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½ March 21, 2015
Meh. Not very original or effective even. but, hey... it's got Christopher Lee...
May 9, 2014
This Will Definately Not Appeal To The Younger Horror Fans, But Those Interested In A Classic Mystery Will Be Delighted With This Often Overlooked Gem. It's Not Exactly Great But It Gives Of Enough Mystery, Suspense & Gothic Atmosphere Which Tends To Add Enjoyment To It's Basic Script & It's Decent Cast Performances.
March 14, 2014
Very stylish and good looking Brit horror/mystery--Suspicious Parisian murders!!
August 24, 2013
Has a slow start but still there's enough happening to just about maintain an interest, but it does tail off badly in the final third.
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½ May 10, 2012
Although Lee headlines this film he disappears halfway through which is a shame as his is the most interesting character here. Glover is a boring lead and the whole mystery isn't really that interesting. Setting a horror film around a theatre that specialises in horror is a good hook but it never really adds up to much in the end. Lee was getting better stuff with Hammer at this point.
April 24, 2012
Directed by American Samuel Gallu (The Man Outside (1967)), and written by Ellis Kadison (who later went on to write for The Banana Splits), this is a creepy and surreal horror film that has a dark and nasty performance from it's star, but it manages to be entertaining while it lasts, despite it going all weird about two thirds of the way through. Set in Paris at the Theatre of Death, which presents grisly tales of Grand Guignol, it's hot-headed and firey-tempered director Philippe Darvas (Christopher Lee) pitches an idea for his next production involving the Witches of Salem, which will feature the theatres leading actresses Dani Gireaux (Lelia Goldoni) and Nicole Chapelle (Jenny Till), the latter Darvas is able to hypnotise by using a ring. It ables to turn Nicole into something and someone other-worldly, but Dani's boyfriend, police surgeon Charles Marquis (Julian Glover) is very unnerved by Darvas' way of theatre direction, he's brutal towards his cast members, and when murders start occuring across Paris in ways like out of his plays, the police are soon on Darvas' tail, but then Darvas vanishes without a trace. It's a weird film, despite good colourful cinematography by Gil Taylor. It's a bit all over the place in parts, and Lee vanishes about half-way through, which is a shame, as it's his performance which holds the film together, but it does have good blood and gore on show when it does come.
½ April 21, 2012
Wow, fantastic, great classic horror, not to be missed ,relish this fantastic slice of one of the best in the genre,
March 11, 2011
Great open and close, with the pop psych. middle filler livened up by excellent cinematography and a playful approach to the foreground in staging. Nice opening credits sequence, also.
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December 11, 2010
A vampire mystery with Christopher Lee! Is the lady committing the murders? Is she really a vampire? Find out by watching. I really enjoyed this movie.
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