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May 7, 2019
Even almost 35 years later there are some really interesting and groundbreaking aspects about this film. First of all, it includes one of the first CGI creatures (the window picture knight) and had a Pixar team working on those effects. It's also worth noting how especially the beginning of Sherlock and Watson meeting at school precursors the Harry Potter films in mood and style, then you realize Chris Columbus wrote this. The film also includes one of the first post credits scenes that I can remember, aiming for a sequel that never came.
As far as Sherlock cases go, this is a rather mediocre one made up for the film. During the surprisingly dramatic and action packed showdown our hero climbs, fights and fences more than he's using his brain, that seems a bit out of character. The creators clearly wanted to give him a bit of an Indiana Jones treatment, albeit a mild one. That's still pretty entertaining with quite some wasted potential.
½ November 14, 2018
Although I have some rather unrealistic scenes and some special effects a little badly done, I find the film quite good, it makes for a laugh and also it is possible to stay intigrado with the rest of the film; The film had good actors, a good soundtrack and a good and captivating story. One of the best classics of the 80's. I highly recommend it.
March 5, 2018
Loved this movie as a kid...still enjoy it now...
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February 17, 2018
A great all too little known film from '86. Set in Sherlock Holmes school days setting the story background as he becomes the worlds most famous detective. I remember seeing this at the cinema and it is just the sort of film full of action and adventure everyone should love. Steven Spielberg was involved in the production and it shows. This film has a feel to it like the Mummy and Indiana Jones films. It also has some very good SFX for the time, including very early use of cgi. If you have missed this film then you are missing out, track it down!
½ February 8, 2018
Despite what the title suggests, Young Sherlock Holmes isn't some child-oriented parody of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's books. If you're expecting the movie to be like the Iron Man ones, you'll probably be disappointed. It has a Harry Potter-type feel that makes you wonder if Harry Potter borrowed elements from this movie. The main problem with this movie is that you'll figure out the plot twist if you take into account the name of one character spelled backwards. It's even lampshaded at the end of the movie. The story feels eerily similar to Temple of Doom. It's not helping matters that Spielberg is involved with this movie. While those problems make me realize that the movie relies on an amazing detective being an idiot who fails to realize the obvious, Young Sherlock Holmes has more than its fair share of good qualities. The special effects (well 2/3 of the effects anyway) stand the test of time and the stained-glass knight helps remind audiences of how far we've come in terms of computer animation. And it's good to know that Pixar is responsible for the rendering. Remember that this came out ten years before Toy Story. Some of Holmes' deductions are still awesome, the story is still compelling even if the impact is lessened due to figuring out the very obvious clue and the music sends chills down your spine. Rame Teeeeep, Rame Tep. Temple of Doom, eat your heart out. And let's not forget the after credits scene. Even if you didn't care much about Sherlock Holmes, that post-credits scene can be seen as one of the major highlights for the movie. Yes, there were credits scenes before Marvel popularized the idea for the 21st century leading to a nice game of follow the leader. I enjoyed this not-a-knockoff-of-Harry-Potter-because-of-differences-in-year-of-release even if its premise was too similar to a more family-friendly version of Temple of Doom. That twist I informed you about is at least not as bad as Nilbog in Troll 2.
September 13, 2017
This enduring film has all elements of great classic entertainment. It has mystery, action, romance, wit and scenes of horror while still giving youthful respect to Doyle's original characters.
½ August 17, 2017
So bad! Dreadful. Rubbish. Unless you have nothing else to do don't watch this. Conan Doyle must be turning in his grave!
June 16, 2016
For a film directed by Barry Levinson, written by Chris Columbus, and featuring first-rate special effects courtesy of Industrial Light and Magic, Young Sherlock Holmes has passed through time relatively unappreciated. Retaining much of the pacing, charm, and overall feel of prime Steven Spielberg (after all it was released by his production company Amblin Entertainment), YSH is a kind of imagined origin story of the titular sleuth and Watson. The film does a wonderful job crafting a Victorian Era universe of scary monsters and evildoers for the budding detective and his sidekick to inhabit, while maintaining a quick pace and good level of suspense. Nicholas Rowe as Holmes is serviceable and Alan Cox lends a nice touch of innocence and wonderment to his Watson. A little darker and more tragic than similar offerings, Young Sherlock Holmes should be original and exciting enough to delight even modern audiences more than 30 years after its initial release.
March 13, 2016
There is something about this original origin story that really makes me smile. I don't yet know what it is, but some things in there.
½ April 25, 2015
Gaudy, silly, derivative, but also rather fun. The ending is actually surprising, a rarity in these sorts of films.
