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May 15, 2019
This was an amazing Meta Horror portrayal, it was fun and campy. But also provided the right amount of horror. Love the creativity of how to freshen up the slasher camp horror genre.
April 21, 2019
You might be the killer, is like Scream, Tucker and Dale vs Evil, and Cabin in the woods combined. This being only the second or third film director Bret Simmons has made this is nothing short of fantastic. Cinematography, editing, acting, SFX, music, the comedy, and the kills are all great. The loose and nonlinear story structure is enjoyable and allows for twists to come in hard. From start to end you are laughing and bitting your nails at every turn. If you like meta horror comedy then you should watch, You might be the killer.
April 15, 2019
I wont lie i dont like watching horror movie that much but this movie is amazingly good i was sitting on the edge of me seat just waiting to see what happends next this movie made me laugh in the end this movie is like the Scary Movie were they made fun of horror movies Its like that but alot better this movie is not that scary tho
March 25, 2019
If you like horror movies you'll enjoy it but only horror fanatics will get the meta humor. This is consistently funny and it's intentional. Alyson Hannigan is always good and her witty way of delivering hilarious theories to help her friend figure out there's a lot of hints that he could be the slasher. Everything else including the final girl cliche occurs in a very entertaining way. Please make a sequel.
March 16, 2019
Para los amantes del cine de terror, sobretodo para los que les gusta cuando una película se pone meta (Cabin in the Woods o Tucker y Dale), y una buena en hacerlo sin duda.

Puede que no llegue a estar tan bien como otros coetaneas, o que su estilo "meta" no sea tan profundo y autoreflexivo, pero sin duda la premisa es interesante y consegui mantenerse así hasta casi el final de la cinta, cuando por desgracia se desinfla sin remedio.

Ojo!, Eso sí, a modo de chiste se nos deja caer la idea de una posible secuela que, podría ser más que graciosa.
February 20, 2019
Are nevoie de mai mult de cateva idei bune
February 14, 2019
Fresh take on a played out plot. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
January 21, 2019
Gabby: I(TM)m sad the Reviews aren(TM)t great for this movie because it(TM)s alot of fun. It reminded me of Cabin in the Woods.

