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May 20, 2019
One of my favorite movies! They really captured the impossibility of the factory, the eccentricity of Willy Wonka, and the moral lessons always present in Roald Dahl's books. Considering when this was produced, the set and special effects are stellar.
May 19, 2019
Amazing film. Roald Dahl is the man. Gene Wilder turns in maybe my fave ever film acting performance.
½ April 23, 2019
Willy Wonka stretches the fine line of reality as it provides a different, yet loyal perspective on the children's book its based on. After all of these years, it still manages to satisfy. The whimsical tone matches its environment to perfection. The cast did a terrific job portraying the now iconic characters. All of that comes along with a great message on finding true happiness, and its strong underlining themes on the process of maturing. This makes it earn the classic status is garnered, and will continue to be labeled as such for years to come.
February 9, 2019
'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory' is not entirely faithful to Roald Dahl's children's classic, but if appreciated as a film alone, you're in for a treat - and a scrumdiddlyumptious one at that!
Gene Wilder excels himself as Willy Wonka, and his remarkable talent is the driving force of the film. As for the child actors, Veruca is easily the best, and I thoroughly enjoyed her little musical number - that none of the other children got the luxury of having! However, the Oompa Loompa songs were monotonous and extremely boring; yet I'll guess we'll have to forgive them due to the inclusion of the classic 'Pure Imagination', and who can forget 'The Candy Man'!
As for the visuals, however, I can't really comment - anything that's the height of technology in 1971, is going to be extremely outdated in 2016. In spite of this, 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory' still has a timeless feel to it, although the dated atmosphere is likely to be more greatly appreciated by children of the era.
Although I do prefer the 2005 adaptation of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', this will always be one of my favourites and is wholly deserving of its 'classic status'!
January 10, 2019
Brilliant - witty, charming, fun.
½ December 20, 2018
"Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination. Take a look and you'll see into your imagination." A world of pure imagination it truly is! Featuring a room with a river full of thick, warm, melted chocolate and about every single candy you could imagine. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is about the genius, Willy Wonka reopening his mysterious chocolate factory. Wonka puts out 5 golden tickets in his chocolate bars in search for 5 lucky people, each person can bring along one guest. The 5 chosen ones get a lifetime supply of chocolate and a tour of Wonka's factory. Charlie Bucket, an adolescent who comes from a poor family dreams of getting one of the 5 golden tickets. Luck strikes him and he gets the last and final golden ticket. He picks Grandpa Joe as his guest. Once the tour begins, every child except for Charlie gets into unfortunate accidents and is forced to leave the tour. Charlie and Grandpa Joe sneaks out of the tour and drinks forbidden products without permission. Once the tour was over, Wonka ignores Charlie and soon tells him why: he drank forbidden product. Grandpa Joe insists on telling Arthur Slugworth the formula to the everlasting gobstopper, but Charlie returns it instead. Willy Wonka sees the kindness in Charlie's heart and Charlie's family lived happily ever after.
I rate this movie 9/10 stars. I still vividly remember my reaction to the first time I saw this classic movie. It made me dream for days about Wonka's amazing room of imagination. The characters are all unique in their own ways and the creativity and plot of this movie are fantastic! I've never seen any movie like it before! They did make an updated version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but in my opinion, the original movie is better, other opinions may vary. I mean who doesn't like a movie about candy? Overall, I love this movie and I believe you will too!
December 13, 2018
A departure from the book but is just so charming, wholesome, great and a movie you must see during childhood and a disservice if you don't show your kids
½ November 24, 2018
good film but not as good as reboot.
October 31, 2018
This is a movie I have enjoyed since childhood but I'd disagree when people say its perfect. It is enjoyable and I do like it a lot but there are a few things that I don't think hold up as well. I think the tone is pretty inconsistent, the Oompa Loompa songs sound very robotic as I am hearing them now, and even Gene Wilder I think is great for about 60-70% of his performance. There is still a good portion where I feel like he could have given a little more charm or pleasantness to his character. Other than that though, I still enjoy the heart, charm and wonder that this film gives.
½ October 16, 2018
I consider this film a classic. It is great, amazing, and scrumdidlyumptious. It is great, and Wilder is the best wonka ever. Only thing is it has bad CGI. 9/10.
September 22, 2018
Roald Dahl's famous story is adaptated into a more ominous and yet still beautifully crafted version of Charlie and the Chocolate factory. While the only concern is the fact in focuses more on Wonka, the film in every other way is sweet and savoring.
½ August 21, 2018
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory is a 1971 American musical fantasy family film directed by Mel Stuart.
I never tire of seeing this film which has many memorable characters, sets, and songs. And I always get a lump in my throat towards the end too. The original and the best adaptation of this children's book.
My favourite film of 1971.
August 4, 2018
Willy wonka and the chocolate factory is a true true classic movie. Definitely one of the greatest family films and one of the best movies of all time. It is a true masterpiece of a film. A lot of great musical songs that were in the movie. The plot of the movie is amazing. Basically it follows this young boy named Charlie bucket and he wants to find a golden ticket so he can get into Willy wonka's factory. Such a great brief description about the movie. Everyone knows about the movie. It is a family favorite.
½ August 2, 2018
Aunque los actores logran dominar sus personajes, lo mas detestable es los trajes y el mismo espacio lo hacen inaguantable
July 20, 2018
One of the best classics of the 70's. It has good special effects, good actors, a good story and I think it even got better than the book (and so much adaptation).
He also has good comedy and good morals. Highly recommend.
July 19, 2018
One of the best if not the best movie i have ever seen.
July 15, 2018
Such a sweet, funny movie. Gene Wilder is a genious.
June 2, 2018
It's Gene Wilder, at the top of his form, who made this unique imaginative adventure more vibrant and gleeful. His energetic performance is by no means different from Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins. He absolutely deserved ,at least, an Oscar nomination. The movie lost some of its sharpness and suffered from some monotony after some time from reaching the factory. But besides the gorgeous production design and cool visuals, there was Wilder's charisma that helped to elevate the movie. The first half of the movie has great emotional value, and established the characters very well. Also, it feature some of the most beautiful songs of the movie. But due to the fast pacing, there was an action in the first half that felt forced, if it was necessary to serve a turning point of the story.

