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Scorpion (2014 - 2018)

Scorpion (2014 - 2018)





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SCORPION, inspired by a true story, is a high-octane drama about eccentric genius Walter O'Brien and his team of brilliant misfits who comprise the last line of defense against complex, high-tech threats of the modern age. As Homeland Security's new think tank, O'Brien's "Scorpion" team includes Toby Curtis, an expert behaviorist who can read anyone; Happy Quinn, a mechanical prodigy; and Sylvester Dodd, a statistics guru. Pooling their extensive technological knowledge to solve mind-boggling predicaments amazes federal agent Cabe Gallo, who shares a harrowing history with O'Brien. However, while this socially awkward group is comfortable with each other's humor and quirks, life outside their circle confounds them, so they rely on Paige Dineen, who has a young, gifted son, to translate the world for them. At last, these nerdy masterminds have found the perfect job: a place where they can apply their exceptional brainpower to solve the nation's crises, while also helping each other learn how to fit in. -- (C) CBS
Creator: Nick Santora

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2017, CBS, 22 episodes

No Tomatometer score yet...

2016, CBS, 25 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2015, CBS, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: Typical procedural plotlines and boring characters using a distracting amount of geek-speak make Scorpion a forgettable show without sting.

2014, CBS, 22 episodes


Elyes Gabel
as Walter O'Brien
Robert Patrick
as Cabe Gallo
Katharine McPhee
as Paige Dineen
Eddie Kaye Thomas
as Toby Curtis
Jadyn Wong
as Happy Quinn
Ari Stidham
as Sylvester Dodd
Tina Majorino
as Florence
Scott Porter
as Tim Armstrong
Camille Guaty
as Megan O'Brien
Joshua Leonard
as Mark Collins
Peri Gilpin
as Katherine Cooper
Dan Dratch
as Dyfrost
Lea Thompson
as Veronica
Penn Jillette
as Couples Counselor
Jamie McShane
as Mechanic
Andy Buckley (II)
as Richard Elia
Alana De La Garza
as Adriana Molina
Siobhan Fallon Hogan
as Joyce Linehan
Anil Kumar
as Carson
Jack Guzman
as Team Leader
Glenn Keogh
as Walter's Dad
Amir Korangy
as Dr. Patel
Daniel Zolghadri
as Young Walter
Travis Van Winkle
as Ensign Nathan Hall
Tom Massmann
as Thomas Foolery
Horatio Sanz
as Haywood Morris
Mykelti Williamson
as Gen. Walker
Max Gail
as Bruce
Pamela Shafer
as Louise O'Brien
Brandon Barash
as King Phillip
Alain Mesa
as Gunman
Julia Kelly
as Beach Girl
Jeff Galfer
as Quincy Berkstead
Owen Dee
as Young Cabe
Arnie Pantoja
as Nightingale
Dana Davis
as Hadley Dine
Paul Duke
as Stingo
Desean Terry
as Agent Bates
Jeff Corbett
as Captain Steven Jones
Craig Branham
as Gallo Sr.
Carla Toutz
as Walter's Mom
Ansuya Nathan
as Jewelry Lady
Emily Robinson
as 14-Year-Old Peg
Jessica Tuck
as Rebecca
Alicia Lagano
as Renee Connelly
Martin Thompson
as Tower Chief
Joel Gretsch
as Gov. Lane
Jake McLaughlin
as Jim Corbett
Jeff Fahey
as Kenneth Dodd
Michael Nanfria
as Clarence Woodbury
Zoran Korach
as Slavomir
Corbin Bernsen
as Bob Connelly
Frank Renzulli
as Patrick Grady
Lena Georgas
as Dr. Bennett
Jay Ali
as Bryce
Christopher Heyerdahl
as President Korsovich
Shantel VanSanten
as Amy Berkstead
Linda Hunt
as Hetty Lange
Jorge-Luis Pallo
as DEA Sanchez
Tyler Barnhardt
as Airman Jacobs
Alimi Ballard
as Co-Pilot
Gene Simmons
as Himself
