrde
as Nurse Irene
Herman Cox
as Heckler
Grinnell Morris
as Yuppie in Bar
Susan Bambara
as Dealer #1
Reverend Roundtree
as Rev. Gordon Sims
Rusty Colemon
as Stage Manager
Garon Grigsby
as Skip Nesbitt
Heavy D
as Himself
Monica Beavers
as Cheerleader #1
Tom Holiday
as Handsome Man
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