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Riverdale: Season 2 Reviews

October 23, 2017
[Betty and Veronica's competitiveness] fits neatly into the canon: You're either the Madonna or the whore. Maleficent or Princess Aurora. Sandy or Rizzo. We've got two choices, ladies, and both are reductive.
October 12, 2017
We definitely can't just have another murder mystery stretched out for the whole season. We need something with a lot more pep.
October 30, 2018
Season 2 maintains much of that fun. While the characters are still engaging, the central mystery fails to capture the lightning in a bottle intrigue that kicked off season 1.
Full Review | Original Score: 3/4
July 2, 2018
Riverdale embraces madness, salting and debauchery without inhibiting, without the soap opera being half-full. [Full Review in Spanish]
October 12, 2017
Riverdale is a pitch-perfect teen drama.
October 12, 2017
There's no such thing as closed doors on Riverdale, only plotlines briefly forgotten, and romances the writers haven't gotten around to yet.
December 12, 2017
Riverdale uses popular culture to explicate, and magnify, its themes and preoccupations, only through an expressly feminine perspective.
Top Critic
October 12, 2017
This show is as good as TV melodrama gets, achieves maximum bang for it buck in delivering that melodrama without betraying the characters, and also it looks great. Riverdale is no joke.
October 12, 2017
[K.J.] Apa is at his best here - expressive and a little bit frantic in a way that makes him more endearing than he ever had been in season 1.
Full Review | Original Score: A-
October 18, 2017
Riverdale tweaks its DNA in obviously modern ways, even as Gothic mansions and Eagle Scouts continue to populate its periphery. Kevin Keller, Archie's first openly gay character, isn't just present; he's a major part of the ensemble.
June 21, 2018
Really anything that gives Alice more of a prominent, major role in a storyline is fine by me.
Full Review | Original Score: 3/5
October 19, 2017
The plot, much like cold maple syrup, thickens!
October 12, 2017
The narrative is still unbalanced, with hormones once again taking over as melodrama masquerades as intrigue. It was everything we've come to expect from Riverdale.
October 12, 2017
In its second season, Riverdale again establishes a strong central mystery, but the man in the black hood is quite different and already much more violent.
November 30, 2017
But I fear its concern with crime and punishment, with the guilt that always seems to accompany sin, has made it so grave, in form as in function, that saving it from itself demands a super-heroic effort of its own.