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Just Shoot Me (1997 - 2003)

Just Shoot Me (1997 - 2003)






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A slick long-running ensemble sitcom set at a glossy women's magazine run by a bombastic publisher. Marked by sly repartee and gleeful double entendres, it follows the antics of a staff that includes the boss's daughter, a serious journalist who has no love for his publication; a hard-living fashion editor; a neurotic photographer; and a scheming, fawning assistant named Dennis, who can be quite the menace.

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2002, NBC, 24 episodes

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2001, NBC, 22 episodes

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2000, NBC, 22 episodes

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1999, NBC, 24 episodes

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1998, NBC, 25 episodes

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1997, NBC, 25 episodes

Critics Consensus: A cast stacked with talented veterans, all taking turns delivering sharp, well-written dialogue, give Just Shoot Me the makings of a sitcom classic.

1997, NBC, 6 episodes


George Segal
as Jack Gallo
David Spade
as Dennis Finch
Wendie Malick
as Nina Van Horn
Enrico Colantoni
as Elliott DiMauro
Rena Sofer
as Vicki Costa
Simon Templeman
as Ian Harding
Tom Kenny
as Persky
Amy Sedaris
as Betsy Frayne
Cassidy Rae
as Kaylene
Ray Liotta
as Himself
Ping Wu
as Wong
Peter Dennis
as Spencer
Cheryl Tiegs
as Herself
Larry Miller
as Emerson
Lane Davies
as Dr. Hendrie
Harry Smith
as Himself
Joe Rogan
as Chris
Michael Ensign
as Bob Fennel
Les Brandt
as Window Washer
Ed Crasnick
as Woody Allen
Kathryn Joosten
as Mrs. Pierce
John Ennis
as Waiter
Kadeem Hardison
as Tad Gallo
Nick Lachey
as Himself
Andy Richter
as Alan Turkus
Joyce Bulifant
as Fanny Finch
Snoop Dogg
as Himself
Stephen Root
as Dr. Drake
Henry Groener
as Headmaster
Megan Mullally
as Stephanie
Marcy Kaplan
as Meridith
Scott Aukerman
as Greenburg
Terry Rhoads
as Dean Logan
Dakin Matthews
as Les Blake
Adrian Neil
as Maitre' D
Kathie Lee Gifford
as Allison Spencer
Dean Cain
as Chris
Daniel Kountz
as Milo Visnejic
Jon Lovitz
as Roland Devereaux
Richard Kind
as Jimmy Korsh
Nora Dunn
as Naomi Bergson
Carol Ann Susi
as Mrs. Boukidis
Nellie Sciutto
as Lisa Cantwell
Nina Foch
as Catherine DuChamp
Ed McMahon
as Himself
Sami Reed
as Kelly
Mindy Sterling
as Mrs. Lubitz
Thomas Mills
as Trucker
Monica Parker
as Mrs. Visnejic
Madison Mason
as Dick Radford
Matt Boren
as Nicholas
Edward James Gage
as Mark Krendall
Alan Thicke
as Himself
Lynette Gaza
as Jamie Berrenson
Kristanna Loken
as Kristanna
Dawn Maxey
as Connie
Shaun Toub
as Ernesto
Robin Riker
as Allie Gallo
George Lucas
as Himself
Todd Eckert
as Rob Mandel
Philip Bruns
as Gladstone
Mercedes Kastner
as Nature Scout No. 1
Lois Smith
as Libby Blake
Ben Bode
as Harry
Alan Rachins
as Tate Gittling
James Greene
as Father Vincent
Gina Mari
as Kirsten
Mark Dobies
as Prince Charming
Alex Rocco
as Charlie Gold
Jerry Hall
as Herself
Drew Lachey
as Himself
Irina Maleeva
as Mrs. Kaminsky
Kate Spade
as Herself
Morgan Fairchild
as Lily Harris
Jack Carter
as Chick Rivers
Roy Dotrice
as Jarvis Leeds
Fred Sanders
as Bob Whiteman
Ever Brenner
as Lillian
J. Grant Albrecht
as Evan Garrison
Jenna Boyd
as Hannah
Rosalind Ayres
as Audrey Leeds
Jim Pirri
as Steve
Debra Mooney
as Ellen Gelman
Steve Valentine
as Amazing Zigmund
Michael Patrick McGill
as Irish Bartender
Julie Claire
as Kirsten
Jim Round
as Intern
Gerald Jann
as Dr. Fong
Rainbow Borden
as Nervous Punk
Andre Ware
as Andre Delacroix
Len Lesser
as Uncle Jimmy
Dave Clark
as Newscaster
Lauren Schaffel
as Nature Scout No. 2
Rachel Chagall
as Aunt Mindy
Becky Thyre
as Tallulah
Tony Rossi
as Delivery Man
Steve Carell
as Mr. Weiland
Eddie Allen
as Clarence
Bob Drew
as Announcer
Richard B. Livingston
as Andrew Decker
Jeff Timmons
as Himself
Penn Jillette
as Terry Dimmitch
Jason Marsden
as Tony Zito
Judy Greer
as Bridget Masnning
Adam Setliff
as Scottie
Sean Smith
as Maitre d'
June Squibb
as Mrs Peables
Alice Hirson
as Helen Korsh
Dick Clark
as Himself
Valerie Curtin
as Ms. Picklesbee
Krista Allen
as Mary Elizabeth
Jim O'Heir
as Big Dan
Patrick Kerr
as Clark Finkel
Cheryl Ladd
as Herself
Wolf Muser
as Magnus
Agostino Castagnola
as Opera Singer
Harvey Levine
as Weinstein
Jamie Farr
as Himself
Ed Gale
as Jimmy
Pat Sajak
as Himself
Arturo Gil
as Hillel
Cherise Leana Bangs
as Mary Catherine
A.J. Marton
as Young Tony
David Garry
as Hanrahan
Vanna White
as Herself
Jeffrey Noah
as Young Elliott
Don Henley
as Himself
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TV Network: NBC
Premiere Date: Mar 4, 1997
Genre: Comedy
Full Cast
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