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Speechless (2016 - 2019)

Speechless (2016 - 2019)






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A mom is driven to do what's best for her family, including her eldest son with special needs, in this comedy from "Friends" producer Scott Silveri.
Creator: Scott Silveri

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2018, ABC, 19 episodes

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2017, ABC, 18 episodes

Critics Consensus: Speechless speaks to a sensitive topic with a heartfelt lead performance and a fine balance of sensitivity and irreverence.

2016, ABC, 23 episodes


Minnie Driver
as Maya DiMeo
John Ross Bowie
as Jimmy DiMeo
Micah Fowler
as J.J. DiMeo
Mason Cook
as Ray DiMeo
Kyla Kenedy
as Dylan DiMeo
Marin Hinkle
as Dr. Miller
Jonathan Slavin
as Mr. Powers
Sarah Chalke
as Melanie
Rob Corddry
as Billy DiMeo
Lance Lim
as Justin Chang
Karly Rothenberg
as Crossing Guard
Jeromy Ramos
as Zach Garcia
Shirley Chen
as Student #3
Paul Bates
as Older Cop
Raja Deka
as Morgue Worker
Kate Bergeron
as English Teacher
Stewart Skelton
as Mr. Bowman
Parker Wierling
as Student #2
Richard Robichaux
as Administrator Lynam
Chiquita Fuller
as Attendant
Julianne Hough
as Miss Bloom
Bianca Lopez
as Attendant
Stephanie Escajeda
as Nurse Michele
Izzy Diaz
as Nurse Stewart
Del Hunter-White
as Lunch Lady
Tim Braun
as Cabana Boy
Jaden Martin
as Harley Ressler
Kiva Jump
as Drop-off Parent
Steve Agee
as Lunch Man
Sam Carson
as Orderly
Jason Sims Prewitt
as Gas Company Employee
Joseph Schirle
as Ben Ferguson
Victor Chi
as Festival Goer
Mark Bloom
as Businessman
Cecily Breaux
as Counselor #2
Darcy Shean
as Fancy Woman
Brigitte Valdez
as Girlfriend
Ben Savage
as Stuart
Tony Forsmark
as Coach Barry
Kelly King
as Ethan's wife
Nat Faxon
as Undercover Boss
Keith David
as The Colonel
Brandon Morales
as Officer Shaw
Herbert Russell
as Custodian
Sixx Orange
as Head Girl
Forte Rodriguez
as Security Guard
Rudy Martinez
as Counselor #1
Cate Cohen
as Flight Attendant
Sherry Mandujano
as Courthouse Employee
Cassie Brennan
as Chloe Davis
Brian Park
as Party Animal
Katherine Kamhi
as Administrator #1
Simmie Sangian
as School Tour Girl
Sarah Buehler
as Patron #1
Reece Rios
as Darren
Natasha Liu
as Female Student
Lily Bleu Andrew
as Tough Girl
Anjini Azhar
as Veronica
Nicole J. Butler
as Head Nurse
Becki Dennis
as Office Worker
Jake Regal
as Patron #2
Treisa Gary
as Teacher
Nikki SooHoo
as Counselor #2
Eric Normington
as Deli Worker
Asia Jackson
as Heather
Lou George
as Administrator #2
Dina Spybey
as Jennifer
Matthew Bridges
as Customer #1
Sean O'Donnell
as Prom King
Lynn Andrews
as Escape Room Employee
Jongman Kim
as Korean Bandleader
Beth Crosby
as Flier #2
Amy Tolsky
as Old Pregnant
Cyrus Deboo
as Administrator
Nicole Dele
as Customer #2
Morgan Peter Brown
as Jerk Customer
Anthony Ramirez
as Football Player
P.L. Brown
as Little Pete
Claire Liz Phillips
as Disinterested Clerk
Miles Hayden
as Trick-Or-Treater #1
Malia Pyles
as prom Queen
Amanda McDonough
as Hearing Impaired Student
Derek Basco
as Weird Pete
Taylor Gregory
as Trick-Or-Treater #2
Heidi Fecht
as Flier #3
Abhi Trivedi
as Employee
Robert James Watkins
as First Responder
Atticus Batacan
as Person in Crowd
Travis Guba
as Mr. Sharp
Mary Holland
as Caroline
Christopher Cho
as Security Guard
Brent Pope
as Supervisor
Skyler Wright
as High School Senior
Paris Smith
as Student #1
Keely Wells
as Cute Girl
Michelle N. Carter
as Nurse Loretta
Benjamin Patterson
as Too Handsome
Fin Kim
as Killer
Ashlyn Lundahl
as Trick-Or-Treater #3
Jill Basey
as Elderly Choir Teacher
Jake Elliott
as Stephen
Kerri Medders
as Head Cheerleader
Grace Su
as Receptionist
Tom Ellenson
as Nicholas
Chip Chinery
as Homeowner
Julie Meyer
as Natalie
Frank Crim
as Trooper
Paul Diaz
as Tattoo Artist
Carlos E. Campos
as Park Ranger
Thor Knai
as Torbjorn
Ceri Bethan
as Flight Attendant
Julian A. Sanchez
as Visually Impaired Student
Louis Santos
as Russell
Dakota Love
as School Girl
Jill Lover
as Brenda
John Ruby
as Kevin
Andrew Borba
as Wrestling Coach
Amir Levi
as Juror
Lauren Oliveira
as Receptionist
Simon Amstell
as Tour Guide
Fernando Rivera
as Orderly #2
Shay Ali
as Customer
Myles Brewer
as Football Player
Lelia Hoffman
as Prudence
Irene White
as Nathalie
Anna Jaller
as Pregnant Woman
Ursula Taherian
as Ms. Moreno
Georgia Rose
as Girl #2
Paul Walia
as Rashad
Coby Bird
as Oliver
AlexAnn Hopkins
as Young Woman
Robin Karfo
as Panelist
Kyra Locke
as Surgeon
Anissa Borrego
as New Agey Girl
Mia Ferjulian
as Savannah
Matthew Josten
as Eastlake Player
Ria Lopez
as Claire
Ellee Jo Trowbridge
as Teenage Girl
Terina Drayton
as Cool Shorts Girl
Neil Edmond
as Tour Guide
Vinta Morgan
as Park Employee
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