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The Flash (2014 - )





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Scientist Barry Allen acquires super speed through a freak accident and becomes known as the Fastest Man Alive in this adaptation of the DC Comics character the Flash.

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2019, CW, 19 episodes

Critics Consensus: The Flash's fifth season maintains the show's high standard for compelling visuals, chilling villains, and well-scripted moments of humor, but also turns a more focused gaze on the role of family dynamics amongst the increasingly complex characters.

2018, CW, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: After an unsteady turn in season three, The Flash returns to its roots with a fourth season packed with humor, spectacle, and a whole lot of heart.

2017, CW, 23 episodes

Critics Consensus: Taking its most compelling and emotionally resonant turn to date, The Flash shifts focus in its third season, turning from the grandiose and bizarre toward the characters who inhabit its core universe.

2016, CW, 23 episodes

Critics Consensus: With distinctive visuals and a terrific cast, The Flash remains one of the strongest comic book shows on television.

2015, CW, 23 episodes

Critics Consensus: The Flash benefits from its purposefully light atmosphere, making it a superhero show uniquely geared toward genre fans as well as novices.

2014, CW, 23 episodes


Grant Gustin
as Barry Allen/The Flash
Candice Patton
as Iris West
Carlos Valdes
as Cisco Ramon
Danielle Panabaker
as Caitlin Snow
Jesse L. Martin
as Det. Joe West
Patrick Sabongui
as David Singh
Rick Cosnett
as Eddie Thawne
Tom Cavanagh
as Harrison Wells
Teddy Sears
as Jay Garrick
Shantel VanSanten
as Patty Spivot
Keiynan Lonsdale
as Wally West
Sendhil Ramamurthy
as Dr. Ramsey Rosso
Wentworth Miller
as Leonard Snart/Captain Cold
Hartley Sawyer
as Ralph Dibny
Tom Felton
as Julian Albert
Stephen Amell
as Oliver Queen/Arrow
Anne Dudek
as Tracy Brand
Victor Garber
as Dr. Martin Stein
Andy Mientus
as Hartley Rathaway/Pied Piper
Malese Jow
as Linda Park
Melissa Benoist
as Supergirl
Liam McIntyre
as Mark Mardon/Weather Wizard
Clancy Brown
as General Eiling
Amanda Pays
as Tina McGee
Reina Hardesty
as Weather Witch
Danny Trejo
as Breacher
Susan Walters
as Dr. Tannhauser
Matt Letscher
as Eobard Thawne
Greg Finley
as Tony/Girder
Dominic Purcell
as Mick Rory/Heat Wave
Katie Cassidy
as Black Canary
Adam Stafford
as Geomancer
Ciara Renee
as Kendra Saunders
Mark Hamill
as James Jesse
Roger Howarth
as Mason Bridge
Jessica Parker Kennedy
as Nora West-Allen
David Dastmalchian
as Abra Kadabra
Sarah Carter
as Cicada II
Leonardo Nam
as Matthew/Melting Pot
Troy James
as Rag Doll
Chris Wood
as Mon-El
David Sobolov
as Gorilla Grodd
Joey King
as Magenta
David Hayter
as King Shark
Adam Copeland
as Atom Smasher
David Harewood
as Hank Henshaw
Grey Damon
as Mirror Master
Gabrielle Walsh
as Silver Ghost
Devon Graye
as The Trickster
Paul Blackthorne
as Captain Lance
Zibby Allen
as Dr. Tanya Lamden
Tyler Hoechlin
as Clark Kent
Anthony Carrigan
as Kyle Nimbus/The Mist
William Sadler
as Simon Stagg
Darren Criss
as Music Meister
Brandon Routh
as Ray Palmer
Keith David
as Solovar
Tone Bell
as Iris' Boss
Dan Payne
as Shay Lamden
Kelly Frye
as Bette Sans Souci
Tom Butler
as Editor
Haig Sutherland
as Griffin Grey
Martin Novotny
as Hannibal Bates
Michael Ironside
as Lewis Snart
Franz Drameh
as Jefferson "Jax" Jackson
Casper Crump
as Vandal Savage
Emily Kinney
as Brie Larvin
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