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Party of Five (1994 - 2000)

Party of Five (1994 - 2000)






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Five orphaned siblings struggle to stay together in this blend of soap opera and family drama. A letter-writing campaign kept the series on the air despite a slow first season, and its popularity grew, especially with young viewers, and inspired a spin-off (`Time of Your Life'). The show's six-year run had various characters dealing with a multitude of crises, including alcoholism, cancer, abusive partners, custody battles, unwed pregnancy, marriage and adultery.

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1999, FOX, 24 episodes

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1998, FOX, 25 episodes

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1997, FOX, 24 episodes

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1996, FOX, 25 episodes

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1995, FOX, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: A sincere family drama full of tear-jerking moments, Party of Five excels at its authentic depiction of young adult issues.

1994, FOX, 22 episodes


Matthew Fox
as Charlie Salinger
Scott Wolf
as Bailey Salinger
Neve Campbell
as Julia Salinger
Lacey Chabert
as Claudia Salinger
Brandon Porter
as Owen Salinger
Jacob Smith
as Owen Salinger
Paula Devicq
as Kirsten Bennett
Tom Mason
as Joe Mangus
Paige Turco
as Annie Mott
Alyson Reed
as Mrs. Reeves
Kyle Secor
as Evan Stilman
Brenda Wehle
as Dr. Rabin
Dan Lauria
as Coach Petrocelli
Joel Miller
as High School Wrestler
Lenny Wolpe
as Strause
Lorinne Vozoff
as Principal Stickley
Bryn Erin
as Libby
Daniel Hagen
as Mr. Trimble
Lela Ivey
as Mrs. Huffman
Bari Hochwald
as Dr. Murtry
Isabella Hofmann
as Ms. Levison
Tim Conlon
as Dudley
Ben Savage
as Stuart
Mark Robman
as Man at Salinger's
Faran Tahir
as Radiologist
Rose Portillo
as Dr. Aguilar
Mary B. Ward
as Ms. Walsh
Cayce Callaway
as Ms. Baird
Willie Garson
as Mr. Kroop
Gregory Itzin
as Dr. Kessel
John Rubinstein
as Walter Alcott
Elizabeth Norment
as Dr. Sullivan
Eddie Mui
as Eddie
John M. Jackson
as Maj. Holbrook
Zack Ward
as Teddy
Jim O'Heir
as Heat Guy
William Newman
as Julia's Teacher
Kim Murphy
as Hannah
Aaron Lustig
as Terrell
Lance Guest
as Mr. Peck
Sara Mornell
as Pamela Rush
Robin Thomas
as Mr. Thompson
Lori Rom
as Laura
Gates McFadden
as Greer Erikson
Michael Mantell
as Mr. Rosenthal
Peter Siragusa
as Plumber #1
Troy Evans
as Arthur
Joan McMurtrey
as Mrs. Dwyer
Stacey Katzin
as Secretary
LaTanya Richardson
as Mrs. Gideon
Jenny O'Hara
as Sylvia Wringler
Patti Tippo
as Sharon Bishop
Ken Magee
as Xander
Lonna Montrose
as Room Service Waitress
Darrell Larson
as Ed Brighton
Carlos La Camara
as Plumber #2
Bill Lee Brown
as Security Guard
Joan McMurtry
as Mrs. Dwyer
Jennifer Rhodes
as Carolyn Prousky
Dennis Fimple
as Mechanic
Lenny Wolp
as Strause
Erik Austin
as Freddie
Mary Gillis
as Costume Shop Clerk
Vic Polizos
as Manfred
Geoffrey Pierson
as Mr. Bishop
Jill Teed
as Joanna
Shareen J. Mitchell
as Monica Phillips
Steven M. Gagnon
as Police Officer
Eric Brice Scott
as Record Store Clerk
Charles Chun
as Dr. Fong
Rick Fitts
as Police Officer
Paul Hayes
as Mr. Thurman
Joe Anthony
as Phone Guy
Jody Wood
as Supplier
Carmen Argenziano
as Agent Lawrence
Alan Young
as Jack Gordon
Harry Johnson
as Professor
Deborah Offner
as Mrs. Baum
Bruce French
as Dr. Kass
John Webber
as Plumber #3
Joe Anthony Cox
as Phone Guy
Taylor Negron
as Dr. Blalock
Danil Torppe
as Coach Dawes
Steven McPorter
as Coco the Clown
Eric Pierpoint
as Bruce Curran
