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½ May 16, 2019
It is nothing but an often-hilariously stupid and comedic film - even when the plot is convinced its deathly serious. If anything at all, it should convince you that Nicolas Cage's B-reel is often funny to gawk at (just never enough to pay for).
½ April 13, 2019
I can't remember a worse movie.
½ February 1, 2019
Leftist crap fest of a movie: anti-Christian, anti-Catholic, anti-Constitution, "MeToo", "there is more sun in California"... Hollywood leave your "subliminal" political bull**** out and focus on writing better stories. Is that too much to ask for?
½ December 30, 2018
Easily the worst movie of all time; Cage doesn't even bother waiting for the trial to start blowing away the bad guys. If I had to guess, I'd say Cage wrote this himself and they made it so he'd do some other flick. This is worse than a porn script.
½ November 30, 2018
The movie deals with major trauma through sexual assault, yet the little 12-year-old girl is told to "be fine" and tough for her raped mother. There's not a psychologist in sight.
The way the movie portrays victims of sexual abuse, and their lack of support, is deeply concerning.
While the acting is okay, the script is very poor, unrealistic and glorifies lone wolfs taking revenge.
July 21, 2018
A great film from start to finish .Heil nicolas cage. heil our people. Hail victory.
½ July 19, 2018
When other cast members have significantly more lines than Nicolas Cage, you know this film is only good for the garbage. In summary, traumatic event, court room scene with cheap ass writing, followed by the insertion of random characters with no background and 3 telephone calls and a few gunshots. Seriously, don't waste your time with this crap.
June 30, 2018
No frills movie about a good cop (Nicolas Cage) who wants to see justice done for the victim of a horrific crime (Anna Hutchison) whose sleazy perpetrators are being represented by a cagy defense lawyer (Don Johnson). Solid entertainment. Worth seeing once.
Super Reviewer
June 8, 2018
Nicolas Cage is out for blood in Vengeance: A Love Story. When the trial of four young men who brutally raped and beat a single mother goes south and it looks like they'll get off, the cop who rescued the woman goes rogue in order to get justice. Anna Hutchison gives an incredibly strong performance and Cage is pretty impressive as well (though he's more of a supporting character). And, Don Johnson is also rather good as a sleazy defense attorney. However, the script is a little uneven and oddly paced; with Cage falling in and out of the plot, and kind of just snapping in order to go on his rampage. Still, the directing is especially well-done; particularly the sexual assault and courtroom drama scenes, which are extremely evocative and hard to watch. It has some problems, but Vengeance: A Love Story is a captivating thriller.
March 11, 2018
Not the best Nicolas CaGe movie.
February 12, 2018
This movie was so bad it forced me and my male friend (whom is dating my best friend) to start drinking tequila which then led to us kissing because there was literally nothing else to do since the movie was so awful. My former friends now hate me so I have 0 friends now and am now moving to New Zealand all because of how awfully boring this film was. Moral of the story is this movie is so bad it will drive you to make questionable decisions and ruin your life. 2 stars because Nick Cage is the man.
½ February 9, 2018
The movie actually starts out really good, but after the crime takes place, it begins to go down hill. There is some suspense in the immediate aftermath, then it goes a bit flat. The courtroom scenes were lacking and don't blink or you'll miss the vengeance part.
February 2, 2018
a powerful story spoiled by a 3rd rate director, poor editing and terrible audio engineering. I feel sorry for Nicholas Cage!
½ January 27, 2018
This was the worst movie Ever. Especially having Nicholas Cage in it. No mystery , No suspense All!! A woman is raped in front of her daughter, the cop that found her (cage) kills them. No fighting , no mystery ...I just basically told the entire movie. The End....How Cage even got into this suck a** movie is beyond me. Don't waste your time !
½ January 26, 2018
So I guess this cop "has his own brand of justice". Simple plot - nice lady and her lovely daughter are brutalized by some really awful men. The scene goes on for a good 15 minutes. That woman and her daughter suffer - I mean they suffer!
They get away with the crime. Enter cop with special brand of justice. What is that justice? A quick painless death they way you would put down a horse with a broken leg. Very unsatisfying. We watch these vengeance to see the bad guys really get theirs. Don't watch this one if that's what you're hoping to see.
January 19, 2018
The worst Nicolas Cage film I have ever seen and that is including everything he has done in the last decade... Yeah, it's that bad. I even feel like I am being deceitful calling this a Nicolas Cage film because it isn't. It's a 90 minute melodrama about a woman who copes with being raped with the support of her daughter and mother. The whole thing is designed to criticize the American judicial system but the story is so bland and boring that they needed to pepper in a handful of scenes with Nicolas Cage in order to package it as a gritty revenege flick. Yes, Mr. Cage gets top billing and does appear throughout the entirety of Vengeance aka Vengeance: A Love Story, but he is rendered a supporting player with little to do until the last half hour or so. Also, I counted and his dialogue in this whole film amounts to maybe 20 words. He does nothing and says even less. Granted he's sleepwalked through movies before but this is just too much. Nick Cage does not look like he is sleepwalking in Vengeance, he looks like he's comatose.
½ January 19, 2018
The movie was as dysfunctional as the family with the four males who gang raped Teena played by Anna Hutchinson. Nicholas Cage's character acted like he was half brain dead. It could have been a good movie but the screenplay sucked.
½ January 16, 2018
Another Nicolas Cage no-brainer. The film tries so hard to make you believe that there is a miscarriage of justice that it throws all credibility out the window. Cage sleepwalks through his "Death Wish" like performance with nauseating results.
January 15, 2018
Oh Nick, how far you've fallen.
½ October 29, 2017
Cage direct to DVD career continues with a standard vigilante film. You kinda feel sorry that his career has resorted to this kind of thing.
That being said it's one of his better films in recent years but I'm a sucker for revenge films
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