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Nash Bridges (1996 - 2001)

Nash Bridges (1996 - 2001)





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Smartly paced cases involving a tough but relaxed San Francisco detective and his quirky sidekick. `Nash' had a nice edge and an appealing lead in Don Johnson, who honed his cop chops working `Miami Vice' as Sonny Crockett some seven years earlier.

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2000, CBS, 22 episodes

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1999, CBS, 22 episodes

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1998, CBS, 24 episodes

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1997, CBS, 23 episodes

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1996, CBS, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: Nash Bridges boasts the charisma of Don Johnson and wry support from Cheech Marin, but this star vehicle runs out of gas when it comes to offering its own unique identity amid a glut of similar television fare.

1996, CBS, 9 episodes


Don Johnson
as Nash Bridges
Cheech Marin
as Joe Dominguez
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
as Lt. A.T. Shimamura
Jeff Perry
as Insp. Harvey Leek
Jaime Gómez
as Evan Cortez
Kelly Hu
as Insp. Michelle Chan
Yasmine Bleeth
as Caitlin Cross
James Gammon
as Nick Bridges
Wendy Moniz
as Rachel McCabe
Cress Williams
as Antwon Babcock
Steve Austin
as Jake Cage
Cliff De Young
as Reuben Banks
Taylor Young
as Patty Rollins
Aaron Olson
as Tom Corbett
Billy Drago
as Lou Grissom
Louis Mandylor
as Ray Goetz
Edward Albert
as Charles Gandy
Viveka Davis
as Sada Howard
Ronald Russell
as Off. Ronnie
Tina Castaldi
as Lt. Wendy Palmerantz
Ed O'Ross
as Victor Walsh
Peter Koch
as Bart Mackie
Jenny Levine
as Julia Grey
Julianne Christie
as Bonnie Leek
Michael George Owens
as Jimmy Testani
Bob Koherr
as Steve Pope
Shari Carlson
as Marsha Morgan
Julia Nickson
as Denise Minato
Mark Dobies
as Capt. Bruce McCue
Laura Cayouette
as Stephanie Green
Athena Massey
as Dori Ditlow
Suzanne Krull
as Betty Ann
Leslie Hardy
as Miriam/Anna
Richard Redlin
as Rafe Easton
Julie Araskog
as Haley Grissom
Michael Wyle
as Gary Stokes
Kyle T. Heffner
as Bunker Bob
Michael Des Barres
as Niles Maynard
Ely Pouget
as Annie Lindsay
John Kapelos
as Harry Grimes
David McNees
as Anthony Warrick
Tony Keyes
as Darryl Foley
Ravil Isyanov
as Vladamir Yodka
Jo Dee Messina
as Tammy McGraw
Donna Wilson
as Tamara Van Zant
Jay Caputo
as Nathan
Phil Lesh
as Himself
Jeff Hall
as Store Clerk
Natalie Geld
as Dr. Christie Barnes
Wade Williams
as Edward Strode
Stefanos Miltsakakis
as Eldon Sistrunck
Tanya Dargel
as Bertrand
Romy Walthall
as Yvonne Wexler
Steven Bauer
as Elvis Lima
Theresa Russell
as Ellen Holiday
Terrence McGovern
as Dan O'Malley
David Marciano
as Jimmy Bangs
Bill Smitrovich
as Ray Urbanski
David Purdham
as Bayard Eldon Whitaker
Randle Mell
as Neal Rogan
Nakia Burrise
as Candance
Lyn Mahler
as Mama Stokes
Keith Harvey
as Big Tiny
Art Chudabala
as Derek Liu
James Remar
as Mark Lee Page
Jenny McShane
as Finn Tucker
Rocqueford Allen
as Edward Trask
John Mese
as Duane Fitts
Kevin Dobson
as Raymond Porter
Tim Wiggins
as Porkchop Langdon
Tzi Ma
as Jimmy Zee
Michael Massee
as Harley Corzine
Jim Pirri
as Chet Shedmont
Evan Jones
as Markus
Alison Ward
as Miranda
Marco Rodriguez
as Ted Madrid
Stacey Travis
as Sally Broyles
Tom Adams
as Brasher
Comika Beaudry
as Nurse Becky
Lawrence Radecker
as Tosh Hadley
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TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Mar 29, 1996
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