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November 21, 2015
This movie was made in the early 90's for that this movie is a great action movie the era everyone was in me as a child this was one of the first movies I seen. It's a lot better than number 3 its fun to watch easy to enjoy
October 12, 2015
Excelente cinta de ciencia ficción del gran director de este género Roland Emmerich. Universal Soldier fue la primer cinta más popular de este director, le sigue Stargate: La puerta del tiempo, y finalmente Día de la Independencia, que lo catapultara a la fama con el género de películas de desastre del cuan se posicionó bastante bien y promete regresar con las secuelas de Día de la Independencia aunque sin Will Smith.
Universal Soldier si bien no es el debut de Emmerich, sí es una cinta que muestra ya parte de sus sellos como son la ciencia ficción en la cual nos muestra cuartos con pantallas y militares, pantallas con vistas de primera persona e imágenes distorsionadas o de un solo color o pocos colores y otra serie de detalles que distinguen a este director.
Además es la primer cinta de una serie en la que participan juntos Jean-Claude Van Damme y Dolph Lundgren.
La premisa de la misma es simple: la creación de un supersoldado y cuyo experimento resulta un poco fallido al "reclutar" dos soldados que son enemigos. Otros sello de las películas de Emmerich en el cual el elemento humano provoca una falla.
Es una entretenida cinta que mezcla las artes marciales con la ciencia ficción y es tal vez la mejor de toda la serie. No es una película imprescindible por lo cual no la califico de excelente, sin embargo tiene sus buenos momentos y además de reconocer el buen trabajo de Emmerich como director y que ayuda a reconocer su estilo.
September 19, 2015
9/19/2015: Not as good as I remembered. An interesting plot, but not enough action. The diner scene was about the only good part.
July 26, 2015
Teaming up Jean-Claude Van Damme with Dolph Lundgren under the directorial work of Roland Emmerich, Universal Soldier sounded too good to be true.

The first time I watched Universal Soldier I found myself very frustrated with the film for squandering a talented duo of action stars on a story which essentially took elements of Terminator 2: Judgement Day and wasted their fighting skills. Because of this, I had lower expectations when going into Universal Soldier the second time which seemed a lot more sensible. As a result, I admit that I enjoyed the film significantly more the second time around. But at the same time,I can still accept Universal Soldier's long distance from perfection.
The story in Universal Soldier is a very thin one since the science fiction gimmick behind it is a simplistic concept, serving solely for the sake of the action front. It's weird though because after a while, you forget why all the action is occuring. And when you stop to think about why, you realise just how mindless the story is. There is clearly no focus on the script in Universal Soldier, but you couldn't expect that in all fairness. And so when it ends up delivering a thin story with a lot of cheesy dialogue, cheap attempts at humour and melodramatic supporting characters, the result is predictable without being all that effective.
As common sense would dictate, the value of Universal Soldier rests in its assets as an action film. Jean-Claude Van Damme is surely my second favourite action star of all time, and Universal Soldier gives him a larger budget to be working with without it being overblown. And Roland Emmerich proves his worth by knowing what to do with it. If you look closely at the story, there are very few locations actually used in the film. However, the natural scenery of them all is easily convincing as is the slight touches to the production design and costumes. But most importantly, the budget is primarily diverted into the action of the film which proved to be better than I remembered. Universal Soldier is one of Roland Emmerich's earliest films from before he was given budgets big enough to make his works overblown and packed with visual effects, and it proves his worth in terms of staging practical stunts because the action is full of shootouts and explosions for the more high profile scenes while there is strongly choreographed combat during the more intense moments. This makes Universal Soldier a solid action film and an effective Jean-Claude Van Damme martial arts vehicle while also bringing out the best in Dolph Lundgren. There is also a strong level of blood and gore put into them, quantity which is effective enough to be realistic and dramatic and yet not excessive.
And all the action is captured with competence. The more high profile action scenes capitalise on wide angled cinematography which capture the large scale of the stunts and make the dramatic effect of the action all the more exhilerating while the close combat scenes are shot with perfect angles to emphasize the stature of those involved as well as their technique. The editing is also very solid because it is quick to add tension to the experience yet slow so that viewers can comprehend what is happening, effectivlely finding an ideal balance.
And the cast in Universal Soldier prove to be mostly an effective fit.
