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August 6, 2018
Beautiful movie about what really matters, beauty on the inside. Cannot say enough about the wonderful writing of this movie!
October 7, 2017
If you cast Uma Thurman as a girl who doesn't get the guy, then you need to make her a bitch, or annoying, or even conceited. Instead they cast her as a very sweet and sexy woman. I'd have been all over her myself. Ben Chaplin is a moron.
August 27, 2016
Still crazy about this movie after all of these years!!! JG is amazing!
April 4, 2016
Janeane gives a terrific performance but is let down by one of the flimsiest scripts I've encountered in ages.
April 28, 2015
A romantic, charming comedy about friendship and the importance of personality and character despite appearence and all the insecurities a woman could have. I really enjoyed it.
March 23, 2015
Great movie. Comical and amusing. I really liked it.
½ October 19, 2014
After watching it for the first time in over ten years, I realized that I am still a sucker for it. Though not without flaws, it is a sweet movie. (First viewing - Teen years)
February 18, 2014
The single worst movie ever created by man. Bribed obviously by someone of the female gender to have this ever produced. It follows one super depressed woman who lives in the city. For some reason even though she is thin and has a great place in what appears to be balboa park or some very expensive place in san fransisco. She feels self conscious of her looks and keeps hitting on random guys via highly questionable arrangements.

Then she has ganine garafalow interject all the time reinforcing how terrible she feels and then some how her crazy friend does some hypnosis on her to make her feel bad. But she starts thinking it all relates to cats and dogs.

Then they bring out the ice cream and chocolate relief cliche and you can start to see the big picture.

This movie is actually about some weird rich chick on a massive PMS like rage fest combine with a midlife crisis. This is her documenting all her pain and pissed off moments into depressed denile based commets.

But this film is about her complaining.

The entire time, she complains so much it ruins the film and makes you want to see the cats and dogs harmed for the benefit of the film, because it's like being in side of an actual complaint. If you have ever wanted to know what it's like to have a depressed pissed off chick during her menstral cycle just complain to you. This is the film for you. No story, no plot and complete lies about anything involving skills. Its amazing these peoples pets got fed let alone taken care of. Let alone the people in the movie.

Got to be the worst script ever written or accidentally edited together.

Like if you asked eddy vedder ten year ago to speak clearly. It would have been impossible. Don't go thinking this has an actual story or plot. Its just some people. Some situations. Not a single linking naritive or device. Imagine taking all that stuff away from steel magnolias and just had a bunch of pissed off single pms enraged women in the small midwestern town and include the most retarded guy (only one). Seriously its that bad and any quality, is purely mental and made up and imagined. Because the actually didn't include any.
Super Reviewer
June 23, 2013
Favourite of mine from way back. Hadn't seen in years. Have to admit, I was struck by Brian's stupidity not recognising Abby's voice. Aside from that,nice little movie with a cute story. Also didn't remember that Janeane was so pretty back in the 90's, even cast here as an unattractive girl!
June 4, 2013
a modernization of Cyano de Bergerac with women.
June 2, 2013
Funny and at the Same Time Touching!
June 1, 2013
An entertaining waste of time, nothing spectacular, but with many funny moments...
April 12, 2013
Juxtaposition of total fluff and surprising sincerity = quite uneven, but very charming. I would like a dog that roller skates.
March 11, 2013
I may be the only guy on the planet who would have been disappointed after finding Uma Thurman sitting in the chair. Janeane Garofalo isn't much better, but whenever she isn't on the screen, I stopped caring about the movie.
February 24, 2013
I love this movie. I love Janeane Garafolo and Ben Chaplin. I love the bit about Helen of Troy and I love the part where Uma Thurman tells Janeane that, if Janeane was a dude, she'd do her.
January 22, 2013
Pretty OK, but has such a terrible and easy-to-predict ending. And poor Uma Thurman. Her character gets the shaft time and time again.
January 13, 2013
This is actually one of my favorite movies, mainly due to the performance of Garofalo, she is amazing and really under appreciated in Hollywood.
January 5, 2013
I do like this film. A proper girlie chick flick where you are really routing for the underdog. Great choice in actors. Uma Thurman is truely at her best. Love Love Love this one.
November 10, 2012
Great and fun movie to watch- especially more so if you're an animal lover. Jeneane Garofalo was fantastic in this movie
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