Brian Guest
as Agent Markman
Dwight Hicks
as Capt. Pete Kavanaugh
Glenn Plummer
as Agent Keeler
Billy Wirth
as Mark Willis
Michael McGrady
as Admiral Pace
Mariah Bonner
as Natalya Abelev
Shantal VanSanten
as Amy Berkstead
Jason Brillantes
as Drug Runner One
Karla Droege
as Jennifer Pearson
Josh Randall
as Pandova
Todd Williams
as Agent Backheim
Rebeka Montoya
as Dr. Silva
Carlo Rota
as General Savic
Angela Ai
as Dr. Tanner
Shohreh Aghdashloo
as Dr. Cassandra Davis
Lochlyn Munro
as Det. Jim Archer
Robbie Troy
as Woman in Cat Sweater
Kevin Gage
as Maddox
Derek Phillips
as Sandhog Frank
Patrick St. Esprit
as Capt. James Pike
Doug Savant
as Wilson Adler
Tim Halling
as Tough Guy
Delon de Metz
as Airman Pendergraft
Max Phyo
as Judge Tuck
Peter Parros
as Chief Benavidez
Lamar Stewart
as Officer Chris Johnson
Willie McGinest
as Willie McGinest
Taylor Handley
as Cody Decker
Laird Macintosh
as Captain Jackson
Mike Falkow
as Richards
Ken Colquitt
as Justice of the Peace
Graham Shiels
as Agent Hart
Guilford Adams
as Abra-Cadabricus
Guiliana Carullo
as Barista Alice
Navid Negahban
as Agent Khara
Vania Joseph
as Young Woman
Jessica Bues
as Hostess
Roel Navarro
as Announcer #1
John Urb
as Eerik
Carlos Sanz
as Commander
Derrick McMillon
as Officer Waynecroft
Leo Oliva
as Davis
Jordan Preston
as Neon Owner
Jennifer Say Gan
as Dr. Alicia Miller
Marvin Gay
as Behranu
Raphael Sbarge
as Curator Paulson
Ace Marrero
as Javier Barrios
Ritu Lal
as Anjali
Sean Rosales
as Drug Runner Two
John Aylward
as Uncle Tobin
Michael Wiseman
as Fire Chief
Moronai Kanekoa
as Agent MacLennan
Costa Ronin
as Location Scout
Corey Brill
as Dan Smaisle
David Salsa
as Agent Shultz
Boone Platt
as Soldier #1
Joely Fisher
as Lorraine
Joseph Tran
as Dr. Nguyen
Spencer Grammer
as Airman Woodrow
Jared Wernick
as Chester Perozzi
Ata-Han Erentok
as Young Toby
Damon Standifer
as Urinal Dude
Mike Pfaff
as Denton
Frederick Lawrence
as Construction Worker
Rebecca Wackler
as Older Woman
Derek Graf
as Newton
Clint Jung
as Chunwe
Rasha Goel
as Reporter
Bob Golub
as Bartender
Ted Maritz
as Sandhog Joe
Efrain Figueroa
as Fire Chief
Eric Davis
as Officer Kinkirk
Jeremy Denzlinger
as Todd Wilcox
Loren Lester
as Agent Govelli
Ruby Mercado
as Manager
Brett Pierce
as Griffin
Amber Friendly
as Elise Carey
Annie Little
as Curator Stafford
Jim Palmer
as Williams
Martin Harris
as Bernhard
Stuart McLean
as Mr. Creevy
Sandra Cevallos
as Judge Stone
Method Man
as Lucky the King
Brad Beyer
as Lieutenant Burns
Troy Doherty
as Alberto
Janet Roth
as Dealer
Ping Wu
as Chinese Ambassador
Pamela Mitchell
as Scientist #1
Joseph Baird
as Bomb Squad Sergeant
Dominique Razon
as Concierge
Con Schell
as Dustin McBride
Cate Cohen
as Dr. Ritenour
Sonya Walger
as Olivia Cromwell
Erika Bowman
as Patricia
Ann Benson
as Mrs. Pandova
Natalia Gorelova
as Tech Worker
Nefe Iredia
as Veterinarian
as Laverne
Joe Sofranko
as Flight Attendant
Lissa Pallo-Strong
as Museum Guard
Alex Frnka
as Stella
Mary Bonner Baker
as Dr. Melissa Castillo
Candace Hammer
as Glasses Woman
Robert Garcia
as Thug Two
Emily Berry
as Check-in Nurse
Curtis Nelson II
as Agent Eiderdex
Samantha Sonnett
as Young Paige
Don Stark
as Judge Max Talbertson
as Reporter #1
Artie O'Daly
as Receptionist
Juan Antonio
as Airman Morales
Cullen Chambers
as Cousin Buzzy
Christine Garver
as Rosa Barrios
Cyrus Deboo
as Teacher
Niyi Oni
as Poacher #1
David Burr
as Gordon Tooley
Bryan Krasner
as Jed Hausler
Matt Gerald
