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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Part 2 Reviews

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½ May 19, 2019
I really enjoyed part 1 of this series, but part 2 was a little off the mark for me. This show has that classic "teen" show feel that can feel charming and easy watch, but without being too kiddish or cringe worthy. Part 2 was enjoyable but it some serious flaws in its plot that were hard to overlook. First, there isn't much character development. Sabrina, as always, is defiant and stubborn and never seems to pause and think about the consequences from any of her previous actions. The remorse we saw when she messed up the reincarnation of Harvey's brother is no where to be seen in this season. She will forever do what she wants, come up with the most extreme plans, and never acknowledged any of the faults. Her character to me became extremely one note, with no nuances of sympathy for the people she hurt in the process. Maybe that was illustrate how strong willed she is, but to me, it seemed very one dimensional. Like, not even a sorry when she gets her boyfriend expelled? And then there is Prudence, who switches between friend and enemy and then back to friend numerous times, at the drop of a hat, and everyone just goes with it without question. At least her fellow weird sisters show some consistency in where their loyalties lie, but Prudence goes from kissing Ambrose, to actively torturing him, and back to helping the Spellmans and no one says anything. Again, I get they were trying to show that she was manipulated by Faustus, but all those scenes where she is sitting by Faustus side you can never quite tell who she is going to help, because it's never consistent. And then there is Mary, who also goes from planning Sabrina's death to giving her two very generous wishes once she becomes Queen. It just seems like such a leap. Overall I wish that they had spent more time fleshing out their characters.
½ May 10, 2019
Really liked the series, did not like the ending.
May 5, 2019
Amazing potential but ruined with lifeless characters wasted storylines and overly blunt social justice messages
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