Dexter: A really fun movie to watch.
Super Reviewer
½ January 3, 2019
The horror geek inside of me, honestly, hates writing these reviews for films that I should like but, ultimately, for one reason or another, don't. This happened as recently as October with films like Dead Shack and The Night Watchmen. Movies that have the necessary tone, a great cast that's game for everything the film throws at you and cleverness in its scripting that has something for even the most discerning horror geek. And, yet, somehow, the final product does not add up to something that I would actually feel comfortable calling good. If I'm being honest, I think this movie probably has a lot of the ingredients necessary to be something that I would just eat up wildly and rave about immensely. But, if I'm being honest, much like with Dead Shack and The Night Watchmen, I don't think I'm comfortable calling this a good movie, even if others do. Before I go on with this review, I should note that this actually based on a Twitter thread/exchange/story between two authors (actually named Sam and Chuck) that were, basically, Sam and Chuck's conversations in this movie. I suppose the easiest comparison points, in relation to this movie, is Cabin In The Woods (because of course it is) and The Final Girls. I think it's more comparable to the latter than the former. Both are obviously self-referential, as Sam calls his friend Chuck in order to help him figure out who the madman is that's killing counselors at the summer camp he works worth. Chuck, you see, is something of a horror expert and she helps Sam slowly come to the realization that he is, in fact, the killer and he's not actually one of the victims. There's actually a lot of potential with this concept because, Sam, the killer, is essentially running away from the survivors who are justified in their attempts at murdering him. But I just don't think the movie ever, truly, reaches its own potential. I think the biggest problem with the movie, in my opinion, is that it seems more concerned with touting its own subversiveness than actually making sure that they had a good movie that was able support the subversion of the tropes the film so openly uses as the basis of its entire story. The film is a very loving spoof and you can sense the admiration and respect the filmmakers and screenwriters have for the movies that inspired them to write this, but I just don't think what is below the hood ends up amounting to much. Don't get me wrong, the movie is perfectly decent, but I feel that it really should have been much more than that. Like I said, the much is much more worried about being clever and subversive than actually making sure their movie is good. In between Sam and Chuck's conversations, when you see what actually happened and how Sam came into possession of the evil mask that drove him to murdering most of the other camp counselors. The thing about a movie like Cabin In The Woods or even Final Girls, which I did have issues with, is the fact that there's actually a story to support their subversion of genre tropes. In The Final Girls, the lead character reconnects with her deceased mother through a character she played in an 80s slasher. Cabin In The Woods is a meta-critique of the audience's need for sacrifice to be satisfied with a horror movie. There's a justification for why both of those films are presented in the way and style that they are. I don't think this movie, on the other hand, does a great job at justifying why it is the way it is. I don't think it even does a good job at it, honestly. If I felt it did a good job, this would have received a higher rating. I don't think people realize how important this actually is to a movie like this. You can't just be like this for the sake of it and expect it to fly, you need to sell me on why the film's story needed to be told in this way and this movie, quite frankly, does not succeed at that. And that really annoys me because, again, there's a lot here for me to like. I think The Strangers: Prey At Night, which could be seen as a subversion of slasher tropes, does a better job without being so openly comedic. Like I said, everything in between Sam and Chuck's conversations feels standard and like every horror flick you've ever seen and that's where the whole movie being based on a Twitter story told by two authors comes into play. Essentially, the main story beats between Sam and Chuck, in this movie, are ripped from the thread itself. The movie's main beats were laid out for the screenwriters, but they had to find something in between those conversations to fill in the time and, honestly, I don't think they came up with anything that was worthy of the concept. Maybe it's just me, but they didn't. And that's a shame, because Fran Kranz (who still looks like Seth Green and Bradley Cooper had a baby) is fantastic in this movie. I do think that he single-handedly drags the movie kicking and screaming to a decent story. His performance is so manic once he comes to the realization that there's an evil mask compelling him to put it on so it can go on and kill more people. He's incredibly entertaining in this movie and, again, the biggest part of why the movie is getting the rating that it is. The script is decent enough and there's some decent jokes in there but, honestly, I don't know how much of that is Fran Kranz elevating the material or the quality of the jokes itself. This movie makes me sad, because I didn't wanna have to come here and tell you that I didn't like this movie or that I didn't think it was good in spite of a great concept, I legitimately went into this movie wanting to like it. but that's what I'm doing right now. And it's not even that I'm not recommend it as, I'm certain, more people will enjoy this than those that don't. I'm just saying that, for me, this ended up being slightly disappointing. Fran Kranz gives a great performance here, but his efforts are, halfway, wasted on a movie that doesn't really do much in between of its bigger, self-referential moments. This is clearly a labor of love, and I don't mean to devalue that labor. but it didn't blow me away.
January 2, 2019
Great, but in the end took itself a bit too seriously and forgot the comedy.
½ December 28, 2018
You Might Be The Killer falls short in realizing its full potential but it's got the wittiness and brilliant humor that make slasher comedies like Cabin in the Woods and The Final Girl amazing, especially for genre fans.
½ December 10, 2018
I don't think this film was made for me (not a fan of most horror comedies except for Tucker & Dale vs Evil), so take this review with a grain of salt. This movie was neither funny nor scary. It had tons of gore and tons of kills, but that didn't equate to scary. There's a bit of suspense because the movie is watchable so you're left wondering how this will end. They went for the Scream blueprint by being self aware of all horror tropes and calling them out as they come up. But this is NOT Scream. The main character is pretty irritating (namely his voice) so that sticks out like a sore thumb. The rest of the acting is good. The cinematography is great as the setting and the colours and the vibe are very enticing. Another issue I had with it was the ending... it sets up a sequel instead of ending 1 minute shorter which would have been much better (a total twist on the trope of the final girl killing the villain). Anyway this isn't a bad movie necessarily, its just OK, hence 2.5*.
December 4, 2018
I want to see again Alyson Hannigan acting , will watch using boxxy software
November 29, 2018
This movie is bloody funny. It does your basic horror comedy but from an entertaining and unique perspective who would have thought a movie based on a string of tweets could be so good
½ November 11, 2018
more of a tongue-in-cheek comedy than true horror movie. Lightly entertaining, but not much more
November 6, 2018
Really enjoyed this movie. Its a fun comedy horror :-)
October 26, 2018
(For that pit)
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