as Owen Sugar
Liz Jenkins
as Lot Attendant
Joe Piccuirro
as MP Officer
Drew Carey
as Himself
Asante Jones
as Captain Conniff
Eamon Hunt
as Priest
Carolina Gutiérrez
as Exerciser #1
Bianca Lopez
as Maitre D'
Sean Blakemore
as Captain Drake
Jake Matthews
as Bartender
Nick Roth
as Fireman
Kariem Marbury
as Delivery Man
Lisa Kaminir
as Hampton
Sarah Chaney
as Bailiff
Carl McDowell
as Grungy Criminal
Susannah Blinkoff
as Guard Flannigan
Richard Varga
as James Taggit
Vladimir Orlov
as Policeman
Karolin Luna
as Moderator
Justin Gilbert
as Soldier #1
Josh Keaton
as Phil Daniels
Jacob Tudela
as Therapist
LeSaundra Gibson
as Proprietress
Melany Ochoa
as Melanie
Joey Defore
as Jesse Colt
Henry Dittman
as Gettleman
Eddie Conna
as Guard Parker
Troy Caylak
as Corner Guy
Riley Go
as Young Happy
Polina Boyd
as Instructor
Heather McPhaul
as Meter Maid
Josh Clark
as Supervisor Elkins
Matthew Bridges
as Therapist #2
Daniel Kash
as Kessler
George Gray
as Himself
Amol Shah
as Manager
James Wong
as Museum Security Chief
James Wong
as Museum Security Chief
Sarah Ripard
as Official
Tomek Kosalka
as Soldier #2
Kegn Matungulu
as Poacher #2
Jay Montalvo
as SWAT Team Leader
Erick Avari
as Richter
Michael Boucher
as Maintenance Guy
Daniel Phai
as Mansion Guard
Jamal Duff
as Henchman
Ayumi Hzuka
as Cafeteria Worker
Justin Chu Cary
as Bartender
Nancy Nave
as Major Janeway
Gerald Downey
as Captain Braden
Joshua Uduma
as Poacher #3
Mike Powers
as Jacques Labeaux
Aaron Krebs
as Hospital Tech
David L. King
as Supervisor Mohan
Wendell Kinney
as Officer Salerno
Brian D. Mason
as Elevator Bodyguard
Keli Daniels
as Art Teacher
Paul K. Daniel
as Walter's Opponent
Robert Smythe
as Teenage Walter
Peter Jason
as General
Tunisia Hardison
as Female Assistant
Eddie Mujica
as Segment Producer
Frederik Pohl IV
as J. Randall P. Smythe
Emma Fassler
as Richter's Assistant
Gina St. John
as Newscaster
Carol Herman
as Casino Woman
Emma Chandler
as Gretchen
Reece Rios
as Alfonse Sojo
Gisela Kovach
as Mrs. Mueller
Brennan Feonix
as SWAT Leader
Abhi Sinha
as Jon Vrakas
Carlos Sanchez
as Security Guard
Jim O'Brien
as Terry Hines
Kelley Jakle
as Janice Keller
Dash Kolos
as Russian Security Officer
Chase Kim
as Doctor
Marek Probosz
as Polish Delegate
Jules Hartley
as Official
Keaton Savage
as Bear Suit Guy
Ketryn Porter
as Customs Officer
Michael Graham Cox
as Security Head
Ed Kerr
as Clarence Mickelthorn
Nick Gracer
as Thug #1
Frank Crim
as Foreman
Cheryl Gamson
as Reporter #1
Justin Rupple
as Jerry Dowdell
Robbie Alexander
as Fence Bodyguard
Alex Shimizu
as Drama Student #1
Deborah Strang
as Earth Momma
Catherine Dyer
as Sophia Vasquez
Nicole Pulliam
as Social Secretary
J. Doc Farrow
as Guard Rivas
Aly Sykes
as Drama Student #2
Jay Hawkins
as Methane Bodyguard
Julien Ari
as Main Hacker
Joe Ordaz
as Vasquez
Mark Charran
as OR Nurse
June Mock
as Secret Service Agent #1
Luis Castaneda
as Horatio Pepper
Exie Booker
as UN Security Guard
Tiffany Daniels
as Receptionist
Rajan Velu
as Kiosk Operator
Tiffany Daniels
as Receptionist
Ozy Reigns
as Officer Provazoli
Stephen Butchko
as Nibori Patient
Kate Cook
as Librarian
Sabrina Texidor
as Assistant
Murray Miller
as Contestant
Hymnson Chan
as Chinese Tech
Feikamoh Massaquoi
as Madaky Security Guard #1
Erica Shaffer
as Reporter
Grace Julianna
as Sister #2
Jason Welsey
as Fire Rescue
Kevin Thoms
as Reporter
Stephanie Simmons
as Female Reporter
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