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Breaking Bad (2008 - 2013)

Breaking Bad (2008 - 2013)





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A high-school chemistry teacher learns he's dying, so he takes up a new career as a meth producer in hopes of earning enough money to take care of his family.
Creator: Vince Gilligan

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Critics Consensus: Breaking Bad's final season cements its status as one of television's great series, propelling its narrative to an explosive conclusion with sharp direction and assured storytelling.

2012, AMC, 16 episodes

Critics Consensus: Breaking Bad's fourth season continues to evolve and subvert expectations, and it's never been more riveting to watch.

2011, AMC, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: Breaking Bad's well-toned storytelling flares up this season with dramatic story changes and calculated direction.

2010, AMC, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: Breaking Bad continues to soar, thanks to its artsy style and suspenseful thrills.

2009, AMC, 13 episodes

Critics Consensus: Though at times it feels forced and its imagery can be gruesome, Breaking Bad is darkly gripping and features a strong sympathetic lead in Bryan Cranston.

2008, AMC, 7 episodes


Bryan Cranston
as Walter White
Anna Gunn
as Skyler White
Aaron Paul
as Jesse Pinkman
Dean Norris
as Hank Schrader
Betsy Brandt
as Marie Schrader
RJ Mitte
as Walter White Jr.
Krysten Ritter
as Jane Margolis
Charles Baker (II)
as Skinny Pete
Jonathan Banks
as Mike Ehrmantraut
Matt Jones
as Badger
Bob Odenkirk
as Saul Goodman
John De Lancie
as Donald Margolis
John DeLancie
as Donald Margolis
Patrick Sane
as Frankie
Tess Harper
as Mrs. Pinkman
David House
as Dr. Delcavoli
Dale Dickey
as Female Junkie
Sam McMurray
as Dr. Victor Brave
David Ury
as Spooge
Steven Bauer
as Don Eladio
Nigel Gibbs
as Sgt. Roberts
Ray Campbell
as Tyrus Kitt
Danny Trejo
as Tortuga
Jesus Payan
as No-Doze
Julia Minesci
as Meth Whore
Harry Groener
as Dr. Chavez
Jere Burns
as Group Leader
John Lawlor
as Locksmith
Philip Howell
as O.M.I. Attendant
Tomas Potts
as Tattooed Biker
Tina Parker
as Francesca
Anna Felix
as Sales Girl
Ben Petry
as Jake Pinkman
Isaac Kappy
as Rowdy Prisoner
Ashleigh Banfield
as Anchor No. 1
Kaija Bales
as Granddaughter
Marla Tellez
as Anchor No. 2
Cydne Schulte
as Tattooed Woman
Javier Grajeda
as Juan Bolsa
Ryan Scott Lee
as Neighborhood Kid
Mike Miller
as Jewelry Store Owner
Vic Browder
as Detective
Juliet Lopez
as O.M.I. Officer
Jeff Maher
as Anchor No. 3
Eddie J. Fernandez
as Cartel Gunman No. 1
Daniel Serrano
as Meth Drug Dealer
William Allen
as Scientist
John Barbour
as Neighbor
Loren Haynes
as Music Producer
Kieran Sequoia
as Local Correspondent
Dana Cortez
as Anchor No. 4
Ben Bray
as Cartel Gunman No. 2
Richard Williams
as Community Leader No. 1
Toby Holguin
as Cartel Gunman No. 3
Christopher Dempsey
as Hospital Medic
Daniel Halleck
as Community Leader No. 2
Eddie Perez
as Cartel Gunman No. 4
Taylor Cranston
as Sad-Faced Girl
Lt. Frederic Doss
as Off Duty Cop
Kat Sawyer
as Dr. Soper
Robin Dearden
as Emotional Woman
Daniel Champine
as Rookie Officer
Galen Hutchison
as Wide-Eyed Boy
Juanita Trad
as Medical Technician
Sheran Keyton
as Tio's Nurse
David Priemazon
as DEA Point Man
Jesus Mayorga
as Friendly Guy
Shari Rhodes
as Bingo Lady
Ramsey Williams
as Supermarket Clerk
Lorel Medina
as Daughter
Cicelo Solano
as Old Crawler
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