January 27, 2015
The young John Watson meets the young Sherlock Holmes at a London boarding school in the late 1800s. The decide to form their own two-man Scooby-Doo style mystery-solving group as Holmes notices similarities between two recent deaths. More deaths occur, but Scotland Yard will not listen to Holmes' explanations for them. Soon the pair are battling a conspiracy involving a sleeper-cell of Egyptians who have infiltrated the school and practice an odd, hidden religion. Despite all of the good, this could have been much better. Based on the movie's post-credits ending, they were very much expecting a sequel to happen. Maybe this could have become a reality if not for several scenes being far too drawn out and many missed opportunities for more witty dialogue. Despite this, the cgi and the soundtrack were great. In fact, I'd rate the film's score up there in quality with Conan the Barbarian, Das Boot, RoboCop, The Good the Bad, and the Ugly, Terminator 2, etc. I'm a bit surprised I'd not seen this until now, though I cannot say I was really missing all that much.
December 28, 2014
This is as accurate as a portray of Sherlock Holmes as a school boy can get
December 18, 2014
When the movie first told me that it's not based on the books as there is no book about his young life, I got worried, but curious to wonder what they were going to do with it. They actually did a great job of making it feel like s Sherlock Holmes movie. I was worried that the young actor, who plays Sherlock Holmes, is not going to be a good Sherlock Holmes as Robert Downey J.R is perfect to play as him. But even though the actor is not as great as J.R, Nicholas Rowe is really good in this and has got the detective looks for it. Alan Cox who plays Watson is good too, but he can be annoying sometimes which is not in a good way. The movie is smart, the plot is like a good detective story, even if it is predictable. The effects are really good, very creative, and never seem to be the main focus of the movie. Barry Levinson and Chris Columbus did a great job of making an original Sherlock Holmes movie and focus on the details that might be clues like the other Sherlock Holmes movies, even if it isn't perfect.
November 21, 2014
Had some fond memories of this film, but sadly that was proven to be erroneous. This is based on an idea with some potential, which was sadly squandered on a predictable, and rather sexist boy's adventure with too much mindless action, plot holes big enough to through your deerstalker right though and not enough believable character development to make me care. I'm not gonna see this again.
November 8, 2014
Making Sherlock Holmes human? Would seem as if it were only elementary, my dear Watson, but so many people miss that all too important clue to solving the mystery of making a good Sherlock Holmes movie. And one where he's just a teenager no less. This is an incredibly entertaining romp written by the guy who discovered America.
½ September 19, 2014
To those who are big fans of the Sherlock Holmes novels they might not like the movie too much. I personally love it even if the bit with the Egyptian cult does feel like Temple of Doom. No complaints other than that thanks to good acting and script.
August 29, 2014
Unfortunately underestimated movie.
½ July 27, 2014
Holmes is a reimagining of the detective's origin story, but it is also respectful of Arthur Conan Doyle's work. Young Sherlock Holmes is fun from beginning to end-an action-packed thrill ride with a satisfying mystery, rock-solid acting, and creepy scenes. It gets a little too scary for kids, but Young Sherlock Holmes is a wonderful movie that deserves to find a new audience. There is something about Holmes's elegant, haunting, and whisperingly melancholic distance, his analytical remove from the world, that inspires a desire for glimpses of the baroque corridors of labyrinthine interiors. A lighthearted murder mystery that weds Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to the kind of rollicking action-adventure that has made Steven Spielberg the most successful movie maker in the world. The elaborate special effects also seem a little out of place in a Sherlock Holmes movie, although I'm willing to forgive them because they were fun. The film shall remain a cult classic - loved by some, but sadly forgotten by most. Big, silly, loud, nicely designed, and occasionally enjoyable.

VERDICT: "High-Quality Stuff" - [Positive Reaction] This is a rating to a movie I view as very entertaining and well made, and definitely worth paying the full price at a theatre to see or own on DVD. It is not perfect, but it is definitely excellent. (Films that are rated 3.5 or 4 stars)
May 25, 2014
No doubt that Chris Columbus & Steven Spielberg were in charge of this (and also wanted years later for Harry Potter...yes, Steven rejected the offer but Chris stayed on for the 1st two films). No doubt really...and even if this film was not based on ANY Conan Doyle story, it stayed loyal in a lot of things: mystery,horror+adventure. It would have been interesting to see this duo as they were younger (that's why I enjoyed this movie a lot, it's a curious point of view, interesting my dear reader, interesting). 4 stars of 5 for an amazing ride that also remind me of Indiana Jones (also out by the same time), the amazing cast and the music score (the orchestra of London never stops surprising me through the years). Enjoy and THE GAME IS AFOOT! - May 25, 2014 review.
February 12, 2014
Nice Spielberg flick that had some outstanding special effects for it's time and gives lots of backstory explanations for the Doyle Sherlock saga, but reminds one too much of a Raiders movie (Temple of Doom) and has Watson's character being a real whiner, which he isn't in the Doyle books. It is an enjoyable film, if you can overlook the unpleasant end.
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