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Psych (2006 - 2014)

Psych (2006 - 2014)





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A fake psychic and his friend con the police into working with them on solving complicated crimes.
Creator: Steve Franks

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Critics Consensus: Viewers don't need to be psychic to predict how this all ends, but Psych closes out at the peak of its charm -- smartly honing in on the irresistible bromance that defines the series.

2014, USA, 10 episodes

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2013, USA, 16 episodes

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2011, USA, 16 episodes

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2010, USA, 16 episodes

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2009, USA, 16 episodes

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2008, USA, 16 episodes

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2007, USA, 16 episodes

Critics Consensus: Its premise is sure to draw comparisons to Monk, and Psych's lead character is an acquired taste at best.

2006, USA, 15 episodes


James Roday
as Shawn Spencer
Dulé Hill
as Burton `Gus' Guster
Corbin Bernsen
as Henry Spencer
Timothy Omundson
as Carlton Lassiter
Maggie Lawson
as Juliet O'Hara
Kirsten Nelson
as Karen Vick
Rachael Leigh Cook
as Abigail Lytar
Isaah Brown
as Young Gus
Skyler Gisondo
as Young Shawn
Liam James
as Young Shawn
Cybill Shepherd
as Madeline Spencer
Cary Elwes
as Pierre Despereux
Parminder Nagra
as Rachael, Rachel
Kristy Swanson
as Marlowe Viccellio
Ray Wise
as Father Westley
Nestor Carbonell
as Declan Rand
Viv Leacock
as Desk Sergeant
Max Gail
as Jerry Carp
Curt Smith
as Himself
George Takei
as Himself
Jeff Fahey
as Dutch the Clutch
John Cena
as Ewan O'Hara
Lou Diamond Phillips
as Special Agent Ewing
Judd Nelson
as Dr. Reitman
Adam Rodriguez
as Tommy Nix
Molly Ringwald
as Nurse McElroy
Kevin Sorbo
as Byrd Tatums
David Naughton
as Dr. Ken Tucker
Miguel Ferrer
as Fred Boyd
Kurtwood Smith
as Captain Connors
Glenne Headly
as Grace Larsen
William Shatner
as Frank O'Hara
Cheech Marin
as Deacon Jones
Joshua Malina
as Stewart Gimbley
Stoney Jackson
as Fred Dozier
Sara Rue
as Amy Alleris
Brad Dourif
as Bernie Bethel
Nicole Lyn
as Jessica
French Stewart
as Whip Chatterly
Joey McIntyre
as Officer Reynolds
Nora Dunn
as Eve Asher
Ashley Williams
as Trish Connors
Sherilyn Fenn
as Maudette Hornsby
Jeri Ryan
as Dr. Phenix
Gerry Nairn
as Phillip Zurn
Michael St. John
as Mort Crocker
Josh Braaten
as Scott Seaver
Gardiner Millar
as Ranger De Soto
Robert Patrick
as Major Felts
Steven Weber
as Uncle Jack
Wade Boggs
as Himself
Sheryl Lee
as Dr. Donna Gooden
Mena Suvari
as Allison
Tim Curry
as Nigel St. Nigel
Gina Gershon
as Emilina Saffron
Dan Luria
as Mr. Peterson
Dana Ashbrook
as Robert Barker
Jacob Vargas
as Juan Lava
Kathleen Duborg
as Mary Vallery
Bianca Kajlich
as Lindsay Liekin
Ryan Robbins
as Stallings
Kris Lemche
as Brandon
Ted Lange
as Pookie
Melanie Lynskey
as Emily Bloom
Keith David
as Mr. Guster
Robin Lively
as Michelle Barker
Amanda Detmer
as Ciaobella
Lenny Von Dohlen
as Sheriff Jackson
Pamela Perry
as Mildred
Debra Mooney
as Mrs. Lassiter
Rachel Pattee
as Young Trish
Jordan Baker
as Melanie
Lara Gilchrist
as Sabrina Vito
Chris W. Martin
as J.P. Berger
Peter Kelamis
as Principal Petlic
David Coles
as Jonny G.
Tim Henry
as Farmer Walker
Mike Matilda
as Juan Carlos
Karen Kruper
as Ms. Bodansky
Scott Nicholas Perrie
as Bevin Rennie Llywellen
Juan Carlos Velis
as Checkout Guy
Blair Slater
as Assistant D.A.
David Kopp
as Kellen
Amber Borycki
as Berlinda
Jonathan Holmes
as Hotel Clerk
Barry Levy
as Doug Devette
Joey Bothwell
as Reporter
Jy Hariss
as Bling It On Worker
Lisa Banes
as Mrs. Crocker
Peter Benson
as Lester Beacon
Richard Ardut
as Rance Cade
Alberto Ghisi
as Young Jimmy
C. Ernst Harth
as Security Guy
Jilon Ghai
as Hassenfeffer
John Treleaven
as Cop Buddy
David Purvis
as Franzen
Anita Brown
as Chelsea
Amanda Lisman
as Doreen Fumbar
Ben Cotton
as Chance Cade
Cory Sevier
as Bryan Frou
Sonia Mais
as Grandmother
Jessica Olafson
as Tall Blonde Woman
Derek Verteeg
as Grabinski
Kity Dam
as Delilah
Teach Grant
as Salvage Yard Worker
Enid-Raye Adams
as Pharmacist
Robin Richardson
as Player No. 1
James Kidnie
as Pawn Shop Owner
Scott McGillivray
as Prison Guard
Leonard Tenisci
as Principal Hodges
Ryan Bauer
as Mike McMillan
Colin Foo
as Fruit Stand Vendor
Alison MacKay
as Singer No. 1
Paul Bittante
as Police Chief (1978)
Aleera Jiwa
as Mirabehn
Ryan Steele
as Spa Assistant
Troy Rudolph
as Doctor No. 2
Wanda Wilkinson
as Miss Lepky
Careena Lohvinenko
as Singer No. 3
Randy McPhee
as Suspect
Ian Rozylo
as Doorman
Rob Daly
as Ronnie
Fiona Vroom
as Samantha
Karmon Lohvinenko
as Singer No. 4
Kristie Marsden
as Student No. 1
Roger Currie
as Dr. Colbert
Byron Lucas
as Organizer
Mihn Ly
as Singer No. 5
Jay-Nicolas Hackleman
as Student No. 2
Mark Gash
as Restaurant Manager
Alex Chu
as Singer No. 6
Kenyan Lewis
as Singer No. 7
Sarah Penikett
as Girl No. 1 in Car
Lilian Umurungi
as Singer No. 8
Stephanie Penikett
as Girl No. 2 in Car
Michael Coleman
as Student No. 3
Jovanna Huguet
as Singer No. 9
Grace Baek
as Singer No. 10
Shay Kuebler
as Dancer No. 1
Kyle Vicente
as Dancer No. 2
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