Jean-Claude Van Damme's skills rest in his abilities as an incredibly flexible martial artist, but Universal Soldier condemns him to playing a role where most of what he does is stiff robotic movements for the sake of the character. However, he does prove to have some strong action moments which capitalise on his skills for all kinds of martial arts. The film allows him to throw his kicks and flex his muscles at his own will while putting him in some high profile situations, effectively proving that he works well with larger production values. In terms of acting, it seems more appropriate that he plays a cyboyg because it puts him in a robotic role and has him act as such, and since Jean-Claude Van Damme is a limited actor it seems highly appropriate. Though the dialogue is cheesy, Jean-Claude Van Damme's cheap gimmicks match up to it easily and his handsome demeanour makes him a treat for the eyes as much as his entertaining martial arts skills. Jean-Claude Van Damme doesn't hide anything as an actor in Universal Soldier, he simply focuses on kicking all the ass he can and has no problem succeeding in the process.
Dolph Lundgren is significantly better suited to his part in Universal Soldier. Though the man is not the greatest actor, he certainly has an appealing build which has often been compared to Frankenstein. Because of this, he has the perfect stature of a standover killer. Dolph Lundgren approaches the hollow and simplistic nature of Sgt. Andrew Scott with the best intentions, and as a result he creates an intense antagonist for the film. Dolph Lundgren's genuine tension in the intro scene is actually a little frightening, and he carries that level of antagonism across the entire film in his intense stare and deep line delivery. He even puts a sadistically comic spirit into the part to create a deadpan comedic touch, lightening his screen presence from its dark roots and being effectively entertaining. But all in all, Dolph Lundgren's performance rests on his physical status in the role. Dolph Lundgren has the appropriate intimidating stature and a strong ability to grasp his weaponry, as well as a strong fighting spirit. Seeing him go up against Jean-Claude Van Damme ultimately did prove to be a satisfactory experience, and though Jean-Claude Van Damme put up a better fight, Dolph Lundgren delivered a more solid performance.
Ally Walker however, does not offer anything of value to Universal Soldier. Veronic Roberts is supposed to be the human character of the story and some of the comic relief, but she is ultimately sketched so thin that the result is far from appealing or humourous. In actuality, Ally Walker just ends up an annoying presence because her character is so heavily an archetype and yet has to do all the talking as the fully functioning human. Ally Walker has little gimmicks to offer in the role and instead attempts to play the part really seriously, ultimately failing to breathe any life into the already doomed thin melodrama of the film.

So Universal Soldier is thin on plot, but it has plenty of stylishly practical action under the precision of director Roland Emmerich collaborating with Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren which lets it succeeds as an effective guilty pleasure.
June 5, 2015
When he was truly A list. A solid 90's Sci-Fi flick. Great action and Lundgren is a nasty cunt as the baddie. Twitch off Walker.
May 1, 2015
How do such terrible movies get so many sequels? Guess I have to watch them all now...
April 6, 2015
February 9, 2015
A mindless, sub-par sci-fi action film brought to you by the same man behind other garbage-fests such as "Independence Day", "10,000 BC" and the 1998 remake of "Godzilla". Jean-Claude Van Damme sort of under acts and is very quite throughout the film, which doesn't exactly say "big action star". Dolph Lundgren tries to overact but some how still feels restrained. Ally Walker does her best Jamie Lee Curtis impression throughout the film. As far as writing goes, don't expect much. There are some really awful jokes that are painfully obvious and really don't need to be said in the film. Its amazing to think this film got so many sequels but most of these were direct-to-video. If the first one doesn't tickle your fancy you probably should stay away from those too, I know I will.
February 1, 2015
superb and has aged very well
November 30, 2014
great film watched last night
½ September 8, 2014
En af Roland Emmerichs tidlige film med et kikset team fra Hollywoods B-hold. Emmerich har sidenhen lavet bedre film, men det har van Damme og Lundgren ikke, så hvis man er til hjernedød action med de to herrer, er filmen vel lige på samme niveau som deres øvrige gylle - omend yderst klodset drejet.
August 29, 2014
Universal soldier is about a group of soldiers who are brought back to life after 25 years of originally dying in Vietnam. Jean Claude van damme soon realizes what happened when he died and us up against bad guy Dolph Lungren. Excellent film which is a must see for people from the 90s
July 30, 2014
I've watched this more times than is good for me.
½ June 13, 2014
Why do I even bother? Full review soon.
½ June 6, 2014
Good 90's Sci-Fi Movie
April 29, 2014
The first one is usually the best one, and this is it.
April 29, 2014
The first one is usually the best one, and this is it.
April 21, 2014
Excelente Filme De Ficção Ciêntifica,Bem Violento Ótima História,Bem Pensado E Planejado Com Performances Sólidas De Van Damme E Dolph Lundgren E Ótima Performance De Ally Walker A Repórter
March 17, 2014
love this movie universal soldier van damm goes head to head dolph laurgren as the cyborg warriors
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