There are many powerful and very important messages in the movie. But the greatest thing about them is not actually the messages themselves, as we witnessed them delivered in a lot of movies before, but it's how genuine these messages seem as they are delivered in this particular story. Peter Ostrum is great in his first and ,unfortunately, his last role. There are many dramatic scenes that required a very good actor and he is. Actually, I didn't feel for even a moment that this is his acting debut. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory is a total blast from start to finish.
It's Scrumdiddlyumptious!

May 31, 2018
a golden ticket for an ultimate experience..

Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory

The stunning rich visuals that projects excellence in production and costume design along with amazing graphics in 70's, is the window where the feature lures its audience in and flaunts it majestically. Such a simple yet deep concept is so pleasingly intriguing that one finds itself falling into the world half-way through the feature without even blinking. The passion and enthusiasm for such an eerie project is why it works for the most part of it while the rest is left upon its dark humour which may not be hilarious but certainly offers a chuckle every now and then. A gripping screenplay by Roald Dahl, himself who wrote the original book from which it is adapted, and Mel Stuart with his brilliant execution skills ups the ante and easily allows it to enter into the major league. On performance objective, Gene Wilder is stunning and satisfactory as usual and is supported by talented young actors and their humorous guardians. The first act is hilarious and exhilarating and longer than usual (which it doesn't seem so) after which it goes into dark place in its rest of the act but even that tone is so certifiably pleasing that no one minds it despite of being a feature primarily for children. Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory is a golden ticket for the ultimate cinematic experience where it doesn't bother to worry about its diplomacy and rather lets itself sink into its self-created poetic world.
½ April 30, 2018
Just flat out creepy and weird, Gene Wilder is the only saving grace here as the case with Ewan Mcgregor in The Revenge Of The Sith, they both just did the best they could with bad scripts and awful concepts
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