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Night Gallery (1970 - 1973)

Night Gallery (1970 - 1973)






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A stylish anthology of tales focusing on the nightmarishly macabre and the supernatural. Some episodes were adaptations of classic stories, others based on original scripts---including some by host Rod Serling, creator of `The Twilight Zone.' His entries include the deeply moving, Emmy-nominated `They're Tearing Down Tim Riley's Bar,' with William Windom; and `The Caterpillar,' with Laurence Harvey, an episode that Stephen King has described as `one of the most frightening ever telecast on TV.'

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1972, NBC, 17 episodes

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1971, NBC, 62 episodes

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1970, NBC, 14 episodes


Joan Crawford
as Miss Menlo
Ossie Davis
as Portifoy
Barry Sullivan
as Dr. Heatherton
Tom Bosley
as Resnick
Sam Jaffe
as Bleum
George Macready
as Hendricks
Norma Crane
as Gretchen
George Murdock
as First Agent
Tom Basham
as Gibbons
Shannon Farnon
as First Nurse
John Astin
as Husband
Cathleen Cordell
as Miss Beamish
Vincent Price
as Professor
Stuart Whitman
as Sea Captain
Ross Martin
as Gingold
Jeff Corey
as Dr. Miles Talmadge
Rene Auberjonois
as Sharsted Jr.
Walter Burke
as Jameson
Geraldine Page
as Mrs. Evans
Jeanette Nolan
as Miss Wattle
Kent Smith
as Bennett
William Hansen
as Grandfather
Pat Boone
as Widower
Mickey Rooney
as Kingpin Hood
Shani Wallis
as Miss Danton
John Calicos
as Survivor
E.G. Marshall
as Undertaker
Arte Johnson
as Disc Jockey
Forrest Tucker
as Dr. Stringfellow
Gale Sondergaard
as Miss Abigail
David McCallum
as Psychiatrist
Alex Cord
as Erik Sutton
Joel Grey
as Sorcery Student
Roger Davis
as George Beaumont
Tom Troup
as Pierce
Patrick Macnee
as Major Crosby
Julie Adams
as Gay Melcor
Ed Nelson
as Burke
Leif Erickson
as Charlie Wheatland
Ray Milland
as Dr. Ravdon
Linda Marsh
as Mildred
Glenn Corbett
as Richard Alden
Beatrice Kay
as Mrs. Gibbons
Cloris Leachman
as Mrs. Fulton
Jon Korkes
as Victor
Gilbert Roland
as Bartender
Tom Helmore
as Warwick
Barbara Anderson
as Leona Ogilvy
Chill Wills
as Hepplewhite
Diane Baker
as Miss Alcott
Clint Howard
as Young Seer
Anabel Garth
as Mermaid
Burl Ives
as Avenger
George Furth
as Gilling
Patricia Donahue
as Dr. Innokenti
Victor Buono
as Customer
Ray Danton
as Joe Melcor
Peter Brocco
as Dr. Shockman
Fay Spain
as Molly Mitchell
Ellen Corby
as Miss Patience
Tony Roberts
as Dr. Levine
Don Keefer
as Coolidge
Peggy Feury
as Estelle
Carl Betz
as Max Redford
Suzy Parker
as Carlotta
Henry Silva
as Pandit Chola
Paul Jenkins
as Joe Wilson
Brooke Bundy
as Phyllis
Bill Quinn
as Dr. Tom
Hope Summers
as Miss Lettie
Lex Barker
as McKinley
E.J. Andre
as Charlie
Yaphet Kotto
as Buckner
John Lasell
as Colonel Hawes
Al Lewis
as Mishkin
Mavis Neal
as Mrs. Ducker
Ned Glass
as Bernstein
Margaret Muse
as Steinhem
Kip Niven
as Harry
David Fresco
as Blockman
Russell Thorson
as Dr. Coolidge
Alan Napier
as Cousin Zachariah
Murray Matheson
as Dr. Strang
Elizabeth Thompson
as Miss Flannagan
Larry Watson
as Longhair
Henry Beckman
as Policeman
Lew Brown
as First Officer
Adam West
as Mr. Hyde
Peter Mamakos
as Kazanzakis
Anne Taylor
as Miss Moretti
Albert Salmi
as Bristol
Ellen Blake
as Creature
Stuart Nisbet
as Second Officer
Jack Laird
as Assistant
Adam Weed
as Sonny
Gail Bonney
as Mrs. Squire
Ford Rainey
as Sheriff
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TV Network: NBC
Premiere Date: Dec 16, 1970
Genre: Horror
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