Norman Parker
as Dr. Leto
Valerie Curtin
as Dr. Baring
Tim Wrightman
as CHP Officer
Dan Bucatinsky
as Check Out Guy
Myra Turley
as Mrs. Ryerson
John DeMita
as Sales Clerk
Louis Mustillo
as Mr. Parker
Edith Varon
as Clinician
Dennis Napolitano
as Store Guard
David Purdham
as Tom Cullen
Dennis Lipscomb
as Mr. Conklin
Kate McGregor-Stewart
as Mrs. McKeefer
Keene Curtis
as Mr. Bancroft
Eddie Jones
as Mr. Merrin
Alex Hyde-White
as Coach Clifford
Roxanne Hart
as Judge Whelan
Tom Simmons
as Irate Customer
Alan Wilder
as Mr. Schiffer
Ali Elk
as Phone Girl
June Claman
as Competition Judge
Susan Slome
as Tiffany
Mary Scheer
as Mrs. Shaver
Brent Jennings
as Mr. Fountain
Susan Egan
as Lauren
Nick Tate
as Prof. Haskin
Kevin Maloney
as Photographer
Amy Bacall
as Waitress
David Hart
as Carlin
Phill Lewis
as Det. Danner
Tara Buck
as Ricki
Freda Foh Shen
as Miss Minor
Betsy Zang
as Mary Elizabeth
Richard Fancy
as Sam Arbogast
Lauren Dahl
as Dee Dee
Charles Napier
as Video Guy
Anne Betancourt
as Mrs. Ramos
Bette Rae
as Shachter
Josh Green
as Bartender
David Richards
as Vice Principal Weeden
Steve O'Connor
as Phone Guy
Paul Jenkins
as Father Carroll
David Cromwell
as Mr. Gronemeyer
Doug Sills
as Michael
Claudette Roche
as Miss Deluca
Clifford David
as Mr. Olmstead
Mark Derwin
as Depeyster
Jeff Michalski
as Prof. Beech
Hillary Straney
as Stephanie
John Towey
as Mr. Wardell
Phyllis Ehrlich
as Homeless Woman
Zoaunne LeRoy
as Justice of the Peace
Stephen Kay
as Hawkins
Michael Laskin
as Prof. Hannibal
Alison Lo
as Mrs. Chao
Amy Parrish
as Krystal
Shelley Malil
as Dr. Rai:
Debi Derryberry
as Mrs. Pinchon
Brett Marx
as Hippie
Julie Hayden
as Ms. Carey
John Doe
as Carter
Larry Hankin
as Corkery
Mia Wesley
as Isabel
Rae Ritke
as Broker
Jane Lynch
as Dr. Pennant
Marietta DePrima
as Teacher Carol
Randy Becker
as Grace's Colleague
Matt Koruba
as Young Charlie
Gregg L. Daniel
as Dr. Calsyn
David Brisbin
as Professor Jacobs
Jay Brazeau
as Pawnbroker
Pat McNamara
as Dr. Bob
Mari Weiss
as Ms. Stempson
Esther Scott
as Mrs. Hughes
Duane Matthews
as Bar Patron
as Aaron
Terri Hanauer
as Dr. Schultz
Hildy Brooks
as Mrs. Wilford
Dennis Simple
as Mechanic
Jake Dinwiddie
as Young Bailey
Frank Lieberman
as Mr. Belmont
Maxine Miller
as Mrs. Kelleher
Senta Moses
as Madeline
Darlene Hunt
as Hillary
Graham Heywood
as Alan Tisk
Ellen Bry
as Probation Officer
Alice Carter
as Dr. Yang
Erica Yohn
as Mrs. Kranther
Jullian Bach
as Deborah
Lorna Scott
as Government Clerk
Skye McKenzie
as Groom-to-Be
Larry Joshua
as Landlord
Robin Gammell
as Prof. Sinclair
Ingo Neuhaus
as Bouncer
David Fabrizio
as Policeman
Dori Drenner
as Nurse Cactis
William Monaghan
as Uncle Bert
Rick Zieff
as Public Defender
Emily Kuroda
as Nurse Wolfe
Lisa Akey
as Fiona
Charley Lang
as Dr. Haigney
Tyler Mane
as Mr. Mayhem
Pam Salem
as Ms. Shaw
Mark Metcalf
as Mr. Reeves
Jim Hanna
as Santa
Alfred Dennis
as Mr. Kranther
Barbara Eve Harris
as Principal Grey
Mary Joan Negro
as Evvie's Sponsor
Tom Dugan
as Economics Professor
Bette Ford
as Miss Corso
Murray Rubinstein
as Dr. Vasquez
Kris Iyer
as Dr. Nampur
Ron Ostrow
as Minister
Daniel von Bargen
as Dr. Grayson
Matt Ross
as Aaron
Michael Caradonna
as Student in Hall
Disiree Walter
as Michael's Mom
Scott Paetty
as Off. Flaherty
Barbara Harris
as Principal Grey
Julie Ariola
as Mrs. Holbrook
John Pleshette
as Prof. Conklin
Bruce Nozick
as Dr. Baum
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Series Details

TV Network: FOX
Premiere Date: Sep 12, 1994
Genre: Drama
Executive Producers: Mark B. Perry, Amy Lippman, John Romano, Christopher Keyser
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