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October 23, 2019
Toy Story 3 is not only one of Pixar's best films, but perhaps the best of the Toy Story trilogy.
July 6, 2019 inventive and often completely gripping adventure...
Full Review | Original Score: 4/4
June 19, 2019
While threepeats may be rare in the sports world, they're even harder to achieve in the cinematic realm. Yet here's Toy Story 3, bucking the odds and satisfying sky-high expectations.
Full Review | Original Score: 4/4
June 6, 2019
Something deeply, almost primal in a powerful way, tapping into the emotional core of an entire generation and the eternally young at heart.
Full Review | Original Score: 3.5/4
May 8, 2019
More than lives up to the lofty expectations as a worthy addition to the already classic series. There is something for everyone in the film, which is easily the best major American studio release I've seen in 2010.
Full Review | Original Score: A
April 22, 2019
Toy Story 3 has magic in spades.
Full Review | Original Score: A+
March 7, 2019
Dear Pixar, THANK YOU for not churning out yet another inferior straight-to-DVD animated sequel, and instead taking the time to create something that will be as dear to Toy Story fans at the first time we saw Woody & Buzz on screen.
December 30, 2018
From moments of pure delight to one of the most heartbreaking goodbyes in recent movie memory, the trilogy wraps up in a masterful way and once again proves Pixar is on a level all its own.
Full Review | Original Score: A-
November 16, 2018
Leave it to Pixar to subvert the Hollywood rule of sequels, which states that each subsequent film must have eyes full of dollar signs at the expense of quality.
November 5, 2018
With a heart felt ending and truly outstanding story, Toy Story 3 has ensured that the franchise and all the characters we have known and loved, will be remembered for infinity, and beyond.
Full Review | Original Score: 5/5
August 8, 2018
Moments of uproarious humor and emotional farewells offset the darkness and send Woody and his pals on a memorable ride off into the sunset.
Full Review | Original Score: 3.5/4
March 21, 2018
Like last year's Up from the same company, Pixar, this film tickles the funny bone but also brings a tear to the eye.
January 11, 2018
Hilarity, terrors, the melancholy of love and loss and growing up, and millions of adult-baby tears ensue.
January 4, 2018
It's not the usual Hollywood conveyor-belt product. Made with love and intelligence, this adventure has enough thrills, laughs and emotion to satisfy any adult or child.
Full Review | Original Score: 5/5
June 29, 2015
A reasonable amount of fun ensues.
Full Review | Original Score: 4/5
June 29, 2015
Toy Story 3 isn't in the same league as its predecessors, but it's close enough that most people won't care.
Read More | Original Score: 4/5
June 29, 2015
It affirms that change is inevitable, and even in this weird and fascinating universe of talking toys, love lives on in the next generation.
Full Review | Original Score: 4/4
June 29, 2015
The genius of the computer-animation powerhouse Pixar is stamped on every single frame of Toy Story 3. The studio that brought you Finding Nemo, WALL-E and Up has come up with another classic.
Full Review | Original Score: 4.5/5
June 29, 2015
What continues to astonish about the Pixar films is the way they manage to pair blissful entertainment with the miraculous experience of being human.
Full Review | Original Score: 4/4
June 29, 2015
There's no way this Pixar sequel could match the peerless level of the first two films, and it doesn't, but after a slow start this one gets into gear, and the third act is a barn-burner.
Full Review | Original Score: 3.5/4
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